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									How To Win An Ex Boyfriend Back   Winning Is The Key

This article is about how to win an ex boyfriend back. Notice that I
said “win” because relationships are like a chess game and when you play,
you play to win.

In chess, you also have to have a grand strategy. It’s not enough to
move a rook or a pawn when your turn comes. You want to think three
moves ahead.

That’s why this article on how to win an ex boyfriend back deals with the
grand strategy you need to win.

Your first move is to always look your best. You never know when you are
going to run into your ex. If you want to win him back, you always have
to be on your toes with regards to your looks. Remember that guys are
visual creatures. They are much more stimulated by looks than womenfolk
are. You’d never give up your queen in chess by being careless when you
are playing to win.

Next, you want to plan to run into him from time to time. Acknowledge
him, but concentrate on his friends. How to win an ex boyfriend back
involves summoning up some jealousy in him. There’s nothing more sure to
make him jealous than having other men find you attractive.

If there’s no natural way to run into   him with his friends or if his
friends are hostile to you, go places   where he hangs out and flirt with
other men. When your ex sees strange    men reacting to you, then his
natural instinct is to “reclaim” what   is “his” even though he’s given up
the rights to you.

If flirting isn’t enough, you may need to be bolder. Venture out by
dating other men. Call him up and ask him for his advice. Tell him that
you’re going out dancing with another man and did he think the black
dress or the red one was more attractive? Make him picture you with that
other man by asking “innocent” questions. If that isn’t how to win an ex
boyfriend back, nothing is.

Be open to falling in love with someone else. When you go out on these
dates, don’t think solely of the chess game or your grand strategy. It’s
possible that your ex will never want you back. By hedging your bets
with these new guys, you are creating a possible future for yourself with

When you hedge your bets by opening yourself to the possibility of a true
love with someone else, you will actually make yourself more attractive
to your ex.

Instead of “playing games” and having a “grand strategy,” at this point,
you are living life. By fully engaging with the real world, you are
becoming the complicated human being that your ex first fell in love
with. If anything at all is going to bring him back, your moving on
And that is how to win an ex boyfriend back.

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