Graphic Organizer - Linear Equations by ashrafp


									                                Slope = rise    =m=                              y – intercept = b = the
                                          run                                    point where the line
                                                                                 crosses the y axis =
                                   difference of y’s                             starting point when
                                   difference of x’s                             graphing

Graphing the line                                                                                       Special lines only contain
– start with the
y-intercept and then
                                                    Linear                                                      one variable:
move the rise and then
the run. Positive slopes                          Equations                                         x = any number (vertical line)
                                                                                                            Slope: Undefined

                                                  y = mx + b
increase from left to right.
Negative slopes decrease from
                                                                                                    y = any number (horizontal line)
left to right
                                                                                                            Slope : Zero

   Finding the equation of                                                                       Finding the equation of
   the line in y= mx + b                                                                         the line in y= mx + b form.
   form. Given: slope                                  Finding the equation of                   Given: Two points.
   and y-intercept.                                    the line in y = mx + b                    First find the slope (m)
   Substitute the “m” with                             form. Given: slope                        and then substitute one of
   the slope value and the                             (m) and a point                           the points x and y values
   “b” with the y-intercept                            (x,y). Substitute x, y,                   into y = mx+b along with
   value.                                              and m into y = mx+b                       the slope.
                                                       and find the value of b
                                                       (the y-intercept). Then
                                                       write the equation
                                                       substituting m and b
                                                       values into y = mx + b.

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