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When you go camping you may need to take along a cooler for food and
drinks. This is especially true if you don’t have a camper with you. Not
too many people enjoy drinking hot beverages. You also put people at risk
if your food is too warm because many forms of it can spoil. You may want
to take along meat and eggs so you can cook a good meal in the mornings
before you start your daily activities.
There are many different types of coolers designed especially for
camping. Many of the larger ones have wheels that are able to glide along
various types of terrain. This is important because you may have to hike
a ways from your vehicle to your camping destination. You don’t want to
have to carry a heavy cooler full of food and drinks that distance.
You want to have a very well insulated camping cooler as well. The ice
you put into it may need to last for several days while you are camping.
There may not be a convenient place to go get more bags of ice. Even if
the ice melts some the cold water in there will be sufficient for your
items. You should get a camping cooler with a lid so that the sun can’t
directly beat down on the ice. Put it in a shady spot as well if you can
find one under a tree in your camping area.
To help keep animals away, get a camping cooler with a hinge on it. This
way any animals that may come into your camping area won’t be able to get
it open. You don’t want to come back and discover that your supply of
food is gone because an animal needed to get a snack.
You may find it is convenient to have several coolers when you go
camping. You can store drinks in one and food in another. Depending on
how many days you are staying and how many people there are, you will
need to evaluate the size of the coolers to take. If you will be hiking
during the day it may not be a bad idea to have some that carry a six
pack of drinks and a few snacks. This way you can stay hydrated and
refreshed during the day.