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									              MUST CHEROKEE
              Weekly InformationalthNewsletter
                    January 24 – 28 , 2011

Please be advised that MUST Day Services follow the same
guidelines as the Cherokee County Schools System for inclement
weather. If Cherokee County Schools are closed due to inclement
weather then MUST Day Services will be CLOSED.

Homeless Count
It is time once again to count those in our community living in
homelessness. This count is very important because it enables us to
define and highlight the scope of homelessness in Cherokee County and
can perhaps lead to future funding to assist this population. The point in
time count will happen tomorrow, January 25th, 3:30-6:00 pm. We are still
in need of volunteers, particularly Spanish speakers. If you are interested
in volunteering please contact Kendall Jones at 678-218-4507 or at, or show up tomorrow at 3:30 pm in the MUST
parking lot.

                Donation Needs
                    We are in immediate need of small space heaters to
                     help meet the needs of our clients. If you can donate
                       these items or solicit others for these items it would
                        be appreciated.
                        The Elizabeth Inn shelter is in need of towels,
                       washcloths and shower shoes. Contact Craig
                      Washington at 678-218-4489 if you can help with
                    this need.
Letter from Community Service
Dear MUST Ministries,

I want to thank you for the pleasant time that I have had at MUST. I
especially want to thank you for being kind and understanding, and
treating people like people. I am glad that I have had an opportunity to
work with you and witness the blessings you do for others. I wish you the
strength and power to continue doing good things. I wish you good health
and many happy years with your families and all the people you love.


Rachel L.

Additional Volunteer
   •   Food Pantry Friday 10am-2pm
   •   Translators (English / Spanish) Monday through Friday
   •   Telephone greeters to answer the telephone from 8:00-10:00 am
       and 2:00-4:00 pm on most days.
   •   Donation Ambassador Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Please email Kendall at or call at 678-218-
4507 for more information, or visit our website at

MUST Marietta will be a site for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Program). The VITA program provides free tax preparation services to
qualified families in the Metro Atlanta area. Volunteer opportunities are
available from January 2011 to April of 2011. For more information and to
sign up, go to
Birthdays this week:
Jenny Lee    January 23rd

                     Prayer Requests
                              •   Recent Prayer Requests: Dale
                                 Cooper sister-in-law Carol; John
                                Melzer brother-in-law Dick; Jim
                              Bennett friend; Erika friend Susan;
                            Sandra Pierce nephew Martin; Tom Mills
                          family in loss of his sister Iris Broadbent;
                        Jim Baker mother

  •   Ongoing Prayer Requests: Gloria Logan; Nancy Tew’s brother;
      Erika Barnett’s sister; Rita Faber son-in-law; Pat Mashburn
      brother & sister;; Jim Bennett’s friend Jim Hager; Brooks
      Wood’s mother, Margaret Peaslee; Ann Rhodes’ friend Frank
      Welton; Margie Lewis’s sister and brother-in-law; Alan Pigg’s
      mother; Nancy Tew’s friend Scott Plumlee; Cheryl Ruffer friend
      Cheryl L. ; Betty Douglas; Clem Baker’s cousin Edna; Dale
      Cooper’s sister; Margie Lewis brother-in-law Jerry; Jenny Lee
      father-in-law; Fred Lambert friend Joe; Sue Thomason sister-in-
      law Lana; Lynn Janovec friend Carol

  •   If you have any additions or updates to these lists please let
      me know. If there is anyone that can be removed from the list,
      please let me know as well.
                             Clothes Closet Chatter

Boys clothing, sizes 4T
through 18
Girls’ clothing, size 2T
through 16

them all!

Men’s warm clothing, jeans & pants- all sizes
Women’s warm clothing & jeans – all sizes
Men & Women’s plus sizes

                            New socks and underwear for men
                            and women, teen boys and teen girls.
                            New socks and underwear for boys
                            and girls.

               Linen closet needs
               (Need not be new, just clean and in good condition;, size
               marked if possible)
               • Towels
               • Blankets and comforters in all sizes
               • Full, Queen and King size sheet sets, especially
                 fitted sheets
               • Pillows
Current Food Pantry Needs

          Our top needs at this time are:

      •   Canned meats
      •   Canned fruit
      •   Beans (pork, refried, black – no green beans needed)
      •   Cereal
      •   Canned pasta

             In Heaven’s Eyes
A fervent prayer rose up to heaven, a fragile soul is losing ground.
Sorting through this earthly babble, heaven heard the sound.
This was a life with no distinction, no successes, only tries.
Yet gazing down on this unlovely one, there was love in heaven’s eyes.

In heaven’s eyes there are no losers, in heaven’s eyes no hopeless
Only people like you, with feelings like me, amazed by the grace we can
In heaven’s eyes.

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