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					                                                                  Letters of Job Offer
                                          Human Resources has developed this information to assist hiring officials in
                                          preparing letters that confirm an offer of employment. This information is
                                          pertinent to continuous regular positions of at least .75 FTE. It does not apply
                                          to temporary/periodic employees or positions of less than .75 FTE.
                                          Remember Board of Regents approval is required for certain positions,
                                          including any tenured or tenure track faculty positions and administrative
                                          department heads with the title of Director or a corresponding nomenclature.
                                          Details of the Board of Regents requirements and the deadline for submission
                                          of such a request can be obtained from the web or Academic Affairs.
Please note it is important to describe the position as continuous and not with a specific time period (12-
month appointment). Use of a specific length of time can lead to a misunderstanding that OSU has a
contractual obligation to the employee or that the employee is on a contract, which is not the case.
Benefits are a key component of the total compensation package for new employees. It is recommended
that OSU’s Benefits at a Glance publication be given to each applicant interviewed. This publication
can be obtained through the web or by contacting Employee Services, (405) 744-5449. Employees with
a continuous regular assignment of at least six months and .75 FTE are generally eligible to enroll in the
full benefits package. There are some special eligibility rules with regard to OSU-paid retirement
benefits noted below. Any questions that the prospective employee has regarding benefits may be
referred to Employee Services, (405) 744-5449.
Insurance Coverage: OSU pays the employee’s health care premium (up to the cost of HealthChoice
High). Current premiums can be found on the web. OSU also pays the full cost of the employee basic
life coverage, which provides two times annualized salary to a maximum of $200,000. Employees pay
the premium for voluntary programs such as family health, employee and family dental, vision,
supplemental life insurance, long-term disability, and long-term care. In most cases, eligible employees’
insurance coverage begins the first of the month following the date of hire.
Retirement Benefits: Eligible OSU employees hired on or after July 1, 2004, have 90 days from the
date of hire to make a one-time lifetime irrevocable election to join Oklahoma Teachers Retirement
System (OTRS) or join the OSU Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP). If no election is made, the new
employee will be irrevocably enrolled in OTRS at the end of the 90-day period. OSU will make
retirement contributions retroactive to the date of hire for either plan after an election is made.
If an employee elects to join OTRS, OSU contributes 7% of total compensation to OTRS on the
employee’s behalf. OSU is also responsible for the 7.05% employer fee for a total of 14.05% to OTRS.
OTRS has a five year vesting provision, which means that the employee can be vested to receive a
lifetime annuity upon retirement with only five years of membership. If the employee leaves the
university prior to that time, all retirement contributions, plus a small amount of interest, credited to the
employee’s account will be available as a lump sum withdrawal or an IRA rollover.
If an employee elects to join the ARP, OSU contributes 11.5% of pay to TIAA-CREF. OSU also pays a
2.5% surcharge fee to OTRS for a total of 14% on faculty and administrative professional staff. The
ARP has a two-year vesting requirement. If an employee leaves before the end of two years, all
retirement contributions paid by OSU will return to OSU.
OSU will provide communications during the benefits enrollment session to assist employees with the
decision concerning which retirement plan would be of most value, or is best suited, to the individual
based on individual circumstances.
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Special Retirement Eligibility Rules: Adjunct, Intern, Post Doctoral Fellow, Resident, and Visiting
Faculty are eligible to participate in OSU’s insurance benefit programs, but are not eligible for OSU’s
retirement program. Employees hired with these titles may participate in OTRS, but would probably not
have an assignment long enough to achieve vesting (5 years). Because they are responsible for the 7%
(of total compensation) employee fee, it is anticipated that they would prefer to invest their contributions
in other retirement vehicles, such as a 403(b) or 457(b) plan. A letter of offer should correctly reflect
retirement possibilities, which may require modification of any standard letter.
Below is sample wording for a letter of offer for appointments of at least .75 FTE.
      “It gives me great pleasure to formally offer you the position of xxxxxxxxx. This is a continuous position
      with an annual base salary of $XX,XXX ($X,XXX /month). The appointment will be effective xxxxx,
      unless mutually agreed upon otherwise, subject, of course, to the approval of the Board of Regents at their
      next meeting on XXXX XX.
      “As a full-time continuous regular employee, you will be eligible to enroll in a full benefits package.
      OSU will pay the cost of standard health care and life insurance for you. You will pay the premiums to
      cover family members in these programs and any voluntary programs, such as long term disability, dental,
      vision, long-term care, or supplemental life, in which you wish to participate.
      “You will be eligible for OSU contributions to either the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (OTRS),
      a defined benefit plan, or the OSU Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP), a defined contribution plan—TIAA-
      CREF. You will have 90 days from date of hire to make an election or you will be defaulted into OTRS.
      “Detailed information will be provided during your benefits enrollment meeting to assist you with
      personal decisions you will need to make regarding benefit offerings and the retirement plan which would
      be of most value, or is best suited, to you and your individual circumstances. OSU reserves the right to
      change benefits at any time.”
Special Pay Additives: Under very special circumstances additional inducements may be offered such
as wireless additives, moving or travel expenses, and/or car and expense allowances. Wireless additives
should conform to Policy and Procedures 3-0128, Cellular Services.
Moving or travel expenses may be offered as part of the hiring agreement. Usually such expenses are
only considered for a faculty member, director, department head, or higher level position. For
administrative positions, the offer requires the approval of the appropriate vice president. For faculty
members, the offer requires approval of the appropriate dean. Please note that these offers must
conform to purchasing rules and procedures. Special wording for moving expenses:
      “OSU will pay for the move of your household to Stillwater from xxxxx in an amount not to exceed $xxx.
      The move of your household does not include boats, vehicles, or animals. The contract for moving your
      household will be bid by the OSU Purchasing Office. Should the bid exceed the amount stated, OSU will
      be given the opportunity to modify the amount. Should the bid be less than the amount stated, OSU will
      be responsible for the lesser amount only.”
The President and CEO of the OSU System must approve car and other expense allowances. Requests
will be accompanied by detailed justification of why normal travel payments (including use of
University vehicles) and reimbursement processes will not suffice. Such requests should be made to the
OSU System Senior Vice President for recommendation following input from the Office of the
Associate Vice President and Controller.
For assistance in formulating offers and the subsequent documentation letters, please contact OSU
Human Resources, (405) 744-5373.

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