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									                                                                                                           AN      PU
                                                              JANUARY 2011 SUPPLEMENT                            KE LL
                                                                                                                   E   O
                                                                                                                FR P O UT
                                                                                                                  ID N
                                                                                                                    GE YO

                              ServiceS in the alde river benefice
1st January – Saturday                                           11.00am    Little Glemham Holy Communion (CW)
    6.00pm Sternfield Sung Compline                              11.00am    Sternfield Morning Prayer (BCP)
                                                                 11.00am    Farnham Holy Communion (CW)
2nd January – Epiphany                                            6.30pm    Great Glemham Evening Prayer (CW)
   8.30am Farnham Holy Communion (BCP)
   9.30am Little Glemham Holy Communion (BCP)                   23rd January – Third Sunday of Epiphany
   9.30am Blaxhall Holy Communion (CW)                            8.45am Sternfield Holy Communion (BCP)
   9.30am Great Glemham Morning Prayer (BCP)                      9.30am Benhall Holy Communion (CW)
 11.00am Benhall Morning Prayer (CW)                              9.30am Blaxhall Morning Prayer (BCP)
 11.00am Snape All Age Worship                                    9.30am Farnham Morning Worship
 11.00am Sternfield Holy Communion (BCP)                         11.00am Little Glemham Morning Prayer (BCP)
                                                                 11.00am Snape Morning Praise
6th January – Thursday Epiphany                                   6.30pm Great Glemham Holy Communion (BCP)
  11.00am Snape Christingle for Epiphany
   6.30pm Farnham Epiphany Holy Communion (CW)                  30th January – Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
                                                                 10.00am Sternfield Benefice Holy Communion
9th January – The Baptism of Christ                               6.30pm Snape Choral Evensong
   8.00am Snape Holy Communion (BCP)
   9.30am Benhall Holy Communion (CW)                           5th February – Saturday
   9.30am Farnham Morning Prayer (BCP)                             6.00pm Sternfield Sung Compline
 10.00am Little Glemham Family Service
  11.00am Sternfield Morning Prayer (BCP)                       6th February – Candlemas
  11.00am Blaxhall Morning Prayer (BCP)                            8.30am Farnham Holy Communion (BCP)
  11.00am Great Glemham Holy Communion (CW)                        9.30am Little Glemham Holy Communion (BCP)
                                                                   9.30am Great Glemham Morning Prayer (BCP)
16th January – Second Sunday of Epiphany                          11.00am Sternfield Holy Communion (BCP)
  8.30am Blaxhall Holy Communion (BCP)                            11.00am Benhall, Morning Prayer (CW)
  9.30am Snape Holy Communion (CW)                                11.00am Snape All Age Worship
 11.00am Benhall Family Service                                    6.30pm Blaxhall Candlemas Evensong
Rector:      The Reverend Barrie Slatter                      The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew                      603180
Ordained Local Minister:
             The Reverend Nigella Youngs-Dunnett              The Cottage, Nr the Post Office, Blaxhall             688660
Reader:      Mrs Susan Slatter                                The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew                      603180
Lay Pastor: Mrs Anne Newman                                   4 Kingfisher Rise, Saxmundham                         602610
Lay Elder:   Mrs Shirley Leeks                                The Bungalow, Blaxhall                                688220
          SERVICES IN THE LOCAL AREA                                                   EAST ANGLIA
Knodishall Methodist Church - 'The Church on the Common'               Mass is celebrated in Aldeburgh RC Church on
Sundays 10.30am All Age Worship (9.00am second Sunday in                Saturdays at 6.00pm and Sundays at 11.00am
month)                                                                and at Leiston RC Church on Sundays at 9.15am.
Fourth Sunday in month Family Service - children especially         Parish Priest Aldeburgh/Leiston: Fr Christopher Smith
welcome.                                                              To contact Fr Christopher, please call 452782.
Leiston United Church - (Methodist/URC)Sundays:
10.30am (2nd Sunday 11.00am)                                              SOCIETY OF FRIENDS (QUAKERS)
         Methodist Minister: Rev Mark R Booth                          A Meeting for Worship is held at 10.30am every
       62 King George's Avenue, Leiston, IP16 4JG                          Sunday at The Friends Meeting House,
    Telephone: 01728 830733 or mobile: 07972 311 320                            Waterloo Avenue, Leiston.
                                                                                                            AN      PU
                                                              JANUARY 2011 SUPPLEMENT                             KE LL
                                                                                                                    E   O
                                                                                                                 FR P O UT
                                                                                                                   ID N
                                                                                                                     GE YO

                                     dateS for your diary in 2011
Jan Sat   8th    Chip and Chop Tree recycling, Benhall                        Weekly Events in the Benefice
    Mon 10th     Farnham with Stratford St Andrew PC            Monday evenings     Carpet Bowls, Blaxhall
    Tues 11th    Alde Valley Luncheon Club                      Tuesday mornings    Teddy Bear Club at Riverside Centre
    Fri 14th     Great Glemham Cinema A Man for All             Tuesday afternoons Tea and Chat, Great Glemham
                  Seasons                                       Thursday mornings Art Group, Blaxhall
    Sat 15th     Blaxhall Rural Fitness Gym                     Thursday evenings Line dancing, Blaxhall
    Tues 18th    Snape WI Coffee Morning
    Tues 18th    Lunch Fellowship, Snape                                     Monthly Events in the Benefice
    Thurs 27th   Snape Parish Council Meeting                   1st Working Monday RBL Meetings, Benhall Club
    Fri 28th     Little Glemham Burns Supper                    1st Tuesday      Women’s Fellowship
Feb Tues 1st     Women’s Fellowship                             2nd Tuesday      Alde Valley Luncheon Club
    Wed 2nd      Snape WI Meeting                               3rd Tuesday      Lunch Fellowship, Snape
    Mon 14th     Farnham with Stratford St Andrew PC            4th Tuesday Coffee, home made cakes and chat, Blaxhall
Apr Wed 6th      Fashion show, Farnham and Stratford Church     1st Wednesday Snape WI meetings, Snape Village Hall
Aug Tue    8th   Womens’s Fellowship boat trip                  2nd and 4th Wednesdays Tea and Chat, Snape Men’s Club
                                                                2nd Wednesday Coffee & Cakes, Little Glemham
                     School Term Dates                                     here’S how to reach uS
January          Tuesday 4th        Spring Term begins                Contact our parish correspondents (see below)
February         Monday 21 – Friday 25th
                                             Half Term                      or email editor@ebbnflow.org.uk
April            Friday 8th           Spring Term ends                                  or write to
                                                                Ebb and Flow, The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, IP17 1LJ
christmas Supplement Spot the difference Solution
                                                                        The closing date for the February edition is
                                                                                  Friday, 14th January
                                                                We welcome contributions and pictures from everyone and all
                                                                organisations in the Alde River Benefice. We do, however
                                                                reserve the right to edit or abridge any contribution.
                                                                       EBB AND FLOW’S SKILLS EXCHANGE
                                                                               Skills Needed - Skills Offered
                                                                                       HOME HELP
                                                                                     Do you need help?
                                                                  Cleaning, Light Gardening, Dog Walking, Shopping, etc?
                                                                              Then ring Jackie, 01728 602190
                                                                        To submit an entry (40 words max) send it to
                                                                 Ebb and Flow, The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, IP17 1LJ
                                         Ebb and Flow Parish Correspondents
 Benhall:                                                    Little Glemham:
    June Sampson                           Tel: 602320          David Gillingwater                        Tel: 454930
       Cottage Farm, Benhall                                        Church Rd, Little Glemham
 Blaxhall:                                                   Farnham and Stratford St Andrew:
    Joyce Iszard                           Tel: 688452          Perry Hunt                                Tel: 603463
       Pack Gate Cottage, Mill Common,                              Stratford Lodge, Stratford St Andrew
       Blaxhall                                              Snape
 Great Glemham:                                                 Jane Horton, The Chapter House, Snape Tel: 687477
    Rosemary Lincoln                       Tel: 663707       Sternfield:
       Chapel Lane, Great Glemham                               Mary Mcall-McCowan, Sternfield            Tel: 602835
   Advertising Co-ordinator: Jenny Stollery, Ebb and Flow, The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, IP17 1LJ tel 07545 490015

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