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Walt-Disney-maren.ppt - Walt Disney


									Walt Disney

 By: Maren
    Walt Disney had many
accomplishments. One of his biggest
accomplishments is making the Walt
Disney entertainment industry. In this
industry, he made many creative cartoons
and comedy shows. He made Mickey
Mouse come to life along with his friends
Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.
All of them are very fun and unique.
  “All our
can come
true, if we
 have the
courage to
    This quote means if you believe in
yourself, anything is possible if you really
try hard and believe in yourself. This
quote also means if you persevere and try
your best, anything you set your mind to is
     Why Did I Choose This?
     I chose this quote because I knew that Walt Disney
is very inspiring. He also has accomplished so many
great accomplishments . He also has inspired people to
accomplish their goals in life just like him.
     I could apply this to my life by always believing in
myself and never doubt myself. An example is when I
paint in my basement. I will always believe in myself and
my dreams. I could follow my dream of being a famous
abstract or other kind of artist. I could keep on painting
and put them in art shows, trying to get to the top so
instead of painting in my basement I can someday paint
in my own art studio. I always will try to improve my
artwork in some way even if it means completely
changing the picture.
                 Habit of Mind
     The Habit of Mind that best fits Walt Disney are
“Creating, Imagining, and Innovating”. Creating means to
make your own idea of something, imagining means what is
your idea of something, innovating means to find something
new or to introduce something.
     This best suits him because he creates and makes his
own cartoons and comedy shows such as Mickey Mouse,
Road Runner & Coyote, and many more. He also has filled
lots and lots of Disney parks with rides and other activities
he designed himself. One of his last rides he designed
before he died was “The Pirates Of The Caribbean”. On this
ride it takes you underground into a very cold dark tunnel. It
also takes you on a tour in small little boat of where the
pirates lived. This makes him very creative, because he
could make something like this, and imaginative because
he did all this by himself this also makes him very
•   Walt Disney By: Elizabeth Dana Jaffe

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