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diaries by truth4reviews


A diary is a key to the soul of a person filled with private thoughts and
ideas that they rarely share with anyone. Many people find that writing
in a diary helps them to be able to get through their feelings. It is a
type of therapy that they rely upon in order to benefit from emotionally.
It can help them to heal and it can help them to work through their
problems on paper.
Many people have written down information about what is going on in
history in their diaries as well. It is from them that historians have
been able to gather so much information. There are diaries that talk
about the life of being a slave, of a women during times when they
weren’t allowed to have any rights, about being an Indian as the white
men came into their world.
Many diaries have been able to offer an chronology of wars and even the
Great Depression. During their writing these people never thought that
they would be helping the rest of the world to be able to benefit from
them. There are stories about those that served in war and what they saw
each day. These can be frightening and vivid entries that really bring
home what it meant to fight for the freedom of the country.
There are well known diaries from Presidents out there as well. On the
exterior they appear to be cool and confident. However an inside look at
their diary entries means that they were human as well. They had doubts
and they worried about their families as well as the rest of society.
President Lincoln knew his life was at risk in the weeks before he was
killed according to the entries in his diary.
Many of these diaries become known publicly due to the families of the
deceased. They want to be able to share all they learned from those
writings. There are various procedures that take place to verify that a
diary is indeed authentic and original. Some have been very good
imitations and fakes but proven not to be legitimate works from those
that they are claimed to be from.

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