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									Pro Death Penalty

There are plenty of people out there that are all for the death penalty.
They believe in an eye for an eye and they want to see it carried out.
They often become frustrated with the length of time it takes for it to
happen though. A person can spend years on death row before they are
executed. The number of executions taking place continues to drop each
year even though the number of people on death row continues to increase.

One complaint that many who are for the death penalty have is that the
nature in which it is carried out is too humane. When you think about the
number of lives they took, the violent nature of their acts, and all the
innocent people who have had their lives forever changed by it, lethal
injection is too kind of an action for them.

Many individuals become pro death penalty after they or someone they know
have been affected personally by such actions. In many instances it can
bring closure. For those that have lost a loved one, they just don’t see
that it is fair for the person who took that life to continue living. It
isn’t enough that they are in prison because they are still able to live
their life.

Many people also believe that the death penalty, if properly imposed will
result in fewer people engaging in such behaviors. It can set a good
example for people as to how to live their own lives. Yet many people
that do engage in such behaviors don’t think of the consequences of their
actions. They don’t believe they will ever get caught either and that is
why you have serial rapists and murders out there.

Being pro death penalty doesn’t mean you have to enjoy the thought of
death. It does mean that you believe in justice being carried out. Too
many people go to prison, get out, and repeat their criminal ways.
Stricter laws and more implementation of the death penalty can help to
prevent that cycle. The amount of money that would be saved is in the
millions annually as well. Why should so much money be paid out to
support those that have committed crimes?

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