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					Death Penalty Debate

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the topic of the death
penalty. You certainly have plenty of people that stand on both sides of
the fence. You can bring this topic up with any group of people and you
will surely get many different answers as to their take on all of it.
There is also the issue of how old a person should be before the death
penalty applies.

Sadly, there are many violent crimes out there that are committed by very
young individuals. Should they also be placed on death row due to their
actions? Or should their young life be spared so they have a chance to do
something positive with it? It may seem unfair to execute a 15 year old,
but what about those that are part of school shootings where they killed
several people in that same age group? There aren’t any easy answers to
this issue.

The death penalty is reserved for crimes that involve violence and those
that fit the profile of a hate crime. One of the strongest debates about
not proceeding with the death penalty has to do with the issue of some
people later being exonerated. Some individuals have spent decades in
prison for crimes they didn’t commit. If they would have been executed
that is a life that could never be given back.

Many individuals feel that is the role of society to teach people right
from wrong. The fact that there is so much violence all around us means
that people are willing to try it for real. Yet that isn’t an excuse to
let them get away with it. Some people would rather see money be invested
in preventative programs rather than for executions of criminals.

Due to the variation in beliefs by people, politicians also have to take
a stand on the death penalty as well. It is often a platform you will
find at the center of some debates. The stand they take on it can greatly
impact the votes they get. The death penalty continues to be an issue
that people in our society have strong feelings about. Some see it as a
form of justice while others see it as cruel and unusual punishment.