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					<title><H3>Cribs &
Cribs & playpens are items designed for small children that are very
helpful to parents. They offer a safe place for the baby to be when they
are sleeping or playing. Parents need to have their hands free and that
means baby needs to be taken care of as well. There are many different
brands of both cribs and playpens out there. You need to make sure you
keep a good eye out for recalls on such products. They have been known to
happen from time to time.
One issue you need to be aware of is that some children are climbers.
They may be able to climb out of their crib or playpen very early. This
can lead to serious injuries so you need to watch for this. If they are
getting around and climbing on toys and furniture that is a good
indication they may do so in these areas as well. You can lower the
mattress on a crib to see if that will prevent it. If not you will need
to move the baby to a toddler bed which uses the same size mattress so
you can transfer it directly from the crib.
Don’t use a playpen for a child that can climb out of it. Instead use
other methods of keeping them out of certain areas. Baby gates are very
good for this and most young children aren’t able to climb them. Cribs
and playpens can be very expensive to do your best to get a good deal on
them. Most children will only use a playpen until they are a year or
less. A crib will only be used until they are two years old or less.
Some families have cribs that they pass around from family to family for
a new baby. This is a great way to share experiences and to save on the
cost of these items. You may want to put the crib you used for your baby
away so your own children can use them. Many parents to be find it is fun
to work together to build their own crib from a plan.
Many cribs and playpens have designs on them so if you will be going with
a certain theme it is likely out there. Make sure you read up on safety
information before you use such products. You want to make sure your
child is always safe when you place them into either a crib or a playpen.