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									Used Cribs

Baby cribs can be very expensive depending on the model that you are
looking at. Since the baby will only use it for a year or two it may not
be worth it to invest in. Some people just can’t afford that expense so
they look for used cribs. You want to make sure you are getting something
very safe. Older models of cribs may have lead paint on them that is
harmful to children. Check that the spacing between the slats isn’t going
to be a risk for them either.

Not all used cribs out there though are old so don’t let that discourage
you. Many parents want to get rid of them after their child moves into a
toddler bed. This may be their last baby or they don’t have any place to
store it. You can get a used crib that is in excellent condition from
yard sales, consignment stores, and second hand shops. You can also look
in the newspaper for such items for sale.

Chances are you may have a friend or family member with a used crib in
storage that they will give to you, lend to you, or sale to you. This can
be a great way to get the crib you need for a price you can afford. It is
a good idea to go online and look at the safety rating for any used crib.
This way you can find out if it is right for your baby. Register online
for information to be sent to you about any recalls for that product as

It is a good idea to look at used cribs early in the pregnancy. This way
if you discover any parts are missing you can contact the manufacturer to
get them before your baby arrives. You will also have time to sand down
the used crib and paint it if you want to. Being prepared for the baby
with the crib is important as they will need it as soon as they come

You may find you need to buy a mattress though when you purchase a used
crib. This is because the mattress that was in it can be transferred to
the toddler bed for the child. Most parents will be using it. You can buy
a new mattress for the crib though for about $30 so you won’t have to
invest very much in it.

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