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									Dunkin Doughnuts

Dunkin Doughnuts made it’s debut in 1950 and quickly became a favorite in
the United States and in other countries. The founder of this company is
Bill Rosenberg and he had big plans for it from the very start. They are
known for selling fresh baked donuts in more than 50 varieties. It is
estimated that about 3 million people walk through the doors of the
various Dunkin Doughnuts franchises each day. Their annual profits from
sales exceed $5 million.

Until about 2000 it was the leader and then out of nowhere it was
bypassed by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. It seemed as if overnight it had
taken over. Since then Dunkin Doughnuts has worked hard to get their
customers back. They even have a deal to serve Starbucks coffee which can
get people to come back to them for the best coffee around and a great
tasting doughnut.

In addition, they have a partnership with Yahoo that allows for customers
to sit down and get the latest news for the day. This is important and
most people want to be able to know what is going on around the world.
This particular idea is becoming very popular as Dunkin Doughnuts wants
to become well known as a coffee shop too where people can hang out and

They are still the largest chain business out there though when it comes
to the doughnut industry. Many of them serve much more than just coffee
and doughnuts though. They also serve deli sandwiches for the lunch crowd
and amazing tasting salads. Some of them also sell breakfast sandwiches
if a doughnut isn’t what you have in mind to start out your day.

There are almost 8,000 Dunkin Doughnuts stores out there worldwide. There
are plans for many more to open up as well. There are plenty of
opportunities for such a franchise to look into. Of course it does take
quite a bit of start up cash to get into this type of business. Yet you
will know you are going to have a business people are aware of and love
to come to. You will also get all of the training you need for the
operation of the business.

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