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A doughnut is a food that is often eaten for breakfast. Yet it is sweet
so people don’t mind consuming it at other times of the day either. It is
believed the first forms of doughnuts were created in the 19th Century by
the Dutch. They quickly became a popular item all over the world. The
ways to make them have improved since then but the taste of a doughnut
has never been sacrificed.

You do have to be careful though as too many doughnuts aren’t good for
your waistline. There are plenty of great flavors to choose from as well.
Most doughnut shops offer freshly made ones bright and early each
morning. You can stop in to buy one or a dozen of them if you wish.

A doughnut is well recognized as being round and having the middle cut
out. Some of them have flavors in the dough while others are just frosted
and have various types of sprinkles or nuts on top of them. There are
cake doughnuts as well as yeast ones to choose from. Many people enjoy
the taste of doughnut holes as well which are just round balls of the
same thing.

Not all doughnuts have a hole in the middle of them though. Instead they
are filled with something inside of it. This can be a filling such as
strawberry, raspberry, or lemon. Bavarian crème is also a common favorite
for these types of doughnuts. These tend to cost a bit more but they are
delicious from the first bite to the last.

The top two donut shops in the world are Dunkin Doughnuts and Krispy
Kreme. They have franchises and make millions of dollars annually. They
are well known for offering the best tasting doughnuts around. If you
don’t have these named businesses around there is a good chance you get
them from a local bakery.

Some people prefer to make their doughnuts at home. There are plenty of
great machines out there that allow you to do just that. You can have a
great time making all types of great tasting doughnuts. You may want to
try out some new recipes as well with ones you haven’t ever tasted

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