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					New South Wales
Social Enterprise
Visit Programme
Visit Programme
New South Wales
This three - day programme is designed to assist social enterprise leaders who have travelled to
Melbourne for the Social Enterprise World Forum, to gain a broader understanding of social
enterprise by offering a unique social enterprise visit programme in New South Wales. Places will be
strictly limited to 20 people and the programme will visit a diverse range of enterprises in Sydney and

Our local hosts are Social Ventures Australia and the programme will encourage the group to discuss
and analyse the experiences from the daily social enterprise visits, finishing the visit with a reflective
discussion with SVA to analyse the experience and key learning points. The programme will include visits
to urban and rural social enterprises to examine the Australian approach to creating value for society
through enterprise activity. A key visit will include the Yarnteen Social Enterprise Hub in Newcastle,
a venture established to encourage and assist Aboriginal small business development. The newly
established Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre combines both Yarnteen’s
economic and social well being objectives by providing a centre where indigenous community, small
businesses and organisations can gain support and bridge the digital divide for greater access to
information and technology for community economic development.

This programme will bring social enterprise leaders together for 3 days to observe, discuss and analyse
experiences in one of the World’s great cities and unique regions. The programme aims to encourage
new thinking, innovation and strategic development.

The programme will:
• Provide high quality enterprise visits to outstanding social enterprises
• Provide opportunities to engage with local enterprise leaders and policy makers
• Generate discussion in the group about the relevance and potential of the experience

Programme Cost:
£607 or $1,147 AUD basic cost, or, £712 or $1346 AUD including tribal warrior experience (N.B. this
will be converted to AUD at the current rate of exchange at the time of booking).

Costs Include:
Hotel accommodation (2 nights), subsistence including Monday and Tuesday lunch, and Tuesday
evening meal, when taken with group for duration of programme, cultural activities when part of
programme, transport to enterprise visits, event management and administration fees, fees to social
enterprise hosts, contingency.

Domestic flights from Melbourne to Sydney, meal costs if incurred away from the main visit
programme, alcohol, subsistence and entertainment costs outside of the meal provision stated in the
final programme.
Visit Programme
New South Wales
Date                Activity
Sunday              Participants make their own way to Sydney to commence programme on October 12th.
October 11th        Accommodation and travel not included.

Monday              09.00    Meet for coach transport to WorkVentures
October 12th                 This is in the Sydney Suburbs
                             Travel Time est: 40 mins

Workventures        ITeC is a commercial enterprise and division of Workventures. Social agenda employing disadvantaged people.
ITeC                Specialises in electronic, IT and electrical equipment, parts and logistics management.
                    11.00    Coach transport to Mamre Plains for lunch and visit
                             Travel Time est: 1 hour

Mamre Plains        Has operated social enterprises and community services for over 22 years. Heritage property of 87 hectares including an important Heritage House. Near Blacktown. Social enterprises currently operated include a Café and
                    Conference Centre, a Registered Training Organisation and Service, a Supported Employment Business Service
                    for People with a Disability,Mamre Garden Services and a Horse Agistment Enterprise. Also provides settlement
                    and literacy services to refugee families, transport and child care services to Sudanese refugees, and training and
                    support to school children at risk of not completing basic education studies in the public education sector.
                    15.00    Travel to Sydney to Tribal Warrior Association for sailing trip (optional at a cost of $199 AUD)
                             Travel Time est: 50 mins

Tribal Warrior        The Tribal Warrior Association was established by concerned Aboriginal people with a view to spread and vitalise
Association           Aboriginal culture, and to provide economic and social stability. The Association provides quality training for employment skills, and extends everyday practical assistance by distributing food and groceries to struggling
                      families. The Management Committee of the Association includes grassroots Aboriginal people from various
(Optional Activity)
                      areas, and respected Elders. The Tribal Warrior Association uses the gaff-rigged ketch Tribal Warrior and the
                      Deerubbun to train Aboriginal people to attain their Master Class V commercial maritime certificate and other
                      qualifications including Radar certificate, and Marine Engineer certificate. Provide cruises and charters on Sydney
                      Harbour, including commentary on Aboriginal history and significance of sites.

Tuesday             Transport to Yarnteen (Newcastle) for all day visit
October 13th        The tour includes a visit to the Yarnteen Regional Social Enterprise Hub in Newcastle (two hours from Sydney),
                    a venture established to create Indigenous-led sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people in
                    this region of NSW. The hub is a practical place-based initiative addressing the skill and employment needs and
                    opportunities for Indigenous people, ensuring greater self sufficiency and economic independence.

                    20.00    Dinner in Sydney possibly at a social enterprise restaurant
Wednesday           AM       Seminar with SVA for reflection and analysis
October 14th        12.00    Finish of Programme

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