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Book Covers - How To Reading Comprehension


Book Covers - How To Reading Comprehension. Great for state test prep.

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									Grade 3 Reading
Read the following passage to learn how to cover a book in an old grocery bag. Why do you
think books should be covered before you use them?

Book Covers
Prepare a covered book by following these steps:

What You Will Need:

      textbook
      brown paper shopping bag
      scissors

Here’s How:

   1. Cut open a brown paper shopping bag. Remove the flap at the bottom of the bag. You
      will now have one large sheet of brown
   2. Place your book in the center of the paper.
   3. Wrap the paper up across the bottom of the
      book. Make a crease along the bottom cover.
   4. Repeat Step 3 for the top of the book
   5. Remove the book from the paper.
   6. Fold the paper up at the bottom crease. Fold
      the paper down at the top crease. You
      should have a strip of paper big enough to
      cover the book from top to bottom.
   7. Place the book back in the center of the paper. Wrap the paper across the front of the
      book from left to right. Adjust the book position until the two ends of the paper are even.
   8. Fold the overlap around the front cover of the book. Make a crease. Then insert the front
      cover of the book into the slot. The slot is created by the paper fold over at the top and
      the bottom. Slide the paper down over the book until you hit the crease.
   9. Repeat Step 8 for the back cover of the book.
   10. You now have a snug and well fitted cover. If you want to, you can draw and color on
       your new book cover.
Grade 3 Reading

Answer questions 1-5 about the passage “Book Covers”

   1   What is the main idea of the passage?   4   Which two steps are you asked to
       A uses for old shopping bags
       B covering books with old shopping          A   steps 3 and 8
         bags                                      B   steps 2 and 6
       C ways to cut old shopping bags             C   steps 4 and 9
       D learning to fold an old shopping          D   steps 8 and 10

   2   Why is “Book Covers” a good title for   5   Under which heading can you find
       this passage?                               information about what you will need
                                                   for the book cover?
       A covers help the reader understand
         what a book is about                      A   What You Will Need
       B teachers make you put book covers         B   Book Covers
         on your books                             C   Here’s How
       C you learn how to cover a book             D   Step 4
       D book covers keep books away from
         rain and snow

   3   Which word is a synonym for center      6   Which word is a compound word?
       from the passage?
                                                   A   center
       A   outside                                 B   highway
       B   edge                                    C   purple
       C   frown                                   D   trail
       D   middle

           Question   Answer   Skill
           1          B        Main Idea
           2          C        Main Idea
           3          D        Vocabulary Development
           4          A        Text Features
           5          A        Text Features
           6          B        Structural Analysis

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