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					Staff performance evaluations

Performance not Politeness
Formal performance appraisal systems often ask managers to comment or rate all sorts of
things that are not only difficult to judge, but have little or nothing to do with
performance: demeanour, presentation, co-operation, initiative, attitude, to maintain a
few. Make sure your performance appraisal is about performance - the results that the
employee achieves on the job.

Performance and Behaviour
I've read lots of definitions of these words. The best I've found is this: "Performance is
what you leave behind. Behaviour is what you take with you." Managers often allow
employee behaviour to interfere with evaluation of their performance. When this
happens, "good" behaviour often masks poor performance and "poor" behaviour
overrides good performance.

Clear Performance Standards
To measure performance you must have clear performance standards. If you don't tell
your employees exactly what you want, how can you measure whether they provides it?

You Get What You Expect
Expect the best. Explain to employees exactly what you mean by "best" and how you'll
measure it. Create systems to enable them to attain "best". Do that and you'll probably get
"best" or close to it. Fail to do it and you'll be lucky to get third best. That's what
employees will believe you expect.

Appraisal Daily
You should be measuring employee performance at least weekly and preferably daily.
This is simple, precise and fast when you have clear, measurable performance standards.
If your standards are clear enough and your systems are sound enough, your employees
will know how well they're doing long before you do.

Stay Informed and Prepared
Good systems and clear performance standards are the cornerstones of superior staff
performance. With these in place, you'll have ready access to the information you need to
decide "how well they're doing". If you want to have a formal interview with an
employee, you'll have plenty of time and be well prepared.

There's no need to complete a form in order to undertake a successful performance
appraisal. In fact, filling in elaborate appraisal forms is likely to hinder rather than help
successful appraisal. Make employee performance a daily concern. And expect the best. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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