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Yoga is a system of breathing, stretching exercises, and meditation that
helps the individual join with the Universal Self. Yoga is widely
accepted as a relaxing and healthy practice. Studies have shown that it
lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and will help to suppress other
body functions so that you can achieve a state total relaxation.
      Yoga means to yoke or unite. Anyone seeking to promote or get
their health back to the best state are welcome to try a class. It is
said that yoga helps to strengthen and cleanse the body while allowing
the mind to focus on connecting with the Universal Self. It is not a
creed and does not oppose any world religion.
      Yoga is, however, does associate with Buddhism. It predates the
religion by several centuries. Ancient seals have been found that depict
the gods doing the poses from yoga. These were found in the Indus Valley
which is one of the first known civilizations here on Earth. The area is
located where Pakistan and India are now. The seals suggest that yoga
was around before 3000 BC.
      Meditation is a necessity of yoga. To really get all you can out
of the exercises , you need to quiet your mind and focus on uniting the
body, spirit, and mind. Yoga is a common activity and you get out of it
what you put into it. So do your exercises and deep breathing, the
results will sow themselves off.
      Much of yoga was taken from ancient tests called Hatha (the
physical body). There were many philosophers that enjoyed the activity
and a variety of styles you could choose. Although yoga is practiced for
practical purposes, it can also help to relieve stress and help you relax
after a busy day. Yoga can be done by anyone. You can sit in a chair or
on the floor. The stretching really helps the stiff muscles and the
breathing helps to calm.

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