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									                                  Touches Can Make People Healthier

Any form of touch whether it be hands, massage or hug known to have effects on the body and mind.
Because it received a touch of someone can make it more healthy.

The effects of this touch can lower blood pressure, making the heart healthy, improve immune function,
relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

There are several ways that can touch a person do to improve her health, as quoted by CNN on Friday

Doing massage
Anyone who gets even a short massage can help them become relaxed. This condition is not limited to
the psychological sensation, but it makes muscles become relaxed, normal heart rate, normal blood
pressure and levels of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) decreased. In this relaxed state will have
an impact on the immune system stronger.

"The hormone cortisol can suppress the response of the immune system, so anything that can enhance
the relaxation response will lead to improved systems of immunity," says Roberta Lee, MD of the
Department of Integrative Medicine of the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

Giving hugs
Hug can make a person feel safe, trusting one another and reduce the hormone cortisol because of the
hormone oxytocin. Research carried out the University of North Carolina showed a decrease in blood
pressure and heart rate, and hugs given by people who are believed to give greater effect.

Holding hands while wrapping the fingers with a partner can be very calming, reducing anxiety, reducing
stress hormone levels that flow in the body system and helps a person feel happier.

Having sex would involve skin contact with the skin throughout the body, so that someone will be
flooded by oxytocin and endorphins that make the emotional become more prosperous and feel better.

Studies from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania found having sex 1-2 times a week will
make a person has a 30 percent greater ability to fight infection immunoglobulin A (IgA) in saliva.

Cuddle with pets
Studies show that pets be it dogs, cats, rabbits or even fish could make a decrease in blood pressure,
improve immune function and reduce pain.

These benefits can be obtained by considering patterns of animals such as he jumped up, scratched his
ear, stroking it and play and spend time together. But the owner must still pay attention to cleanliness
and health of pets

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