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        The Wii fit with all new sporty Wii games, redefines fitness gaming and entertainment

       By Carrie Thomson
       Dated: Nov 13, 2010

       Wii fit is a revolutionary product that redefines fitness as an entertaining gaming option. With wii games
       being the market leaders in the gaming industry the wii fit has taken the market by a storm and
       revolutionized and given a new fun dimension.

       The wii games are a leading name in the gaming circuit. They cater to all types of market segments and
       have something on its platter for all age groups. The plethora of wii games have been introduced with a
       concept of creating a complete gaming world. With the wii games the players can get a firsthand experience
       of real life combats, racing, shooting different sports and so on.At regular intervals newer and better games
       have been introduced with newer concepts and have been gaining popularity and fan following. Wii has
       been popular amongst the gamers the hard core ones as well as those who like lighter forms of games. The
       best and tagged as the most exciting and the most realistic of the wii games are the sports games like the
       FIFA, baseball or the tennis games.

        Wii games added to their kitty a new revolutionary product called the wii fit. It trains for a fitness regime
       which on following daily helps losing out on oodles of weight. It has a balance board console which not
       only works as a console but also calculates the BMI and helps stay fit. So basically the wii fit to stay fit
       concept has taken on in the market and is a favourite for all the fitness lovers. With the advent of video
       games the major concern was not getting any exercise and with growing problem of obesity amongst kids a
       video game was seen like a demon, but now the wii games with motion sensing technology have changed
       the indoor video gaming concept from being lax and lazy to being fit and going. The wii fit balance board is
       designed to make sure one is out of the couch and doing some physical exercises teamed up with fun. The
       wii fit provides yoga, aerobics and other exercising techniques training and more than 40 types of training

        The wii fit provides core work out and emphasises on body control, movements and balances. Its Body
       mass index and wii fit age are the two features that are the USPs of the product. It provides weight
       proportions calculating the height weight ratio and further testing the user’s centre of gravity and balance.
       Even the some of the games are based on yoga postures, balancing on the wii board, aerobics and strength
       training. The wii fit has a simple rectangular mat that senses the surface and pressure of touch and force
       applied on it and gauges the movement. It also senses the shifting of weight and different movements with
       pin point accuracy.

        Ever since wii fit has made an entry into the gaming world it has given it an altogether a new dimension
       and a new fitness concept to the gaming sector. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto who is also known as the
       father of video games, it is one of the most popular loved and best selling consol games in the market. With
       a great market presence and popularity amongst the gamers and fitness lovers the game is a perfect
       combination of fitness and fun.

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