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									Class Participation Grading Template

Element                     1-3                     5                       7                    9
Textual Analysis    Error or incomplete    Correct grasp of       Identifies patterns   Novel or very
                    reading                facts                  or themes             well-crafted
Influence of        Distraction            Maintains flow of      Adds new layer or     Sets new direction
Comment                                    discussion             larger question       for discussion

                                                                  Class picks up on     Class picks up on
                                                                  contribution          and follows
Logic / Coherence   Hard to follow         Clear                  Ability to lay out    Excellent ability
                    Inconsistent           Consistent             strands of            to lay out
                    Incoherent                                    argument and          argument and
                                                                  evaluate them         evaluate it
Argumentation       Harsh                  Direct, clear          Clear depiction of    Direct
                    Personal attack        response to other      novel or well-        engagement
                    Inappropriate                                 structured point of
                                           On-point rebuttal
                    persistence                                   view                  Helps others
                                                                                        clarify their views
                                           Good defense of
                                                                  Ability to            or change them
                                           point of view with
                                           back-up data
Meta-Cognition      Treats own views       Aware of own           Excellent             Offers novel, well
                    as fact; does not      thought patterns       description of own    fleshed out
                    separate opinion       and opinions           thought process       frameworks
                    from fact
                                                                  Can change point
                                                                  of view knowingly
Linking /           Repeats points         Knowingly              Good summary:         Excellent
Continuity          without realizing      maintains flow         draws strands of      synthesis of
                    /acknowledging                                discussion together   discussion
                    Misses obvious         links in material or   Creates links         Creates links
                    links in material or   comments               across works or       across works or
                    comments                                      class sessions        class sessions
Application of      Misuse of concepts     Use of frameworks      Appeals to            Helps others
Course Concepts /                          within discussion      frameworks even       understand
Frameworks          No use of concepts     as expected            when not expected     frameworks or
                                                                  Attempts to master
                                                                  frameworks            Brings new or
                                                                  through application   novel dimensions
                                                                                        or interpretations
                                                                                        to concepts
Personal            Inappropriate          Appropriate theme      Illuminating: helps   Changes way that
Experience          theme                                         others see new        class thinks about
                                           Appropriate level      angle or understand   topic
                    Inappropriate level    of detail              in more depth
                    of detail

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