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     INSTRUCTOR: Karee Wright
     UNIT TOPIC: Anatomy of Plants
     LESSON TITLE: Identification of Leaves
     CLASS: Intro. To Horticulture    BEST DATE TAUGHT: Fall Semester
     TEKS: 119.2.c3b

OBJECTIVES (TSWBAT---The student will be able to…)
   Define the parts of a leaf, the types of leaves, and how leaves are veined with 100%
   Identify the functions of a leaf with 100% accuracy
   Label the parts of a Leaf on a worksheet with 80% accuracy.
   Compare the types, parts, and veins of leaves on a quiz with 70% accuracy

TEACHING MATERIALS AND RESOURCES (What do you need to bring?)
    Note Sheets
    Worksheet
    Quizzes
    Chalk/Dry Erase Board
    Chalk/Dry Erase Markers

TEACHING PROCEDURES---Preparation, Presentation, Application, Evaluation

Preparation (Interest Approach/Motivator)
 Key Points                                                  Methods
 Link:                                                       TLD
   Yesterday we talked about the stem of a plant. Can
 anyone tell me what he or she can remember from our
 discussion from yesterday?
   The leaf is like a solar panel; it brings energy to the
 plant. Can anyone think of any other examples of what
 a leaf is like?                                             Pass out the note
                                                             handout so the students
 Today: we are going to discuss the two types of leaves      can fill them out during
 and the parts in each kind. We are also going to see        the class.
 how leaves can be arranged on a stem and the some
 functions that the leaves have.

Presentation (The Meat!)
 Key Points                                                  Methods
 We are going to start out the day by defining the two       Ask the students if they
 types of leaves (simple and compound), the parts in         know of any the parts of
 each kind of leaf, and some functions of the leaf.          the leaves and what the
                                                             definition is?
 Types of Leaves:
   Simple Leaf: consists of one single blade and a
   Compound Leaf: consists of a petiole and two or
 more leaf blades called leaflets.

 Parts in the Leaf:
   Simple Leaf:
     -Blade: the flattened, green, expanded portion of a
     -Margin: edge of a leaf.
     -Midrib: largest vein in the center of the leaf which
     may have smaller lateral veins branching from it.
     -Lateral Veins: secondary veins in a leaf.
     -Leaf Apex: the tip of the leaf.
     -Leaf Base: the part of the blade that is attached to
     the petiole.
     -Petiole: the leaf stalk (connects the blade to the
     -Stipules: leaf-like appendages (at the base of the
  Compound Leaf:
     -Leaflet: secondary leaf of a compound leaf.
     -Rachis: an extension of the petiole bearing leaflets.
     -Petiolule: stalk of a leaflet.
     -Petiole: the leaf stalk.
     -Bud: an underdeveloped shoot enclosed by bud-

Leaf Arrangement:
  -Alternate: one leaf per node, usually staggered along
stem, like a spiral.
  -Opposite: two leaves (a pair) per node, usually
opposite each other.
  -Whorled: three or more leaves per node, usually
equally spaced around the node.

Functions of the Leaves:
  Photosynthesis: the site where it primarily occurs
  Storage: ex. Aloe Vera
  Support: ex. Tendrils on a grape vine
  Protection: ex. Spines on cacti
  Attraction: ex. Bracts on a Poinsettia or a Dogwood

Vein Arrangement:
  Pinnate: feather-like                                         In the Simple Leaf you
  Palmate: finger-like (no midrib)                              have all three kinds of
  Parallel: principal veins parallel to the axis of the leaf.   vein arrangements and
                                                                Compound Leaves are
                                                                only Pinnate and
Application (What will they do with what you taught?)
 Key Points                                                    Methods
 Application 1:
  Have the students fill out the notes sheet while you talk
        about leaves.
 Application 2:
  Have the students label the parts of the leaf on a           Pass out the worksheet
        worksheet.                                             and give the students
                                                               about 5-10 minutes to
                                                               finish it.

Evaluation (How do you know they learned it?)
 Key Points                                                    Methods
 Quiz:                                                         Pass out the quiz to each
  Have the students take a quiz about the types of             student.
        leaves, the parts of a leaf, the function of leaves,
        and the arrangement of the veins.
 Today: we discussed the leaf, can anyone tell me why          Summary of what was
        he or she think the leaf is important part of a        covered today in class.
 Tomorrow: we will discuss the final part of the plant.        TLD
        The part that you notice first when you look at a
        plant, the flower. Start thinking of how many
        parts of the flower you can name and what they

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Introduction to Horticulture 3rd Edition.Schoeder, Seagle, Felton, Ruter, Kelley, Krewer.2000.

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