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               Fall River Company Commended for Reducing Toxic Chemical Use
     Office of Technical Assistance and Technology Helped Lightolier Improve Production Process

    BOSTON – The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) recently
    awarded a Certificate of Partnership to Lightolier of Fall River in recognition of the 625-
    employee company’s elimination of 1.25 million pounds of toxic chemicals from its
    manufacturing process over the past decade.

    Lightolier, which makes precision-engineered track and recessed lighting systems, began
    working with EOEEA’s Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) – then the Office
    of Safe Waste Management – in 1989. Lightolier staff attended workshops aimed at exploring
    ways electroplaters and metal finishers could reduce toxic chemical use through new methods of
    cleaning, rinsing, treating and coating product components. After a series of follow-up site visits
    and recommendations by OTA, Lightolier began examining the hidden costs of the company’s
    use of toxic chemicals – such as liability and worker safety, time spent maintaining old
    equipment and record-keeping associated with toxic chemical use.

    Based on this analysis, the company found it would be worthwhile to invest resources to
    eliminate use of trichloroethylene (TCE), a toxic chemical used to degrease mechanical parts. By
    first substituting terpene (a safer, plant-derived solvent) and then reducing the need for any
    solvent by modifying its production process, Lightolier has reduced the Fall River facility’s toxic
    air emissions by 95 percent and saved more than $2 million in operating costs.

    “Lightolier’s experience is a model for other Massachusetts companies. By making a full cost
    analysis of toxic chemical use, the company discovered it makes sense to use safer alternatives –
    even if they cost more up front,” said EOEEA Secretary Ian Bowles. “The Commonwealth’s
    relationship with Lightolier goes back decades and is an excellent example of how industry and
    government can work together to improve the environment of Massachusetts, as well as
    workplace safety.”
EOEEA officially recognized Lightolier’s accomplishments at an August ceremony attended by
company officials, Undersecretary for Environment Philip Griffiths, Fall River Mayor Edward
Lambert, Sen. Joan Menard, and Reps. Robert Correia, Michael Rodrigues, and David Sullivan.

"Lightolier should be commended for this tremendous achievement," said Sen. Menard. "Not
only were they able to drastically reduce the amount of their toxic air emissions, but they were
able to save money in doing so."

“Lightolier is a fine example of leadership in the manufacturing field that has shown that it is
possible to not only produce a quality, affordable product, but to also make certain that the
environment is protected during the process. This is corporate responsibility at its finest,” said
Representative Robert Correia.

Rep Rodrigues added, "I am very gratified that Lightolier has taken the initiative to reduce their
use of toxic substances. Not only is the practice a step forward for Fall River's environment, it is
also economically wise. I urge all of our businesses to follow suit and contact the Executive
Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and work with them to achieve the same result."

"Lightolier has undertaken a proactive and environmentally sensitive initiative. It is very
important that the people of Fall River are aware of these efforts and recognize Lightolier for
reducing the use of toxic substances," said Rep. Sullivan, who presented company officials with
a congratulatory citation.

Established by the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act, OTA works with manufacturers
and other toxic chemical users to reduce or eliminate use of toxics and generation of hazardous
byproducts. At no cost, OTA offers programs and services to help businesses improve chemical
use efficiency, cut costs, and reduce environmental impact. The agency’s mission is to promote
toxics use reduction, environmental performance, and health and safety through effective
delivery of technical assistance and other services.


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