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          The brain is the center of the hormone cascade, which in current science, is centered in the
Pituitary and Hypothalamus. The pituitary is so small (about the size of the end of your little finger), but
for such a small area, so much can get so complicated. Multiple neurological and hormone books are
written about this one area, so we present the following as a thumbnail sketch of what is to be learned.
          Lumps on the pituitary – that often crowd into the function of the Hypothalamus – are very
common. We find that lumps grow as a symptom of a deeper issue and have long searched for that
illusive deeper issue. Scientific books do not have the same observation of lumps and therefore have
not searched for the deeper cause.

         First of all, we need to know the reason why this
area is so important. The pituitary is:

    (1) The gate for most of the hormones that affect
        reproduction without which we would not be here.
    (2) The gate for hormones of sexuality which are also
        the hormones of canoodling, dating and mating.
        That means these hormones are the basis of libido,
        drive in life function, love and protection. Apathy is
        the consequence of their lack. If a person often
        says “whatever” then you will find the hormones
        are in trouble.
    (3) The gate of a pleasant menopause/andropause or
        the cause of hell on wheels. Poor communication,
        lack of respect, nasty divorces and even murder
        can often be traced to hormone problems that start                    Seminar Graphic
        in the pituitary.
    (4) The location of some splitting headaches (the
        distant # 2 cause of migraines).
    (5) The gate of the secondary cause of aging and the
        look of aging. Strong wrinkles and sagging flesh
        are always accompanied by pituitary problems.
    (6) The optic chasm flows just above the pituitary.
        Vision problems are often related to a swelling
    (7) The blocking point for hormones that would
        otherwise help the body metabolize. Most “midrift
        weight” is associated with pituitary problems.
    (8) The location of the “3 eye”. Your light diminishes
        with pituitary problems.

 Lumps in the pituitary follow the pattern of all other lumps in the body. When an area is weakened, it
HEALERS WHO SHARE attempt to consolidate function. Weakness can be caused by infection,
 consolidates cells in an
 miasms and sometimes parasites and chemicals. When the consolidation is made, we call it a “lump”
June, 2001 plain language). All lumps have a miasmic basis. When a retrovirus joins Page 2 of 2
 (pardon the                                                                                the lump, we
 see the ingredients of a tumor. The research has traced many problems back to the pituitary. The
 major question becomes, “Why are there so many problems with the pituitary?”
           To summarize 5 years of research, we find there are pituitary inherited diseases and there are
 hormone function lumps. The pituitary diseases weaken the pituitary in a way that weakens the
 hormone function. The weakened organ and weakened hormone function easily causes fertile ground
 for pituitary hormone lumps. In the very astute language of yesteryear, the pituitary is subject to a
 double whammy.
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           Just as common infections can become miasms, so can the same infections constitute a
 disease. For instance, the same fungus that causes S.A.D. in the Pineal gland can cause a
 disease in the Pituitary. For reasons we can only speculate about, these diseases are related to
 the Thymus and exist simultaneously in the Pituitary and Thymus. Accordingly we call this group
 of remedies the Pituitary/Thymus series. For ease of use we refer to them as PT Arbo, PT Blanca,
 etc., using the ending part to refer to the base cause.
           In 2007/2008 we know little of the particulars and must refer to energy testing to pick the
 right pituitary disease. Below is our beginning description of the ones we have made so far.

           PT Arbo is related to the arbo virus. Arbo means        SUMMARY OF REMEDIES
 Arthropod Borne (meaning a flying critter like a                  (with range of mega bottles needed)
 mosquito). PT Aspergillis affects swelling conditions like
 the fungus it is named after. It seems to most affect the         PT ARBO                    3-4
 newly discovered hormone, Metabolin (see Metabolin                PT ASPERGILLIS             3-5
 Complex). PT Blanca refers to the infections of the white         PT BLANCA                  3-4
 matter of nerves, like polio is an infection of the grey          PT BORNA                   3-4
 matter of the nerves. PT Borna is most related to a virus         PT CHORDOPOX               3-4
                                                                   PT COCCOIDES               3-4
 usually found in the pons of the brain which exaggerates          PT CONIDIOPHORE           3-5
 emotions, depending on what it combines with. In the              PT COXSACKIE A             3-4
 Pituitary this may cause a type A personality. PT                 PT CYTOCHROME              3-5
 Chordopox refers to a parent virus of other poxes, but            PT DIPHTHERIA/
 little is known about its symptoms. PT Coccoides is a               COCCOIDES               3-5
 surprise disease of the pituitary. The fungus is well-            PT DIPHTHERIA/STAPH       3-5
 known to cause Valley Fever and S.A.D., but we know               PT ESCHERICHIA            3-5
 little of how to recognize it in the pituitary. PT                PT HERPES #25             3-5
 Conidiophore would invite a number of fungus                      PT INFLUENZA              3-5
                                                                   PT LEPROSY                3-5
 conditions to both the pituitary and Thymus. PT                   PT MEASLES                3-4
 Coxsackie A represents a puzzle because we often see              PT MEASLES/RUBELLA        3-5
 Coxsackie A binding pituitary tumors, but no one has yet          PT MUMPS                  3-5
 figured what the source of this pesky virus is. Coxsackie         PT MUMPS/MEASLES          3-4
 As often are the cause of what looks like herpes of the lip       PT OLIGOSACCHARIDE        3-5
 and Coxsackie A19 is the cause of “hoof and mouth”                PT PARAMYXOVIRUS          3-5
 disease. PT Cytochrome helps link oxygen to heme and              PT PINTA                  3-5
 therefore helps oxygenation issuses for troubled tissue.          PT PSEUDO
 It       especially   helps       eye      muscles.     PT          TUBERCULOSIS            3-5
                                                                   PT RETROVIRUS             3-5
 Diphtheria/Coccoides is often found around weight                 PT RUBELLA                3-5
 problems. PT Diphtheria/Staph is linked with elastin              PT RUBELLA 2              3-5
 issues that cause stria (stretch marks). PT Escherichia           PT SMALLPOX/
 is linked to the bacteria E. Coli and seems to make liver           HERPES #13              3-5
 and kidneys especially prone to infection. PT Herpes #            PT SYPHILIS               3-5
 25 is very experimental. Not only is the virus not yet            PT TREPONEMA              3-5
 recognized in science as an existing version of the               PT TUBERCULOSIS           3-5
 herpes family, we most connect it to Spongiform                   PT VARICELLA              3-5
                                                                   PT YAWS                   3-4
 Encephalitis of many animals like cows, deer, sheep,
                                                                   PT YELLOW FEVER           3-5
 fleas which are “mysterious” to-current-science crossover         PT YERSINIA               3-5
 infections to people. PT Influenza is linked to infections
 in the spleen and to sodium irregularities. PT Leprosy is
 found with many conditions of slow wasting. Often it is
 found when Syphilinum/Chlamydinum/ Leprosy is
 found in the liver.

HEALERS WHO SHARE                                                 PITUITARY HORMONES
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PT Measles is a condition we are most used to                   The first year reports of using ½ of the
seeing in the nervous system. In the pituitary we      remedies (disclosed in 2007) were consistent
can only surmise a connection to the posterior         in one regard. When the remedy was finished
pituitary’s connection to the brain stem. PT           subjects realized they had a mild pressure on
Measles/Rubella is most associated with Thyroid        their pituitary most of their lives that was gone
problems and macroprolactin issues stemming            when they finished the remedy.
from the pituitary. PT Mumps usually affects
ovaries or testicles. PT Mumps/Measles was first                 Some of the subjects reported what
found with vascular problems – shrinking, withering    they described as a vague feeling of “better”
or stenosing. PT Oligosaccharide will often involve    after finishing the PT remedy. It may not be the
sugar digestion and circulation problems. PT           PT remedy, but what they took with the PT
Paramyxovirus is associated with the parent virus      remedy that impressed them as better.
to Mumps which is associated with complications
to ovaries and testicles in adults. We often find PT            Some subjects felt pressure in either or
Pinta combined with Pinta infections of the brain.     both their forehead and chest. It was an alarm
PT Pseudotuberculosis is often linked with Add-        for some until they realized what part of their
On Pseudotuberculosis and is found consistently        body was where. Then it was a confirmation
with dysmorphic bone growth. PT Retrovirus is          that the remedy was working.
another mystery to us. We see the virus associated
with tumors and bones, but we do not understand                We learned that there are certain cells
the association to the pituitary. We have seen         that share more than the Pituitary and Thymus.
instances in which bones crumble because of            These cells harken back to the development of
pituitary problems and have associated it with         the fetus where the cells were also shared by
Growth Hormone problems. PT Rubella is related         the parathyroid and thyroid. By next year we
to so-called childhood diseases, pregnancy risks       hope to report the findings of those cells.
and nerves. PT Rubella 2 so far has been found
with thyroid problems and affecting the pituitary’s            In general the healing using this “top-
Thyroid       Stimulating         Hormone.        PT   down” basic principle of homeopathic healing
Smallpox/Herpes #13 so far has been most               felt more complete. We doubled the number of
connected to skin and aging wrinkles. PT Syphilis      remedies we started with and feel like
has loosely related to frontal hair loss and we        something of a Pandora’s Box was opened.
suspect for more. PT Treponema is spirochetal          We are looking for ways to simplify the
and therefore related most to nerves. PT               choices.
Tuberculosis       often    links    with   Add-On
Tuberculosis to form what appears as bone
crumbling. We have seen multiple links to bone
trouble with this remedy. PT Varicella is
associated with Chicken Pox, which is associated
with shingles and diabetes. PT Yaws represents a
subtle spirochete disease with a long history or
relevancy to mental scrambles. PT Yellow Fever
rings bells about diabetes. PT Yersinia is
synonymous with the bacteria of the Black Plague.

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          As the pituitary is weakened by members of the Pituitary/Thymus Series, it becomes more
 common to grow hormone function-related lumps on the pituitary. These lumps starve or alter the
 hormones of the endocrine glands below the pituitary (the “hormone cascade”, as it is called). Below is
 a picture representation of most of the pituitary hormone functions discovered by science so far (6/08)
 plus three new hormones we discovered in 2008. We are still learning how to spot symptoms of the
 new hormones and have described what we have seen so far.

HEALERS WHO SHARE                                                        PITUITARY HORMONES
JUNE, 2008 RESEARCH                                                      Page 5 of 7

          First we have diseases that weaken the pituitary. That alone is enough to weaken hormone
 function. After 5 years of research we found that a “pro hormone” called Pro-
 Opiomelanocorticotropin is actually a precursor of all the pituitary hormones, instead of just the
 Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, for which it is named. When this pro hormone weakens by miasm
 or infection, it is the trigger for most any pituitary hormone lump to grow.
          All of the pituitary hormones can also create carcinomas of the specific hormone inside the
 Pituitary. For instance, an Adrenocorticotropin hormone can create an Adrenocorticotropin
 carcinoma in the pituitary. The carcinomas create a somewhat separate, but related disease in the
          Both the lump and the carcinoma can attract a retrovirus and we have a not-so-comfortable
 mess for the subject. If just one hormone function goes off, it can affect all the hormone functions
 crowded inside this pea-sized organ. It is like squeezing one too many grapes in a jar. Something
 has to give. More often it is not just one something that gives. Notice how often people have urinary
 urgency later in life and notice that the ADH hormone, which stimulates urination, is located in this
 pituitary container. And that’s just one example.
          We don’t know how current science handles this group of issues or if they can handle it at
 all. With Vibrational remedies we are in a unique position to design comprehensive remedies that
 currently exists only in science fiction. Thankfully, this is not fiction. For each hormone we created a
 remedy for:
          (1) The lump remedy of the hormone
          (2) The carcinoma remedy of the hormone
          (3) A retrovirus that fits both the lump and the carcinoma
          (4) A remedy for the pro hormone breakdown

         As an example, the Prolactin Complex includes (1) Prolactinoma (2) Prolactin Carcinoma
 (3) A retrovirus for both 1 & 2 (4) Pro-Opiomelanocortin breakdown and disease remedies. As
 another example, the Adrenocorticotropin Complex includes (1) Adrenocorticotropinoma (2)
 Adrenocorticotropin Carcinoma (3) A retrovirus for both 1 & 2 (4) Pro-Opiomelanocortin breakdown
 and disease remedies.

           The remedies do not have Coxsackie As                SUMMARY OF REMEDIES
 or other complications built into them. Each must              (with range of mega bottles needed)
 be chosen from the Lumps and Bumps chart.
          For instance, there may be a need for a          Adrenocorticotropin Complex           3-5
 Coxsackie A 3, Coxsackie A 8, Strep Fungus A,             Antidiuretic Hormone Complex          3-5
 and Bacteria Fragilis that should accompany one           D Hormone Complex                     3-5
 of the complexes.          There may be other             Follicle Stimulating Hormone
                                                                     Complex                     3-5
 combinations of additions with each of the lumps.
                                                           Growth Hormone (Stimulating
          There may be more than one complex                         Hormone) Complex            3-5
 needed at a time. According to autopsies, the             Interstitial Hormone Complex          3-5
 most common lumps are Prolactinomas and                   Leutenizing Hormone Complex           3-5
 Adrenocorticotropinomas. The two together                 Lipotropin Hormone Complex            3-5
 might need three Coxsackie A s, one or two                Macroprolactin Hormone
 bacteria and even a couple fungi remedies to                        Complex                     3-5
 unlock the whole package. See check list in               Macroadenoma Complex                  3-5
 Lumps and Bumps section.                                  Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
                                                                     Complex                     3-5
          Just as we find with other lumps, there
                                                           Metabolin Complex                     3-5
 may be parasites that join in the mix. It is not          Neurin Complex                        3-5
 uncommon to see a miniature tapeworm install              Neurod Complex                        3-5
 itself in the pituitary stalk (at the top of the          Oxytocin Hormone Complex              3-5
 pituitary). Critter Be Gone will eradicate all such       Prolactin Complex                     3-5
 parasites.                                                Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
                                                                     Complex                     3-5

HEALERS WHO SHARE                                                        PITUITARY HORMONES
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         Adrenocorticotropin Complex would be common to                       It is common to need more
see with Addison’s Disease, Adrenoleukodystrophy 1,                 than one of these Complexes in a
Adrenoleukodystrophy 2, Cushings Inherited, Cushings                single pituitary. The remedies are
Acquired. These diseases of the adrenals would draw on the          designed to be able to use together
feeding pituitary so strongly that the pituitary could easily be    as needed.
thrown into lumps of the hormone that feed the adrenals.                      In exhaustion issues it is
         Antidiuretic Hormone Complex might come into               common to use Adrenocorticotropin
play when there are kidney problems and high blood pressure         Complex          and     Macroprolactin
problems. Polycystic Kidney Disease, Pyelitis, Vessel               Complex.
Degeneration, and Medullary Sponge Kidney are                                  In problems with becoming
examples of disease that may strain the pituitary–feeding           pregnant it is common to use
hormones for the kidneys.                                           Lipotropin Hormone Complex with
         D Hormone Complex is explained on the next page.           Follicle       Stimulating     Hormone
         Follicle Stimulating Hormone Complex is a gonad            Complex.
stimulating hormone and would be seen relative to ovarian                     In high blood pressure issues
problems and testicular problems. The presence of a                 you may find Adrenocorticotropin
Leiomyoma lump on the ovaries might be an indicator. Long           Complex with Antidiuretic Hormone
term use of birth control pills might be another indicator.         Complex.
Uterine bleeding has sometimes been associated with FSH.                      Post pregnancy issues may
         Growth Hormone Stimulating Hormones Complex                reveal in Lipotropin Hormone
could be seen around bone and muscle problems. Stunted              Complex with Follicle Stimulating
growth form Epithelial Myeloma of bones impaired by                 Hormone           Complex             with
radiation might be indicators.                                      Adrenocorticotropin Complex and
         Interstitial Hormone Complex is not pictured in the        possibly        Oxytocin       Hormone
drawing. It refers to male testes stimulation from the Cells of     Complex. Remember in the previous
Leydig for the production of testosterone. Little is known          material that the extreme exhaustion
about the causation and little has ever been done about this        after delivery of a child may be the
possible lump because little is known about the mechanism.          starting point of a hormone imbalance
         Leutenizing Hormone Complex is a gonad                     that will be reflected in the pituitary as
stimulating hormone and would be seen relative to ovarian           well as the adrenals.
problems and testicular problems. Uterine bleeding has
sometimes been associated with FSH.
         Lipotropin Hormone Complex is not pictured in the
drawing. This is currently controversial and unproven, but
may relate to hormones like Amylin from the pancreas that
release or utilize fat for energy. See also remedies for Amylin
based on pancreas deficiencies. The hormone is involved in a
variety of sugar breakdowns.
        Macroprolactin and Prolactin Complexes are frankly not explainable as the most common lumps
seen in autopsies. As seen in the drawing prolactin is known to feed the health of breasts and milk glands,
while Oxytocin is to help the production of milk for breast feeding. Nevertheless, either of these are common to
see with other lumps. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone Complex would be seen with skin issues and nerve
        Metabolin Hormone Complex is explained on the next page.
        Neurin Complex is explained on the next page
        Neuronod Complex is explained on the next page.
        Oxytocin Hormone Complex is officially related to the smooth muscle contraction of the uterus
during pregnancy. There is indication that this may be overworked during pregnancy and leave fat and wasted
muscle on the body in the aftermath of pregnancy.
        Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Complex may be seen with a variety of thyroid issues. It is generally
not the cause of thyroid problems but the result of thyroid issues. We see the thyroid as an extension of the
thymus and are pursuing thyroid answers as ancillary. Many thyroid problems are caused by foods, municipal
water and toothpastes.

HEALERS WHO SHARE                                                        PITUITARY HORMONES
JUNE, 2008 RESEARCH                                                      Page 7 of 7

         As we used these remedies in 2007 and 2008 we discovered there are other Pituitary
hormones. We have pictured and described the known and accepted hormones of today’s
science. To suggest there are more than those commonly acknowledged by science as the whole
picture is controversial. To depict 4 new hormones in the Pituitary borders on heresy relevant to
commonly held beliefs. To be very clear so that no one is led astray, this is not commonly held
science. In its infancy, the findings should be explored as a postulate instead of a truth. We
invented the names to describe the activity and are exploring their most effective use.

           D Hormone Complex would be                             Nerves are still a frontier subject
  thought to be the exclusive domain of the              in today’s science. In the posterior
  gall bladder in current belief. Indeed we              pituitary (Neurohypophyse) we find cells
  found that Hypophosphatemia Familial                   we call Neurods emitting hormones we
  Type 6 helps unleash Vitamin (hormone)                 call Neurin. Neurods are like other
  D3. Yet the real control lies in the anterior          centers within the pituitary that produce
  pituitary. D Hormone (vitamin) is valuable             hormones. Neurin is a nerve-feeding
  for bone health and is often thought to be             hormone that provides health to nerves
  gathered by the sunlight. It may be so that            and sustains their activity.
  the sunlight alone does the invoking.                           We have long puzzled why some
  However, the Optic Chasm runs over the                 with nerve diseases get well and others
  top of the Pituitary and the Pituitary is well         seem to never recover even though the
  known to be affected by light (as is the               originating cause of the nerve disease is
  Pineal gland). When sunlight hurts the                 antidoted. We are exploring the health of
  eyes there may be a need for this complex.             the Neurods with Neurod Complex and
  D Hormone is also a food for genitals.                 the health of the nerve sustainer with
                                                         Neurin Complex.
           Metabolin Complex is linked to a                       The nerve research got more
  metabolin hormone in the anterior Pituitary.           interesting with the discovery of what we
  There is evidence that the kidneys invoke              call “Neuroneurds”. The name is
  hormone making from the bones. The                     designed to suggest that all through your
  kidneys make a Lipolytic Stimulating                   nervous system are small centers (like
  Hormone to invoke a lipolytic hormone                  lymph nodes in lymph channels). These
  from the bones.                                        centers are neurd-like mini brains that
  There is long evidence that the pituitary              have     intelligence.    We     have     all
  directly affects bones. This newly named               experienced a “knowing’ of something
  hormone invokes digesting enzymes from                 through seemingly every cell in our
  bones that are carried by the blood.                   bodies. This may be the mechanism.
  Without this bone-made hormone, many                            We found these Neuroneurds
  proteins act like fat in the body.                     can be infected and strongly affect your
                                                         “knowing”. Not yet listed in our master
                                                         User      Guide     are     the    remedies
                                                         Neuroneurd Ergot, Neuroneurd Leprosy,
                                                         Neuroneurd        Measles,      Neuroneurd
                                                         Paramyxo Disease, Neuroneurd Rubella,
                                                         Neuroneurd        Syphilis,     Neuroneurd
                                                         Varicella (Chicken Pox) Neuroneurd
                                                         Strep, Neuroneurd Staph. The tests are
                                                         too few to draw dependable conclusions
                                                         from so far. The people who have
                                                         experienced them describe the healing
                                                         as one of the deepest of their lives.


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