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									                                                NOTICE TO INTERESTED PARTIES

1.   Notice to all present employees of HCA Inc. and its affiliates:               REQUESTS FOR COMMENTS BY THE
     An application is to be made to the Internal Revenue Service                      DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
     for a determination on the qualification of the following
     employee pension benefit plan (and on the exemption of the         11. The Department of Labor may not comment on behalf of
     related trust) which recently has been amended:                        interested parties unless requested to do so by the lesser of 10
                                                                            employees or 10 percent of the employees who qualify as
2.   Plan Name:    HCA 401(k) Plan                                          interested parties. The number of persons needed for the
                                                                            Department to comment with respect to this plan is 10. If you
3.   Plan Number: 004                                                       request the Department to comment, your comment must be in
                                                                            writing and must specify the matters upon which comments are
4.   Name and address of the applicant: HCA Inc., One Park Plaza,           requested, and must also include: (1) the information contained
     Nashville, TN 37203                                                    in items 2 through 5 of this Notice; and (2) the number of
                                                                            persons needed for the Department to comment.
5.   Employer Identification Number of the applicant: 75-2497104
                                                                            A request to the Department to comment should be addressed
6.   Name and address of the Plan Administrator: HCA Plan                   as follows: Deputy Assistant Secretary, Employee Benefits
     Administration Committee, One Park Plaza, Nashville, TN                Security Administration, Attn: 3001 Comment Request, U.S.
     37203                                                                  Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.,
                                                                            Washington, D.C. 20210.
7.   The application will be filed on January 28, 2010, for an
     advance determination as to whether the plan meets the                           COMMENTS TO THE INTERNAL
     qualification requirements of Section 401(a) of the Internal                         REVENUE SERVICE
     Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, with respect to the plan’s
     amendment. The application will be filed with: EP                  12. Comments submitted by you to EP Determinations must be in
     Determinations, Internal Revenue Service, Post Office Box              writing and received by them by March 15, 2010. However, if
     12192, Covington, Kentucky 41012-0192.                                 there are matters that you request the Department of Labor to
                                                                            comment upon on your behalf, and the Department declines,
8.   The employees eligible to participate under the Plan are all           you may submit comments on these matters to EP
     employees who have attained age 18 and completed 2 months              Determinations to be received by them within 15 days from the
     of service, except for (a) leased employees; (b) individuals           time the Department notifies you that it will not comment on a
     classified as independent contractors or leased employees              particular matter, or by March 15, 2010, whichever is later, but
     under a Participating Company’s customary worker                       not after March 29, 2010. A request to the Department to
     classification practices (whether or not such individuals are          comment on your behalf must be received by it by February 12,
     actually employees); (c) employees who are members of a                2010, if you wish to preserve your right to comment on a
     collective bargaining unit, unless the terms of the collective         matter upon which the Department of Labor declines to
     bargaining agreement require that the employees be eligible to         comment, or by February 22, 2010, if you wish to waive that
     participate in the Plan; and (d) employees who have made a             right.
     vow of poverty.
                                                                                       ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
9.   The Internal Revenue Service has previously issued a
     determination letter with respect to the qualification of this     13. Detailed instructions regarding the requirements for
     plan.                                                                  notification of interested parties may be found in Sections 17
                                                                            and 18 of Revenue Procedure 2010-6. Additional information
            RIGHTS OF INTERESTED PARTIES                                    concerning this application (including, where applicable, an
                                                                            updated copy of the plan and related trust; the application for
10. You have the right to submit to EP Determinations, at the               determination; any additional documents dealing with the
    above address, either individually or jointly with other                application that have been submitted to the Internal Revenue
    interested parties, your comments as to whether this plan meets         Service; and copies of Section 17 of Revenue Procedure 2010-
    the qualification requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.            6) are available at HCA Inc. during normal business hours for
                                                                            inspection and copying. (There is a nominal charge for
     You may instead, individually or jointly with other interested         copying and/or mailing.)
     parties, request the Department of Labor to submit, on your
     behalf, comments to EP Determinations regarding qualification                                     W:\4518.003\2009 Form 5300 Filing\Notice.doc
     of the plan. If the Department declines to comment on all or
     some of the matters you raise, you may, individually, or jointly
     if your request was made to the Department jointly, submit
     your comments on these matters directly to EP Determinations.

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