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									                                   TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT REFERRAL FORM
This form must be submitted with the candidate’s application form and/or resume.


Referring Pearson Employee :                                      Full-time       or        Temporary

Referred Applicant:


Location of Position (Site Name):

Pearson recognizes that its employees may be the best source of locating and recruiting high caliber candidates to fill
temporary positions. To encourage employees to recruit and recommend Pearson as an employer to their friends and
acquaintances, Pearson offers a referral bonus to reward employees who refer candidates to successfully fill temporary
Bonus Amount: Employees are eligible to receive a $100.00 bonus when Pearson hires a candidate they have referred
for temporary positions.

Eligibility Requirements: Current regular full-time or regular part-time Pearson employees who are not managers
with direct supervisory responsibility for the position being recruited, are eligible to participate in the bonus
program. Current Pearson temporary employees are eligible to participate. Agency or contract employees are
not eligible to participate in the bonus program.

Referred employees NOT eligible for the referral bonus are: 1) past regular or temporary employees of Pearson;
consultants; contractors and agency employees; 2) those referred by an employment agency; 3) HR personnel; and 4)
applicants responding to an advertisement. If more than one Pearson employee refers a candidate, the employee who
refers the successful candidate first will receive the bonus.

How to Refer a Candidate: When referring a candidate for employment, a completed referral form must accompany the
resume/application and be submitted to the Temporary Employment Team in HR. Referral forms submitted following
receipt of the applicant’s resume/application would not be eligible for the referral bonus.

 Bonus Payment: The referring employee must still be a Pearson employee when the new employee successfully
 completes a minimum of 80 hours of employment on a temporary assignment. If either the referred or referring
 employee leaves Pearson employment prior to the completion of 80 hours of employment the bonus is forfeited.
 Additionally the 80 hours must be reached within 12 months from the referred employees hire date. For example, an
 individual with a hire date of January 1, 2007 must reach the 80 hours prior to January 1, 2008. If all conditions of the
 program have been met the referring employee will be issued a recruitment bonus by payroll check minus the appropriate
 taxes (bonuses are taxed at a higher rate – approximately 42%). Costs of the program will be charged to the hiring
 department’s budget. This program may be amended or changed at any time. The Manager of Temporary Employment
 will determine final decisions regarding eligibility for bonus awards. If a candidate is hired as a temporary employee and
 converts to regular employment status, the referral will be processed through the temporary referral program.
                                                     HR Use Only
Referring Pearson Employee’s ADP#:_____________________________________

Referred Applicant /New Temporary Employee’s Information:

Start Date: _____________________Department:___________________________________

Job Location/Site Name: __________________________________Employee #: ______________________

Place Location Stamp To the Right:

HR - forward to: Pearson, Attn: Sherri Bleakley 9200 Earhart Lane SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 or
email them to me at for processing

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