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									                                  SOLICITATION OF INTEREST
                                USF ATHLETICS FACILITIES PROJECT #579
                                           January 11, 2010
By this notice, R.R Simmons Construction Corporation, the Design/Construction Services Team (DCST) under contract to the
USF Financing Corporation, requests that vendors, who would like to become prequalified to submit trade bids on the USF
Athletic Facilities Project #579 project, transmit the required information as requested below.

This Project consists of the design and construction of athletic facilities and/or improvements to existing athletic facilities located
on the Tampa Campus of the University of South Florida. Venues include: a new basketball practice facility, a new baseball
stadium, a new softball stadium, new football practice fields, and the relocation of several recreational fields. Additional venues
may be added to this Project subject to the availability of funds.

All Vendors bidding on the Project must be pre-qualified by the DCST prior to the date set forth in this Solicitation of Interest.
Decisions regarding which vendors will be deemed to be qualified rest with the DCST in its sole discretion. Vendors interested in
bidding on the project will follow three steps:

     1.   Solicitation of vendor interest and prequalification of vendors. To be considered for qualification, vendor must submit
          the attached DCST’s Vendor Qualification Form. In addition to this form, vendor must provide documentation showing
          capacity and competency to perform the work for which the vendor desires to be pre-qualified to bid. At a minimum,
          the documentation will include but not be limited to the following;

               a.   Payment and Performance Bond: provide a letter from the vendor’s bonding agent confirming the vendor’s
                    ability to provide payment and performance bonds from a surety rated by AM Best as A VIII or better. The
                    letter should be specific to this Project (“USF Athletic Facilities Project #579’) and state the value of the
                    single project bonding line currently available, name of the Surety, and the current AM Best rating of the of
                    the Surety. For those trades listed in (d.) below, the vendor must be able to provide a payment and
                    performance bond for no less than the amount listed for that trade. For trades not listed or no value is given,
                    vendors must be able to provide a payment and performance bond for the value of the bid submitted.

               b.   Relevant past project experience: provide a list of at least 3 commercial or institutional projects completed by
                    the vendor within the past 3 years that are of similar size and complexity to vendor’s proposed work for this
                    project. List the value of the vendor’s portion of the work, which must exceed the trade value listed in (d.)
                    below. Information given should include: the project value, scope of work, owner information, contact person,
                    and telephone number of the entity or person that vendor held the contract with, and any other information
                    vendor deems pertinent for confirmation of project experience.

               c.   A letter signed by an authorized officer of the company, affirming that if vendor is selected for award of a
                    subcontract, vendor will execute the DCST’s subcontract without modification and provide insurance as
                    required by this subcontract, including any project specific requirements set forth in the contract documents.

               d.   Single project bonding capacity and single project experience minimums for selected scopes;

                                                                        Min. Bonding Capacity
                                                                   Min. Past Project Experience ($)
                                           Sitework                           $ 2,500,000
                                     Landscape/ Irrigation                     $500,000
                                    Sport Fields & Irrigation                 $2,500,000
                                      Decorative Fence                         $500,000
                                           Concrete                           $2,500,000
                                             Steel                            $1,500,000
                                            Millwork                           $350,000
                                            Roofing                            $400,000
                                      Glass and Glazing                        $400,000

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                                                                      Min. Bonding Capacity
                                                                 Min. Past Project Experience ($)
                                        Studs & Drywall                      $400,000
                                         Carpet & VCT                        $150,000
                                             Hard Tile                       $150,000
                                        Wood Gym Floor                       $250,000
                                      Paint & Wallcovering                   $150,000
                                    Athletic/Sport Equipment                $1,000,000
                                    Grand Stand/Bleachers                    $750,000
                                             Elevators                       $250,000
                                              HVAC                          $1,500,000
                                             Plumbing                        $750,000
                                         Fire Protection                     $100,000
                                             Electrical                     $2,750,000

         Vendors who are approved to bid will be notified by DCST by e-mail prior to the distribution of final bid instructions.
         Final determination of prequalified bidders will be based on many factors and will be at the sole discretion of DCST.

    2.   Prequalified bidders will be invited to provide bids based on 50% Construction Documents to enable the DCST to
         confirm the project budget and establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price. Bid packages are currently scheduled to be
         available on 3/1/10 and bids will be due on 3/12/10.

    3.   DCST anticipates to shortlist a minimum of three vendors in each trade who will then provide “best and final” bids
         based on 100% Construction Documents. Bid packages are expected to be available on TBD and bids will be due on
         TBD. Subcontracts will be awarded shortly thereafter. DCST reserves the right to adjust these dates as needed.

         Vendors who would like to become prequalified to bid should review the project program, preliminary drawings, bid
         instructions, bid form, subcontract agreement, vendor corporation qualification information form and other bid
         information located online at:

                            User ID:           3346
                            Password:          Job579



Interested vendors are directed to complete the Vendor Corporation Qualification Information form and submit all information
noted above and provide any other relevant corporate qualification information no later than 5.00 PM. on January 25, 2010 by
email to;

If you have questions regarding this solicitation, please contact Butch Powell @ 813-632-5533 or Mike Tate @ 813-632-5512.

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