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									  Remedy Software Installation Endeavor (RISE) Business Requirement -
                          Executive Summary
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 Remedy Software Installation Endeavor (RISE) Business Requirement -
                         Executive Summary
Business Concept

Limitations with the current problem management tool - McAfee Help Desk
3.5 and discontinued support by the vendor indicated a strong need to look
at other options.

In June 2001, Technology and Strategy conducted a comparison study
between the current call/problem tracking software, McAfee Service Desk
3.5, and Remedy Action Request System (ARS). The outcome of this study
resulted in the recommendation that Remedy Action Request System –
Consolidated Help Desk offers OIS the “best product based on
completeness of solutions, architecture, customer satisfaction, company
position in the market place and corporate stability.”
Problem & Opportunity

The current call tracking software, McAfee Service Desk was implemented
in February 1998. As of June 2001, the vendor, Network Associates, no
longer provides technical support to users of McAfee Service Desk.
Traditional call tracking and call logging has now expanded to include
problem management, asset management, service levels management,
network management and software change management as well as remote
access and automation for multiple work flow processes. Implementing
ARS as a Consolidated Service Desk will resolve the vendor support issue
and offer OIS an increased ability to manage and resolve issues and
problems, as well as, integrate all OIS in it’s ability to set performance
measures, track and analyze, and improve information services to DHS.

Primary Objectives:

1. To replace the current McAfee Help Desk system with a problem
   tracking system that serves all of OIS.
1. To have a call tracking system that provides for technical support.

2. To lay a base foundation for future functionality of the Remedy System.
3. To train all users on the use of the Remedy System.

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 Remedy Software Installation Endeavor (RISE) Business Requirement -
                         Executive Summary
Rough Order of Magnitude cost estimates:
Remedy Cooperation is currently on contract with Department of
Administrative Services so no RFP was necessary. A price quote dated
June 13, 2001 indicated estimated costs at $199,512.

The costs to acquire the software were $138,705. This expense was
incurred prior to July 1, 2001. The remaining costs of implementation
include: administrator training (2) and consulting fees which are roughly
estimated at $61,000 to be incurred in the new budget year.

Anticipated Decision Consequences
Consequence of “NO” Decision – As of June 2001, Network Associates,
Inc. no longer provides technical support for McAfee 3.5. This is a critical
consideration. Should OIS have any sort of catastrophic problem and need
immediate technical assistance, support it is not available. This could
potentially have a negative impact on customer service and overall
operations as it relates to problem management.

Consequence of “Yes” Decision – Organizing a cross-section
implementation team with representatives from DRM, CRM, T&S, ISE
(Director’s Office, ASM and Projects), NDS and the Help Desk will
encourage division-wide ownership of the problem management system.
Performance Measure tracking and reporting can be built in; Asset and
Change Management functionality can be utilized and technical support will
be available to assure ongoing quality customer service.

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