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					                                Integrated Lesson Plan Template
              Teacher Name: Sarah Arendt                         Title of Lesson Cultures Around the
                                                                           Plan: World
                Grade Level: 3rd                                Subject Area(s): Social Studies
              School/District: Elko County                       Time Frame to 7 X 35 min
                                                               complete lesson: 1 X 20 Assessment

     Summary:        Students will investigate Art, Music, Food, Celebrations, Folktales/Legends/Poetry, and
                     Children's Books about Native Americans or Navajo Indians. Students will compare and
                     contrast these things with their own culture. The result of this five day lesson should
                     help students establish a greater understanding about cultures and how the differ in many
                     Technology Standards Include:
                     2.0: Students use appropriate productivity tools including, but not limited to, word
                     processing, spreadsheet, database, multimedia and telecommunications.
                     3.0: Students use various technology tools to research information and evaluate
                     its accuracy and appropriateness in order to solve problems and make decisions.
                     Social Studies Standards Include:
                     1.3.1    Identify and use the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) on a compass rose to locate
                              places on a map.
                     1.3.2    Compare uses of maps and globes.
                     1.3.3    Use maps, globes, photographs, and graphs to collect geographic information.
                     1.3.4    Construct a simple map, including title, symbols, and directions.

                     1.3.5    Recognize different types of maps.

                     2.3.2   Identify how language, music, stories, art, and customs express culture.
                     2.3.3   Discuss how people view their own communities.
                     2.3.4   List examples of technology in their community.

                     2.3.7   Identify neighborhoods and communities as places where people live, work, and

                     4.3.3   Identify transportation and communication networks in daily life.
                     4.3.4   Describe the characteristics of rural, suburban, and urban communities.
                     4.3.5   Locate sources of goods and services found in the community.

                     Students will have to identify what a community means. How communities work

                     together. Students will be able to use a map to locate their community. Students will
                     compare and contrast their community to the one they live in. Students will compile
                     information about a designated community and will develop a group slide show about the
                     culture using PowerPoint.

Assessments:         Students will be assessed on their Venn diagram that compares their research culture to
                     their own.
                     A final assessment will be taken on their PowerPoint presentation using the following
                     PowerPoint Rubric
                Google Research Engine
Pre-Requisite   Writing Process
 Knowledge:     Graphic Organizers (Cluster Word Web)
                PowerPoint Operations

                Students will work in a group of four collaboratively to research a specific culture.
                Students’ first two lessons will reside in the classroom. During this guided instruction,

                the teacher will help students complete a flow chart of information regarding their culture
                by compiling information found from using text resources The third lesson will be in a
                computer lab where students will use the Google search engine to look up information
                about their cultures. The fourth, fifth, and sixth time block will be use to construct a five
                slide PowerPoint in the computer lab. The seventh time block students will present their
                slide show the class in the classroom

                                     Tools and Resources
                        Lab Setting 4 days
Number of

                        21 Computers
                        Computer Projector and Screen

    Software:   None
Peripherals: Maps, Globes.

                Hispanic Search


                Navajo Search

                KWL Chart Sheet
                Cluster Word Web

                Sequence Chart

                PowerPoint Organizer
                PowerPoint Creation Guide Sheet
                Please feel free to use the following link to create Rubric similar to mine listed under
                Students will need something to organize their information. Large cereal

                boxes work well! Plenty of paper for note taking, pencils for writing and
                books for resources.

                        Library Resources (Encyclopedias)
& Books:

                        The Great Migration by Richard Sanchez
                        The Kids Multicultural Art Book by Alexandra Tezian
                        Native American Art by Robin Sommer
                (Please use your as many resources as you can from your school library!)
Lesson 1 and 2
Students will complete a KWL chart with their assigned group about their assigned culture. Groups must
complete K and W. Groups will discuss what they wrote in their KWL chart with the rest of the class.
Students will begin researching their topic using the library resources books. The teacher will guide
students through the Word Cluster sheet to show students the important of finding information that relate to
their topic. Students will work independently for the remainder for the time block. Students will continue
on working through their 2 time block compiling information about Art, Music, Food, Celebrations,
Folktales/Legends/Poetry, and Children's Books.
Lesson 3
Students will go to the computer lab to use the web to research Art, Music, Food, Celebrations,
Folktales/Legends/Poetry, and Children's Books about their culture. Students will record their information
from the web on their Sequence chart to help keep their information organized and memory fresh!
Lesson 4, 5 and 6
Students will begin to compile their data and choose four of their favorite research subtopics to show in their
slide. Students will work together to articulate an informative five sentence paragraphs that will give the
viewers a general understanding about the subtopic. Once students have completed their PowerPoint
Organizer, students will begin working on their PowerPoint. Students must follow the PowerPoint guide
line sheet.
Lesson 7
Students will present their slide show the class.

Assessment Day
Students will use the Venn diagram to compare and contrast their cultural research to their own culture.

                      Modification for Differentiated Instruction
                  With inclusion a big goal of Mtn. View Elementary I hope that special

                  education students will be able to work with a group and accept

                  responsibilities that will help them feel like a contributor. An example
                  might by to draw a picture of the Art they researched to be scanned into
                  the PowerPoint slide. The options are limitless!

                  Students will work with a team to help contribute something from their

                  own culture. They can bring food, art, books, photographs, etc to the class
                  to show students their culture. They may also include a personal slide into
                  the PowerPoint to show students their personal culture.
                  I feel that this lesson gives Gifted and Talented student the reigns on their

                  own creation. The sky is the limit for the research and presentation that
                  they may want to explore.

Used by permission from Project Venture, 1998 Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, Phoenix, AZ

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