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									            Presented by Margo Smart
North Region Youth Services Librarian II
            San Diego County Libraries
Creatures and Characters of the Sea
Sea Creatures         Characters of the Sea
                       Mermaids
 Dolphins
                       Pirates
 Whales
                      Other Watery Ideas
 Jellyfish
                      Fish Bowl Craft
 Otters              Rainbow Fish Bulletin Board
Dolphin Puppet

You’ll just need: Dolphin Paper Template
Cardstock, Scissors, and Tape
                                           Let’s swim like a dolphin!
Dolphin Storytime Book

   Swimming with Dolphins by Lambert Davis
Whale Puppet
                                     Whales Passing
                                     by Eve Bunting

You’ll need: Whale Puppet Template
Scissors, Tape, and Markers
 Two Paper or Foam Plates
 Pipe cleaners (12)
 Ribbon or yarn
 Cut-out eyes
 Hole-punch tool
 Glue
Jellyfish Storytime Books
 Gooey Jellyfish by Natalie Lunis
 Jellyfish by Martha Rustad
Otter Finger Puppets   You’ll need:
                        Poms-poms (8 per otter)
                        Cut out paper face and parts
                        Glue
                        Ribbon for kelp
Otter Storytime Books
 Animal Lives The Otter by Sandy Ransford
 Baby Sea Otter by Betty Tatham
 The Hungry Otter by Mark Ezra
 Otter Play by Nancy Luenn
 Water Beds Sleeping in the Ocean by Gail Karwokski

 Mermaid Template
 Markers or Paint
 Two Chopsticks or
 Popsicle Sticks
Mermaid Book
 Club Ideas!
Pirate Puppet

 Paper Template
 Cardstock
 Markers
 String
 Brads
 Scissors
 Glue
Pirate Book Suggestions!
Let’s Make
a Fish Bowl!
Fish Bowl Template
Plastic Sandwich Bag
(Ask families to bring a
recycled one!)
Fish stickers
Tissue paper or shredded
Glitter or Aquarium
gravel or real sand
Idea Credit:
Danielle’s Place-Under
the Sea Ideas
Rainbow Fish Bulletin Board Display
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