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modular, medium panel formwork system
     Minima is a robust, versatile modular wall formwork panel for concrete pressures up to 60kN/m2. The lightweight panels
     weigh only 30 kg/m2, allowing most panels to be easily set by hand. And with an extensive range of accessories, Minima has
     the versatility to adapt to most building structures, quickly and easily.

     Minima can be used within any sector on a variety of
     applications, including:





          Abutments and Piers

          Service Cores




          Pile Caps

MJ Murphy.

Willenhall Sub Station,
West Midlands, UK.

 10                                                  M        I     N       I    M    A
features and benefits
   Many of Minima’s lightweight panels - only 30kg/m2 -
   can be easily set by hand, minimising the need for
   cranage,   reducing       costs   and      skilled      labour

   Clamps are easily tightened, prolonging their
   working life and reducing labour requirements.

   Panels can be clamped together using the Minima
   clamps and up to 25m2 lifted by crane if required,
   increasing the productivity of the system.

   Minima is available in many panel sizes, allowing
   virtually any configuration to be erected.

   Tie positions support 1.21m2 of formwork when using
   2.7 x 0.9m panel assemblies, reducing the number of
   ties required, lowering costs and construction times.

   Minima inner corners have 2 degree stripping
   clearance, allowing panels to be easily removed once
   curing has taken place.

                                           Coldicott and Co.

                                           Spring Cottage,
                                     Rugeley, Staffordshire,

  M      I     N       I        M        A                          11
     Code        Description                          Wt. (Kg)
     MM21230     Minima Panel - 1200x300mm                18.7
     MM21245     Minima Panel - 1200x450mm                24.0
     MM21260     Minima Panel - 1200x600mm                29.2
     MM21275     Minima Panel - 1200x750mm                33.5
     MM21290     Minima Panel - 1200x900mm                38.5
     MM21530     Minima Panel - 1500x300mm                22.6
     MM21545     Minima Panel - 1500x450mm                26.5
     MM21560     Minima Panel - 1500x600mm                31.1
     MM21575     Minima Panel - 1500x750mm                35.9
     MM21590     Minima Panel - 1500x900mm                41.4
     MM22730     Minima Panel - 2700x300mm                38.9
     MM22745     Minima Panel - 2700x450mm                45.4
     MM22760     Minima Panel - 2700x600mm                53.2
     MM22775     Minima Panel - 2700x750mm                60.0
     MM22790     Minima Panel - 2700x900mm                69.1            Alignment Props
                                                                          Code        Description                     Wt. (Kg)
     Multi Purpose Panels                                                 MM10005     Minima Aligning Prop - Medium       20.5
     Code        Description                          Wt. (Kg)            MM10017     Minima Aligning Prop – Short        10.9
     MM41270     Minima MP Panel 1200x700mm               35.5
     MM41570     Minima MP Panel 1500x700mm               39.2
     MM42770     Minima MP Panel 2700x700mm               60.1

     Hinged Corners
     Code        Description                          Wt. (Kg)
     MM51230     Minima Hinge Corner 1200x300mm           33.8
     MM51515     Minima Hinge Corner 1500x150mm           27.8
     MM51530     Minima Hinge Corner 1500x300mm           41.3
     MM52715     Minima Hinge Corner 2700x150mm           49.2
     MM52730     Minima Hinge Corner 2700x300mm           71.7

     Inner Corners
     Code        Description                          Wt. (Kg)
                                                                          Adjustable Clamp
     MM31230     Minima Inner Corner 1200mm               30.6
                                                                          Code        Description                     Wt. (Kg)
     MM31570     Minima Inner Corner 1500mm               37.9
                                                                          MM10002     Minima Adjustable Clamp              5.0
     MM32730     Minima Inner Corner 2700mm               66.2

                                         Heavy Duty Flat Plate
                                         Code           Description                         Wt. (Kg)
                                         BT2004         130 x 130 x 10 Flat Bracket             1.30
                                         BT02           Bar Tie 15mm Wing Nut                   0.34

     Corner Clamp
     Code        Description                          Wt. (Kg)
     MM10001     Minima Corner Clamp                       6.1

               Minima Clamp
               Code        Description                           Wt. (Kg)
               MM10003     Minima Clamp                               2.9

12                             M         I        N        I          M          A
          Edge Tie Bearing
          Code           Description                         Wt. (Kg)
          MM10023        Minima Edge Tie Bearing                   2.4

                            Rapid Bar Tie
                            Code           Description                       Wt. (Kg)
                            BT01           Rapid Bar Tie per m 15mm                 1.43

          Minima Access Bracket
          Code          Description                          Wt. (Kg)
          MM10006       Minima Walkway Bracket                    13.5

                     Crane Hook
                     Code              Description                       Wt. (Kg)
                     MM10021           Minima Crane Hook                      8.2

Nuts and Bolts
Code      Description                             Wt. (Kg)
MM10010   Minima Waler Spanner                        0.80
BT45      Bar Tie 15mm Cast Full Nut                  0.21
MM10012   Minima Tension Bolt 190                     0.90
MM10014   Minima MP Bolt                              0.60
MM10015   Minima MP Nut                               0.50
SM01      Connecting Pin                              0.23
SM02      Connecting Clip                             0.01

                        Alignment Rails
                        Code           Description                       Wt. (Kg)
                        MX10008        Maxima Alignment Rail 750              9.9
                        MX10007        Maxima Alignment Rail 1500            19.8

                 M          I      N          I        M      A                            13
                                                                       Fletcher White Joint

                                                                          Molongolo Dam,
                                                                           Canberra, ACT

a versatile, modular formwork system
 Designed from on-site experience and a full understanding of contractors’ needs, RMD’s Rapid Ply is a versatile system of
 modular formwork panels providing a cost-effective solution for concrete walls and slabs. Rapid Ply is suitable for most
 applications, including: foundations, straight and circular walls and columns.
 Rapid Ply is an extremely cost effective system because it can be used without the use of a crane. The heaviest panel of 1.44m
 weighs only 38.5kg, consequently Rapid Ply can be used flexibly to form in-situ concrete structures, even on the most difficult
 project sites.

features and benefits                                             components
     Rapid Ply panels feature high tensile steel frames                    Panels
     manufactured to exacting specifications, therefore                    Rapid Ply panels feature high tensile steel frames
     the frames are more rigid and less prone to damage                    manufactured to exacting specifications. The 12mm
     and the weight is reduced by approximately 5kg per                    thick plywood with a heavy-duty phenolic overlay on
     square metre.                                                         the face provides extra long life and a high quality
     The 12mm thick plywood with a heavy-duty phenolic                     finish to the concrete.    Both edges and back are
     overlay on the face provides extra long life and a                    sealed to prevent deterioration from moisture.       A
     high quality finish for the concrete.                                 wide range of panel sizes are available.

     A wide range of panel sizes are available from                        Filler channels
     600mm x 600mm to 2400mm x 600mm, enabling the                         Panel arrangement where a make up in closing
     assembly of virtually any combination of panels for a                 dimensions is required. All steel construction. It is
     large range of layouts and pour heights to suit                       attached to adjacent panels by wedges at 300mm
     structures of various sizes and shapes.                               centres.

     The erection and striking of RMD Rapid Ply is fast and                Flexible filler channels
     straight forward and only needs a team of two:                        Panel arrangement where curves and or irregular
     saving time and money.                                                shaped forms are required.      Commonly used on
     Panels are attached together using dual-purpose                       circular structures.
     wedges, which speed erection and reduce inventory
                                                                           Filler angles
                                                                           Panel arrangement where a make up in dimensions is
     Rapid Ply’s comprehensive range of accessories                        required. A 12mm ply infill provides the panel width
     enable it to be used in an extensive range of                         required. Commonly used in circular structures.
     construction projects.
                                                                           Internal corner panel
                                                                           Arrangement at an internal corner.         The internal
                                                                           corner is a steel unit giving a 150mm x 150mm
                                                                           section. Forms an accurate 90 degree corner. It is
                                                                           attached to adjacent panels using wedges at 300mm

14                                      R      A      P       I    D                 P        L   Y
Rapid Ply Filler Channels                                          Rapid Ply Hinged Corner Panel
Code         Size             Weight (Kg)                          Code         Size             Weight (Kg)
MF18150      1800x150            11.8                              MH18150      1800x150x150         20.8
MF18125      1800x125            10.7                              MH15150      1500x150x150         17.5
MF18100      1800x100              9.1                             MH12150      1200x150x150         13.9
MF15150      1500x150              9.8                             MH09150      900x150x150          10.6

MF15125      1500x125              8.7                             MH06150      600x150x150             7.0
MF15100      1500x100              7.6
MF12150      1200x100              7.9
MF12125      1200x125              7.2
MF12100      1200x100              6.2
MF09150      900x150               6.0
MF09125      900x125               5.4
MF09100      900x100               4.9                             Rapid Ply Triple Hinge Corner Panel
                                                                   Code         Size             Weight (Kg)
                                                                   TH1800       1800x225x225         33.7
Rapid Ply Flexible Filler Channels                                 TH1500       1500x225x225         28.5
Code         Size             Weight (Kg)                          TH1200       1200x225x225         22.8
MX24050      2400x50               6.4
MX18050      1800x50               4.6
MX15050      1500x50               4.0
MX12050      1200x50               3.1
MX09050      900x50                2.3

Rapid Ply Filler Angles
                              Weight (Kg)
                                                    components - continued
MA18058      1800x58               4.3                External corner angle
MA15058      1500x58               3.6                Arrangement of angles at an outside corner.
MA12058      1200x58               2.9                Forms an accurate 90 degree corner. Wedges
MA09058      900x58                2.2
                                                      are fitted at 30mm centres.
MA06058      600x58                1.5
                                                      Hinged corner panel
                                                      Arrangement at an internal corner where a
                                                      corner other than 90 degrees is required.

                                                      Triple hinged corner panel
                                                      Arrangement at an internal corner or deviation
Rapid Ply Internal Corner Panel
                                                      in shape where multiple bends, 90 degrees or
Code         Size             Weight (Kg)
MI18150      1800x150x150        18.7
                                                      otherwise are required.
MI15150      1500x150x150        15.7
MI12150      1200x150x150        12.5                                         Rapid Ply Panels
MI09150      900x150x150           9.5                                        Code            Size             Weight (Kg)
MI06150      600x150x150           6.3                                        MP24600         2400x600             38.5
                                                                              MP24450         2400x450             31.2
                                                                              MP24300         2400x300             24.1
                                                                              MP18600         1800x600             29.5
                                                                              MP18450         1800x450             23.6
                                                                              MP18300         1800x300             18.8
                                                                              MP15600         1500x600             22.6
                                                                              MP15450         1500x450             19.6
Rapid Ply External Corner Angle
                                                                              MP15300         1500x300             15.3
Code         Size             Weight (Kg)
                                                                              MP12600         1200x600             18.3
ME24064      2400x64x64          10.1
                                                                              MP12450         1200x450             15.8
ME18064      1800x64x64            7.4
                                                                              MP12300         1200x300             13.0
ME15064      1500x64x64            6.1
                                                                              MP09600         900x600              15.0
ME12064      1200x64x64            5.0
                                                                              MP09450         900x450              13.3
ME09064      900x64x64             3.6
                                                                              MP09300         900x300              10.0
ME06064      600x64x64             2.5
                                                                              MP06600         600x600              12.4

                 R        A       P         I   D       P      L          Y                                       15
                     Rapid Ties                                                                          A Clamp
                     Manufactured from top quality high tensile                                          Designed to secure and align
                     steel,   crimped     back   50mm       for   easy                                   adjacent panels.
                     breakback, leaving a small clean hole, easily
                     plugged and hardly visible on the face of the

                                                                             Code      Weight (Kg)
                     Rapid Ply Wedge                                         CA            0.55
                     Used in pairs for:
                        Temporary connection of panel to panel                                           B Clamp
                        during erection.                                                                 Designed to secure and align
                        Securing each end of the Rapid Tie.                                              panels with one waling tube.
                        Where joints without ties are required,

Code   Weight (Kg)
                        such as external corners.
RW     5.0 kg/100

                                                                             Code      Weight (Kg)
                     Extended Tie Key                                        CB            0.74
                     A unique design that enables whole form
                     arrangements to be crane lifted (gangform)                                          C Clamp
                     and re-positioned for the next pour without                                         For securing and aligning panel
                     tie obstruction.     Extended tie keys allow                                        forms using RSJ waling.
                     extended ties to protrude beyond the form
                     panel for easy breakback without the need
Code   Weight (Kg)
                     for dismantling the form.
KB     12.0 kg/100

                                                                             Code      Weight (Kg)
                     Adjustable Rapid Tie Bracket                            CC            0.96
                     Specially designed for use in battered
                     wallforms and used together with an
                     adjustable rapid tie to give the correct slope
                                                                             Rapid Tie Break Off Tool
                     and wall thickness. For a batter of up to
                                                                             Designed as a tool for breaking the
                     5 degrees.
                                                                             ties by rotation after concreting.
Code   Weight (Kg)
PB     10.0 kg/100

                     Filler Key
                     This key is an extension wedge and is used
                     across the 50mm wide flexible filler channels
                     to support the rapid ties which pass through
                     the centre of the channel.                              Code      Weight (Kg)
                                                                             BT            0.45

Code   Weight (Kg)
                                                                             Podger Bar
FK     7.0 kg/100
                                                                             For securing panel clamps and the
                                                                             alignment of slotted holes in panels for
                     Plastic Tie Slot Fillers
                                                                             fitting wedges.
                     For use where ties are not being used in
                     order to avoid grout loss between the panels
                     where concrete is poured.

                                                                             Code      Weight (Kg)
Code   Weight (Kg)
                                                                             PL            0.41
TS     0.1 kg/100

       16                                        R      A         P      I    D             P        L    Y

curved walls the easy way
 Reflex is the latest in RMD Australia’s range of wall formwork products – it’s our solution for the cost effective
 forming of reinforced concrete curved walls. Its galvanised steel frame, high grade form ply face and innovative
 design features allow for the setting of all curves efficiently and accurately, producing high quality concrete

 The strong and robust design of Reflex withstands concrete pressures up to 60 kN/m2 and can easily be adjusted
 for re-use site after site, without dismantling, for all curves above 2500mm radius.

 Traditional methods of curved wall construction are labour intensive because of all the time needed to constantly
 assemble, disassemble and modify the system being used. Reflex is a pre-assembled, adjustable panel that is easily
 and quickly adjusted for the setting of all curves.

features and benefits                                        how it works
 The key benefits of the Reflex system are:                     Reflex Panels are adjustable from a flat plane to a
                                                                minimum radius of 2500mm.
    Reflex is a pre-assembled, adjustable panel that
    uses robust turnbuckles so it can easily and                For radii of 5000mm and above, the external panels
    accurately be adjusted for the setting of all               are connected together with Reflex Clamps. The
    curves.                                                     internal panels are set opposite the external panels
                                                                allowing the same form tie holes to be used for any
    Reflex’s steel frame means it is very strong,
    withstanding concrete pressures up to 60kNm2.
                                                                The internal panels are spaced with timber infills
    Its galvanised finish eliminates corrosion,
                                                                and fixed with Reflex Clamps.
    minimises     maintenance    and    extends    the
    lifetime integrity of the system.                           For radii under 5000mm, the internal panels are
                                                                connected together with Reflex Clamps and the
    Reflex is easily adjusted for re-use at site after
                                                                external panels are spaced with timber infills and
    site without dismantling, which eliminates the
                                                                fixed with Reflex Clamps.
    risk of component loss and improves on-site
    productivity.                                               Reflex Panels can be combined for high pours and
                                                                can be used as climbing forms for multi-pour
    Reflex has a high grade form ply face which
                                                                structures. The forms are internally tied using
    produces a high quality concrete finish.
                                                                15mm Bar Tie system.

    Reflex Access Platforms and Guardrails provide
                                                                A short embedded Tie Bar, with Bar Tie Steel Cones,
    a safe and secure working platform during site
                                                                space the forms and are utilised as the form ties.

    Panels are fixed with Reflex Clamps eliminating
    the use of nut and bolt connectors.                           L.D.I. Construction Pty Ltd
                                                                    Daintree Water Project
    Reflex Panels can be adjusted to form parabolic
                                                                   Daintree Township, QLD
    curves and transition curves from one radius to

                                        R      E       F   L       E         X                                         17
                  Reflex’s access
                  platform and guard-
                  rail provides a safe
                  and secure working
                  platform during site

                                                                                                            Clough Downer RML
                                                                                                                  Joint Venture
                                                                                                             Mt Julian Reservoir,
                                                                                                                    Mackay, QLD

     The high grade form ply
     face on Reflex produces a
     high quality concrete finish.
                                                                                                                      Large Reflex panels weigh
                                                                                                                      100 kg/m2, enabling ganging
                                                                                                                      of panels for crane handling.

                    The internal and external panels
                    are tied using 15mm diameter
                    RMD Rapid Bar Tie System.

                                                                                      Timber infills align internal
                                                                                      and external panels
                                                                                      keeping tie positions radial.

                                                                               Robust turnbuckles
                                                                               enable accurate
                                                                               adjustment of panels
                                                                               to all curves.

 Reflex is infinitely
 adjustable from a flat
 plane to a minimum
 radius of 2500mm.

                                                       Main Roads RTCS
                                                                                                              Reflex panel units
                                                                                                              remain assembled
                                                       Monaco Street Bridge,
                                                       Gold Coast, QLD
                                                                                                              between uses,
                                                                                                              eliminating lost
                                                                                                              items and improving
                                                                                                              on-site productivity.

18                                                         R         E         F       L       E        X
                                                                                                 Reflex panels can be
                                                                                                 adjusted to form transition
                                                                                                 curves from one radius to
                                                                                                 another and parabolic
                                                                                                 curves. The high grade
                                                                                                 form ply face on Reflex
                                                                                                 produces a high quality
                                                                                                 concrete finish.

      Reflex Dimensional Matrix                                                           (samples)
EXTERNAL PANELS 2200                                      INTERNAL PANELS 2075

External     External   Quantity    End      Panel        WALL     Internal         Internal    Quantity    Makeup
Diameter     Circum-               Infill    Infill                Diameter         Circum-      Panels       Per
   mm        ference                                                  mm            ference                  Panel

 50000       157080       71       955          0         300          49400       155195         71           97
 40000       125664       57       339          0         300          39400       123779         57           89
 30000        94248       42       1923         0         300          29400        92363         42           78
 20000        62832       28       1307         0         300          19400        60947         28           54
 15000        47124       21       999          0         300          14400        45239         21           30
 10560        33175       15           0        0         300          9960         31290         15           0
 10000        31416       14       261        18          300           9400        29531         14            0
  7500        23562       10       734        74          300           6900        21677         10            0
  5000        17279        7        780      104          250           5000        15708           7           0

                                                                   MAX CONCRETE PRESSURE 60kN/m2
                                                                          PANEL ASSEMBLIES (Excluding Access)
                                        EXTERNAL                                                  INTERNAL                                     INFILL
                        Height            Width            Weight                  Height           Width            Weight    Height          Width      Weight
                         (mm)             (mm)              (kg)                    (mm)            (mm)              (kg)      (mm)            (mm)       (kg)
                         2400               2200                 465                2400                2075          456       2400            600          185
                         1200               2200                 295                1200                2075          290       1200            600          115

           Hole for fitting
           platform retaining pins                    Long Adjuster                                        Short Adjuster



                                                                                                                                        Push Pull Prop

                                                                                                                                                         Tweed Shire Council
                                                                                                                                                         West Pottsville Reservoir,
                                                                                                                                                         Pottsville, NSW

            Hole for fixing splice plate                     Wale                              Connector Assembly

                                                      R           E            F         L         E           X                                                 19

         crane assisted climbing formwork                                                                                           Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd.

                                                                                                                                    Millmerran Power Station,
                                                                                                                                             Millmerran, QLD.

              Rollback is a crane assisted climbing formwork system, which can be used in conjunction with any
              modular or purpose made formwork.

         applications                                                          features and benefits
              Rollback can be configured for the concreting of virtually            Rollback is a crane assisted climbing formwork bracket
              any tall structure.                                                   system that provides safe self-contained working levels
                                                                                    for economical wall core forming.
                     Industrial Chimneys
                                                                                          Staged construction process allows balance of site

                     High Rise Towers and Building Cores
                                                                                          Anchor accessories can be reused after each pour,

                     Bridge Piers and Pylons                                              reducing material costs on current and future
                                                                                          construction programs.
                     Airport Control Towers
                                                                                          Trolley mounted formwork panel, allowing retraction
                     Telecommunication Towers                                             from the form face, providing space for cleaning of
                                                                                          forms and steel fixing.

                                                                                          Formwork and access platforms lifted as one,
                                                                                          minimising crane support: reducing labour and
                                                                                          material costs.

                                                                                          Fine adjustments of the form face can be made
                                                                                          during construction, providing accurate alignment of
                                                                                          the form face vertically and laterally.

Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd.

National Provident
Fund Building,
Papua New Guinea.


                                                                            Apartment Building,
                                                                           Queensland, Australia.

          20                                           R      O      L     L         B         A       C     K
Roller Lock Bracket
Code    Description              Mass (Kg)
SM64    S/Slim Roller Lock Bracket   2.0

                                                         Roller Base
                                                         Code    Description          Mass (Kg)
                                                         SM62    S/Slim Roller Base       28.0

                                                                                       Roller Form Bracket
                                                                                       (Height Adjustment)
                                                                                       Code       Description              Mass (Kg)
                                                                                       SM63       S/Slim Roller Form Bracket   3.0

                                                                                                  Wall Shear Bracket
                                                                                                  Code      Description                 Mass (Kg)
                                                                                                  SM60      S/Slim Wall Shear Bracket      5.9

                                                                                                  Form Shear Bracket
                                                                                                  Code      Description                 Mass (Kg)
                                                                                                  SM61      S/Slim Form Shear Bracket     15.0

                                             R   O   L    L     B        A        C   K                                                  21
 Eurolink Project 350

 Channel Tunnel Rail Link
                                         purpose made formwork to meet
 Medway Crossing
 Kent, UK                                special project requirements
                 RMD undertake a partnership approach with clients to meet special formwork requirements. With our worldwide design and
                 engineering capability, we aim to ensure that we provide the most cost effective and safe solutions possible, through the
                 combined use of standard and special products.

            applications                                                     our skills and expertise
                 RMD has provided unique special formwork solutions             RMD provide innovative tailor made solutions for all special
                 for a wide spectrum of applications, including:                formwork needs, whether it be a simple modification to an
                        Water Retaining Structures                              existing product, or the complete development of a new
                        Tunnels and Culverts

                        Bridges                                                 worldwide experience
                        Columns and Piers                                       RMD operates in 16 countries worldwide, working on a
                                                                                wide diversity of projects. All experience gained on projects
                        Water Treatment Works
                                                                                is shared throughout our global network of offices.
                        Energy Plants

                        Industry and Commerce
                        Leisure and Entertainment
                                                                                water related projects
                        Pre-cast and Site Moulds
                                                                                The scale and diversity of water applications requires not
                                                                                only conventional, but also special formwork to ensure a
                                                                                safe, high quality end product. Special forms have included:

250 tonnes of purpose
                                                                                shaped butress ends, crest formers, drag screed systems and
made steel formwork                                                             single faced cantilever systems. For such applications, a high
panels were created to
enable the construction                                                         degree of accuracy is required in terms of the design
of the multiple curved       Client:
and ribbed roof slabs        Tarmac Bachy JV.                                   solution and the fabricated formwork.
with a high quality, non     Project:
reflective finish.           Canary Wharf Underground Station,
                             London, UK
                                                                                tunnels, culverts and bridges
                                                                                RMD have provided forms for a variety of tunnel and
                                                                                culvert projects throughout the world. Our experience
                                                                                ranges from huge travellers for immersed tube elements to
                                                                                compact and fully automated telescopic circular tunnel
                                                                                formwork machines. RMD has vast knowledge and
                                                                                experience of bridge construction, and in the past has
                                                                                provided forms for pylons, piers and crossheads, as well as
                                                                                travellers for balanced cantilever construction.

            22                    S      P       E        C      I   A   L       F      O       R      M        W       O          R   K
                                                                          Special single piece
                                                                          formwork for the
                                                                          complex elliptical,
                                                                          truncated, conical
                                                                          reinforced concrete

                                                                        Sir Robert McAlpine

                                                                        Millennium Bridge
                                                                        London, UK
                                                                                                     Unique design of special   China Water and Electric
                                                                                                     steel faced and
                                                                                                     standard ply faced         Project:
                                                                                                     formwork for the           Pak Phanang Dam, Thailand.
                                                                                                     construction of massive
                                                                                                     reinforced dam gates.

                                                columns and piers
                                                The design of columns and piers varies enormously, heightening the need for
                                                innovative formwork solutions. The RMD designs for columns and pier forms aim to
                                                reduce labour and construction time by minimising site joints and ties. As a result
                                                of this expertise, a wide variety of column forms can be produced to specification,
                                                in both a timely and cost effective manner.

Western Australia Water Authority           energy, industry and commerce
Beenyup Sewage Outfall,                         RMD have provided forms to a range of energy related projects, from natural gas
Western Australia.
                                                storage to coal bunkers for power stations. For commercial buildings, we have
RMD supplied 4 sets of specially
fabricated steel circular forms,
                                                provided tunnel formwork systems to construct the walls and slabs monolithically.
which were placed around a 1.4m
dia steel pipe, to construct a
concrete sleeve around the pipe.
                                                Our highly responsive team of designers, fabricators, logistical and safety experts all
                                                work to the common goal of providing effective, easy to use and economical
                                                formwork, to aid your construction project.

                                            pre-cast and site moulds
                                                Designed to be consistently accurate with high quality concrete surface finish, RMD
                                                can provide tailor made moulds of any shape and size to suit our clients specific
                                                requirements. We ensure that all moulds manufactured are easy to assemble on
                                                site, accurately and with minimum fuss.

                                                                                                                                                           Special formwork
                                                                                                                                                           designed and supplied,
                                                                                                                                                           to form complex
                                                                                                                                  Thiess Contractors.
                                                                                                                                                           multiple curves for
                                                                                                                                             Project:      tunnel lining.
                                                                                                                                    Buranda Tunnel,
                                                                                                                                South Eastern Transit
                                                                                                                                     Busway Project,

                                                         Transfield Bouygues JV

                                                         Airport Link Tunnel
                                                         Tympan Wall
                                                         Sydney, NSW.

             S         P            E   C   I       A       L                  F        O        R   M         W           O        R         K               23
super slim
the definitive primary beam
 The Super Slim Soldier is the definitive formwork primary beam, with its unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio, versatility and
 range of accessories. Robust and easily assembled into beams of almost any length, the Super Slim Soldier can be re-used on
 site after site, without modification, for virtually any formwork or other temporary works.

some applications                                                       features and benefits
 Available in seven lengths, and with a comprehensive                       Seven standard lengths, from 90mm to 3600mm,
 range of accessories, the Super Slim Soldier can be                        provide almost unlimited scope for assembling beams
 assembled into:                                                            of virtually any length.

     Wall formwork panels.                                                  A huge range of standard accessories have been
                                                                            designed     to    reflect      the   diverse       applications
     Bridge cantilever edge and deck supports.
                                                                            demanded by major projects. Gantries, shoring,
     Travelling gantries.                                                   spanning trusses and frames, as well as formwork

     Vertical and raking shores.                                            panels.

     Spanning beams and trusses.                                            Standard    fixtures      and     clamps     make       it   fully
                                                                            compatible with other RMD product ranges and, in
     Support structures for temporary site buildings.
                                                                            many cases, with customers’ own equipment.
     Facade retention.
                                                                            Formwork        ties    and     other
 The Super Slim Soldier is fully compatible with other                      components        can     be     fixed
 RMD Australia products.                                                    virtually anywhere along the
                                                                            Super Slim Soldier’s length. You
                                                                            have complete freedom to
                                                                            create the optimum design,
                                                                            whatever the application.

                                                                            Using close-tolerance jigs, the
                                                                            Super Slim Soldier is precisely
                                                                                                                         bridge cantilever
                                                                            manufactured from high-yield                 edge supports
                                                                            steel,    combining       maximum
                                                                            durability and load capacity                 Road Management Group
                          temporary office                                  with reduced unit weight.
                                                                                                                         Paraslim cantilever edge
                                                                            Robustness to cope with the                  support used on the A417/419,
                                                                                                                         Gloucester, UK.
                          Client: Bouygues.                                 demands of frequent
                          RMD Super Slim Soldiers used                      re-use    means        easier
                          to support multiple levels of
                          temporary site offices during a
                                                                            assembly and consis-
                          renovation project in Paris,                      tently accurate fabrica-
                                                                            tion on-site.

24              S     U        P       E       R            S   L   I   M       S      O       L       D      I      E      R      S
                                                                                                                                      Typical Plan on End Plate
                                                                                                                                                                 18mm dia


                                                                   Super Slim Soldiers                                                                           27mm dia
                                                                   Code         Description                Mass (Kg)
                                                                   SM3600       3600mm Super Slim Soldier    73.0
                                                                                                                           Typical Section through Soldier
                                                                   SM2700       2700mm Super Slim Soldier    55.0
                                                                   SM1800       1800mm Super Slim Soldier    40.0
                                                                   SM0900       900mm Super Slim Soldier     22.1

                                                                                                                            66mm 45mm 66mm
                                                                   SM0540       540mm Super Slim Soldier     16.0
                                                                   SM0360       360mm Super Slim Soldier     12.4
                                                                   SM0090       90mm Super Slim Soldier       9.6

                                                                                                                                                     100mm dia       22mm

standard wall
                                   applications and features
formwork panels                        RMD is involved in as many as 2,000 live projects
Client:                                around the world at any given time - and Super Slim
Cosmos Construction Sdn. Bhd.

7.2m high x 6m long crane
                                       Soldiers are a crucial element in many of the
handled formwork panels
assembled from RMD Super Slim          applications. This volume of use, and the incredible
Soldiers and Alform Beam wales
being used for baggage handling        diversity of the projects concerned, allows us to
tunnel construction on the Kuala
Lumpur International Airport
project, Malaysia.
                                       refine and develop the product application based on
                                       real-world, on-site experience.

                                       As well as providing the backbone for the RMD                                                                                          3600mm
                                       product range, the Super Slim Soldier is frequently
                                       combined with other equipment or proprietary
                                       materials to create unique on-site solutions.

                                       When using a plywood form face together with one
                                       of RMD’s aluminium secondary or timber beams,
                                       Super Slim Soldiers can be used to construct straight,                                                                                 2700mm
                                       curved,      conical       or   other    complex       formwork
                                       configurations. RMD supplies brackets for attaching
                                       access walkways on formwork panels.

                                       Super Slim Soldiers are ideal as primary beams on
                                       shoring or scaffolding to support reinforced concrete
                                       slab construction.                                                                                                                     1800mm

                                       Because they can be assembled into practically any
                                       length, Super Slim Soldiers are frequently used as
                                       raking shores, as well as vertical shoring.

travelling gantries                    Using system clamps, scaffold tube and other
Client: Tarmac Bachy JV.               accessories, Super Slim Soldiers can be assembled
RMD Super Slim Soldiers used           with ease into frames and trusses for façade
to assemble the cantilever
gantry supporting 11.5m high           retentions, multi-level supports to temporary site
x 20m long double faced wall                                                                                                                                                  540mm
formwork panels to the                 offices, cantilever supports, exhibition stands and
perimeter of the Canary
Wharf Underground Station,
                                       film sets.                                                                                                                             360mm
Jubilee Line, London, UK.

                                                                                                                           90mm                                                90mm

                                                                                                                       137mm                           21mm dia

                   S        U      P   E      R               S        L    I     M            S     O       L         D                     I   E      R        S                     25
                                            Walkway Base
                                            For supporting walkways, can also be used with
                                            turnbuckle for plumbing of shutters

                                            Code        Description                 Mass (Kg)
                                            SM13        Walkway Base                     8.4
                                            SM16        Walkway Base Adaptor Plate       4.4
                                            WLL = 6.2 kN UDL (LSCF = 2.0)
             Plumbing Jack                                                                             Strut Adaptor and Slimshor Jacks
             Used to plumb wall forms                                                                  For creating a heavy duty raking shore and
             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)                                connecting to another soldier

             SM19       Plumbing Jack                             5.2                                  Code     Description                        Mass (Kg)

             Adjustable Range = 70-200mm                                                               SM004 Strut Adaptor                            4.1
             WLL = 37 kN (LSCF = 1.5)                                                                  SM001 Super Slim Jack RH                      12.8
                                                                                                       SM002 Super Slim Jack LH                      12.8
             Lifting Beam Adaptor
                                                                                                       Adjustable Range for jacks = 352-565mm
             Used with Super Slim Soldiers to construct lifting beams

             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)
             SW04       Lifting Beam Adaptor                      8.7
             WLL = 55 kN

             Lifting Plate
             For attaching lifting equipment to Super Slim Soldier shutters

             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)                                Universal Tilt Base
             SM04       Lifting Plate                             4.7                                  Connects base of raking shore to footing

             WLL Vertically = 20 kN                                                                    Code     Description                        Mass (Kg)
             WLL Horizontally = 10 kN                                                                  SM009 Universal Tilt Base                      5.5

             Wheel Carriage Assemblies
             Used in mobile Super Slim towers

             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)
             SW03       Wheel Assembly 150mm                    11.1
             SM10       Wheel Assembly 250mm                    19.0

             Washer Plate - 15mm Rapid Bar Tie system                                                  Megashor Strut Adaptor
             Transfers and spreads the load from bar ties                                              Connects raking shores to Megashor struts
             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)                                Code     Description                        Mass (Kg)
             BT2005 130x100x8mm                                   0.8                                  MZ5465 Megashor Strut Adaptor                 11.5
             BT2004 130x130x10mm                                  1.3
             BT2003 130x130x12mm                                  1.5

             High-load Waler Plate
             - 20mm Rapid Bar Tie system
             Used where higher loads are required

             Code       Description                           Wt. (Kg)
             SM35       Hi-Load Waler Plate                       6.2

             Super Slim Bar Tie Connector                                                              Hinge Assembly
             Connects a diagonal tie into the porthole of a soldier                                    For connecting soldiers at angles other than 900
             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)                                Code      Description                       Mass (Kg)
             SM023 Super Slim Bar Tie Connector                   1.0                                  SM027 Hinge Assembly                           9.7
             BT46       Bar Tie 15mm Cast Full Nut                0.2
             WLL = 66 kN in Tension

             For plumbing shutters

             Code       Description                                Mass (Kg)
             SM08       Short Turnbuckle (920-1235mm)                   7.0
             SM081 Long Turnbuckle (1520-1835mm) 10.1

             Jack Spanner                                                                          Connecting Angle
             For adjusting raking shore jacks                                                      Connects soldiers at 900 angles
             Code       Description                           Mass (Kg)                            Code         Description                       Mass (Kg)
             SH01       Jack Spanner                              1.8                              SM0101 Connecting Angle                            2.1
             (Includes M20 Hex Nut Code NM20)                                                      WLL = 45 kN (LSCF = 1.5)

26   S   U    P        E        R                S        L        I          M      S         O   L        D       I      E       R        S
                    Tilt Head Adaptor
                    Used to connect Tilt Head to Slimshor Jack

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SH05       Tilt Head Adaptor                       1.7

                    Tilt Head

                    Heavy duty swivel head plate for supporting beams

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SH03       Tilt Head                               4.5
                    (Includes M16x40 Set-screw Code SS1640 and
                    M16 Plain Washer Code WM16)

                    Foot Jack Adaptor
                    Ensures concentric loadings into the footing

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SH06       Foot Jack Adaptor                       5.7

                    End Plate Adaptor                                                   Bolts, Nuts and Pins
                    Allows connection of a Soldier at 900 along the length              Connects components together
                    of another Super Slim Soldier                                       Code        Description                     Mass (Kg)
                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)              BM1640 Connecting Bolt M16x40                   0.09
                    SM020 End Plate Adaptor                            1.7              NM16        Nut                                 0.03
                    WLL = 40 kN in Tension (LSCF = 1.5)                                 WM16 Washer                                     0.02
                                                                                        SM01        Connecting Pin 19mm dia.            0.23
                    6-Way Connector
                                                                                        SM02        Connecting Clip                     0.01
                    A node to connect up to 6 soldiers at right angles
                                                                                        WLL = 75.6 kN Double Shear (LSCF = 1.5)
                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SM0102 6 Way Connector                          25.0                SM019 Pivot Pin                                 0.56
                                                                                        SM02        Connecting Clip                     0.01

                    Timber Wale Hook Bolt
                    For connecting timber wales to Super Slim Soldiers

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SM26       Hook Bolt Bar Tie 15mm                  0.80
                    SM25       Pressed Washer                          0.20
                    BT20       Bar Tie 15mm Half Nut                   0.09
                    WM20 Washer M20                                    0.11

                    ‘B’ Clamp
                    Connects scaffold tube to the soldier                                        RSJ Adaptors - Pressed and Cast
                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)                       Connects the RSJ wale to the soldier
                    CB         ‘B’ Clamp                               0.74                      Code      Description                    Mass (Kg)
                    WLL = 5.0 kN / pair                                                          RS01      RSJ Adaptor - Pressed               0.36
                                                                                                 TR58225 Tie Rod                               0.35
                                                                                                 SM25      Pressed Washer                      0.20
                    Universal Clip
                                                                                                 NI58      Nut                                 0.04
                    Connects Alform Beams to Super Slim Soldiers

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                                                                                                 RS04      RSJ Adaptor - Cast                  0.32
                    AF23       Clip                                    0.14
                                                                                                 SM25      Pressed Washer                      0.20
                    AF09       Unifix Bolt                             0.04
                                                                                                 BM16215 Bolt                                  0.38
                    NM12       M12 Nut                                 0.02

                    Bracing Connector
                    Connects scaffold tube to the soldier

                    Code       Description                       Mass (Kg)
                    SM022 Bracing Connector                            2.1

                                             Tube Adaptor
                                             Connects scaffold tubes to soldiers

                                             Code       Description                    Mass (Kg)
                                             TA         Tube Adaptor                      0.30
                                             TR58225 Tie Rod                              0.35
                                             SM25       Pressed Washer                    0.20
                                             NI58       Nut                               0.04

S   U   P   E   R          S      L        I        M              S          O    L      D         I      E      R       S                     27

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