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					                                       Student Parking Agreement 2010-2011
                                               Hastings High School
          Semester Sticker= $100.00                     Daily Permit= $3.00                     Removal of Wheel-Boot= $25.00

Please read all regulations before signing below. Check each line to indicate that you have read it and
fully understand the parking regulations.

_____ 1. Parking on school property by PERMIT ONLY. Any motorized vehicles on school property without a valid parking
         permit will be locked in place with a wheel-boot and the owner fined.

_____ 2. All student vehicles and cycles MUST park in the Student lot only, during the school day.
_____ 3. Student parking permits must be displayed in the rear window on the driver’s side. Permit must be clearly visible.

_____ 4. Permit holder is responsible for the vehicle in which their permit is displayed and MUST BE either the driver or a
         passenger in the permit vehicle.

_____ 5. I understand that school officials have the right to search my vehicle and failure to comply will result in the loss of parking
      privileges for the remainder of the school year . Contraband found during a search will result in the loss of parking privileges
         and a referral to law enforcement.

_____ 6. Students are required to identify themselves and the occupants of their vehicles when requested to do so by authorities.

_____ 7. Students are not allowed to loiter in vehicles on school property. Once you have parked your car, you must immediately
         EXIT your vehicle.

_____ 8. Cars are not allowed to leave school property during the school day (7:50am – 2:20 pm) without a valid pass.
_____ 9. Students are not allowed to go to vehicles during the school day without written permission from administration.
_____ 10. Speed limit in the parking lot is a maximum of 10 M.P.H. Excessive speed and/or inappropriate/reckless driving on and
      around school property is never permissible.
_____ 11. Students are not allowed to go into vehicles during fire drills.
_____ 12. Smoking is prohibited on school property.
_____ 13. Permits are not transferable and are not to be resold. You must change your vehicle information with the student office if
         you drive a different vehicle to school, other than the one you listed on this form.
_____ 14. Hastings High School is not responsible for damages, theft, or vandalism .
_____ 15. Inappropriate signs (confederate flags, gang signs, etc.) are not allowed to be displayed on vehicles parked at HHS.
_____    16. If you drive a different vehicle to school for one day and have a semester parking pass, you need to register your vehicle
         at the greeter’s desk and you will be given a free daily pass!

Failure to follow all school policies and/or regulations listed above will lead to the removal of
parking privileges, the forfeiture of your parking permit and possible suspension from school.

I agree to follow the above list of parking regulations.

_______________________                                ____________________                 _______           ________
Print Student Name                                     Signature of Student                 Grade             Date

_______________________                 ___________             ________           ______         ______      _____       ______
Signature of Parent                     Lic. Plate #            Permit #            Make            Model       Year       Color

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