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					                                        Trends in irrigated agriculture over the past four   Approach: After initial awareness raising, the
Integrated Production                   decades in West Africa have been marked by
                                        overuse of agro-chemicals that are likely to
                                                                                             programme establishes a solid baseline of
                                                                                             agronomic, economic and ecotoxicological data

and Pest Management                     produce damaging effects on water, air, wildlife,
                                        and human health and well-being.
                                                                                             for each participating community. These data
                                                                                             inform the content for farmer training via the

(IPPM) Programme in                     Pilot tests in 3 villages along the Senegal river
                                                                                             well-known Farmer Field School (FFS) methods,
                                                                                             which treat a range of related topics. The

     West Africa                        found 19 pesticides above detection level, with
                                        90% being tens-to-hundreds of times above
                                                                                             outcomes from the work are then used to raise
                                                                                             awareness at national, regional and international
                                        levels    considered    safe  with   respect   to    levels. The programme represents the first
                                        environmental and human health risks.                large-scale effort in Sub-Saharan Africa to
                    Brief Information                                                        comprehensively monitor pesticide use in
                                        The Integrated Production, Pest and Pollution        agriculture and to estimate associated
                                        Management (IPPM) Programme in West Africa           economic and health risks .
                                        encompasses the Niger and Senegal River
                                        Basins. It addresses sustainable agriculture and
                                        riverine   contamination    issues   in   seven
                                        countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea,
                                        Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal.

                                                                                               Farmer Field Schools and marketing of
                                                                                               safer food produce
                                                                                               A typical farmer field school brings together
                                                                                               25 farmers weekly for an entire cropping
                                                                                               season. Farmers work together in a common
                                                                                               set of experimental fields with guidance from
                                                                                               facilitators trained by the programme. Here
                                                                                               they jointly design experiments and observe,
                                                                                               record, discuss, and interpret their findings
                                                                                               to develop improved management systems.
                                                                                               This discovery-learning and participatory
                                        Purpose: To build increasing capacity at all           process helps to develop an ecosystem
                                        levels   for  economically     and   ecologically      perspective      by   generating    a   deep,
                                        sustainable and resilient agro-ecosystems, while       mechanistic understanding of their specific
                                        improving quality of    transboundary waters in        agro-ecological system. Farmer groups will
   Food and Agriculture Organization    the Niger and Senegal River Basins through             be supported to produce and commercialize
   of the United Nations                substantial reduction and elimination of toxic         safer and more sustainable produce on local
                                        pesticides.                                            and international markets.
                                                    Integrated Pesticide Risk                                Target Beneficiaries
Target - 130,000 farmers for season-long            Assessment
                                                                                                             Stakeholder involvement has been critical at
training in seven countries
                                                                                                             every   stage     and   includes   dozens   of
                                                    The       Human      Health     Risk
                                                                                                             government agencies, NGOs and Farmer
Cropping systems - irrigated rice, vegetables,      Assessment instrument evaluates
                                                                                                             Organizations. It brings in policy-makers, the
cotton, sesame, mango                               the consequences of pesticide
                                                                                                             research community, CGIAR/NARS, donors,
                                                    exposure         from        various
                                                                                                             consumers and others. Stakeholder buy-in and
Other topics - Farmer Business Schools,             environmental media including
                                                                                                             national ownership of project deliverables
Integrated Vector Management for vector-            soil, air, water, and biota and via
                                                                                                             determine     the   long-term    success   and
borne diseases, rice-based aquaculture              multiple    pathways     (ingestion,
                                                                                                             sustainability of project approaches and
                                                    inhalation, dermal exposure). An
Scientifically-based Environmental                  aggregated exposure assessment
Monitoring                                          characterizes acute and chronic                          Strength and novelty of the programme lies
Environmental monitoring and pesticide risk         risks over time for various                              in its breadth and depth of knowledge,
assessment (i) generates high quality data          sensitive sub-populations (infants                       bridging the fields of epidemiology, public
necessary for the setting of protective             and children; pregnant women;                            health,     ecotoxicology,  risk   assessment,
standards for human and environmental health        elderly; sick).                                          entomology, agronomy, economics, policy
and (ii) promotes the development of a robust                                                                sciences and natural resource management. A
model for sustainable agricultural production.                                                               scientifically-based approach will ensure that
                                                    Community baseline surveys are critical to identify
                                                                                                             results will be legally defensible and directly
A novel Passive Sampling Device (PSD)               the starting conditions in the communities by
                                                                                                             meaningful to communities and policy-makers.
approach is used for measuring concentrations       capturing essential details of cropping systems,
of environmental contaminants in water, as a        pesticide use, agronomic practices, economic
function of space and time. This method is          production details, local hydrology, farmer attitudes,
                                                    etc,. Core data collected guides and informs the         For more information
immune to accidental and extreme variations                                                                  William Settle -- Project Coordinator
of pollutant concentrations.                        various activities and provides a base-line for
                                                    measurements of economic and environmental               Food and Agriculture Organization of the
                                                    impacts over time.                                       United Nations
A Virtual Analytical Laboratory will promote                                                                 Plant Protection Service
collaboration among African ecotoxicology           Communication and Awareness Raising activities
                                                    bring results back into the communities to illustrate    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
laboratories and strengthen their institutional                                                              Rome 00100, Italy
and technical capacities. This effort builds on a   the existence and importance of the multiple
                                                    benefits derived from under-appreciated ecosystem        Tel: 39 06 570 556039
collaboration initiated between the Ceres                                                                    Fax: 39 06 570 56227
Locustox Laboratory (Senegal) and Oregon            services and also support recommendations to
                                                    policy-makers for change.                      
State University (United States of America).

A Pesticide Fate and Transport Modeling                                                                      The Programme is funded by: major contributions
framework provides an approach to estimate                                                                   by the Government of the Netherlands, the Global
pollutant concentrations, while the Quality                                                                  Environmental Fund and with additional funding
Assurance Plan for Sampling and Analysis                                                                     by the European Union and the governments of
guarantees that the environmental monitoring                                                                 Sweden and Norway and the participating
program serves the intended purpose and that                                                                 countries
results are representative and meet standards
for Good Laboratory Practices.
                                                                                                             Programme partners include:

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