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Help Desk Operations Presentation

 Help Desk Operations

 Help Desk Technical Support Areas

 Help Desk Administrative Support

 Performance Metrics

 Help Desk Transition Planning

 Help Desk Transition Staffing Plan
Help Desk Operations

 Receives Request by Phone or e-mail
   Initiate a tracking ticket in Remedy or other tracking software
   Resolve simple issues over the telephone
   Escalate to Tier II Desktop response if necessary
   Escalate to IT Warehouse if parts/systems swap required
   Escalate to Tier III if necessary
   Contact user to ensure satisfaction
   Close ticket
Help Desk Technical Support Areas

 Account Management
   Establish user account and password with government
   authorization for new staff
   Verify and establish correct access levels for network and software
   Remove user account immediately after government direction
 Patch and Service Pack Management (After Hours)
   Push patch updates to desktop O/S as authorized utilizing
   Install and upgrade service packs as authorized
   Policy and procedure review and improvement
Help Desk Technical Support Areas

 Desktop Technology Refreshes
   Migrate desktop O/S and upgrade hardware/software as required
   Reconfigure desktop if necessary to resolve any incompatibility
   Verify with user desktop system is fully operational
 Assign IP Addresses with Proper Authorization
 Request DNS from Systems Administration/Infrastructure
Help Desk Administrative Support

 Weekly/Monthly Review of Help Desk Metrics Relative to SLAs
  or PBWS
 Optimize Staff Schedules
 Seek User’s Satisfaction Regarding Improvement to Help Desk
 Develop Plans for Coverage and Increased Trouble Calls
  Expected During Migration/Technology Refresh
 Develop Proactive Help Desk Approach Which Could Include:
   Establish intranet web site with Help Desk FAQ
   Push out information to users regarding planned migrations/
   outages, etc.
Performance Metrics

Performance Based Contract Requires Metric Driven Performance

 Establish Performance Goals and Monitor Industry Standard
  Performance Metrics
    First call resolution
    Average wait time for assistance / call abandonment rate
    Average wait time between calls for Tier I staff
    Number and nature of trouble calls by group or Division
    Top 10 trouble calls
    Optimized metrics may require ACD, or other tools
Performance Metrics

 Use of Metrics Allows:
   Resource allocation – appropriate number of Tier I/Tier II staff
   Focus on Top 10 trouble calls
   Policy and procedure improvement
   Performance-based rational for new Help Desk software or
Help Desk Transition Planning

Goal – Ensure continuous operation and minimal disruption to Help
Desk operation and existing contractor and government staff

 Kickoff Meeting – Government CO
     Affirm contractual requirements
     Understand lines of contractual communication
 Kickoff Meeting – Government Program and Technical Staff
    Present Draft Transition Plan
     Obtain a list of incumbent contractor and government staff
     Understand lines of technical communication
Help Desk Transition Planning

 Meet Each Government Lead
   Identify goals and challenges.
 Perform Help Desk Metrics Review

 Assess Current Help Desk Tracking Tools

 Develop the Operating Plan
Help Desk Transition Staffing Plan

 Seek Government Feedback Regarding Performance of Existing
  Contractor Staff
 Interview Current Contractor Staff to Determine:
   Career goals and desire to remain supporting Help Desk operations
   Specific critical skills
   Current salary and benefits
 Based on the Results of Feedback and Interviews, Make Offers to
  Existing Contractor Staff
 Acquire Replacement Staff for Existing Contractor Staff Not
  Selected or Who Choose to End Their Support of the Program
 Control Rumors that Create Uncertainty and Lead to Loss of
  Existing Staff. Provide Honest Clear Communications to all

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