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					Performance evaluation tools

When it comes to measuring and reporting performance of employees, many employers
choose to use a wide range of software tools available on the market. However, in some
cases those programs do not provide the kind of appraisal features employers are looking
for. This is why many are moving to doing a 360 degree appraisal to replace the less than
satisfactory types of appraisal sold in software products on the market.

A 360 degree appraisal is actually a system of measurement that involves an employee
being measured anonymously by co-workers and superiors in the workplace. With this
type of appraisal, the employee's direct supervisor or manager, co-workers on the same
level, as well as subordinates get the opportunity to give honest feedback about an
individual's performance.

The essence of a 360 degree appraisal is to provide a balanced view on an employee as it
relates to a range of workplace competencies. Between eight and twelve people are asked
to anonymously complete an online "survey", where they rank another employee on
specific competencies on a rating scale. They are also asked to expand o their rating
choice, giving examples to support their mark where possible.

On the other side, the employee being rated also has the opportunity to measure their own
performance and answer the same questions their peers, subordinates and supervisors are
asked to respond to.

What many leaders have found after switching from other types of appraisals to a 360
degree appraisal is that both they and the employee are able to gain a clearer
understanding of the employee's strengths and weaknesses. And with the appraisal
coming from such a broad cross-section, it helps the employee to accept the results and
have more of a desire to work on those areas that need improvement.

Another factor that makes a 360 degree appraisal effective is that it can also be used on a
regular basis to help people maintain high quality with their work. It doesn't only have to
be used as an evaluation tool by business leaders; it can also be used as a self-help tool to
show people where they're falling off in terms of their day-to-day functions.

If your company or organization is in need of an effective method to rate the performance
of employees, an effective tool to consider is a 360 degree appraisal. Not only will it
measure the relevant competencies, but it will also give a more balanced view of each
employee from the eyes of a broad cross-section of workers. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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