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									Employee performance evaluation sheets

Employee performance evaluation is a tool used by the human resources department of
companies and establishments to determine if their employees are performing their duties
and responsibilities as expected. Most companies also use this tool to reward employees
who perform according to and above the standards. The employee performance
evaluation form is a component of the evaluation system to ensure the accurate
documentation of the evaluation results.

When implemented correctly, an employee performance evaluation enables the company
to minimize cost on recruitment and selection of employees. It helps them identify high
performing employees and keep them in their employ. This is especially beneficial to the
part of the company considering the competition that continues to gets stronger.
Companies will also be able to create a competitive compensation package for their high
performing employees to shield them from competition.

The employee performance evaluation system is also seen as an effective tool in
increasing the productivity and eventually the profitability of a company implementing it
accordingly. But for the system to become effective, it is necessary that the employees
themselves see it as a credible tool in improving their performance. Credibility depends
largely on how accurate documentation is as this is the tangible result of the evaluation.
The form adds to that credibility.

Companies who wish to benefit from their evaluation system should seriously consider
using the form to ensure accuracy of documentation, objectivity and soundness of
performance metrics to motivate employees to trust and cooperate with the results of the

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