Maritime Satellite Communications

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					Maritime Satellite

Satlynx is a global provider of satellite communications services with over 12,000 VSATs
in over 130 countries, offering seamless broadband satellite connectivity across the oceans
from small groups of vessels operating regionally to fleets operating on a global basis.

                                                                      Industry Solutions
Through its Maritime solutions,              The Satlynx Maritime solution                   Satlynx and its partners have
Satlynx meets the individual needs           is based on stabilized antenna                  significant experience and capa-
of operators, captains, crew and             technology which can be utilised                bility in VSAT installation, opera-
passengers who are able to enjoy             at sea or inland waterways by                   tion and technology. With our
broadband Internet, voice and                vessels for voice, video or data                customers, we help identify the
data communications via satellite            communications. Depending                       right solution for their needs,
at sea. Two-way communication                on the technical requirements,                  according to the size of vessel and
enables operators to control and             these antenna systems can                       the application requirements.
manage their fleets from land                support either Satlynx 9000,
whilst extending corporate appli-            Satlynx Direct or SCPC platforms.
cations into ships that provide the          Satlynx Maritime solutions are
flat rate benefits of an IP network.         designed for industrial, commer-
                                             cial, military and leisure use.

                                      Internet VoIP

                                                                                     POP N° 2
                                                       Teleport                                                       Leuk Teleport

                                                                                  Customer site

                                                                                            NSS-10                   Lagos
          Singapore                       GE 23                                                                  Abidjan
                                                                                                                       Port Gentil


                                        New Plymouth

            IPLC Lease Line                                       VESSEL
            Satellite link (vessel VSAT network)
                                                                  Base office
            VoIP network
            Satellite Footprint                                   Headquarters
                                                                  Branch office
Features                                                                 Typical Users
•   Continuous broadband connectivity   •   Fully customised network     •   Freight vessels
                                            engineering design
•   Access to over 30 satellites,                                        •   Floating Production Storage
    offering multi-regional coverage    •   In-house engineering team        and Offloading (FPSO)
                                            for network deployment and
•   Flat rate fees, no longer tied to       maintenance services         •   Oil & Gas barges
    per MB usage
                                                                         •   Leisure crafts
•   Ku-band capacity ideal
    for small antennas                  Types of Applications            •   Military fleets

•   C-band capacity suitable            •   Real time data               •   Cruise lines
    for global coverage
                                        •   Monitoring systems           •   Ferries
•   Efficient bandwidth utilisation
    focusing on cost optimisation       •   Ship to shore calling

•   Choice of teleports with            •   Broadband Internet
    collocation facilities
                                        •   VoIP telephony
•   24 x 7 Network Operation Center
                                        •   Video conferencing
Satlynx is headquartered in         For further information
Luxembourg and has teleport and     please contact us:
operational centres in Backnang,
Germany and Leuk, Switzerland.      T +49 7191 971 0
Satlynx experts are available to
answer your requests to take your
project from idea to operational