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									Performance evaluations templates

Reviewing staff at the best of times is hard work. You need to know the detail and you
need to be sensitive to each person. Then you need to complete the necessary
documentation that is required of your company. It makes prefect sens to use a
performance review template and save considerable time, money and effort.

A template is going to allow you to review each team member easily and fairly. A
template will have everything already in it and really all you need to do is customize it to
suit the type of review, then individual and the role they work in. Using templates is
certainly part of your business system and you need to ensure that you use them for all
the benefits they bring.

What types of things should be in a performance review? Well, you should consider the
persons role and the tasks they perform. If you are not their manager then you should
ensure that their manger is involved in the review with you. They will have the micro
detail that you may not necessarily have. This is important in any team members review
that you pay attention to the detail.

Remember to start off with the positive aspects of the person first. Start with all the
things they do well and then after you have completed this, concentrate on the things they
need to work on. This will reinforce to them that you are encouraging them to do better
and while ensuring that they progress in their career. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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