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									Sample employee performance evaluations

When the time comes for you to consider each of your employees for their annual raise,
you are going to have to start out by writing their annual performance review. Whether
you are directly responsible for awarding pay raises or your job is to recommend those
employees who deserve a raise to the appropriate level of management, you are going to
have to prove in writing why they do or do not deserve a raise. In order to do this you
may want to refer to a sample employee performance review to get an idea of how to
format the ones you have to write.

Your company may already have a template that you are supposed to use each time you
fill out a performance review or it may be up to you to come up with one on your own.
No matter which method your company wants you to use, the one thing you must do is be
consistent. Choose a format and then stick to it for all of the employees for whom you are
responsible. If you have to pass the reviews up the chain of command this will make it
much easier for the recipient to read and understand what you have to say about each
employee and approve any pay raises that you may have recommended.

A performance review is the time when a manager should look back over the past year
and consider the overall performance of each employee. This means that you will need to
weigh the good with the bad and come up with an honest overall performance score.
Much of what happens for the employee will be based on the review that you are going to
be writing. This is a good time to take your time and refer to any notes you may have on
each employee or disciplinary actions that may have been taken. The more information
you have to work with the more accurate each review will be.

For those who are new to writing employee reviews you can look online where you will
find several sites that can provide you with a sample employee performance review that
can show you how it is done. Many of these samples include tips for writing effective
reviews and a list of the things you should and should not do when preparing a
performance review. By following these tips you will be able to create highly effective
performance reviews for all of your employees each year. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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