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									                          EUROPEAN UNION

                                            (As of March 2004)

                           Co-operation Activities                            Contribution
                                                                               (Million €)

1.        Development Co-operation

          1.1      National Projects (ongoing projects)                              102.15

          1.2      Other Activities with UN agencies and NGO co-
                   financing Facility

          1.3      Pipeline Projects                                                      45.5

Total EC Contribution for National Projects (1.1 to 1.3)                        162.19

          1.4 Regional projects                                                           9.19

Total EC Contribution for Development Cooperation (A)                           171.38

2.        Economic Co-operation

          2.1 National Projects                                                          55.97

          2.2 Regional projects                                                            1.9

Total EC Contribution for Economic Cooperation (B)                               57.87

3.        European Commission Humanitarian Office
          Projects (C)

Total EC contribution in Pakistan (A+B+C)                                       237.785

     House No. 9, Street 88, Sector G-6/3, P.O.Box 1608, Islamabad
     Telephone: 2271828 Fax: 2822604
EC-Pakistan Co-operation Portfolio
1.      Development Co-operation                  (Overall counterpart is Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan)

1.1 National Projects
                                                                                                                                                 (Updated on 15 January 2004)
     Project No. and                        Project Aim                          End of         End of        Sector of        Implementing           Locations            EC
          Title                                                               implementatio   FA/Contract   Intervention         Partners                             Contribution
                                                                                n period                                                                               (Million €)
ALA-92/25 -             Improve national resource management and                                                            NWFP and Punjab          Kotli Satian,
Environmental           assist environmental rehabilitation through                                                         Forestry                 Murree,
Rehabilitation in       village organisation/community mobilisation            31.12.2003     31.12.2004    Environment     Departments and          Abbottabad,
N.W.F.P & Punjab        approach. (Kotli Satian, Murree-Kahuta, Galiat                                                      Agriconsulting S.P.a     Dir-Kohistan
                        and Dir-Kohistan)                                                                                   of Italy
ALA-93/04 -             Improve socio-economic conditions in rural                                                          Economic Affairs         Country-wide
NGO/Rural Social        areas through an expansion of the capacity of                                                       Division, 6 Pakistani
                                                                               31.12.2004     31.12.2005    Social Sector
Development Project     NGOs to deliver services.                                                                           NGOs and                                     19.25
ALA-95/05 - Palas       Support integrated participatory environmental,                                                     Departments of           Palas valley,
Conservation and        social economic development programme in the                                                        Forestry, Fisheries      off
Development             Palas Valley of the West Himalayas.                                                                 and Wild Life            Karakuram
                                                                               30.06.2004     31.12.2005    Environment
Project.                                                                                                                    Government of            Highway in           4.80
                                                                                                                            NWFP and Bird Life       NWFP
ALA-00/06 - Institute   Improvement of elementary teacher’s                                                                 Aga Khan                   Karachi,
for Educational         skills/training by establishing a training facility                                                 Foundation, Aga             Sindh
Development             under the Aga Khan University.                         30.05.2007     30.05.2009     Education      Khan University and
                                                                                                                            Sindh Education
PAK/B7-                 To improve farmers income through reduction in                                                      Ministry of              Country-wide
3000/IB/97/95 –         losses due to animal diseases by strengthening                                                      Agriculture and
                                                                               08.09.2009     31.12.2011    Livestock and
Strengthening of        public and private veterinary services                                                              Livestock, veterinary                        22.90
                                                                                                            Animal Health
Livestock Services                                                                                                          practitioners
PAK/AIDCO/2002/0        Support Education Sector in the Northern Areas.                                                     Aga Khan                 Five districts
406 – Northern                                                                                                              Foundation (Aga          of Northern
Pakistan Education                                                             08.05.2008     08.05.2010     Education      Khan Education           area and              20
Project                                                                                                                     Services – AKESP),       Chitral in
                                                                                                                            local village councils   NWFP

                                                          TOTAL FUNDS COMMITTED FOR ON-GOING PROJECTS                                                                    102.15

      1.2     Other Co-operation Activities with UN agencies and NGO co-financing
  Project No. and                        Project Aim                          End of         End of        Sector of        Implementing          Locations          EC
       Title                                                               implementatio   FA/Contract   Intervention         Partners                          Contribution
                                                                             n period                                                                            (Million €)
PAK/2002/0489          To establish a nationwide network of street
Reach Out II:          based and residential care drug services for
Integrated health      street drug users to improve health, prevent
                                                                            25.02.2005     25.02.2006       Drugs        Nai Zindagi             Country wide       0.99
and drug services      transmission of HIV and other blood-borne
programme for          diseases.
street drug users
PAK/AIDCO/2001/0466    Reducing maternal, prenatal mortality and
Safe Motherhood        morbidity through a combination of community                                      Reproductive                            DG Khan
Applied Research                                                            01.11.2005     01.11.2006                    Population Council                         1.5
                       based and facility based interventions.                                             Health                                Layya
and Training Project
ONG-PVD/2002/019-      To improve reproductive health and rights of
881/pk                 people in extreme need, especially women in                                                       Interact Worldwide
Improving the                                                                                                                                    District
                       district Kohat- NWFP                                                              Reproductive    Family Planning
Reproductive health                                                         01.07.2007     01.07.2008                                            Kohat-             0.74
                                                                                                           Health        Association of
& Rights in Extreme                                                                                                                              NWFP
B-76000/PVD/2000/869   To establish 3 Child Labour Rehabilitation
/AUA                                                                                                                                             Lahore,
                       Centres for providing informal education, skills                                                  Hope 87
Child Labour                                                                                                                                     Kasur and
                       training, food, psycho-social and medical care to    31.12.2004     31.12.2005    Child Labour    Pakistan Crescent                          0.14
Rehabilitation                                                                                                                                   Faisalabad
                       300 exploited working children.                                                                   Youth Organisation
Centres                                                                                                                                          Districts
B76000/PVD/2001/5      To support the most vulnerable workers of                                                         Frères de Hommes
35/CSR/PR;             Pakistan not protected by labour laws                                               Human         (France ) and           Karachi,
Empowering                                                                  31.12.2004     30.12.2006     Resource       Pakistan Institute of   Lahore,            1.37
Vulnerable Workers                                                                                       Development     Labour Education &      Faisalabad
in Pakistan                                                                                                              Research
B76000/PVD/2001/3      Reducing poverty of communities through
71/UK/PK; Kashmir      improved health and livelihood opportunities                                                      Islamic Relief (UK) &
                                                                                                         Health, Water                           Valley, Azad
Community Water &                                                           10.01.2006     10.01.2008                    Islamic Relief                             0.66
                                                                                                          & Sanitation                           Jammu &
Sanitation                                                                                                               Pakistan
Eye Care               To provide eye care and health services to the                                                    Local NGO, Site         Peshawar,
                                                                            31.12.2003     30.12.2004       Health                                                  0.50
Programme              Rural area of NWFP                                                                                Savers International    NWFP
B7-6311:               Support to rights-based approaches in making a
SANTE/2002/048-        significant contribution to reducing HIV/AIDS
644; Aid for Poverty   vulnerability amongst young people, women and
Related Diseases       other vulnerable groups
                                                                            31.12.2006     31.12.2007       Health       Population Concern      Country-wide       3.3
(HIV/AIDS, Malaria,

  Project No. and                         Project Aim                          End of           End of         Sector of        Implementing         Locations            EC
       Title                                                                implementatio     FA/Contract    Intervention         Partners                           Contribution
                                                                              n period                                                                                (Million €)
PK/TRO/96/119 -         To enhance food security, agriculture                                                  Health,
Food Aid Through        production, nutrition, health and education of                                        Education,      CRS/TROCAIRE
NGO                     extremely poor people in Pakistan through            31.08.2003       30.08.2004        Rural         and Ministry of       Country-wide
(TROCAIRE/CRS           extension training and support of agriculture                                        Development      Health
Pakistan                inputs                                                                              and Agriculture
GCP/PAK/088/EC –        To improve food security through increased
Prevention and          animal productivity and trade and to eradicate
                                                                                                                              FAO and Ministry of
Control of              rinder pest disease from the country                                                Livestock and
                                                                             31.12.2004       31.12.2005                      Food, Agriculture     Country-wide
Transboundary                                                                                               Animal Health                                                1.80
                                                                                                                              and Livestock
Animal Diseases in
PAK/B7- 6200-           The principal aim of the project is educational                                                                             Five districts
99/0273/DEV/Eng         capacity building, through sustainable resource                                                                             of Northern
Environmental Edu.      management, of the communities. The project                                                                                 area and
                                                                                                                              Forest Department
Project in support of   is part of a large project titled MACP developed                                    Environmental                           Abbottabad,
                                                                             31.12.2004       31.12.2005                      of NWFP and
Mountain Area           by UNDP and funded by the Global Environment                                          Education                             Swat, Dir,           0.54
                                                                                                                              Northern Areas
Conservancy Project     Facility (GEF)                                                                                                              Malakand,
(MACP) – Pakistan                                                                                                                                   Chitral in

                                                      TOTAL FUNDS COMMITTED UNDER OTHER ACTIVITIES                                                                      14.54

      1.3     “Pipeline” - Development Co-operation Projects: Ideas/Proposals under review
  Project No. and                         Project Aim                          End of           End of         Sector of        Implementing         Locations            EC
       Title                                                                implementatio     FA/Contract    Intervention         Partners                           Contribution
                                                                              n period                                                                                (Million €)
Child Labour Project    To support Government of Pakistan and the Civil
                                                                                                                              Government of
                        Society Organisations to implement “National                                                                                To be
                                                                                                             Child Labour     Pakistan
                        Policy and Plan of Action to Combat Child                                                                                   identified            5
EIDHR Micro project     To support local initiatives of Civil Society
                                                                             31.12. 2005      31.12.2006    Human Rights      NGOs                  Country wide
Programme               Organisations in the field of human rights                                                                                                       1.5
Sindh Primary           To support Government of Sindh and the Civil                                                          Department of
Education Project       Society Organizations in strengthening their                                                          Education, Sindh
                                                                                                                                                    Province of
                        capacity for management and delivery of                                               Education       Education
                                                                                                                                                    Sindh                39
                        primary education.                                                                                    Foundation and

                                                                           TOTAL “PIPELINE”                                                                              45.5

      1.4       Regional Projects
  Project No. and                                Project Aim                       End of         End of        Sector of       Implementing        Locations          EC
       Title                                                                    implementatio   FA/Contract   Intervention        Partners                        Contribution
                                                                                  n period                                                                         (Million €)
ALA-96/04 -                Introduce and support sustainable and
Integrated Pest            environmentally friendly methods in Cotton Pest                                                   Ministry of
                                                                                 15.03.2004     15.03.2006     Agriculture                         Country wide
Management for             Management through FAO.                                                                           Agriculture and FAO                     1.501
Cotton in Asia
AIDCO/2002/0490            Raising awareness of Youth on reproductive
Reproductive Health        health issues in rural as well as urban areas                                      Reproductive
                                                                                 27.03.2006     26.03.2008                   Ministry of           Countywide
Initiative for Youth in                                                                                          health                                                32
ALA-96/06 -                Support for reproductive health utilities and                                                     UNFPA, Ministry of
EC/UNFPA Asia              services.                                                                                         Population Welfare
Initiative for                                                                                                               and one
Reproductive Health                                                               30.4.2003      29.4.2005                   international and 4   Country wide
                                                                                                                Health                                               2.803
                                                                                                                             local NGOs and a
                                                                                                                             large number of
                                                                                                                             local CBOs
ASI/B7-6201/IB/99-         To promote and demonstrate community based                                                                              Coastal
0158 – Tropical            management of resource use in tropical forests                                                                          areas of
                                                                                                                             UNDP and local
Forests Promotion          to control destruction and degradation of tropical    25.12.2005     25.12.2007    Environment                          Karachi,
                                                                                                                             NGOs                                    1.894
through small grants       forests.                                                                                                                Thatta and
                                                                           TOTAL REGIONAL PROJECTS                                                                    9.19

        Total commitment for the region (6 countries) is € 12 million
        Total commitment for the region is € 18.5 million
        Total commitment for the region is € 25 million
        Total commitment for nine countries is € 15.13 million

2.      Economic Co-operation (Overall counterpart is Economic and Affairs Division, Ministry of Finance)
2.1 National Projects
     Project No. and                      Project Aim                            End of         End of        Sector of         Implementing        Locations          EC
          Title                                                               implementatio   FA/Contract   Intervention          Partners                        Contribution
                                                                                n period                                                                           (Million €)
PAK/AIDCO/2002/0       To support the Government’s reform programme
382 Financial          in the financial services sector by creating
services sector        additional resources for the reinforcement of                                          Financial
                                                                               22.05.2007     31.12.2008                     Ministry of Finance   Country-wide
reform programme       social sector development under the                                                    services                                                50
                       Government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy
ASIE/2003/005-718      To assist Pakistan in fostering its integration into
Trade-related          the world economy and, ultimately, contribute to
                                                                                                                             International Trade
technical assistance   poverty alleviation through the achievement of          31.12.2006     31.12.2008    Trade policy                           Country-wide
                                                                                                                             Centre (ITC);                             5
                       trade-related conditions for sustained and stable
                       economic growth.
ASIE/2004/006-071      To reinforce mutual understanding and enhance
EU-Pakistan Small      relationship between EU and Pakistan by
Projects Facility      promoting dialogue and facilitating interactions        31.12.2006     31.12.2008                     Individual grantees   Country-wide
                                                                                                            administration                                            0.97
                       in the areas of governance and administrative

                                                                      TOTAL NATIONAL PROJECTS                                                                        55.97

2.2. Regional Projects
     Project No. and                      Project Aim                            End of         End of         Sector of         Implementing        Locations         EC
          Title                                                               implementatio   FA/Contract    Intervention          Partners                       Contribution
                                                                                n period                                                                           (Million €)
ASI/A92001/0137        To support EU-Asian partnerships to improve
                                                                                                                                                   Public &
Asia Pro-Eco           environmental performance and technology                                                                                                     No project
                                                                                                              Industrial                           private
                       partnership in economic sectors and promote             31.12.2007         NA                          No partner                           underway in
                                                                                                             Environment                           sector of
                       sustainable responsible investment.                                                                                                            PAK
ASI/2002/0535 –        To facilitate partnerships between EU and Asia
Asia Invest II         companies, capacity building for Asian
                                                                                                                                                   Business         No project
                       companies and business associations, in                                              Business Co-
                                                                               31.12.2007         NA                          No partner           community of    underway in
                       particular from LDCs, in order to attract new                                         operation
                                                                                                                                                   Pakistan           PAK
                       trade and investment. At least one Asian and
                       EU partner. Currently a study is initiated to

  Project No. and                     Project Aim                          End of         End of         Sector of        Implementing       Locations           EC
       Title                                                            implementatio   FA/Contract    Intervention         Partners                        Contribution
                                                                          n period                                                                           (Million €)
                    develop an investor guide for European SMEs
                    wanting to invest in Pakistan.
ASI/1995/0108       To promote durable links between EU and Asian
&0113 - Asia Urbs   local communities through support to
                    partnership projects by local governments (in the
                    field of urban management, urban socio-
                    economic development, urban infrastructure and
                    The following projects have been approved for
                    Pakistan.                                                                                                               Urban            No project
                                                                         31.12.2003         NA                          No partner          population of   underway in
                     A pilot study on water and waste                                                 Development
                                                                                                                                            Pakistan           PAK
                         management worth 15,000 euro for
                         Peshawar Municipal Corporation.
                     Waste management worth 15,000 euros for
                         Defence Housing Society, Karachi
                     Books will cross the boarders worth 425,000
                         euros for Peshawar Municipal Corporation

ASI/1997/012        To promote mutually beneficial partnership
Asia IT&C           projects in IT&C between EU and Asia to utilize
                    the technological potential and legislative
                    experience of the European Information and
                    Communication Technology (IT & C) sector for
                    fields of particular relevance to the Asian
                    Society. The following 5 projects are currently                                                     Pakistan Software   Government,
                    undertaken in Pakistan:                                                           Information and   Export Board,       civil society
                     Transfer & use of IT&C skills for a more           31.10.2004         NA
                                                                                                      Communication     Government of       and IT              1.60
                         efficient micro-finance sector in Pakistan;                                                    Pakistan            professionals
                     QUAL focusing on the introduction of
                         Quality Standard Software in SMEs;
                     PLATT, Punjabi transliteration project;
                     E-Learning initiative
                         On-line navigational city information

ASI/1998/0679       To promote sustainable partnerships between
Asia Link           higher education institutions in Europe and Asia.
                    The following is the single on-going project in                                                                         Universities
                    Pakistan:                                                                             Higher                            and research
                                                                         31.12.2005         NA                          No partner                              0.30
                         Upgrading HR for Agricultural University                                       Education                          based
                             of Faisalabad.                                                                                                 institutions

     Project No. and                       Project Aim                         End of          End of         Sector of           Implementing     Locations            EC
          Title                                                             implementatio    FA/Contract    Intervention            Partners                       Contribution
                                                                              n period                                                                              (Million €)
ASI/B7-                  To increase EU business activities and co-
                                                                                                                              Civil Aviation
3010/IB/98/0171 -        operation in the fields of air traffic                                             Air Transport/
                                                                                                                              Authority,          Civil Aviation
EC/South Asia Co-        control/management, airport safety,                  31.12.2005          NA        Business Co-                                                   1
                                                                                                                              Government of       authorities
operation in the field   aircraft/airline maintenance and management.                                         operation
of Civil Aviation

                                                                     TOTAL REGIONAL PROJECTS                                                                           1.9

3.      European Commission Humanitarian Office Projects

     Project No. and                                                                                          Sector of         Implementing                           EC
                                           Project Aim                        Start Date       End Date                                            Location
          Title                                                                                             intervention          Partners                         Contribution

03/04002                 To assist the drought affectees                    07/04/03        06/01/04       Drought           ACF                 Loralai               0.21
                                                                                                                             Concern             Chaman
                                                                                                           Refugees +
03/04012                 To assist the refugees and the drought affectees   07/04/03          6/7-04                                             camps & Qila          0.65
03/04017                 Assistance to the refugees                         07/03/03          6/5-04       Refugees          ICMC                Quetta                0.4
                                                                                                                             Islamic Relief      Chagai      &
03/04024                 To assist the drought affectees                    01/05/03        30/04/04       Drought                                                     0.7
                                                                                                                             MC                  Qilla
03/04027                 To assist the drought affectees                    01/07/03        30/06/04       Drought                               Pishin, Qilla         0.65
                                                                                                                                                 Saifullah   &
                                                                                                                             MSF-H               Chaman
                         To assist the refugees and the internally                                         Refugees +                            camps & Spin
03/04032                                                                    07/04/03        06/01/04                                                                   0.7
                         displaced persons                                                                 IDPs                                  Boldok    IDP
                                                                                                                             NRC                 Peshawar
                                                                                                                                                 town + Bajour,
03/04034                 Assistance to the refugees                         07/04/03        06/04/04       Refugees                              agencies    +         0.15
                                                                                                                             Oxfam               Chagai
03/04038                 To assist the drought affectees                    31/05/03        09/07/2004     Drought                                                     0.45

                            To assist the refugees and the internally                                   Refugees    +   Tearfund         Spin Boldok
03/04043                                                                07/04/03         31/03/04                                                           0.3
                            displaced persons                                                           IDPs                             IDP camp
                                                                                                                        UNHCR            Chaman
03/04044                    Assistance to the refugees                  07/04/03        06/02/04        Refugees                         camps, New         1.5
                                                                                                                                         camps NWFP
                                                                                                                        Islamic Relief   Pangrio,
                                                                                                                                         Jherkus and
                                                                                                                                         Khoski union
                                                                                                        Floods                           councils,
03/01001                    To assist the flood affectees               15/09/03        14/05/04                                                            0.3
                                                                                                                                         Tando Bago
                                                                                                                                         Badin district
                                                                                                                        SCF-UK           Costal areas
03/01002                    To assist the food affectees                15/09/03        15/03/04                                         of Thatta and     0.35
                                                                                                                                         Badin districts
                                                                                                                        Oxfam            Abdullah
                                                                                                                                         Shah, Bhugra
                                                                                                        Floods                           Ahmad Tajeo
03/01003                    To assist the flood affectees               15/10/03        15/06/04                                                           0.35
                                                                                                                                         and Kadhan
                                                                                                                                         ,Badin district
                                                                                                                        UNHCR            Mohamd Kheil
03/13020                    Assistance to the refutees                  01/10/03        30/04/04        Refugees                                            0.5
                                                                                                                                         Kotkai camp
                                                                                                                                         (+ Bar Kali
                                                                                                                                         camp), NWFP
03/13005                    To improve the general security situation   01/11/03        30/04/03        Security        Concern          n/a                0.1
                            To assist the refugees and the internally                                                   Tearfund         Spin Boldok
03/04050                                                                01/12/03        01/03/04        Refugee, IDPS                                      0.225
                            diplaced persons                                                                                             IDP camp
                                                                                                                        NRC              NWFP,Pakist
                                                                                                                                         an;     Kabul,
                            To assist the refugees and the internally                                                                    Nangarhar,
03/18008                                                                01/01/04        31/12/04        Refugee, IDPs                                      1.,0
                            diplaced persons                                                                                             Heart, Balkh
                                                                                                                                         and Iran

                                                            Total EC Humanitarian Office Contribution                                                      8.535

         Total commitment for the region is €15 million


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