MCKINLEY SWCD BOARD MEETING MINUTES SEPTEMBER 18 2003 PERSONS PRESENT Meeting was called to order at 5 17pm at the McKinley SWCD Office USDA Gallup Field Office Conference Room Present

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MCKINLEY SWCD BOARD MEETING MINUTES SEPTEMBER 18 2003 PERSONS PRESENT Meeting was called to order at 5 17pm at the McKinley SWCD Office USDA Gallup Field Office Conference Room Present Powered By Docstoc
SEPTEMBER 18, 2003
Meeting was called to order at 5:17pm
         at the McKinley SWCD Office/USDA Gallup Field Office Conference Room
Present at the meeting: Lance Allgood, Bill Armstrong, Wes Begay, Ed Oliver, John Sakasitz, James Wanstall, Claudia
         Willeto, and Larry Winn. Betsy Irving was also present as the District Clerk.
Absent from the meeting: John Engels and Kathy Landers
With a quorum present, the following business was conducted.


        Motion to accept the meeting agenda
        1. Made by Lance Allgood
        2. 2nd by Bill Armstrong
        3. Passed by all

Minutes of August 21, 2003
        Motion to approve minutes
        1. Made by Lance Allgood
        2. 2nd by Bill Armstrong
        3. Passed by all

Treasurer’s report was not given because John Engels was absent
Bills need to be paid:
         (Pizza/Papa Johns $26.00; Travel for Bill $16.64 and Wes $80.00; Dues/Hub RC&D $50.00; Calendars/Otero
                                                                     SWCD $375.00, Services/Betsy Irving $212.25)
         Motion to approve payment of all bills:
         1. Made by Bill Armstrong
         2. 2nd by Lance Allgood
         3. Passed by all

        Annual Meeting in Carlsbad November 17-19
        NMACD Raffle tickets: Lance and Wes will try to sell some, each took a booklet

        1. NMDA: written report attached
                  Election Committee will have a meeting September 29th to finalize the new election rules and details.
                  In October there will be regional Election training.
        2. NRCS:
               1) Ed Oliver’s report: see attached written report
                      - Cottonwood Creek Project is going very well
                      - District would like to take a field trip to see the progress and the Bass Ranch Project area:
                         plan for Friday, October 3rd, 7:30am. Ed will make arrangements with a van etc. Meet at the

                                                          McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2003
                                                                                                      Page 1 of 4
                           USDA Field Office
                        - Bass Ranch signed up for FSA CRP Cost-Share Program, District is the signatory on this

      Motion to place signs marking the McKinley SWC District Boundary on the highway (I-40) through the help of the
      State Highway Department. Also to place signs at the Cottonwood Creek Project stating that the project is a
      cooperative project with McKinley SWCD. Motion includes the OK to incur all costs associated with getting this
      1. Made by Bill Armstrong
      2. 2nd by Wes Begay
      3. Passed by all
      (Ed will work on this and try to find the old signs that we had at one time)

              2) Claudia Willeto: busy with ranking
                       - received 30 applications but only had 1 funded for McKinley County
                       - received 13 applications for San Juan, 3 were funded, received more $ so 3 more will be able
                          to be funded
                       - received 4 applications for Cibola/Navajo, none were funded
                       - had an intern over the summer that proved very helpful
                       - trying to hire someone to work in the office, the person that was selected from the first pool of
                          applicants had already accepted another job so it will now be necessary to re-advertise
                       - drilled a good well on Anita’s land
                       - busy with the fairs: Bi-County, Navajo, Shiprock, etc.
                       - had to have contracts done last week
      3. FSA: John Sakasitz presented the following
              - Finished taking applications for Livestock Assistance Program. Even if clients applied for Livestock
                Compensation Program they are still eligible for Livestock Assistance Program
              - Currently working on “Long-term Range Insurance Program” (priced on a scale based on income)
                covers crops such as wheat, corn, oats etc., and range land that it is not otherwise insurable in this area.
              Annual Report: made changes, copies available if anyone wants them. These were mailed to the
              appropriate offices by September 1st

  A. First Quarter Budget:
           - Larry wondered how the budget reports were handled and what was involved.
           - Betsy prepares a ledger based on all checks written and all monies received over the quarter. Based on
               this ledger, she then generates a report and submits it to the Department of Finance on a quarterly basis.
           - James Wanstall suggested to Betsy at the end of last meeting that it would be a good idea to present this
               report to the Board at a meeting each quarter. She will begin this next month following the submission of
               the FY 2004 First Quarter Report.
           - Quarterly Cash/Budget Status Reports are due to the Department of Finance on the 20 th of the month
               following the end of the quarter (ex: October 20th, January 20th, April 20th, and July 20th)

  B. Rio Puerco Restoration Demonstration Day:
         - The Helicopter demonstration got rained/winded out, it was actually done the following evening.
         - The indoor part was a huge success, over 100 people attended and the project was very well received
         - Everyone went out to look at the site even though they couldn’t see an actual demonstration
         - 42½ acres were treated but didn’t get it all, there is still about 200-300 yards East of the Mentmore Bridge
             that is untreated.
         - There was an article in the Newspaper about it
         - BASF and their public relations firm sent executives and a photographer and he took lots of pictures from
             the helicopter and the ground also. BASF spent over $100,000 and are interested in using Northstar as a
             kind of “flagship” of their company.
                                                           McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2003
                                                                                                       Page 2 of 4
           -   Northstar is interested in opening a NM Office, Larry, in conjunction with Gallup Development
               Commission are discussing helping them set up an office in Gallup.
           -   There is also a possibility of using Ft. Wingate as a fire training site for fireman and cross training them
               for tree thinning etc. for the area. This would tie in to what Northstar is trying to accomplish.

  C. State Watershed Coordinator:
          - Discussions are still moving forward. After next week Larry will be pursuing this further after the Water
             Meetings in Albuquerque.

  D. District Boundary Negotiations:
         - Ed put up a map to demonstrate the areas being discussed
         - Larry and Ed attended the Lava District meeting on the 1 st Wednesday in September and Lava was not
               very willing to do anything. The Board members appear to be concerned about the reaction of several
               land owners in their District
         - Can McKinley just disannex the land?
         - James passed out a copy of the rules regarding this type of thing, it appears that in order to disannex
               (sever) the land the District must have 25 registered voters or 2/3 of the landowners in that area
               (whichever is greater) sign off on the severance. Discussion ensued over what the rules actually mean
               and what options are available to the Board. It was suggested to take it to the DA first to get a legal
         - What is the will of the board?
               1. Take it to the DA first to get a legal opinion.
               2. Find out how many landowners are in the affected area
               3. Proceed with the option that will get the job done
         - It is possible to have the Farm Bill funds associated with the Grants Service Area be distributed and
               serviced by the Grants Field Office only.
         - The Local Workgroup can draw up the wording for this. Will schedule a Workgroup in conjunction with
               the next regular meeting.

       Motion to present the rules to the District Attorney to make a determination of what the District needs to do.
       Pursue having Racindo Trevino assign Farm Bill funds associated with the Grants Service Area to Grants Field
               1. Made by Lance Allgood
               2. 2nd by Wes Begay
               3. Passed by all

  E. Southern Cross Subdivision:
         - The Zuni Pueblo’s official position on the proposed subdivision was discussed – not favorable to the
             subdivision (see attached packet)
         - Owners of the land have withdrawn the petitions for water rights and application for the subdivision.
         - This project is dead for now. Owners determined it was not a feasible option at this time.

  F.   Weed Management Area/BLM:
          - Had to send another form which was a request for funds form. It was signed and mailed today so the
             money should be received shortly.

  G. Water Meetings:
        - Council of Governments want to have water meetings for water users and to discuss concerns and

  A. Infrastructure Limitations:
              - Water Trust Board Applications: Neither application was submitted. Chuck never returned calls to
                  Ed, Larry or Lance. The background information was overwhelming and a lot of it the District did not
                  even have because we don’t do that stuff .

                                                           McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2003
                                                                                                       Page 3 of 4
                 -   It became apparent that the District does not have the infrastructure necessary for all the things we
                     want to do.
                 -   Hopefully, the Farm Bill Technical Person will help with this problem
                 -   Eleven Districts are being approved in the first round and McKinley is one of them
                 -   All applications will be sent to NMACD and then they will cut out the unacceptable apps and sent the
                     rest to the District for review. NMACD will be placing the advertisement in the appropriate local
                     papers. More details should follow soon on this, such as, the actual job description, etc.
                 -   What about a VISTA volunteer? Can we get someone like that to help out? It may be possible and
                     Larry has someone in mind: There is a current VISTA employee who has a BS degree in Geology
                     and is unhappy where she has been placed.

    B. Long- Range Planning:
              - Now that the growing season is past, things will probably slow down for the District. It would be a
                  good idea for the Board to do some long-range planning to get more done this coming year. Business
                  up to this point has been on a reactionary basis, not proactive.
              - Every year we do an Annual Plan but it would be a good idea to do a 5-Year Plan.
              - Can we have a special meeting to complete this 5-Year Plan?
              - A Long-Range Plan has been done in the past. James and Betsy will look for this information so we
                  can have some background information.
              - Long Range Planning Meeting: scheduled for Monday, December 5th at Noon. It will include lunch
                  with the meeting.

         *Upon further consideration it would be better to reschedule the workgroup meeting.
                 Meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 30th at 10:00am
                 Ed will send out notices (one for announcing, a second for reminding)

         Just as a matter of information: The Zuni Dam Project (flood control dam) that has been planned for years by the
         NRCS and is sponsored locally by the McKinley SWCD. Tomorrow at 10:30am there will be a meeting to update
         the new administration to this project and see if they still want it. The money is still available and is #2 on the
         priority list. It has been a long, up and down process. The surveying has been done.

There being no further business for discussion meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm
        Motion for adjournment
        1. Made by Wes Begay
        2. 2nd by Lance Allgood
        3. Passed by all

NEXT BOARD MEETING:                Thursday, October 16, 2003
                                   5:00pm at USDA Gallup Field Office

         Workgroup Meeting:           Thursday, October 30, 10:00am
         Long-Range Planning Meeting: Monday, December 5, Noon (includes lunch)

Minutes taken and submitted by:                                Minutes approved by:

Betsy Irving                                                 Larry Winn
District Clerk                                               Board Chairman
                                                            McKinley SWCD Board Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2003
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