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									                              CALUMET ACCOUNTANT
  A Publication of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of
Management Accountants (IMA) (a group for anyone with an
interest in accounting or finance serving Northwest Indiana
              and Southern suburbs of Chicago)                                        Volume 65 No 4 September 2009

         HISTORIC 65 YEAR 2009-2010                                    Directions
               KICKOFF EVENT                      From Illinois take the Bishop Ford Freeway or
    “SAP-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)”      I294 to 394 South toward Danville. The Glenwood
                                                  Dyer Road is a few miles down. The exit will be on
  Anyone interested in this topic encouraged to   your right. Once you are on the ramp you will see
                                                  billboard for Glenwood Oaks. It points you to the
 Date: Tuesday September 15, 2009
                                                  right. Just follow the sign. You will curve a lot and
 Location: Glenwood Oaks                          eventually will be at Glenwood Oaks.
             106 N Main Street
            Glenwood IL                           From Indiana take US30 West in Lynwood US30
                                                  will veer to the left. If you stay in the right lane and
     Speaker: Michel Nguessan,                    go straight the road will become Glenwood Dyer
      Governors State University                  Road you will see the Lynwood Roller Rink,
                                                  followed by Stony Island and then an exit to 394.
 Times:    5:15 p.m. Board Meeting                Continue straight and follow Glenwood Dyer Road
           6:00 p.m. Social Period                to the Restaurant.
           6:30 p.m. Dinner
          7:40 p.m. SAP-ERP (Enterprise
 Resource Planning)                               To get door to door directions go to
                                         and use the address 106
 Cost: $30.00 For IMA members and guests          N. Main Street Glenwood IL.
          $15.00 College Students
                                                  Enterprise Resource Planning- An integrated
              Menu (subject to change)            information system that serves all departments
                                                  within an enterprise. Evolving out of the
 The special will be Prime Rib Combination        manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of
 which is Prime Rib with choice of Chicken,       packaged software rather than proprietary software
 Perch or Swanky shrimp. Other entrée choices     written by or for one customer. ERP modules may
 will be lemon chicken, grilled vegetable         be able to interface with an organization's own
 medley, or sautéed lake perch.                   software with varying degrees of effort, and,
                                                  depending on the software, ERP modules may be
 Also included: choice of soup or salad, fresh    alterable via the vendor's proprietary tools as well
 baked bread and choice of potato, Plus coffee,   as proprietary or standard programming languages.
 tea, and iced tea. Cash bar available.
                                                  An ERP system can include software for
 To make reservations e-mail                      manufacturing, order entry, accounts receivable and or call Mark at             payable, general ledger, purchasing, warehousing,
 219.864.8685 (H) or 630.530.6707(W) or Dick      transportation and human resources. The major ERP
 at 708.799.6234(H)                               vendors are SAP, Oracle (PeopleSoft and J.D.
                                                  Edwards), SSA Global (Baan) and Microsoft.
                                                  Lawson Software specializes in back-end
                                                  processing that integrates with another vendor's
                                                  manufacturing system.
                                                                   MidAmerica Council Offering 3-$330
     IMA 10 Annual Student Leadership                           Student Leadership Awards to Attend IMA
              Conference                                        10th Annual Student Leadership Conference

November 5-7, 2010 in St. Louis Missouri                        The Calumet Chapter is part of the MidAmerica
                                                                Council. The MidAmerica Council is once again
Registration is now open for the 2009 Student                   proud to offer 3 Awards of $330 each to students
Leadership conference which will be held at the Union           wishing to attend the Annual Student Leadership
Station Marriot in St. Louis Missouri. The registration         Conference.
fee is $100 for Student Members and $125 for IMA
members. For non Student members the fee is $140 and            In order to be eligible for these awards you must
for Non IMA members the fee is $175 through October             complete an application and provide a
16, 2009. Students can get the discounted rate by               recommendation from a college professor or an IMA
joining the IMA. The student membership rate is $39.            member. The instructions on how to apply along with
You can be a student member as long as you are taking           the appropriate forms are available on the Calumet
6 credit hours at an accredited institution and have not        Chapter’s website The
held another classification of IMA membership.                  deadline to apply for the awards is October 9, 2009

Please make sure to choose to affiliate with the Calumet            IT’S COMING: TUESDAY OCTOBER 20, 2009
Chapter (Hammond) (081)                                             COLLEGE STUDENT NIGHT AND MEMBER
                                                                            APPRECIATION NIGHT
The event starts off at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday with an
optional tour of the St. Louis Blues. Ever wonder what it       On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 The Calumet Chapter
is like to work for a professional sports team? Now you         of the IMA continues its historic 65th year at a new
have your chance to find out! Take part in a special            venue: Beggar’s Pizza 15600 Cicero Avenue Oak
afternoon tour of the ScottTrade Center (Home of the St.        Forest IL 60452.
Louis Blues Hockey Team) and have exclusive access to
the team's finance and accounting staff.                        This event will feature A representative from RSM
                                                                McGladrey speaking on SAS70-Service Audits as
Registration includes access to the Exhibitor’s hall on         well as Don Chia, a recruiter with the LaSalle
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A continental breakfast          Network who will speak and provide a demonstration
as well lunch on Friday and Saturday. Also, included            on Linkedin. To show the Chapter’s appreciation for
Friday’s networking Reception on a riverboat cruise             our member and to encourage college students to
down the Mississippi River. There will be a buffet              attend we have made this a value priced meeting.
dinner aboard. Additionally, there will be several
Educational sessions throughout the event.                      The cost will be $25.00 for IMA members and Guests
                                                                and $10.00 for college students with reservations.
                                                                Space is limited so please reserve as soon as you know
                                                                you can attend.

                                                                To make reservations e-mail
                                                                or call Mark at 630.530.6707 (W) 219.864.8685 (H)
                                                                or Dick at 708.799.6234.
For more details about the 10th Annual IMA                      The meal will be family style with salad, bread,
Conference follow the links on the Calumet Chapter              broasted chicken, roast beef, mostaccioli , mashed
Website:                              potatoes, and green beans. Soda, coffee, and tea will
                                                                also be included. A cash bar will be available.

                                                           Page 2
Fall Member Get a Member Campaign
Offers Cash Prizes to IMA Members                                Membership for College Students is a mere $39.00 for a
                                                                 year an exceptional value. (Less than 11 cents per day)
IMA ® members know the value of membership, to
sharpen their on-the-job skills and broaden their career                        Regular membership is $195.00
opportunities. Member endorsement to other colleagues is
                                                                 A Young Professional Membership is available for those
the best way to spread the word about IMA . That's why
IMA is bringing back the successful Member Get a                               33 and under for $130.00
Member campaign. Now through October 30, 2009 IMA
                                                                      A discounted rate of $98.00 is available for full time
members who recruit one or more new members will have
a chance to win one of three cash prizes!                               faculty members of an accredited organization.
                                                                   There is a one time registration fee of $15.00 for all
This month, IMA members in North America and select
International members* will receive, via postal mail, a
                                                                  memberships except Student and Young Professionals
letter from Jeff Thomson, IMA president and CEO,
describing the campaign and an information flyer about                 Will you be the Calumet Chapter’s Next
IMA benefits. Members in all other countries will receive
campaign details via e-mail. During the campaign period –
September 9 to October 30, 2009, IMA members are
encouraged to sign up as many new members as possible.
For each new member application returned (a special
application will be included in the promotional                 The Calumet Chapter’s Historic 65th year is sponsored in
mailing), the recruiting member will receive a chance to        part by Hock International
win one of three cash prizes awarded by random        
drawing: First Prize: US$1,000; Second Prize: US$600;
Third Prize: US$400. Winners will be announced in the           Visit the Calumet Chapter Website
December 8, 2009 edition of IMA Online News.           for a special discount code to
                                                                get 10% off your order of CMA or CIA review Materials.
“Thanks to IMA members, we have a wonderful
association that has served professionals, organizations,
and society for 90 years. By growing IMA 's membership,
                                                                Sample CMA Question from Part 2: -Management
we will be able to offer more valuable products and             Accounting and Reporting
services, and broaden our voice in representing the
management accounting profession,” said Mr. Thomson.                  Garland Company uses a standard cost system. The
                                                                      standard for each finished unit of product allows for 3
For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, IMA               pounds of plastic at $0.72 per pound. During
membership provides a variety of valuable benefits,                   December, Garland bought 4,500 pounds of plastic at
including:                                                            $0.75 per pound, and used 4,100 pounds in the
                                                                      production of 1,300 finished units of product. What is
                                                                      the material efficiency variance for the month of
           -approved webinars
    -person networking through more than 200 local
Chapters                                                          a. $144 unfavorable.
                            LinkUp IMA                            b. $150 unfavorable.
                                                                  c. $432 unfavorable.
 If you'd like to sign up a new member now, please contact        d. $450 unfavorable
IMA Customer Service at 1-800-638-4427 or at to obtain a special Member Get a
Member application. Make sure they choose Calumet
Chapter Hammond (081)

                                                             Page 3
               President’s Message                                                Entrepreneurship Conference
           By Mark T. Camarena, CMA
                                                                           On Thursday October 22 and Friday October 23, 2009
Dear Friends:                                                              The Midamerica Council along with the Wisconsin
                                                                           Institute of Certified Public Accountants will host 2
The first thing I do each day when I arrive at work is load                days of seminars on Entrepreneurship.
the accounting office printer with paper and check my
assistant’s stapler to make sure that she will have enough
                                                                           The conference will be held at Carroll University –
staples to last throughout the day. It can be quite                        Campus Center Ballroom 100 N. East Avenue
frustrating when you have multiple pieces of paper to                      Waukesha WI 53186.
attach, attempt to do so by using a stapler, and then once                 The cost for 1 day is $250.00. The cost for both days
you make the stapling motion, the papers remain detached.                  is $400.00. Each day has the opportunity to earn 8
A small investment at the beginning of the day sets a                      hours of CPE. You can register online at
positive tone for the rest of the day.
As we begin the Calumet Chapter’s historic 65th year in 2009-               For additional information contact Mary Strautmann
2010. It is time to ask you to take a little time out of your              at: or Marcia Brown at
busy schedule and help us set a positive tone for our historic   
65th year. We would love to see you at the Kickoff event on                The days begin with registration at 7:30 p.m. The first
Tuesday September 15, 2009 at Glenwood Oaks when the                       session begins at 8:00 a.m. A buffet style lunch is
Calumet Chapter welcomes Michel Nguessan, Governors                        included each day. Many speakers will present a
State University who wil present SAP-ERP details available
                                                                           variety of topics related to entrepreneurship. A linke to
on page 1 of this newsletter. However, the notice may be to
short or your schedule may not allow. You can still help the               the flier with the exact speakers and topics can be
chapter set a positive tone for Our Historic 65th year by                  found at the Calumet Chapter’s website:
renewing your membership and helping spread the word             
about the Calumet Chapter (Hammond-081) of the IMA. The
national organization is even offering a chance to win cash if
you help us do this.                                                                            Free CPE
                                                                           On Thursday October 22, 2009 at Sand Creek Country
I believe when any sport season or school year starts there is
                                                                           Club in Chesterton Indiana the law firm of Hoeppner,
much anticipation and excitement. We hope you will help us
keep the excitement of the Calumet Chapter’s Historic 65th                 Wagner & Evans LLP will present their 12th Annual
year alive and well. If you can make the kickoff event, the                Accountant’s Seminar. This will be a free seminar
other events for the year are listed in this newsletter, maybe             with the opportunity to earn 8 CPE credits.
you can make it to one or a few. Thank you for your                        For more information, contact Lois Evans at
continued support of the Calumet Chapter of the IMA.              or (219) 464.4961.
Mark T. Camarena, CMA
President Calumet Chapter IMA (a not for profit                            Answer to Sample CMA Question from Part 2: -
organization for anyone with an interest in accounting                     Management Accounting and Reporting
or finance serving Northwest Indiana and Southern                               a. $144 unfavorable.
Suburbs of Chicago Illinois)

Visit us online at

630.530.6707 (W)
219.864.8685 (H)
e-mail me anytime

                                                                 Page 44
                                CALUMET CHAPTER
                              OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
President                   Mark T. Camarena   630.530.6707 (W)      
Secretary                   Jim Spice          815.933.0491(W)       
Treasurer                   Deb Heim          630.378.6308 (W)
VP Administration           Adolph Ferber                           
VP Communications           Richard Mielcarz  708.799.6234(H)         
VP Professional Education    Bill Biller                             
VP Membership (Retention)     Anthony Fontana 708.534.5000 ext 5434 (W)
Academic Relations            Wes Christensen                  
New Members                  Richard Mielcarz  708.799.6234(H)        
Director of Employment        Al Zurawski       219.477.4488 ext 222 (W)
Chapter Photographer          Al Zurawski       219.477.4488 ext 222 (W)
Director Program Rosters      Warren Cebulko                         
Director of Manuscripts        Bruce Flowers     219.322.2300 (W)    
Director at Large              Brian Guse         219.362.1531(W)    

                                Chapter Website:
                                The Calumet Chapter has a group on Linkedin

          Calumet Chapter Historic 65th Year 2009-2010 Schedule of Events Continued (Subject to

      Tuesday October 20, 2009: College Student Night and Member Appreciation Night I with Value
      Pricing IMA members and Guests $25.00 College Students $10.00. This event will have a 15-20
      minute presentation about Linked in by Don Chia, Recruiter with the LaSalle Network. He will show
      us on the screen how to use Linked in. Remember to join the Calumet Chapter’s Group on Linked in.
      At this meeting hopefully we will learn how to use it. Also, at this event a representative of RSM
      McGladrey will speak on SAS70 (Service Audits)
       Beggars Pizza 15600 Cicero Avenue Oak Forest IL 60452

      Tuesday November 17, 2009: Ethics. During hour one the Calumet Chapter’s very own Professor Jim
      Thomas of Indiana University Northwest will speak on General Ethics. Jim has promised to bring a
      local CPA with him for hour 2 Ethics in Accounting. This will meet the 2 hour CPE requirement for
      those holding CMA certification. Location TBD possible Theo’s 9144 Indianapolis Boulevard
      Highland Indiana, Cost $30.00 for IMA members and Guests. $15.00 for Students.

      Tuesday December 8, 2009: Holiday Gathering of the Board and spouses/guests with Master of
      Ceremonies Calumet Chapter own Dick Mielcarz. Gino’s Steakhouse 1259 West Joliet Street (US30)
      Dyer IN. You can still join the board and attend this event. The cost TBD. If any college students join
      the board by October 21, 2009 President Mark T. Camarena, CMA will buy your dinner at this event.
      Alcohol and desserts not included.

      Tuesday January 19, 2010: 10th Annual Tax Update with the Calumet Chapter’s Very Own Howard
      D. Elllison at Glenwood Oaks 106 N Main Street Glenwood IL. Cost $30.00 for IMA members/guest
      $15.00 for College Students
    Calumet Chapter Historic 65th Year 2009-2010 Schedule of Events Continued (Subject to

Monday February 22, 2010 note the date. You asked for a meeting at Papa Joes 14459 S La
Grange Rd Orland Park IL and we aim to please but Papa Joes has 2 for 1 pasta on Tuesday night so
we can’t get a room then so we will try a Monday night. The speaker will be Dr. Aida Shekib from
Governors State University on the topic of Forensic Accounting. Cost $30.00 for IMA
members/guests $15.00 for College Students.

Tuesday March 16, 2010: Speaker Chuck Carlson with Stock Market Update and Dow Theory.
“Our Biggest Night of the Year” College Student Night and Member Appreciation Night II.
Value Priced at $25.00 for IMA members/guests $10.00 for College Students Zuni’s 5124 Pine Island
Court (Jut off US 30) Crown Point IN.

Estimated Wednesday April 28, 2009- Purdue University Hospitality Tourism Management (HTM)
Class Gourmet Dinner speaker before the dinner. Spouses/Guests invited.

Tuesday May 18, 2009 Chapter Year End Celebration Spouses/Guests Invited. Doug Tillet from the
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Illinois will speak about “Roles and Responsibilities of the Federal
Reserve Bank. Steakhouse 1259 West Joliet Street (US30) Dyer IN. Cost will be $30.00 for IMA
members and guests $15.00 for College Students.

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