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					Diapers!                         one should go without.

                                                              ____________________is gathering
                                                              donations for the diaper bank at
                                                              the Olympia-Lacey Church of God.

                                                              Please bring your donation to the
                                                              person named above by
                                                              __/___/___, or call
                                                              Shawn Christensen for more
                                                              information: (360) 456-4928

                                                              Our goal is that we gather and
                                                              distribute as many diapers as

               Disposable diapers cost around $100 per month!

WIC, welfare, and other government aid programs do not cover the expense of disposable diapers. While
cloth diapers are a more economical option, most day care centers do not accept cloth diapers. Laundry
facilities can be limiting for those who use cloth diapers as well, many laundromats do not allow diaper
washing due to public health related issues. A family without an adequate supply of diapers is more likely to
neglect their child, often reusing disposables, which puts the child at risk for infection.

                        What can you do to help?
Bring in diaper donations! We have a diaper bank at the Olympia-Lacey Church of God, and we are open
twice a week to distribute diapers to those in need. Diapers donations of all sizes are needed, especially
the larger sizes (4,5,6, & Pull-Ups). For those of you who don’t feel confident choosing, you can make a
monetary donation. Write a check and receive a tax giving statement at the end of the year. Just make sure
to put DIAPERS in the “For” line, and make the check out to the Olympia-Lacey Church of God, and make
sure your address is current on your check. We will use the money to buy diapers at the lowest cost we can
find. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

                           Thank You!