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Ladies' Night

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									                                                                                         Crystalline chandeliers added drama to the museum space.     Rashida, Prince’s traveling DJ, spun dance tunes.

                                                                                                 Ladies’ Night
                                                                                                 It’s hardly surprising that BlackBerry is marketing its new
                                                                                                 shimmery pink PDA to female consumers—and the L.A. launch
                                                                                                 party targeted that group, while some guys snuck in for a peek.
                                                                                                 BLACKBERRY’S NEW PINK PEARL is most recognizably different from past PDA models for
                                                                                                 its pearlescent, girly hue. So naturally, the L.A. launch party on January 31 was dominated by the
                                                                     Chalkboards                 color pink. The guests, a celebrity-driven female crowd tagged as “sophisticated ladies” on their
                                                                     encouraged                  invitations, were asked to show up with a “best girlfriend” in tow. Still, a significant number of
                                                                     guests to write
                                                                                                 men—including Jeremy Piven and Nick Cannon—made it down (or past) the pink carpet, which
                                                                                                 was flanked by oversize pink lamps. The party took over the Architecture and Design Museum,
                                                                                                 directly across from the new Broad museum on Lacma’s campus, which would launch with a
                                                                                                 much-anticipated gala of its own the following week.
                                                                                                      Working with Shelly Sofer, director of public relations for
                                                                                                 BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, Harrison & Shriftman trans-         BlackBerry’s Pink Pearl
                                                                                                 formed the relatively raw party space into a candy-colored room,
                                                                                                                                                                          Catering Kathleen Sacchi:

                                                                                                 with confections in glass jars decorating a giant white shelving unit
                                                                                                                                                                           The Fine Art of Catering
                                                                                                 at the entryway to punctuate the sweet theme. Bartenders mixed           DJ Rashida
                                                                                                 pink cocktails using a Tab energy-drink-like mixer—appropriately         Flowers Silver Birches
                                                                                                                                                                          Furniture Eventmakers
                                                                                                 called Go Girl—and servers clad in pink Converse sneakers and            Invitations Alpine Creative
                                                                                                 skinny ties passed hors d’oeuvres and desserts tinged with pink,          Group Inc.
                                                                                                 including California rolls made with pink rice, and rose-flavored         Lighting JFox Event Lighting
                                                                                                                                                                          Production, Design, PR
                                                                                                 macaroons.                                                                Harrison & Shriftman
                                                                                                      Modelesque singer Alice Smith sang a short, soulful set with        Rentals Town & Country
                                                                                                 a retro sensibility, and Prince’s DJ Rashida spun modern dance            Event Rentals
                                                                                                                                                                          Sound Rhythm & Sound Inc.
                                                                                                 music from her booth. Prince himself even made a brief and low-          Valet Crystal Valet Parking
                                                 Pink hues tinged desserts and
                                                                                                 key appearance in the crowd, during which all photographers were          Services
                                                 hors d’oeuvres like California rolls.                                                                                    Venue A+D Museum
                                                                                                 ushered outside. —Alesandra Dubin

                                                                                                                                           may/june 2008 57
                                                                                 Chef Guillaume Burlion provided a buffet of salads, paella, and dessert.

                                         A scant 84 guests gathered for
                                         Paper’s luncheon in celebration of      The spare decor included white
                                         Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Scott.         linens and bright flowers.

Hold the Liquor
Paper magazine’s multifunction lunch for Jeremy Scott and post-rehab Lindsay Lohan was an
alcohol-free kickoff to Fashion Week, as well as a showcase for its host venue’s major upgrades.
PAPER MAGAZINE’S Diesel-sponsored lunch for Lindsay Lohan and                      French-fusion kitchen of the hotel’s Paris-trained chef, Guillaume Burlion.
Jeremy Scott to celebrate the March fashion issue was a perfect storm of           Indeed, the Sunset Marquis’s spiffy new design was all the decor the party
hipster marketing. For the troubled young diva, the event helped craft her         needed, save for the infusion of peonies, poppies, and roses in springy
new sober-but-still-edgy image: The media fussed over her barely dressed           shades of coral and yellow.
cover photo by designer Scott, but the lunch was alcohol-free, reportedly              Capping a 20-year project that was delayed by the terrorist attacks of
because of Lohan’s newfound sobriety, although handlers wouldn’t con-              September 11, 2001, and unexpected construction problems, the Sunset
firm that. The March 4 lunch also unofficially kicked off L.A.’s Mercedes-           Marquis unveiled 40 new villas in a parklike setting—surprisingly tranquil
Benz Fashion Week, which ran March 9 through 13. And it was the first               given its proximity to busy Sunset Boulevard. The new villas join the dozen
headline-making event at the Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas as the venue          already there, which got upgrades, as did the hotel’s existing 102 suites. The
finished a $20 million renovation.                                                  venue is clearly courting bicoastal media magnates with its new, $7,000-a-
    What do all of those purposes have in common? All roads lead                   night presidential suite, which features a private screening room as well as
to bicoastal überpublicist Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution, who               a dining area for 10, an executive office, two bedrooms, and three fireplaces.
planned the event with Paper editor-publishers Kim Hastreiter and David            Designer Oliva Villaluz, whose clients also include Raleigh Studios, created
Hershkovits. All the players are clients of Cutrone’s (even L.A.’s listless        the contemporary look in a boutique-hotel-friendly earth-tone palette.             PHOTOS: PIPER FERGUSON FOR PAPER MAGAZINE

Fashion Week, which hired her as a consultant to help whip it into shape),             Also new is the balmy indoor-outdoor restaurant where the party took
except for Lohan—who’s repped by Cutrone’s former intern and business              place. The sides of the patio drop down to
partner Jason Weinberg.                                                            form a blue-tiled fountain, which empties         Paper Magazine’s Pre-
    “This was a really great way to get the ball rolling,” Cutrone said. “This     into a koi pond topped by a bridge. The           Fashion Week Luncheon
was the perfect way to get everybody out of Paris and into L.A. early [for         expansion also includes the new Bar 1200          for Lindsay Lohan and
Fashion Week] and start to set the tone for the festivities.”                      (the rechristened Whiskey Bar), a new spa,        Jeremy Scott
    Eighty-four guests, including media types and up-and-comers cel-               and a recording studio. The hotel’s 17-year       PR People’s Revolution
ebrated in Paper’s pages, gathered for a seemingly endless buffet of salads,       general manager, Rod Gruendyke, oversaw           Venue, Catering Sunset Marquis
                                                                                                                                      Hotel and Villas
paella, cold salmon, and desserts, served in the patio restaurant by the           the expansion. —Irene Lacher

58 may/june 2008
                    YOUR NEXT
                    GREAT IDEA
                    STARTS HERE
  Los Angeles
Convention Center

06 05 08
                                                                                   Shutters on the Beach set the scene for IFC’s after-party.

                            The DJ booth was scribble-free as the party started.   Sticky notes covered a bar.

Independent Thought
IFC’s after-party following the Independent Spirit awards encouraged guests to express
themselves using sticky notes and Sharpie pens at the logo-packed beachside bash.
FILM INDEPENDENT HAS BEEN honoring indie movie greats with its                     acting with the decor,” said Eways, who returned for her third year as project
annual Spirit award ceremony for 23 years, and certainly, no cable chan-           manager. “At a lot of other parties, guests aren’t willing to go the extra step.”
nel has a more obvious tie to the nonprofit’s independent spirit than the                Organizers spent two days creating collages for wall displays and
Independent Film Channel. IFC began broadcasting the afternoon event               fronts for the bars and DJ booth. They layered poster images for IFC series
12 years ago, and for a decade it’s kept the party going by throwing an after-     and documentaries with press clippings and blank sticky notes branded
bash: the IFC “Party Celebrating the Spirit of Independent Film.”                  with the channel’s logo. More blank sticky notes were placed on cocktail
     The IFC after-party offers young film-industry folk an opportunity to          tables, along with cocktail glasses full of black Sharpies. By the time the
indulge in their favorite form of recreation: networking. The award ceremony       party ended, around 8 p.m., guests had doodled and scribbled their way
takes place over lunch in a Santa Monica tent within spitting distance of the      across the installation. Some did their own branding, writing their blog
Pacific Ocean, and for most of that time, guests are seated. When the tent          addresses, and others commented on the day’s proceedings with snippets
folds up (figuratively, that is) around 4 p.m., about 1,000 guests—nominees,        like “I love Rainn Wilson.” (Wilson served as host of the proceedings.)
winners, and friends and advertisers of IFC—convene at the nearby Shutters              “The IFC brand is fun, edgy, and intel-
on the Beach hotel, where the channel hosts its lively branding op.                ligent,” Burack said. “While our party cel-        IFC’s Independent Spirit
     At the February 23 bash, which stretched across the hotel’s entire            ebrates the Spirit awards and independent          Awards After-Party
downstairs function area (consisting of two ballrooms and a lobby), the            film, this year we also wanted to highlight
                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTOS: JAMIE MCCARTHY/WIREIMAGE

                                                                                                                                      Catering Catch
IFC logo was ubiquitous in the party’s design—on wall displays, on the             our original programming and original              Design, Production David Stark
sticky notes that were elements of the displays, even on little flags attached      documentaries, and this was reflected in             Design and Production
                                                                                                                                      DJ Samantha Ronson
to toothpicks in the mini burgers and silk-screened on the chocolates.             the decor. We used the artwork from our            Lighting Entertainment Lighting
     Branding wasn’t the only concern of the party designers. Lauren Burack,       programming to serve as the backdrop of             Services (ELS)
IFC’s vice president of promotions and events, and Niki Eways, who pro-            the party and added in the interactive ele-        PR MPRM Public Relations
                                                                                                                                      Rentals Classic Party Rentals,
duced the event for David Stark Design and Production, collaborated on             ment so that our guests were able to express        Greenroom
interactive decor this year after guests made off with inflatable sea creatures     themselves and be active participants.”            Venue, Catering, Parking
                                                                                                                                       Shutters on the Beach
from last year’s design. “That planted the seed that it’s a crowd open to inter-                                  —Irene Lacher

60 may/june 2008
                                                                                                                            Following the concert, guests stepped into the hotel’s Gold Room
                                                                                                                            for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and live and silent auctions.

                                                                                                                            Auction items on view included trip details on
                                                                                                                            posters and designer dresses on mannequins.

                                Amber lighting bathed the walls and stage in the Crystal Ballroom,
                                which was used for the live concert as well as dinner.

                                A Knight’s Tale
                                In keeping with the group’s Spanish-tinged musical performance on gala night, the L.A. Chamber
                                Orchestra’s annual benefit took its inspiration from the pages of Cervantes’s Don Quixote.
                                WHILE JOYCE FIENBERG, chair of the Los Angeles Chamber                           Room before a troupe member with a booming bass voice informed guests
                                Orchestra’s annual concert gala, admits that the event’s “basic elements         that their presence was requested in the Crystal Ballroom for the evening’s
                                pretty much remain the same” every year, she credits the evening’s tradi-        musical performance. There, guests found a sea of seats adorned with
                                tion of attracting prominent guest artists with keeping it fresh and exciting.   orange slipcovers and sashes and a stage uplit in amber hues.
                                “Our very first event, we had [violinist] Hilary Hahn,” says Fienberg, who             The same actor went on to herald the different phases of the night with
                                has overseen the benefit for the past five years. “We’ve had incredible guest      his distinctive voice, calling for guests to step into the Gold Room for an
                                artists because our music director [Jeffrey Kahane] is so wonderful and so       hour-and-a-half silent and live auction; warning them when they had only
                                positioned in the world of classical music.”                                     a few minutes left to bid on items; and, finally, ushering them back to the
                                     At this year’s fund-raiser on January 26, classical guitarist Christopher   ballroom, which had been transformed dur-
                                Parkening joined Kahane and members of the orchestra in perform-                 ing the auctions for dinner and dancing.          Los Angeles Chamber
                                ing a selection of Spanish-flavored music—a fitting selection given that                Orange linens complemented the slip-         Orchestra’s “Night of
                                the consul general of Spain, Inocencio Arias, and his wife, Ludmila              covered chairs, which were reused for the         Knights” Benefit
                                Winogradow, co-sponsored the event. Selections included traditional              dinner, and clusters of ginger and soft pink      Design, Production Smash
                                Spanish Granadinas, Rodrigo’s “Canconeta,” movements from Warlock’s              roses sat on tables and decorated towering         Event
                                                                                                                                                                   Entertainment Mora’s Modern
                                “Capriol” suite, and Telemann’s “Don Quixote” suite.                             tabletop candelabras. “We spent a lot of           Rhythmists
                                     Fienberg collaborated with Smash Event’s Gerry Huffman to produce           time finding a candelabra that was appropri-       Flowers Patterson’s Topiaries,

                                the benefit’s “Night of Knights” theme, which drew its inspiration from           ate, because we wanted it to have this very        Pots, and Teas
                                                                                                                                                                   Lighting Shine Lighting
                                the musical program, channeling the world of Don Quixote and 16th-               medieval, wrought-iron-y, kind of Spanish         Linens BBJ Linen
                                century Spain.                                                                   ironworks feel,” Huffman said. Guests             PR Rogers & Cowan
                                                                                                                                                                   Sound Complete Production
                                     Upon entering the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, guests met a troupe of         apparently appreciated the arrangements,           Rents
                                actors dressed in 16th-century garb, some outfitted to resemble principal         clearing every single table of the smaller        Trees Boulevard Greenhouses
                                characters from Cervantes’s novel, including Dulcinea, Sancho Panza, the         bunches and even stripping candelabras of         Venue, Rentals Millennium
                                                                                                                                                                    Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
                                Don himself, and his horse. Guests sipped sangria in the hotel’s Tiffany         floral accents. —Rosalba Curiel

                                                                                                                                may/june 2008 61
                                                                                               Snow fell on the models during their
                                                                                               final walk at the Monarchy show.

                                                                                               Smashbox artists offered makeup touch-ups in the
                                                                                               lobby, at a brightly colored booth in shades of purple.

                                                                                               A clear tent covered the check-in
                                                                                               area, which also housed a short
                                                                                               step-and-repeat wall.

                                       Wendy Creed designed Mercedes-Benz’s Star Lounge
                                       to include crystal chandeliers and Ultrasuede sofas.

L.A. Story
While critics pointed out its flaws, L.A. Fashion Week did offer some eye-catching, earth-minded ideas.
IMG’S MERCEDES-BENZ Fashion Week in Los Angeles is not known                    New Jersey-based supervisor for brand and lifestyle events, Natascha Wolber.
for the high-fashion drama that other cities like New York and Paris supply,    “Our theme is reflections, so this lounge is all about reflective surfaces, bold

                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTOS: COURTESY OF SILVIA MAUTNER (STAR LOUNGE), BIZBASH (ALL OTHERS)
and it’s gotten some unfavorable press for its relatively lackluster appeal     and oversize looks, and [Creed] really brought that to life.”
and reliance on skin exposure and B-list (or worse) celebrity. Nevertheless,         As to L.A. Fashion Week’s diminutive nature relative to New York (whose
the local happenings, which ran March 9 through 13 at Smashbox Studios          fashion week Mercedes-Benz also sponsors, along with Miami’s), Wolber
in Culver City, did include some attention-getting entertainment, decor,        said, “We realize that we are working with really different environments, and
and gifts in an environment packed with earth-minded ideas.                     we respect L.A.’s individual appeal. New York has this seriousness to it; here
     For its production, IMG focused on eco-friendly objectives along the       I would call it a little bit more playful and casual. It’s a wonderful contrast.”
themes of reduce, reuse, and recycle. A fuel-efficient locomotive transported         As for the fashion shows themselves, the Green Initiative Humanitarian
production materials to Culver City, the production team built the tents        show presented by the Gallery L.A. featured eco-friendly looks from a variety
at Smashbox using materials and staging structures that will be reused          of designers on a bamboo-lined runway. Guests scooped up gift bags from
for future events, and organizers donated the vinyl signage to the William      Maine-based sponsor Sea Bags, which makes totes from recycled sails.
Good Company, which will turn it into accessories to benefit Goodwill.                Picking up the “Streets of Scandinavia” theme of its collection,
     Sponsor Mercedes-Benz entertained guests in the Star Lounge at Smash-      Monarchy’s fashion show featured a runway covered in a decal that looked
box, with production and design by Wendy Creed. Smashbox cofounder              like a cobblestone street, complete with “Monarchy Collection”-emblazoned
Davis Factor’s photos hung in the space, which featured mirrored coffee         manhole covers. When the models took their final walks, snow fell on the
tables, Ultrasuede sofas, crystal chandeliers, and abundant white hydrangeas.   catwalk in a production feat rare among L.A. fashion shows.
“We try to change the lounge every year in every city,” said Mercedes-Benz’s                                                                  —Alesandra Dubin

62 may/june 2008
                                                                SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

Selected from––the only source for thousands of
exclusive fund-raisers, openings, and major events planned for the upcoming year.
                                            Club. Tarzana. 323.857.0080                                                              Kodak Theatre. Hollywood. 323.856.7768
           MAY 2008                         17 Venice Family Clinic                                JUNE 2008                         14 Greater Los Angeles Zoo
                                            Venice Art Walk and Auction. 11:00am.                                                    Association
1 Lupus LA                                  Food fair, art auction, self-guided tours,   1 Assistance League of Southern             38th Annual Beastly Ball. 6:00pm.
Orange Ball. 6:00pm. Dinner, auction,       live entertainment, and art activities for   California                                  Chaired by Kimberly Emerson Marteau.
and entertainment. Honoring Daniel          kids. $50. Westminster School. Venice.       Third Annual Los Angeles Concours           $1,000. Los Angeles Zoo. 323.644.4771
J. Wallace, Richard Donner, and             310.392.9255                                 d’Elegance. 10:00am. 350 classic
Lauren Shuler Donner. Beverly Wilshire                                                   and exotic cars, vendors, food, and
                                                                                                                                     Aquarium of the Pacific
Four Seasons Hotel. Beverly Hills.
                                            18 Tower Cancer Research                     beverages. From $25. Rose Bowl and
                                                                                                                                     Ocean Conservation Awards Gala.
                                            Foundation                                   Brookside Golf Course. Pasadena.
                                                                                                                                     6:30pm. Chaired by Mike Walter
                                            Tower of Hope Gala. 6:00pm. Dinner                                                       and Mariclare Suomi. Black tie. $600.
                                                                                         323.469.1973, ext. 239
2 Para Los Ninos                            and entertainment. Honoring Dr. Barry                                                    Aquarium of the Pacific. Long Beach.
12th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration.      Rosenbloom, Dr. Peter Rosen, and             Share Our Strength                          562.951.1606
6:30pm. Dancing and entertainment.          Rabbi David and Eliana Wolpe. Chaired        Taste of the Nation Los Angeles.
Gilmore Adobe. 213.250.4800, ext. 506                                                    1:00pm. Restaurant cuisines, cocktails,
                                                                                                                                     15 The Actors Fund
                                            by Nancy Mishkin and Elizabeth Drucker.
                                                                                                                                     12th Annual Tony Awards Party.
                                            $350. Beverly Hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills.   champagnes and wines, entertainment,
AltaMed Health Services                                                                                                              3:30pm. Hosted by Florence
                                            310.288.1755                                 and live auction. From $125. Media Park.
Commitment to Family Gala. 6:00pm.                                                                                                   Henderson. Cocktails, silent auction,
                                                                                         Culver City. 949.481.7792
Dinner and entertainment. $300. Beverly     20 Broadcast Music, Inc.                                                                 dinner, and live feed from New York
Hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills. 323.889.7317   56th Annual BMI Pop Awards. 7:00pm.          Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,                of the Tony Awards. Honoring Tommy
Nancy Davis Foundation for                  Honoring Daryl Hall and John Oates.          Medical Genetics Institute                  Tune. Chaired by Jomarie Ward and
                                            By invitation only. Beverly Wilshire         Sports Spectacular. 4:00pm. Silent          Ted Abenheim. $200. Skirball Cultural
Multiple Sclerosis
                                            Four Seasons Hotel. Beverly Hills.           auction, children’s carnival, dinner, and   Center. 323.933.9244, ext. 33
15th Annual Race to Erase MS. 6:00pm.
                                            310.289.6325                                 awards. Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
Dinner, live and silent auctions, and                                                                                                16 Vista del Mar Child and
                                                                                         Hotel. Century City. 310.858.9217
entertainment. Chaired by Nancy Davis.      21 Valley Presbyterian Hospital                                                          Family Services
Co-chaired by Tommy Hilfiger. $1,000.        Foundation                                   5 Ojai Music Festival                       30th Annual Sports Sweepstakes Gala.
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.          50th Anniversary Gala. 6:00pm. Hosted        2008 Music Festival and Symposium.          5:30pm. Chaired by Stanley Black and
Century City. 310.440.4842                  by Jason Alexander. Honoring David W.        8:00pm. Participants to include soprano     Bob Barth. $1,250. Beverly Hilton Hotel.
                                            Fleming. $500. Broad Contemporary Art        Dawn Upshaw and composer Steve              Beverly Hills. 310.836.1223, ext. 238
3 Make-A-Wish Foundation of
                                            Museum, Los Angeles County Museum            Reich. Continues through June 8. Libbey
Greater Los Angeles                                                                                                                  17 Geffen Playhouse
                                            of Art. 818.902.2980                         Bowl and Ojai Presbyterian Church. Ojai.
15th Annual Uncork A Wish Wine                                                                                                       Opening: The Elephant in the Room.
Tasting and Auction. 6:30pm. $150.          28 Constitutional Rights                                                                 8:00pm. Written by Donald Margulies.
Barker Hangar. Santa Monica.                Foundation                                   7 First Star                                Geffen Playhouse. Westwood.
310.788.9474, ext. 138                      46th Annual Spring Dinner. 6:00pm.           Fifth Annual Celebration for Children’s     310.208.5454
                                            Honoring Peter Liguori. Chaired by           Rights. 5:00pm. Family carnival and
8 Petersen Automotive Museum                                                                                                         19 Center Dance Arts
                                            Lou Meisinger and Tom Rothman.               dinner. Chaired by Peter Samuelson.
2008 Cars and Stars Gala. 5:30pm.                                                                                                    Second Annual Pool Party. Chaired by
                                            By invitation only. Century Plaza            $500. Ebell of Los Angeles. 310.201.5033
Cocktails, live and silent auctions, and                                                                                             Liane Weintraub and Peter Bacanovic.
dinner. $500. Petersen Automotive           Hyatt Regency Hotel. Century City.           Descanso Gardens                            By invitation only. Beverly Hills Hotel.
Museum. 323.964.6366                        213.316.2107                                 A Toast to California. 6:00pm. The          Beverly Hills. 213.972.3357
                                            29 Reed International                        eighth annual S.E.E.D.S. (Supporting
10 Entertainment Industry                                                                                                            Film Independent / Los Angeles
                                            Book Expo America. 12:00pm. Trade            Education and Excellence at Descanso)
Foundation                                                                                                                           Times
                                            only. Los Angeles Convention Center.         gala. Dinner, dancing, and silent
EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women.                                                                                                       Los Angeles Film Festival. Screenings,
                                            203.840.5507                                 auction. Descanso Gardens. La Canada
8:00am. 5k, health expo, and                                                                                                         talks, and live music. Multiple venues.
                                                                                         Flintridge. 818.952.4391
concert benefiting women’s cancer            Heal The Bay                                                                             Westwood. 866.345.6337
organizations. Los Angeles Memorial         17th Annual Bring Back the Beach Gala.       The Music Center
Coliseum. 310.322.3544                                                                   L.A. Alive! 2008. 6:00pm. Gala and          20 Los Angeles Philharmonic
                                            5:00pm. Cocktails, dinner, silent and live
                                                                                         auction. By invitation only. 213.972.3328   Association, Music Matters
Friends of Cabrillo Marine                  auctions, and entertainment. Honoring
                                                                                                                                     Hollywood Bowl Season Opening Gala.
Aquarium                                    Don Corsini, H. David Nahai, and Tom         9 Blind Children’s Center                   8:30pm. VIP cocktail reception, catered
Grand Grunyon Gala. 6:00pm. Cocktails,      Unterman. $350. Barker Hangar. Santa         Tom Sullivan Celebrity Golf Classic.        dinner, concert and introduction of
silent and live auctions, dinner, and       Monica. 310.451.1500                         8:00am. Tournament followed by              Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame honorees.
awards. Honoring Alisa Schulman-            30 UCLA Center on Aging                      live and silent auctions and dinner.        Benefits music programs in public
Janiger, Southern California Gas            Annual Icon Award Ceremony. 6:30pm.          Riviera Country Club. Pacific Palisades.     schools. Hollywood Bowl. 213.972.3051
Company, and Valero Wilmington              Dinner, dancing, and awards. Black tie.      323.664.2153, ext. 342
Refinery. Black tie. $175. Cabrillo Marine
                                                                                                                                     21 Jonsson Cancer Center
                                            By invitation only. Beverly Hilton Hotel.    12 Professional Golfers’                    Foundation at UCLA
Aquarium. San Pedro. 310.548.8396           Beverly Hills. 310.659.5517                  Association                                 2008 Taste for a Cure. 6:30pm. Celebrity
12 Diabetes Research Institute              31 Chrysalis                                 U.S. Open Golf Tournament. 7:00am.          chefs, food and wine tastings, and
Foundation                                  Seventh Annual Butterfly Ball. 5:00pm.        Torrey Pines Golf Course. La Jolla.         dinner. Honoring Kevin Reilly. Chaired
California Golf Classic. 9:00am. Chaired    Chaired by Rebecca Gayheart-Dane and         American Film Institute                     by Barbara Fairchild and Jon Holman.
by Ken Bernstein and Bob Bills. By          Dana Walden. $1,000. Private Estate.         36th Annual Life Achievement Award          $500. Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons
invitation only. El Caballero Country       Brentwood. 310.401.9393                      Gala. 6:00pm. Honoring Warren Beatty.       Hotel. Beverly Hills. 310.201.5033

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                                                                                                                   Sports Illustrated presented the issue’s models
                                                                                                                   (albeit with more clothes on) during the event.

Up on the Roof
Inspired by 7 World Trade Center’s skyline views, Sports Illustrated built an
urban rooftop setting for its annual swimsuit issue party.

CELEBRATING SWIMSUITS in the middle of February may work well                         In fact, the event’s true theme was ogling the models themselves. Lines
for Sports Illustrated, but it presented some thematic challenges for the         of middle-aged men formed at a green screen where the swimsuit models
February 12 launch party for the magazine’s iconic swimsuit issue. “We            posed for mock SI covers, mementos that attendees could take home.
didn’t want to do the obvious thing and make it tropical,” said Ashley Morris,    Some models mingled in the main party space, though most were in the
production coordinator for MKG Productions, which produced the party              V.I.P. room—a section blocked off by N.Y.P.D.-style barricades—alongside
under the direction of Sports Illustrated executive director of event marketing   sports stars Andy Roddick and Jeff Gordon. Throughout the event, screens
and athlete relations Christine Rosa and events marketing manager Kristen         around the venue played video footage from the shoots, interspersed with
Leoce. So instead the team embraced its New York locale on the 52nd floor          logos of the issue’s sponsors, Budweiser and Dodge.
                      of 7 World Trade Center, echoing the skyscraper space’s         “We wanted the girls to feel accessible, so guests feel that they’re part
FROM NEW YORK 360-degree views (somewhat marred by the night’s                    of our swimsuit franchise rather than that
                                                                                                                                   Sports Illustrated’s
snowstorm) and creating a rooftop feel for the event.                             they’re just looking at the issue,” Leoce said.
                                                                                                                                   “Club SI” Swimsuit Issue
    Beneath the exposed pipes and air ducts in the raw space were faux-               The presentation of the models began         Launch Party
brick structures and smoking silver chimneys, which mimicked the typical          around 9.30 p.m., with a video starring Will
                                                                                                                                   Audiovisual Production,
industrial structures found on New York City rooftops. The props conve-           Ferrell and Heidi Klum, who have a spread         Lighting PRG—Production
niently doubled as a place to rest drinks, while low black couches provided       of their own in the magazine. The stage           Resource Group
                                                                                                                                                                     PHOTOS: JOE FORNABAIO FOR BIZBASH

seating. Due to the size and weight of the stage and other large props,           continued the urban-rooftop motif with           Catering Taste Caterers
                                                                                                                                   DJ Sky Nellor
set-up was a multiday operation, so SI rented out the space for five days,         a faux-brick wall as the backdrop; models        PR BNC (Bragman Nyman
allowing MKG to move in the biggest props on a Saturday, when the office           emerged from behind backlit screens               Cafarelli)—New York
                                                                                                                                   Production MKG Productions
tower was less busy.                                                              built into the wall. Introduced by a sports      Rentals PTG Event Services
    According to MKG, the decor concept was also meant to simulate the            announcer, the women appeared—grouped            Scenic Production Cigar Box
sensation of being on top of the world—a literal take on the way the 750          by the location of their shoot and wearing        Studios Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Technical Production Production
guests (mostly male staffers from the magazine and advertisers) were sup-         dresses, not bikinis—to cheers and camera         Glue L.L.C.
posed to feel being surrounded by such attractive women.                          flashes from the crowd. —Meryl Rothstein          Venue 7 World Trade Center

64 may/june 2008
Reminiscent of neon rooftop signs, the
magazine’s logo filled one side of the room.

                Models mingled among          Taking advantage of Dodge’s sponsorship, Sports Illustrated created a custom
                the mostly male audience.     booth for DJ Sky Nellor using real Dodge parts, including functioning headlights.

                                                  Plastered with images of      Smoking metal pipes
                                                  the magazine, one wall        supported the rooftop theme,
                                                  mimicked city scaffolding.    doubling as cocktail tables.

                                                                                An Xbox station for a Dodge
                                                                                racing game added a less model-
                                                                                oriented activity to the event.

                                                                              may/june 2008 65
                                                                                The lower-level raw space at        A magician was one of the
                                                                                Halcyon House featured a long       many entertainers completing
                                                                                bar and large white banquettes.     the evening’s circus theme.

Triple Play
To mark its list of leaders under 40, Washington Life put forth a
trifold evening of mystery and carnival behavior.

THE ONLY INFORMATION invitees received prior to the January 31                   Cuisine Caterers. For a more substantial meal, chefs in a room outside the
event for Washington Life’s “The Young and the Guest List” issue—pro-            ballroom created made-to-order stir-fry, served in Chinese takeout boxes
filing notables such as gymnast Dominique Dawes, Fox 5 anchor Will                with chopsticks.
Thomas, and Mayor Adrian Fenty and his wife, Michelle—was to arrive at                At 9 p.m., guests headed for the buses, some still toting their takeout
the St. Regis hotel at 8 p.m. sharp. The rest was a mystery. To keep party       boxes. As the bus traveled though Georgetown, partygoers tried to guess
crashers out, and to create a bit of drama, the magazine’s planners kept         where it would stop: Café Milano? Morton’s? All wrong. At the Halcyon
the location a secret, transporting guests by bus to the real party spot (the    House, a private two-level mansion overlooking the Potomac, a jester
Halcyon House), and then to a late-night after-party at the new Josephine        greeted everyone as they entered.
Lounge on Vermont Avenue.                                                             Inside, French burlesque mannequins decorated the historic rooms, and
    Keeping the event details under wraps was no problem, according to           fishnet stockings covered vases. Guests could choose from a variety of sig-
Washington Life editorial director Katie Tarbox. With all the hype from last     nature cocktails, including the aptly named
                                                                                                                                Washington Life’s “The
year’s party, she wanted to make sure the evening lived up to expectations       “Young & Fab”—coconut rum mixed with
                                                                                                                                Young and the Guest List”
for the guest list of “350 future leaders in Washington under 40.” She           Grand Marnier and pineapple and cranberry
                                                                                                                                Catering Design Cuisine
                         added, “This crowd travels to New York, L.A., and       juices. The lavish array of food continued
FROM WASHINGTON they see hot things. They want to be at a hot party.             with sushi, mini burgers, and goat-cheese
                                                                                                                                Design, Production Events by
To think of a concept that’s new and fresh, it’s a lot of pressure.”             quesadillas from Design Cuisine.                André Wells
                                                                                                                                DJ, Halcyon House Sixth Sense
    The logistics of having three parties in one night (and making sure               The lower-level sculpture studio, down    DJ, St. Regis Hotel Adrian Loving
no one missed the bus) did complicate things. “It’s like a ballet,” said the     a long flight of wooden stairs, with floor-to-   Entertainment Big Ray and the
evening’s planner, André Wells, who created a French circus theme for the        ceiling windows and concrete floors, was the     Kool Kats, Cast of Thousands
                                                                                                                                 Entertainment Company,
night after six months of planning. “You have to be so organized,” he said,      real stunner. Wells outfitted the raw space      David London
holding up his four-page schedule.                                               with a long bar and two large pillared white   Flowers, Halcyon House
                                                                                                                                 Janet Flowers Wedding and
    After receiving their wristbands at the St. Regis, guests entered the        banquettes with matching seats, while a live
                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTOS: COURTESY OF JONAH KOCH

                                                                                                                                 Event Designs
hotel’s ornate Astor Ballroom to find tables topped with shiny red-striped        band played oldies. At the end of the night,   Flowers, St. Regis Hotel Ultra
cloths and more than $5,000 worth of flowers from Ultra Violet Flowers,           some unweary revelers boarded the bus           Violet Flowers
                                                                                                                                Lighting Frost Lighting
including French yellow lilies and Holland tulips. Outfitted with flickering       again for Josephine Lounge, and all carried    Rentals D.C. Rental
Belvedere vodka-logoed votives, translucent bar stools, and a low S-shaped       home gift bags stocked with swag including     Security On Point Security Inc.
banquette (which proved to be a stumbling block for more than a hand-            Prescriptives mascara, Clarins Paris sun-      Transportation Reston
ful of guests), the space included a jam-packed square bar in the center         screen, and a cupcake from Georgetown          Venues St. Regis Hotel, Halcyon
and offerings of shrimp wontons and vegetable potstickers from Design            bakery Baked & Wired. —Adele Chapin             House, Josephine Lounge

66 may/june 2008
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                                                                                                                            PLUS             ating Op ucts
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                    Signature cocktails for   ALFRED I. DUPONT BUILDING                                                     New Un
                                                                                                                            Hot Ne
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                                              conceptBAIT is a full-service special event design, decor, and
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                                              Nuage Designs represents the next generation of custom           and bars lighting up logos, graphics and pictures—perfect
                                              linens and furnishings for special events. The company           for marketing and promotions.
                                              works closely with event designers and brides to help
                                              them conceptualize and execute their vision.                     ROUND UP COUNTRY
                                              GET U.S. DESTINATION EVENT                                       WESTERN CLUB
At Halcyon House, hors d’oeuvres sat beside                                                                    9020 South State Road 84
tall vases covered with fishnet stockings.     MANAGEMENT                                                       Davie, FL 33324
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                                              Get U.S. is a multiple services event management compa-          foot dance floor. Round Up can accommodate your every
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                                              Orlando, our event managers will travel nationwide with
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                                              with an unforgettable entertainment experience, while            an experience worth remembering. We bring you superi-
                                              promoting an atmosphere of trust and togetherness.               or service in the modern world of photography
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       André Wells decorated Halcyon
                                                                            Contact Us:
       House’s downstairs sculpture studio.
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                                                               Super Bowl
                                                               Household names (Playboy, Audi, and Victoria’s Secret
                                                               among them) descended upon sunny Scottsdale to host
                                                               a flurry of big-budget events before the February 3 game.
                                                               Here’s how they lured guests and media coverage.
                                                               By Courtney Thompson, with additional reporting by Dawson Fearnow and Nora Trulsson

                                                                                                                                                     Girls, Girls, Girls at Maxim
                                                                                                                                                     Maxim’s Super Bowl bash at Rande Gerber’s new
                                                                                                                                                     Stone Rose lounge in the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
                                                                                                                                                     fulfilled expectations, with hundreds of pretty young
                                                                                                                                                     things donning teensy weensy dresses. In and around
                                                                                                                                                     Stone Rose, the party’s massive footprint was mostly
                                                                                                                                                     outdoors, spilling into the hotel’s main plaza and pool
                                                                                                                                                     area (and while heaters helped, the evening’s 40-degree
                                                                                                                                                     temperature was pervasive). Production for the event
                                                                                                                                                     was extensive—a temporary staircase was built to
                                                                                                                                                     facilitate traffic flow, as was a 45- by 45-foot dance floor
                                                                                                                                                     over the pool area and a 600-foot custom stage. DJ AM
                                                                                                                                                     opened for surprise guests T-Pain and Akon.

                                                                                                                                            may/june 2008 69
Super Bowl Shuffle

 Playboy Goes Off the Beaten Path
 In a move similar to its last two bashes, longtime Super Bowl weekend party host Playboy headed
 outside of town to host its 2,000-plus guests this year. Held at the recently relocated Rawhide
 venue in Chandler, some 25 miles from downtown Scottsdale, the resort-themed event, dubbed
 Playboy’s Desert Oasis and Resort, was production-heavy, with a two-day build-out. Inside the
 cavernous 52,000-square-foot tent, a gift shop vignette offered vintage-style (but real) postcards
 that paid homage to Playboy and event sponsors. Dozens of bunnies floated through the party,
 sporting the iconic uniform and posing with guests for pictures.

                                                                                                       Ice Tricks at Vice
                                                                                                       Vice the Party returned for its second year, taking over
                                                                                                       the French Quarter-themed Venue of Scottsdale. The event
                                                                                                       channeled a Hollywood Western look, accented by a live
                                                                                                       performance from LL Cool J. The Coors Light-sponsored
 ESPN’s Packed Party                                                                                   party featured a female model completely encased in ice
 ESPN the Magazine returned to the Super Bowl with its Next Big Weekend party, setting                 (a trick whipped up by the people who previously froze
 up shop at the 21-acre Scottsdale Performing Arts Center. Things kicked off on Friday                 David Blaine).
 night, with Ludacris performing for some 800 V.I.P.s, while the next day, the event turned
 family-friendly as the entire outdoor site hosted a sports-themed fair that was open to
 the public. Interactive displays abounded—kids could test their mettle against 100 mph
 fastballs, attempt to score hockey goals, or get temporary tattoos.                             ON BIZBASH.COM More photos and details from these and other
                                                                                                 Super Bowl events

70 may/june 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Fox Channels Palm Springs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Fox network held its invite-only (and sponsor-free) party
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       inside a 24,000-square-foot tent in downtown Scottsdale.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The event donned a Rat Pack-era Palm Springs theme,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       with a casino and a lineup of diverse entertainment and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       performances (think aerialists, dancers, and the Cold Schott &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the Hurricane Horns band). The bilevel tent’s interior included
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       themed vignettes like the Bubble Lounge. One crowd-pleaser:
                                                                                                                                                                 Audi’s Home in the Hills                                              the Snake Babe, who entertained with an albino python.

                                                                                                                                                                 Audi took over a private estate in Paradise Valley’s upscale
                                                                                                                                                                 hills, offering celebrities and V.I.P.s a place to lounge. The

                                                                                                                                                                 Audi Forum mixed lots of mini-parties with cosponsors like

                                                                                                                                                                 Marquis Jets and Sony. The traditional Arizona home went
                                                                                                                                                                 through a massive build-out, including the placement of
                                                                                                                                                                 a 2008 Audi R8 atop a plexiglass truss in the pool. A major
                                                                                                                                                                 facet to the Forum was a satellite location of Hyde Lounge.
                                                                                                                                                                 Guests could access the 3,200-square-foot soundproof tent
                                                                                                                                                                 via a path accented by illuminated glow balls.

                                                                                                                              A Beach Bowl
                                                                                                                              for DirecTV
                                                                                                                              DirecTV’s second annual Celebrity
                                                                                                                              Beach Bowl was simple in its
                                                                                                                              strategy: to pair retired and current
                                                                                                                              pro football players with eye candy
                                                                                                                              like Girls Next Door star Kendra
                                                                                                                              Wilkinson and Gossip Girl star (and
                                                                                                                              current It girl) Blake Lively. The
                                                                                                                              Spike- and Samsung-sponsored
                                                                                                                              event combined a pregame concert
                                                                                                                              by Josh Kelley with a 60-minute
                                                                                                                              game and a postgame concert by
                                                                                                                              Fall Out Boy. Ticket holders sat in
                                                                                                                              bleachers that flanked the sand
                                                                                                                              field, and a 50- by 40-foot stage
                                                                                                                              anchored the event’s footprint.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Victoria’s Secret’s Swag Suite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Super Bowl newbie Victoria’s Secret hosted a two-day V.I.P. salon at the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   exclusive Sanctuary resort in Paradise Valley. Decorated like a V.S. boutique,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the suite featured its Very Sexy lingerie and makeup. Press and celebrities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   could get their hair and makeup done, and a multitude of sizes meant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   everyone got custom-fit goodie bags. On Saturday night, the V.S. angels
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   went head to head with the Playboy bunnies, hosting a 600-guest party at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Scottsdale’s brand-new Taste Ultra Lounge.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                may/june 2008 71
   e explosive gr
                 owth of o nline video off
                                            ers a
                                        ore buzz
              of opport unity to get m
virtual world                     s stories.
               ere are five succes
from events. H
By Brendan Sp

               rom text messaging to Facebook to blogs, new technologies offer a

               seemingly endless choice of platforms for connecting with an audi-
               ence and spreading news about events. And of all these media, online
               video has perhaps the most potential to spread an idea or message
               around the world.
    “Videos provide an opportunity to engage the user in a way that text and images
                                                                                          MAHA VIDEO)

don’t,” says David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR. “For
events, that’s a fantastic opportunity.”
    The ease, speed, and accessibility of YouTube and other video-sharing applica-
                                                                                              GLORIOUSL (YA

tions can help a video go viral in a matter of minutes, whether it’s broadcast from a
bedroom in Wisconsin or an airplane over the Pacific.
    “Video is not new to the Internet, but it is growing rapidly for two reasons,” says
                                                                                                   ), COURTESY OF

Thomas Harpointer, C.E.O. of AIS Media, an Internet marketing firm. “One is the
growing popularity and availability of bandwidth. And the second is video sharing.”
YouTube, by far the most popular video-sharing site, now claims 55 million unique
                                                                                                        ANSON VIDEO

users per month.
    Whatever the content—streaming live video of conferences, highlight clips
from trade shows, marketing stunts that result in user-generated viral videos—the
                                                                                                                                       M (BR

medium presents an array of opportunities for promoting events and widening
                                                                                                                           Y OF TODDEIT

their impact and audience. Event marketers are asking, “How do we extend the
value of events to people who haven’t attended?” says Roxanne Darling, co-owner of, a Web development company. “With online video, there’s an
                                                                                                              OTOS: COURTES

incredible untapped resource there.”
    While your event video might not be the next “Obama girl” or “Britney boy,” it
does have the potential to reach thousands, even millions of eyeballs, at a fraction of
the price of traditional media campaigns.

72 may/june 2008
                                                                                 THE PRODUCT PITCH
                                                                                  While industry-specific events often have a very focused target audi-
                                                                                  ence, there is always potential to expand that audience online, because
THE STUNT                                                                         any event that draws an in-person crowd likely has more interested
                                                                                  parties who aren’t able to attend. For this reason, many trade shows
                                                                                  are starting to embrace online video highlights—both professionally
Virgin America, the Stateside branch of the British-
                                                                                  produced and user-generated. In this way, product buzz that would
owned airline, has made YouTube a central part
                                                                                  previously have been limited to word-of-mouth excitement among a
of several marketing efforts. While the company
                                                                                  relatively small group of event attendees can now spread far beyond
 was working to convince the U.S. Department of
                                                                                  the showroom floor.
 Transportation to approve its airline application,
                                                                                      At the 2007 National Association of Music Merchants show,
 the brand launched a
                                                                                  Yamaha’s new Motif XS electronic keyboard was a hit with attendees.
 series of widely viewed          RICHARD BRANSON’S                               Several fans posted videos of Yamaha’s demonstration on YouTube,
 Web videos showing               DAREDEVIL JUMP                                  and the videos quickly attracted more than 150,000 views. (Yamaha
  off its new planes’
                                  Views: More than 49,000                         also posted trade-show highlights on its Web site, but YouTube offers
  sleek design and
                                  Why It’s Popular: It’s fun
                                                                                  the potential for a video to spread much faster and further.)
  high-tech entertain-
                                  to watch a guy jump off a                           Don Morris, manager of Web services at Yamaha, says it’s hard
   ment features. When
                                  building.                                       to determine which videos will take off online. “You never know what
   Virgin premiered an
                                                                                  level they are going to happen at,” he says, “because it happens outside
   onboard safety video
                                                                                  of our sphere of influence.”
    starring quirky cartoon characters, the company
                                                                                      Of course, when the marketing is out of your hands, that can also
    slapped it on YouTube, and the safety announce-
                                                                                  be a problem. Morris warns that this lack of control can be a double-
    ment—so often ignored by frequent travelers—
                                                                                                        edged sword: While you might get an unexpected
     has now been viewed by hundreds of thousands
                                                               YAMAHA’S TRADE SHOW DEMO                 boost for a product, Internet buzz can also disturb
     online. And when the airline held a “Victoria’s
                                                                                                        the pace of your own marketing.
     Secret in-flight supermodel pajama party,” there           Views: More than 181,000
                                                                                                              “NAMM is an industry trade show, and
      was, needless to say, significant online interest.        Why It’s Popular: Gives the first         it’s not open to the public,” Morris says. “Some
           Of all of Virgin’s diverse promotional events,      look at a new product                    of these products won’t be sold for three to six
      the daredevil antics of C.E.O. Richard Branson
                                                                                                        months, so that can be a problem for us as well as
      fit best with the YouTube aesthetic. When
                                                                                  for our dealers, because people may see these videos about upcoming
       Branson rappelled off the Fantasy Tower at the
                                                                                  products and decide to not buy products already out there.”
       Palms Casino to promote Virgin’s service from
       Las Vegas to San Francisco, the stunt, produced                              Yamaha’s keyboard unveiling (featuring Stevie Wonder),
       by Virgin America’s in-house marketing shop                                  as recorded by a trade show attendee.
                                       in concert with
        A YouTube video of Richard Ogilvy PR, not only
        Branson’s jump off a
                                       drew hundreds of
        Las Vegas casino tower.
                                       live spectators, but
         several attendees also filmed home videos of
         the event, which were posted to YouTube and
          have drawn almost 50,000 views.
                Abby Lunardini, director of corporate
          communications at Virgin America, says
          traditional media strategy applies to Web
           video, but the vast online landscape means
           a Web video has to be that much more orig-
            inal to grab the attention of online users.
            “You need some news, something interest-
             ing and slightly different,” Lunardini says.
             “That applies to PR in general, not just
              online. It’s just a higher standard in that
              sphere, because [bloggers] are inundated
              with info, press releases, and events, and
              they are sophisticated.
                   “Because [our] planes look so differ-
               ent and because we are doing some pretty
               ridiculous PR events, we tend to just get
               a lot of video blogs, trip reports, and
                natural buzz, and then it gets out there
                on YouTube pretty fast,” she adds.

                                                                                            may/june 2008 73
                    THE FAN TIE-IN                                                          THE GOOFY POP-UP
                    In a joint marketing promotion to publicize the                              A marketing event that got significant buzz in both
                    2007 release of The Simpsons Movie, 20th Century                             the real and virtual worlds was Charmin’s 2006
                     Fox transformed 12 North American 7-Eleven stores                           and 2007 holiday promotion, in which the company
                     into Kwik-E-Marts, inspired by the parody conve-                            installed free public bathrooms in New York’s Times
                     nience store frequented by Homer Simpson in the                             Square. Accompanied by singers, dancers, and fun
                      fictional town of Springfield.                                               facts about flushing, the quirky event, produced by
                            Because of the tie-in to The Simpsons, a long-                       Charmin along with experiential marketing firm
                      running show with a fervent fan base, the market-                          Gigunda Group and public relations firm Manning,
                      ing event had particular resonance online. Fan                             Selvage & Lee, brought in 400,000 visitors each year.
                       forums and blogs were abuzz with news about                               In a pleasant surprise for Charmin, several dozen of
                       where the makeshift                                                       those people were so tickled with the happening that
                       Kwik-E-Marts would             THE SIMPSONS KWIK-E-MARTS                  they recorded it with handheld cameras and posted
                        be. When the stores                                                      the videos to YouTube—sharing Charmin’s event with
                                                      Views: More than 300,000
                        debuted in towns                                                         thousands more viewers.
                        from Bladensburg,             Why It’s Popular: Latches onto an               “The event was all about providing an opportunity
                        Maryland, to Bur-             already mega-popular brand                 for the consumer to engage in the brand in a different
                         bank, California,                                                       and more unusual, innovative way,” says Dewayne
                         excited fans at each location walked through                            Guy, external relations manager at Charmin. “We
                         with handheld cameras and posted their videos                           put a lot of effort into making sure it was interactive,
                         online. As a result, a marketing promotion that                         and that lends itself to the visual media. Online video
                          might have attracted only curious passersby                            is not something we actively pushed—it happened
                          instead reached a worldwide audience of tens                           organically based on the consumer reactions.”
                          of thousands.                                                               Because Charmin’s event was inventive, one-of-a-
                                “It was really mystifying and exciting to see                    kind, and a little bizarre, consumers not only wanted
                           that we created an event that was so popular                          to check it out, but were also compelled to share the
                           we didn’t need advertising,” says Sterling                            experience with others. Whether they were amused,
                           Hayman, group account director at Tracy                               annoyed, or just confused, they were engaged enough
                            Locke Advertising, the lead firm among the                            to film a video, upload it, and share it with friends and

                                                                                                                                                            PHOTOS: COURTESY OF JOSHLEWIS (SIMPSONS VIDEO), COURTESY OF WTC3353 (CHARMIN VIDEO), COURTESY OF IMG FASHION (FASHION WEEK VIDEO)
                            ad and marketing firms that make up the                               strangers.
                            studio’s virtual in-house agency, FreshWorks.                             Darling says creating an online video that people
                            “We were only able to do 12 states, but the                          want to share is “all about the energy; it isn’t about
                             consumer-generated interest brought the                                                       the technology or the crafts-
                             event to many more people online.”                           CHARMIN’S FREE PUBLIC            manship. It’s about, Does
                                                          The stunt was                   BATHROOMS                        that video in some way touch
                             A fan’s walkthrough popular on the Internet                                                   someone, so that they will
                              of a 7-Eleven                                               Views: More than 18,000
                                                     because it was more                                                   want to tell people about it,
                              made over for                                               Why It’s Popular: The over-
                              The Simpsons Movie.
                                                     than a typical market-                                                and then those people will
                                                                                          the-top novelty effect
                                                     ing promotion; it was a                                               want to tell people about it?”
                               happening that people wanted to see and be
                               a part of—whether it was in their hometown
                               or somebody else’s. “It was successful in                  A consumer’s video of Charmin’s Times Square stunt.
                               video because we created an environment
                                in-store that lived up to what would happen
                                if you stepped into a cartoon,” Hayman
                                says. “It wasn’t something you could just
                                 describe or show with a picture.”
                                      The event didn’t really focus on
                                 7-Eleven or promote any of its products,
                                 but by putting a unique spin on some-
                                  thing many people already love, the chain
                                  grabbed the attention of thousands.
                                        “The mistake that most people make
                                   with online videos is that they start with
                                   the old rules of marketing—that you
                                   have to talk about your service,” says
                                    author David Meerman Scott. “But what
                                    tends to work online is focusing on the
                                    user. An online video needs to appeal
                                    to them.”

74 may/june 2008
                                                         How to Go Viral
Not every successful online video is made by event       1. MAKE IT SNAPPY A video is not likely to get noticed
attendees with handheld cameras. Marketers who           if it’s more than a few minutes long. “It needs to grab
realize the potential of Web video for enhancing an      you right away, because people are more likely to share
event experience are also producing professional,        it if they watch it all the way through to the end,” says
high-quality videos to complement their events.          author David Meerman Scott. If you have too much ma-
     In 2007, IMG Fashion launched a YouTube             terial, the best bet is a series. “Instead of posting a 10-
channel to display videos from Fashion Week              minute video, post five two-minute videos,” Scott says.
events throughout the world. Each video is a one-        2. QUALITY IS NOT ALWAYS KING Spend five minutes
to four-minute clip focused on a specific runway          browsing YouTube and you’ll see that authenticity
show, collection, or after-party, featuring interviews   trumps professionalism, and unpolished, uncut videos
with designers and celebrity attendees. Produced         are more popular than slick, corporate-produced adver-
and edited by IMG and Smashbox Studios, the vid-         tisements. “We’re at an unusual time in history in that
                                                         people trust the rough-around-the edges take more
eos capture both the glamour of the runway shows
                                                         than the polished, professional effort,” says Roxanne
and the frenetic energy behind the scenes.
                                                         Darling of “Because we’ve all
     The most-viewed Fashion Week video—a look           been sold, you trust someone who is on site, just went
at designer Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ line      to the event, and has a fresh take.”
                       from last year—has been
IMG’s behind-the-                                        3. FILM SOMETHING PEOPLE WILL WANT TO SHARE
                       viewed more than 240,000
scenes videos from                                       A video won’t be a viral success unless it goes beyond
Fashion Week.          times, and more than 50           describing a product or showcasing an event. It has to
                       other videos have attracted       offer the viewer something new or exciting that they’ll
similarly impressive numbers (although, admit-           want to tell people about. “To make it viral, it has to be
tedly, none were nearly as popular as the clip of a      funny, engaging, or unique,” says Thomas Harpointer
model falling through a hole in the runway—some          of AIS Media. “We’re not going to just pass advertise-
things just work).                                       ments on to our friends and family.”
     For New York Fashion Week this past February,       4. MAKE SURE THEY CAN SHARE IT YouTube and
IMG teamed up with one of its sponsors, American         similar video sites make sharing easy by including an
Express, to expand its online offerings. This year,      embed code so that users can import the video to any
the videos were showcased both on a YouTube              other Web site or blog with a simple cut and paste. “A
channel and on a separate site hosted by American        lot of companies don’t understand the embed code
Express, with additional features such as live video     and just put the video on their Web site and wonder
streams of runway shows.                                 why no one is taking it,” Darling says. If you want your
                                                         video to be shared, post it directly to YouTube or an-
     “Fashion Week is such a visual and exciting
                                                         other site that uses similar embed technology.
experience,” says Leslie Berland, director of public
affairs and communications at American Express.          5. DON’T FAKE IT “A lot of companies have gone online
“The live, streaming aspect brought that excite-         and tried to disguise ads as humor. This doesn’t work,
ment to consumers in a way that wasn’t available         because people are savvy and they can see through
                                                         that,” Harpointer says. There are plenty of videos that
                                                         are designed to look homemade and are not identified
     For an event like Fashion Week, which already       as advertising, but online users usually catch on to this,
draws interest from a huge number of people,             which can result in embarrassing negative publicity
online video can bring the event to thousands of         for companies who try to pass off a corporate video as
people who would be unlikely to attend the event         homemade. If you have a fan-made video, that’s great.
in person. “It’s an insider industry event,” Berland     If not, don’t pretend to.
says, “and the videos enabled consumers to experi-       6. LISTEN TO THE SOUND When filming events, don’t
ence the event as if they were industry insiders,        forget that audio is just as important as video. “When
while also allowing the designers to connect with        we look at a video, the brain will fill in the picture if
consumers.”                                              it’s not perfect,” Darling says. “But if the sound is poor,
                                                         you’ll just tune that out.” She recommends purchasing
                                                         a video camera with a separate microphone input—a
                                                         feature many consumer cameras don’t provide.
  Views: More than 1.2 million
                                                         7. REMEMBER: YOU NEVER KNOW The one thing
  Why It’s Popular: Offers insider                       everyone agrees on is that by definition, it’s impos-
  access to an exclusive world                           sible to predict what the next viral sensation will be. “If
                                                         there were a formula, a lot of people would be using
                                                         it,” Darling says. “Viral means there’s a mutation there,
                                                         and things take off in an unexpected way and no one
                                                         can predict it.”

                                                may/june 2008 75
Back From the Brink
Saved from cancellation when the writers strike ended two weeks before, the Oscars went on
with significant fanfare (albeit dismal ratings) and many of the standard parties (minus a few).

                                                      THE ACADEMY
                                                      GETS GOLDEN

                                                                                                                                 PHOTOS: NADINE FROGER PHOTOGRAPHY (GOVERNORS BALL), STEFANIE KEENAN/WIREIMAGE (ELTON JOHN BALLROOM), MICHAEL CAULFIELD/WIREIMAGE (JOHN/BLIGE), DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/WIREIMAGE (GLOBAL GREEN)
                                                      Not long after they had walked the red carpet and watched a parade
                                                      of golden statuettes get passed around at the February 24 Academy
                                                      Awards, Oscar guests were again seeing red and gold—albeit in a very
                                                      different format—at the Academy’s official post-ceremony Governors
                                                      Ball. Sequoia Productions’ Cheryl Cecchetto, who produced the event
                                                      with ball chair Cheryl Boone Isaacs, chose the iconic and omnipresent
                                                      Oscar-night shades for the ball’s color palette as a subtle tribute to
                                                      the award show’s 80th anniversary.
                                                           About 1,500 guests, including winners Tilda Swinton and Javier
                                                      Bardem, filtered into the grand ballroom of the Hollywood &
                                                      Highland Center—a mere elevator ride away from the Kodak Theatre,
                                                      the site of the ceremony—and found it covered in red carpet with
                                                      gold runners and a gold inlay. Nine distinct seating areas featured
                                                      tables of varied decor; one section had gold-linen-covered tabletops
                                                      with Kartell lamps as centerpieces, and another had mirrored surfaces
                                                                                  topped with towering floral arrangements
                                                      Hollywood & Highland’s made with clusters of red roses paired
                                                      ballroom was covered        with golden-hued orchids. Everything from
                                                      in red carpet with gold     the chairs and tufted wall hangings to
                                                      runners and a gold          the glasses and china matched the color
                                                      inlay, and glass globes     scheme. (Red showed up on many of the
                                                      hung from the ceiling.      higher-profile attendees, too, including
                                                      Mark’s Garden created       presenters Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren,
                                                      centerpieces with           and Katherine Heigl.)
                                                      15 shades of roses, and         Inspired by watching a child blow
                                                      red wine glasses sat        bubbles in a park, Cecchetto suspended
                                                      atop the tables.            translucent glass globes interspersed
                                                                                                   with firefly lights from
                                                                                                   the ceiling. Guests sat
                                                                                                   underneath the whimsi-
                                                                                                   cal installations as they
                                                                                                   dined on Wolfgang Puck’s
                                                                                                   menu of truffled mac and
                                                                                                   cheese and caviar-filled
                                                                                                   baked potatoes, which
                                                                                                   took a culinary staff of
                                                                                                   350 four days to prepare,
                                                                                                   and sipped Sterling Vine-
                                                                                                   yards wine or Patron’s
                                                                                                   “Red Carpet” cocktail, a
                                                                                                   red-hued drink rimmed
                                                                                                   with gold sugar.
                                                                                                        Pink Martini appeared
                                                                                                   on a raised orchestral
                                                                                                   stage, as did DJ Jason
                                                                                                   Bentley, who spun a
                                                                                                   mash-up of film scores
                                                                                                   and contemporary music.
                                                                                                               —Rosalba Curiel

76 may/june 2008
                                                                                                                       GLOBAL GREEN
                                                                                                                       STAYS ON MESSAGE
                                                                                                                       Global Green U.S.A.’s pre-Oscar bash isn’t an
                                                                                                                       award-season party in the traditional sense—it
                                                                                                                       doesn’t celebrate Hollywood. Instead, Hollywood
                                                                                                                       celebrates Global Green: Paparazzi shots of eco-
                                                                                                                       minded actors including Tate Donovan arriving at
                                                                                                                       the party on bicycles are pure gold for the group.
                                                                                                                       The media swarming around L.A. during award
                                                                                                                       season made the fifth annual bash at the Avalon
                                                                                                                       Hollywood on February 20 the year’s highest-
                                                                                                                       profile event for the Santa Monica-based group,
                                                                                                                       and the medium is definitely the message.
                                                                                                                           Event producer Beau Robb of Treehouse, along

With Vanity Fair’s exclusive bash off the slate this
year, a new entity claimed the title of biggest
Oscar-night party (apart from the academy’s own
ball): the Elton John AIDS Foundation fund-raiser.
Sir Elton and David Furnish hosted the foundation’s                                                                    A display in Avalon’s        with Global Green U.S.A.
16th annual party at the Pacific Design Center,                                                                         lobby showcased              C.E.O. Matt Petersen
with Chopard and VH1 cosponsoring. The event                                                                           energy-efficient              and director of PR
raised $5.1 million—up considerably over last year’s                                                                   fluorescent bulbs in          Ruben Aronin, focused
$4.2 million, and by far a record.                                                                                     recycled-plastic shades.     on one cohesive mes-
     The gala event began with a cocktail reception,                                                                                                sage this year (rather
followed by a formal dinner and viewing for 680.                                                                       than the multiple messages of green-product
After dinner offered by Mark’s Restaurant owner                                                                        purveyors who had participated in previous years).
and chef Wayne Elias and co-owner Chris Diamond                                                                        “Time to Act—Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” was
with their Crumble Catering team, guests bid on                                                                        emblazoned on posters at the entrance as well
live auction items including Sharon Stone’s 1974                                                                       as on flat-screen TVs and behind the stage, where
Corvette and a world travel package patterned                                                                          Michelle Branch, Damien Rice, Michael Franti, and
                                                          A bright palette of orange and pink dominated
after Oscar-winning film Around the World in 80                                                                         Oscar-winning songwriters Marketa Irglova and
                                                          the fund-raising dinner, where copious TVs made
Days. To cap off the night, Elton John and his band                                                                    Glen Hansard (from the film Once) performed.
                                                          viewing available from all angles. Later, Elton John
performed for more than an hour, along with                                                                                As the 800 guests entered the lobby lounge,
                                                          brought Mary J. Blige on stage to sing with him.
guests Mary J. Blige and Jake Shears of the Scissor                                                                    they encountered vignettes such as the “enchant-
Sisters. About 200 more guests joined the dinner          that could have been derailed by the writers strike.         ed forest,” a thicket of bare branches dangling
group for the auction and performances.                   “The colors overall are just very happy and festive.         energy-efficient lighting fixtures (compact fluo-
     Foundation executive director Scott Campbell         It’s an exciting time because the strike has just            rescent bulbs encased in recycled-plastic shades)
tapped Virginia Fout of V Productions to produce          finalized itself, and everyone is celebrating that. It’s      with recycled glass mulch at their base. Nearby
the event again this year, her fourth go. Of all that’s   kind of a twofold celebration,” Fout said. “Plus we          was a living room assembled from Cisco Brothers
been made about the party’s significance in 2008,          get a nice diverse group of people in the room—not           Furniture’s sustainable collection. Upstairs, the
Fout said, “The thing to remember is that first and        all celebrities, not all corporate America. It’s a con-      designers assembled a V.I.P. lounge using sustain-
foremost we’re a fund-raiser, so on Oscar night           scious decision to mix and marry different folks.”           able teak couches, and carpet made from recycled
we’re unique [from Vanity Fair’s party].” She added,      This year table prices soared to about $100,000.             plastic bottles covered another lounge.
“In years past we’d have celebrities that would try             Fout says the team behind the fund-raiser                  The event started five years ago as a rock show
to do both [parties], but they’d just stay there and      never considered scrapping the party, even as the            for Global Green’s friends, which was intimate
not come over to ours because the night gets long.”       writers strike continued into February. She says             enough that organizers called it “a friend-raiser.”
     As for decor, the room featured what Fout called     John had always planned to perform, which is                 This year the party raised $420,000 for a green
“an uplifting, feel-good, motivating look,” designed      consistently a draw for guests no matter what the            building project in New Orleans. “It’s gotten big-
by New York-based Antony Todd for the second              status of the ceremony, and the fund-raising com-            ger and better and [gained] more notoriety,” said
time. Gone was last year’s silvery palette, and in its    ponent was too important to consider pulling the             Monica Gilchrist, Global Green’s national resource
place was a sea of fuschia, orange, yellow, and gold      plug. “Unfortunately, AIDS didn’t go on strike, and          center coordinator. “Each year we get more press
with purple and green accents—apropos of the              there’s still a need out there to raise awareness and        and higher-level folks involved. It’s a very exciting
cheerful feeling in the room in light of a ceremony       raise money,” Fout said. —Alesandra Dubin                    evolution.” —Irene Lacher

                                                                                                           may/june 2008 77
Musical Inclination
Offerings at this year’s Grammy parties included a commitment to zero waste, a mountain of
cupcakes, an army of circus performers, an all-star entertainer, plus a debut fashion show.

                                                                                                                                                 About 6,000 guests
                                                                 The Grammy awards lure        liers hung from the ceiling, and large-scale       meandered about the

A ROCK OPERA FOR THE                                             many of the biggest stars
                                                                 in the music industry to
                                                                                               projections of vintage-European-looking            cavernous convention
                                                                                               opera houses, streets, and gardens enveloped center space. Cindy

RECORDING ACADEMY                                                one of the hugest, most
                                                                 mass-market venues in
                                                                                               guests. A small army of about 50 costumed
                                                                                               dancers and performers from the troupe Lu-
                                                                                                                                                  Lauper and Natasha
                                                                                                                                                  Bedingfield performed
                                                                 Los Angeles, Staples Cen-     cent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque took to stages on the party’s green-
             ter. And it can be said that the Recording Academy’s official Grammy af-           throughout the huge space to mimic acts like hued stage.
             ter-party is like that, too: massive, but still with an air of exclusivity, and   serving tea and preparing in the boudoir.
             with months of detail-oriented production behind the execution. On the                 Puck catered an eclectic mix of international buffet offerings, includ-
             50th anniversary of the Grammys, the academy’s bash for 6,000 took to             ing English stations (bangers, carved prime rib, fish, and mugs of ginger
             the cavernous Los Angeles Convention Center on February 10 with a look            beer), which advanced the European theme. When the doors opened,
             that evoked the opera houses of old-world Europe, with a surrealist bent.         crowds immediately formed deep lines for the buffets—a three-and-a-
                  Recording Academy vice president of production and process man-              half-hour food-free telecast had taken its toll on appetites. The menu
             agement Branden Chapman, along with academy staffers Rex Supa and                 took two months to plan and test, and five days to prepare.
             Clay Upton, worked with the Mary Micucci-helmed Along Came Mary to                     With all the planning that goes into an annual event of this size, the
             produce the spectacle, backed by a giant team, including Wolfgang Puck            Recording Academy’s Chapman said that his group never considered
             for dinner and dessert spreads and Angel City Designs for the dreamlike           axing the party in light of the writers strike and that the cancellation
             decor. Organizers estimate that more than 450 production crew mem-                of the Golden Globes earlier in the season may have in fact led to “the
             bers and 600 servers—plus kitchen staff—were on hand for the event.               energy and the excitement being there even more so” for the Grammys.
                  “We knew the 50th was going to be tremendous,” said Chapman of                    So did the Recording Academy significantly increase its event bud-
             the look he conjured, a departure from last year’s clubby, Asian-inspired         get for the big 50th anniversary? Not exactly. “Our budget is approxi-
             motif. Micucci, who has worked on the party for 11 years, added, “You al-         mately the same,” Chapman said. “This party is on the same huge scale.”
             ways try to upstage [the previous year’s production]. This year is edgier.”       And that scale is undeniable. “People never want to leave this party,
                  At the red-dominated party, more was more. Giant crystal chande-             because there is so much to do,” Micucci said. —Alesandra Dubin

78 may/june 2008
                               WARNER’S WASTE-
                               FREE SOIREE
                               For all the talk about the event industry going
                               green, there comes along only the rare party
                               that takes all efforts to the extreme to put
                               forth a pure environmental message. Warner
                               Music Group’s Grammy after-party at Vibiana,
                               overseen by WMG corporate communications
                               vice president Susan Mazo, was that party.
                                    The goal was to create a stylish event
                               that was carbon-neutral and resulted in zero
                               landfill waste—meaning no solid or hazard-
                               ous waste and no emissions. New York-based
                               Mazo got local agencies involved to make sure
                               that happened. “We approached the city of
                               L.A. to figure out how they could help us work
                               with them,” Mazo said. California’s Integrated
                               Waste Management Board, the City of Los
                               Angeles’s Bureau of Sanitation, Athens Ser-
                               vices, and other local companies and sponsors            A clear tent covered
                               partnered with WMG on the project.                       Vibiana’s outdoor space,
                                    Green efforts included carbon-offsetting            while inside, potted
                               the event’s energy usage; using energy-                  trees stood under
                               efficient lighting, biodiesel generators, and             lighting that mimicked a
                               recycled paper products; composting paper                blue sky. Grass in simple
                               and food waste; and sending invitations                  arrangements (rather
                               printed on recycled paper and manufactured               than towering flower
                               with wind power. (A stamp on the outside of              bouquets, which become
                               the corrugated-cardboard invitation, created             organic waste) sat atop
                               by an artist at Atlantic Records, warned “Invita-        cocktail tables. All of
                               tion Enclosed,” lest potential guests mistake it         the decor kept with the
                               for trash.)                                              earth-minded theme.
                                    The menu, sourced from four Whole Foods
                               markets, used only local California products.
                               Whole Foods also provided paper goods for the bathrooms. “This
                               party has much more of an L.A. focus. Instead of going to Whole Foods
                               corporate, we went to the local Whole Foods to work directly with
                               people who are affected, rather than trucking in from Texas or some-
                               where,” Mazo said. “Plus, it’s nice to work with some people in your
                               own backyard.”
                                    While a slate of live performers and DJs provided music, noise
                               from the crowd often permeated the space, which is dominated by
                               hard surfaces. But the crowd turned its attention to the stage as kid
                               DJs Sara and Ryusei from Japan scratched in a crowd-pleasing set.
                               (Kindergarten-age Ryusei is so tiny that he had to stand on a box to
                               reach the low turntables.)
                                    As for the decor, it supported the green theme, with potted trees
                               dotting the space and limited use of cut flowers, which were compos-
                               ted afterward. Mazo described the look as reminiscent of “an ethereal
                               forest—very earthy.” She added, “Nothing is single-use. Some trees are
                               live and some are props—but nothing has been cut down.”
                                    “We’re composting everything we can,” Mazo added. “Things you
                               don’t even think about, like the corks from the wine bottles, can be com-
                               posted. It’s all easy things, but you don’t [always] think about them.”
                                    Before it bowed last night, the party had even gotten the attention
                               of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. “[Californians] have learned that
                               we can help our environment while at the same time protecting the

                               economy and our lifestyles,” the governor said in a press release. “War-
                               ner Music Group ... is turning consumption into conservation on the
                               important pop culture stage.”
                                    The event is part of a larger environment-friendly strategy for
                               WMG, which recently changed its CD and DVD packaging to include
                               postconsumer paper and is reviewing its greenhouse-gas emissions.

                                                                                                           may/june 2008 79
                                                                              MusiCares’s red carpet
                                                                              snaked through the
                                                                              convention center,
                                                                              where Dan Aykroyd
                                                                              and Jim Belushi
                                                                              appeared onstage as
                                                                              the Blues Brothers and
                                                                              MusiCares’s Person of
                                                                              the Year, Aretha Franklin,
                                                                              performed a three-song
                                                                              set. Below left, Nicole
                                                                              Khristine took over
                                                                              Social Hollywood and its
                                                                              new restaurant, Citrus.

                                                                                                               Taylor Swift performed at the People and
                                                                                                               Verizon Wireless tribute to Timbaland, which
                                                                                                               took place at Avalon in Hollywood.

How Grammy party hosts enticed guests. (A sample: cupcakes and Aretha.)

             On Grammy weekend, you can bet many potential guests had a                 ing time (and to drive up, instead of ascending by tram). The program
             stack of invitations from which to choose. And the notorious sprawl        included cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and performances by cartoon-
             synonymous with Los Angeles only made it less likely that would-be         ishly cute kid pianist Marc Yu and the new chairman of the Foundation
             attendees could make stops at all of those events. So how did hosts        D’Enterprise Montblanc de la Culture, Grammy-nominated pianist
             pull crowds? Here are some of their strategies.                            Lang Lang. (Alas, come Grammy night, he would not take the prize.)
             A BIG DEBUT While other events were dropping off the award-                LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Jewelry line Nicole Khristine took

                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTOS: RON WOLFSON (MUSICARES), COURTESY OF NICOLE KHRISTINE, FRANK
             season calendar, In Style and the Recording Academy unveiled a new,        over the new restaurant Citrus at Social Hollywood on Thursday night

                                                                                                                                                                    MICELOTTA/WIREIMAGE (SWIFT), JORDAN STRAUSS/WIREIMAGE (AVALON)
             hot-ticket pre-Grammy fashion show and concert at Boulevard3 on            to give 52 guests the first taste of chef Michel Richard’s short ribs and
             Thursday, February 7. In Style fashion director Hal Rubenstein curated     mini lobster burgers. The event gave that intimate group a peek at the
             a colorful, high-energy fashion show, with designs from musicians-         space, which wouldn’t open until the following night. (Another perk
             turned-designers Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer     of the location: When the launch ballooned into a bigger party after
             Lopez, Jay-Z, and Sean Combs. Rihanna performed a full-scale concert,      dinner, it benefited from ease of access for folks who had also R.S.V.P.’d
             complete with a troupe of four backup dancers, on the runway where         for the In Style and Recording Academy fashion show and concert next
             the models had strutted only minutes earlier. In a year in which many      door at Boulevard3.) DJ AM, Grandmaster Flash, and Macy Gray joined
             annual events were being eliminated in the wake of the writers strike,     together to perform a turntable symphony.
             the emergence of this significant new program—which organizers
                                                                                        FREE STUFF WITH PERKS Some naïfs might think the free stuff is the
             said they’ll assess for annual potential—seemed like a natural merger
                                                                                        perk. But these days, swag-suite organizers are forced to do more to
             of two industries for the parties involved. “We thought this was a nice
                                                                                        differentiate their lounges from one another (although the Grammys
             way to bring the magazine to life,” In Style’s Cyd Wilson said. “This is
                                                                                        are not known for the proliferation of swag that, say, the Oscars
             the perfect intersection between fashion and music.”
                                                                                        generally bring to town). The Recording Academy’s officially sanc-
             A GORGEOUS VENUE The restaurant at the spectacular Getty Center            tioned suite, now in its fifth year, took over Smashbox Studios in West
             set the scene for Montblanc’s pre-Grammy party on Thursday, a rare         Hollywood for four days of giveaways and pampering treatments,
             opportunity for guests to make it up the hill after the museum’s clos-     taking care to throw a few cool details into the free-stuff mix. Hard

80 may/june 2008
                                                                                                                              Montblanc took
                                                                                                                              its pre-Grammy                                                                  Crumbs offered mountains of
                                                                                                                              fete to the                                                                     cupcakes at Sony BMG’s after-party.
                                                                                                                              striking hilltop
                                                                                                                              Getty Center,
                                                                                                                              where kid                                                                    Models strutted in musician-designed
                                                                                                                              pianist Marc Yu                                                              looks at the In Style event, where
                                                                                                                              performed.                                                                   Rihanna performed. The official
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Grammy suites featured a grand piano.

                                                                             Rock International lent costumes—including Madonna’s memorable            to the Avalon Hollywood at 10 p.m. for an evening honoring producer
                                                                             coned corset—which dotted the space, and a grand piano sat on the         Timbaland. Guests (including Fergie, Paris Hilton, and Ludacris) walked
                                                                             studio floor for anyone who felt moved to sit down and play. (We           leopard-print carpets leading into the venue dotted with throw pillows
                                                                             hear the spirit did move a few guests, but we didn’t witness it during    and lampshades in the animal print, and snacked on tenderloin satay

                                                                             our stop.) The Mondrian’s Skybar set up and staffed a central bar, and    as well as sweets like tiramisu and cheesecake, while Paramore, One
                                                                             Couch Nobelius produced. Meanwhile, another suite downtown at-            Republic, Chris Cornell, and others took to the stage. Guests who stuck
                                                                             tempted to draw guests by appealing to their sense of environmental       around until the party’s end at 2 a.m. got to see surprise performer
                                                                             responsibility and philanthropy: The Green With Music suite had an        Missy Elliott both on- and off-stage—the hip-hop artist made her way

                                                                             eco-friendly bent, and benefited Katrina-relief effort Make It Right 9.    to the middle of the crowd at one point—and hear Timbaland’s not-
                                                                                                                                                       so-kind closing remarks, which were peppered with choice expletives
                                                                             ENERGETIC ENTERTAINMENT MusiCares’s 16th annual Person of the
                                                                                                                                                       aimed at Verizon and People for apparently making his “homeboy”
                                                                             Year tribute drew 2,500 guests, including recording-industry execu-
                                                                                                                                                       wait in line earlier in the evening.
                                                                             tives and artists, who flocked to the Los Angeles Convention Center on
                                                                             Friday, February 8, for the chance to hear John Legend, Corinne Bailey
                                                                                                                                                       DECADENT DESSERTS Maybe it was a celebratory feeling that
                                                                             Rae, Patti Austin, Fantasia Barrino, and other artists’ take on honoree
                                                                                                                                                       brought guests to Sony BMG’s after-party at the Beverly Hills Hotel on
                                                                             Aretha Franklin’s classics. They also heard a performance by the Queen
                                                                                                                                                       Sunday, February 10. (The group had a few notable wins.) Or maybe it
                                                                             of Soul herself, who sang “Chain of Fools” and treated attendees to “A
                                                                                                                                                       was the star wattage—Grammy performers Beyoncé, Carrie Under-
                                                                             Woman Falling Out of Love,” a song off her upcoming album of the
                                                                                                                                                       wood, and Aretha Franklin were all in the house, where Clive Davis also
                                                                             same name. Guests dined on braised beef short ribs, collard greens,
                                                                                                                                                       roamed. But it might have been the cupcakes, which were the talk of
                                                                             and key lime pie—a menu in keeping with the singer’s Southern
                                                                                                                                                       the ballroom (seriously). Crumbs erected a giant shrine to its product,
                                                                             roots—following a cocktail reception and auction that helped raise a
                                                                                                                                                       a multitiered serving tray under cover of a canopy bearing the bakery’s
                                                                             record-breaking $4.5 million for the musician-support org MusiCares.
                                                                                                                                                       name. Cupcake-captivated guests ogled the wide variety of offerings,
                                                                             GOOD TIMING Verizon Wireless and People magazine opted out of di-         and noshed nearby. They were also welcome to carry out the sweets as
                                                                             rect competition with other Friday-night biggies by opening the doors     takeaways in plastic containers. —Rosalba Curiel & Alesandra Dubin

                                                                                                                                                                                 may/june 2008 81
                                  Special Advertising Section

the Ballroom
Step beyond the ballroom in this special advertising section.
Hotels offer you a peek at some of their most unique event spaces.
Find the next great place for your receptions, meetings, celebrations,
and networking or teambuilding events. Beyond the Ballroom will
appear throughout the year as a special advertising section.
Special Advertising Section
                                                                Special Advertising Section


The Beverly Hilton has
combined the excitement
and entertainment of Hollywood with
the elegance of Beverly Hills for
over 50 years. The “Star” is reborn
with absolute style and Mobil Four Star service since
the $80 million reinvention. With more than 60,000
square feet of upscale indoor and open-air event
space all on the lobby level, the hotel is home to many
notable annual events including the Golden Globe
Awards, Oscar Nominee Luncheon and the Milken
Institute’s Global Conference.

                                                                                         For all who crave wine and chocolate, Le Chateau is their castle. It evokes a classic
                                                                                         European wine cellar, yet is strongly influenced by key elements of modern Californian
                                                                                         architecture. With a cellar of more than 4,500 bottles of Central California Coast wines and
                                                                                         an indulgent line of Belgian chocolate, it has the right ingredients for a rich discussion.

                                                                                         Want to be on top of the world? The Stardust flows seamlessly from the floor-to-ceiling
Enjoy a fountain courtyard setting. Whether for a banquet in the bright afternoon or a   glass panels on the interior to the open-air rooftop patio with awe-inspiring views
star-studded after-party, celebrating in the breeze-swept courtyard makes any occasion   of the Hollywood Hills, making an event accommodating as many as 200 people a
special.                                                                                 memorable occasion.
                                                                       Special Advertising Section

Some luxuries simply require the sun. By day, the Aqua Star Pool is reminiscent
of times past, when MGM’s spectacular swimming star, Esther Williams,
inaugurated it in 1955. By night, this beauty of a backdrop with a barefoot
elegance is the perfect paradise for mixing and mingling adjacent to Circa 55
restaurant and Trader Vic’s Lounge.

                                                                                              Looking for a corner of paradise in the heart of Beverly Hills to indulge in the sites
                                                                                             and sounds of the tropics and the colorful spirits of the ages? Then look no further
                                                                                             than Trader Vic’s Lounge at The Beverly Hilton, where the new home of the original
                                                                                             Mai Tai lives on. Same island escape, new poolside location!

Contact: Dee Doak, Director of Sales & Marketing Telephone: 310-285-1379 E-mail:
                                                            Special Advertising Section


The perfect California
beachfront luxury resort
for events to remember. With the
stunning backdrop of the Santa
Ynez Mountains and panoramic
views of the Pacific Ocean, this 24-acre resort boasts
the largest and most flexible conference facilities in
Santa Barbara—the highlight of which is the Plaza Del
                                                                            The Spanish Mission-style arches of the
Sol. Ideal for any open-air occasion, the Plaza and                         Plaza Del Sol with views facing west
Upper Rotunda can accommodate as many as 1,000                              toward the harbor.

guests. This unique venue is truly memorable and
unlike any other on the California coast.

                                                                            Overlooking the Plaza Del Sol, set for
                                                                            an evening event.
View of the Upper Rotunda overlooking the
resort, facing west toward the harbor.

With indoor fireplaces and an outdoor patio overlooking
the ocean, the Reagan Room (adjacent to the Plaza Del                       An aerial view of the outdoor Plaza Del Sol,
Sol) is the perfect accommodation for banquets of as many                   with views of the ocean and mountains from
as 160 guests.                                                              the Upper Rotunda.

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