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Oracle9i Web Development

              he Web contains thousands of sites that provide valuable information

   T          on Oracle9i Application Server and related topics. As this information
              is constantly being added to and updated, you’re encouraged to make
              use of the Internet search engines in the following table to get an
              updated list of sites that relate to this subject. This appendix lists
numerous sites relating to this technology, but this list is meant only as a starting point.

    To make pointing-and-clicking directly to these sites
    easier, these links are provided on the TUSC site
    ( under the Oracle9i Web
    Development page.

    Note regarding comments: Many of the comments were copied directly from
the Web sites. They are placed here to assist you in finding the Web sites that may
be of particular interest to you, in the unlikely case that the URLs have changed
since this book was published.

Site Type           Site Address                    Comments
Advanced            Oracle Manual for advanced queuing,
Queuing             ora816/appdev.816/a76938/       Oracle release 8.1.6.
Advanced            http://www.udlcomputing         Excellent overview of advanced
Queuing             .com/training/o8newdba/         queuing for database administrators.
Advanced            http://www.udlcomputing         Excellent overview of advanced
Queuing             .com/training/o8newdev/         queuing for developers.
Advanced            Oracle manual for advanced queuing,
Queuing             oragsidoc/doc_804/              Oracle release 8.0.
CGI                 http://scriptsearch.internet    World’s largest CGI library for
                    .com                            developers.
CGI           cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI
CGI               Migrating CGI programs to cartridges.
                                                                                Good Sites

Site Type          Site Address                   Comments
Cold Fusion   Beta release.
Cold Fusion        http://www.futuresystems       Discusses the features of Cold Fusion’s
                   .com/coldfusion.htm            latest release. This site contains several
Cold Fusion for    Documentation for Solaris and
Solaris            aboutdocs.htm                  Windows.
Color, use of on     RGB color chart with HEX codes.
Web site           ~jakesan/
Color, use of on    Kira’s Web Toolbox. A good collection
Web site                                          of tools for the Web developer,
                                                  including color tools.
Color, use of on       An excellent article on choosing colors
Web site           design/design_choosing_        for Web sites.
Color, use of on      Color Browser 2.0 is a useful program
Web site           shareware/colorbrowser/        to help pick colors when designing
                                                  Web pages (or any other graphics
                                                  work). Color Browser can help you
                                                  pick browser-friendly colors and copy
                                                  the color string to the Clipboard, so you
                                                  can paste it into your HTML editor. The
                                                  special Color Pick-Me-Up tool lets you
                                                  pick up a color from anywhere on the
Color, use of on        A cool, browser safe color mixer that
Web site                                          can generate over ten million different
                                                  colors and prepare a GIF image of the
                                                  final color for download. Free!
Cool site            Receive faxes using e-mail.
Cool site           Electronic invitations on the Web, very
                                                  well done.
Developer/2000    ORACLE User Forum: ORACLE Forms
                   bin/orafans/ubb/Ultimate.cgi   & Designer/2000 Conference.
Developer’s guide        Contains a large number of valuable
and Web           index.shtml                     scripts pooled from a variety of sources.
development sites
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                    Comments
Developer’s guide        Another excellent tool for all issues
and Web           tutorials.html                  related to Web development. You can
development sites                                 find tutorials on HTML, advanced
                                                  HTML, CGI-Perl, design graphics, Java,
                                                  JavaScript, multimedia, and site
                                                  management. A wealth of information
                                                  is at this site, which can prove helpful
                                                  for beginners and advanced Web
Developer’s guide Contains valuable information on
and Web           links.html                  HTML, Web graphics, CGI + Perl,
development sites                             counters and logs, frames, tables, Java
                                              and JavaScript, Server, and
                                              miscellaneous tips.
Developer’s guide         A comprehensive site offering excellent
and Web           webcenter/                      tutorials and tools for CGI, HTML and
development sites                                 Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, images,
                                                  audio, and more!
DHTML         A comprehensive site for DHTML.
Document    Legislation regarding electronic
Collaboration/    signatures/                     signatures.
Document       Newly released DoucTouch 5.0 is the
Collaboration/                                    elegant solution for secure online
Electronic                                        document management, remote
Signature                                         collaboration, and E-sign-compliant
                                                  digital signature technology.
Document       Discussion of Microsoft Office 2000
Collaboration/    insider/articles/intranet.htm   and document collaboration.
Document          OMtool products enable the enterprise
Collaboration/                                    to exchange electronic documents
Electronic                                        confidentially via fax or e-mail.
Signature                                         Features include confirmation of
                                                  delivery, trackability, and, for e-mail,
                                                  recipient authentication and digital
Forms to Java
                                                                               Good Sites

Site Type        Site Address                    Comments
Glossary of   Contains an extensive glossary of terms
Internet terms   glossary.html                   used in Web Development. Highly
Graphics and            Excellent site with tons of gifs and
Animation                                        animations.
HTML            BUILDER.COM—Web authoring,
                                                 HTML tips and tricks, all HTML tips.
HTML         Tags with explanations for use.
HTML          HTML made easy.
HTML           Liberate Technologies home
                                                 page—formerly Oracle’s Network
                                                 Computing (NC).
HTML      Style guide and recommendations.
HTML          Excellent overview.
HTML       Overview and tutorial.
Internet Code       Incredible source code library, tips and
Library          codelib/default.asp?dir_        techniques on JavaScript, DHTML,
                 id=1049&showResType=            XML, Front Page, and JSP. Also has
                                                 sections on Oracle, SQL, UML, Visual
                                                 Basic, Web development and design,
                                                 security and wireless. Highly
                                                 recommended site!
Internet             Web commerce cookbook.
commerce         commerce/
Internet           Web Review—eCommerce Suites. This
commerce                                         is an excellent site. Contains a wealth
                                                 of information on Web tools, browsers,
                                                 style sheets, UML, and so forth.
Internet     Great Circle Associates.
Internet use         Another good site for tracking down
                                                 info about those bogus e-mails you get,
                                                 most of which are hoaxes.
Internet use      Statistics on Internet use.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                   Comments
IT White Papers        The Yellow Pages of white papers. It
                                                 contains a search engine linked to
                                                 more than 20,000 white papers on
                                                 hardware, software, the Web, and
                                                 numerous other aspects of IT. Each
                                                 paper is accompanied by a summary
                                                 and reader reviews.
Jaja     Jaja is an implementation of Scheme
                  Java/Jaja.html                  in Java.
Java             Java Chat room.
Java              http://javaboutique.internet   The Java Boutique: The Ultimate Java
                  .com/                          Resource. Free Java applets.
Java       Variables.
Java       General information.
Java       Variables.
Java         Java Stored Procedures—How to write
                  software                       Java stored procedures, functions,
                                                 triggers, and advanced topics. Look for
                                                 the following features: JDBC and SQLJ,
                                                 JDeveloper 2.0 free download, Oracle’s
                                                 JDeveloper, and Stored procedures.
Java            Collections of scripts and how-to
                                                 advice. Excellent Java resource.
Java            Java downloads.
Java            General information.
Java           A monthly e-mail that contains good
                                                 information about Java, XML, and so
                                                 forth. Presentations focus especially on
                                                 Web development under UNIX.
                                                 Subscribe at http://www.javaworld
Java Web Server
                                                                                 Good Sites

Site Type         Site Address                     Comments
Java Web Server
Java Web Server
Java Web Server   http://www.webdeveloper
JavaScript Netscape’s resource to help you build
                                                Web applications.
JavaScript        http://developer.netscape        JavaScript guide.
JavaScript   The JavaScript Source is an excellent
                                                   JavaScript resource with tons of cut-
                                                   and-paste JavaScript examples for your
                                                   Web pages. All free! We put together a
                                                   collection of hundreds of free
                                                   JavaScripts available to you for use on
                                                   your Web pages. These scripts are
                                                   available via a user-friendly
                                                   interface—including a working demo
                                                   of all the scripts and a text box with the
                                                   complete actual JavaScript coding
                                                   used. To start, select a Java Script
                                                   category from the Navigation menu on
                                                   the right, browse our site contents, use
                                                   our Newest JavaScripts pull-down
                                                   menu, or check out our What’s New?
                                                   page to view the latest scripts on
                                                   our site.
JavaScript       The JavaScript forum.
JavaScript        http://webdeveloper         JavaScript information provided by
JavaScript        Links for fun and/or exceptional utility
                                                   programs. Review pages to see different
                                                   features for development.
JavaScript           “Dummy” tips, newsletter, tips for
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                  Comments
JavaScript     The JavaScript Planet—Collection with
                SiliconValley/7116/           371 FREE examples!
JavaScript           JavaScript resources.
JavaScript     Cut-n-Paste JavaScript.
JavaScript   Read all about this Web site: FAQs,
                                              recommended browsers, support, and
                                              so forth. Enter and
                                              access 2,717 free JavaScripts, tutorials,
                                              and more. Subscribe to OnFocus!, the
                                     weekly newsletter.
JavaScript HotSyte—The JavaScript resource.
                                              HotSyte also promotes JavaScript
                                              knowledge through the open exchange
                                              of ideas, research, scripts, and links
                                              beneficial to the advancement of
                                              JavaScript understanding and
JavaScript      http://www.webreference       Doc JavaScript (SM)—
JDBC & SQLJ    JDBC & SQLJ—Connecting to single or
                software                      multiple databases, using DML and
                                              various datatypes, and accessing
                                              PL/SQL and Java stored procedures.
                                              Large objects (LOBs), binary files
                                              (BFILEs), collections, streams, objects,
                                              datatype mapping, Oracle performance
                                              extensions, dynamic SQL, and
                                              programming with threads.
JDeveloper    JDEVELOPER 2.0 free download.
                software                      Oracle JDeveloper 2.0 shifts balance of
                                              power in the Java Development tools
                                              arena. Get a free download or
                                              subscribe to the Internet Tools CD
                                              track. See how to build Internet-based
                                              business applications using JDBC and
                                              Oracle Application Server’s JWeb and
                                              Java CORBA Object technologies.
                                                                           Good Sites

Site Type   Site Address                     Comments
JVM     Novell JVM for NetWare® is the Java™
            ndk/jvm.htm                      Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.1.7B engine
                                             that runs Java applications, servlets,
                                             and applets. The Novell JVM for
                                             NetWare Graphical User Interface
                                             (GUI) lets you run graphical Java
JVM   Programming languages for the JAVA
            ~tolk/vmlanguages.html           virtual machine. The following is a list
                                             of programming languages for the Java
                                             virtual machine aside from Java itself.
                                             Currently (spring 2000), this comprises
                                             about 130 different systems. This is a
                                             mix of experimental, research-oriented
                                             implementations and of commercial
                                             ones. I excluded extensions to Java by
                                             the provision of class libraries
                                             implementing the functionality of other
                                             languages constructs. The source code
                                             of a program executed in the Java VM
                                             must have a syntax different from Java
                                             to be included in this list.
JVM        JAVA virtual machine specification,
            books/vmspec/2nd-edition/        Second Edition.
JVM        JAVA virtual machine specification.
JVM       Here, you find a set of articles about
                                             the JVM, information about the book,
                                             Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine, a set
                                             of links to relevant resources on the
                                             Web, applets that illustrate JVM
                                             concepts, and more.
JVM        Results of the first JVM server
            javaworld/jw-12-1997/jw-12-      benchmark.
JVM      Open JVM Integration project.
KAWA     Kawa is a Scheme environment, written
            kawa/                            in Java, which compiles Scheme code
                                             into Java byte-codes.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type          Site Address                  Comments
Directory Access
Protocol (LDAP)
Lightweight   The benefits of LDAP to developers and
Directory Access   bjm/whyLDAP.html              end users have been widely touted but,
Protocol (LDAP)                                  in fact, it’s system administrators who
                                                 may reap the greatest benefits from
                                                 LDAP deployment. Here, in Netscape’s
                                                 IS group, we’ve recently been using
                                                 LDAP directory services on our internal
                                                 network—which shouldn’t be surprising
                                                 because Netscape’s server products and
                                                 Netscape Communicator use LDAP for
                                                 sharing information. In this article, I give
                                                 a system administrator’s perspective on
                                                 what you need to reap the benefits of
                                                 using LDAP: a good understanding of
                                                 what LDAP can and cannot accomplish,
                                                 some familiarity with LDAP basics, and
                                                 ideas on how to make the transition to
Lightweight        http://perl-ldap              The perl-ldap distribution is a
Directory Access             collection of perl modules that provide
Protocol (LDAP)                                  an object-orientated interface to LDAP
                                                                         Good Sites

Site Type          Site Address               Comments
Lightweight        http://publib-             LDAP is a fast-growing technology
Directory Access         for accessing common directory
Protocol (LDAP)    Redbooks.nsf/              information. LDAP has been embraced
                   RedbookAbstracts/          and implemented in most network-
                   sg244986.html?Open         oriented middleware. As an open,
                                              vendor-neutral standard, LDAP
                                              provides an extendable architecture for
                                              centralized storage and management of
                                              information that needs to be available
                                              for today’s distributed systems and
                                              services. After a fast start, it can be
                                              assumed that LDAP has become the
                                              de facto access method for directory
                                              information, much the same as the
                                              Domain Name System (DNS) is used
                                              for IP address look-up on almost any
                                              system on an intranet and on the
                                              Internet. LDAP is currently supported
                                              in most network operating systems,
                                              groupware, and even shrink-wrapped
                                              network applications. This redbook was
                                              written for those readers who need to
                                              understand the basic principles and
                                              concepts of LDAP. Some background
                                              knowledge about heterogeneous,
                                              distributed systems is assumed and is
                                              highly beneficial when reading this
                                              book. Because this book isn’t meant to
                                              be an LDAP implementation guide, it
                                              doesn’t contain product-related or
                                              vendor-specific information other
                                              than that used in examples.
Lightweight        http://webopedia           Webopedia is an online encyclopedia
Directory Access      dedicated to computer technology. This
Protocol (LDAP)    LDAP.html                  site offers an excellent description of
                                              LDAP and provides a number of
                                              excellent links to other sites.
Lightweight        http://www.kingsmountain
Directory Access   .com/ldapRoadmap.shtml
Protocol (LDAP)
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type          Site Address                   Comments
Lightweight    LDAP Central offers resources for
Directory Access                                  deploying LDAP directory services
Protocol (LDAP)                                   and enterprise-class applications for
                                                  intranets or extranets. All content
                                                  is based on submissions by users
                                                  and professionals familiar with the
                                                  emerging directory services landscape.
Lightweight       Information about installing,
Directory Access   HOWTO/LDAP-                    configuring, running, and maintaining
Protocol (LDAP)    HOWTO.html                     a LDAP Server on a Linux machine is
                                                  presented on this document. You can
                                                  also find details about how to create
                                                  LDAP databases, how to update and
                                                  delete information on the database,
                                                  how to implement roaming access, and
                                                  how to use Netscape Address Book.
                                                  This document is mostly based on
                                                  the University of Michigan LDAP
                                                  information pages and the OpenLDAP
                                                  Administrator’s Guide.
Lightweight       Community-developed LDAP software.
Directory Access
Protocol (LDAP)
Lightweight       The pam_ldap module provides
Directory Access   ldap.html                      the means for Solaris and Linux
Protocol (LDAP)                                   workstations to authenticate against
                                                  LDAP directories and to change their
                                                  passwords in the directory.
Lightweight       Introduction to Directories and
Directory Access   ~hodges/talks/mactivity        the LDAP.
Protocol (LDAP)    .ldap.97/index2.html
Liquid Motion       Review of Liquid Motion.
Implementation     java/local-textcode/
in JAVA            JavaByExample/applications/
                                                                            Good Sites

Site Type        Site Address                    Comments
Load Balancer    http://help.lightspeedsystems
Client           .com/DRSvrLoadBalancer/
Load Balancer Investigate how you can employ a
Client           info/com.winntmag_          Web server load balancer to improve
                 winntmag_8254_8254.html     your Web site’s performance and
Load Balancer
Client           rdploadbalancer20.htm
Load Balancer
Client           enterprise/stories/main/
Load Balancer
Client           LoadBalancer
Load Balancer
Client           developerworks/patterns/
Load Balancer
Client, Server   a84919/0/unixdoc/product_0/
Load Balancer
Client, Server   a89350/0/unixdoc/product_0/
Load Balancer      Discusses load balancing
Server           doc/iAS/ias_gen_doc_1021/       considerations for the Forms Server.
                 doc/buslog.102/a86202/          Load balancing enables you to
                 chap12.htm                      maintain a pool of middle tier
                                                 machines (a “server farm”) and balance
                                                 the load of server traffic among these
                                                 machines. Load balancing is
                                                 implemented using a servlet that can
                                                 run on any Web server.
Load Balancer    http://www
Server           .networkcomputing
Load Balancer    http://www
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                   Comments
Load Balancer
Server          dlbplus_clean_008.html
Load Balancer
Server          products/lb1/articles/
LOGO               AJLogo is an implementation of Logo
                                               written in Java with about 400
LOGO        StarLogo is a programmable modeling
                starlogo/                      environment for exploring the workings
                                               of decentralized systems, systems that
                                               are organized without an organizer,
                                               coordinated without a coordinator.
                                               With StarLogo, you can model (and
                                               gain insights into) many real-life
                                               phenomena, such as bird flocks,
                                               traffic jams, ant colonies, and market
LOGO     Turtle Tracks is a modern Logo
                ~dazuma/turtle/                interpreter and run-time environment
                                               written entirely in Java. It isn’t a direct
                                               port of an existing interpreter. Instead,
                                               it’s written from the ground up
                                               specifically for Java and designed to
                                               take advantage of the strengths of Java
                                               as a platform. Turtle Tracks is platform-
                                               independent and Internet-ready, and
                                               supports numerous advanced features
                                               such as multithreading and networking.
                                               Unlike some similar Java-based
                                               projects, Turtle Tracks is a complete
                                               implementation of Logo, supporting
                                               the same basic language syntax and
                                               semantics, and most of the same
                                               primitives as other common Logo
                                               implementations, such as Berkeley
                                               Logo. It also supports plug-in primitive
                                               sets and can be integrated with outside
                                               Java code as a scripting language.
                                                                              Good Sites

Site Type         Site Address                   Comments
Message-          http://searchmiddleware        This is an excellent site because it has
Oriented-Middle               numerous links to sites discussing
                  bestWebLinks/                  middleware. Highly recommended!
Oriented-Middle   free/features/entdev/1999/
Message-          http://www
Message- This is an excellent overview of
Oriented-Middle   archive/2000feb/MRosen.html Message-Oriented-Middle.
Oriented-Middle   policy/domain/mdlware.pdf
Oriented-Middle   room/articles/distributed_
Metasearch      Jeeves answers millions of questions.
search engines    aka         Just type a question and click Ask!
Metasearch        A search engine that lets you search a
search engines                                   number of other search engines and
                                                 sources, including the Web, Usenet,
                                                 Ftp, Newswires, BizNews, Stock
                                                 Quotes, Weather, Yellow Pages, White
                                                 Pages, and Maps.
Multithreaded         Searches a number of search engines
search engines    search.html                    and provides valuable information
                                                 about how people are querying the
                                                 search engines. You can even view
                                                 searches in real time.
Multithreaded      Highway 61 is a metasearch site. Your
search engines                                   search is sent to a number of Internet
                                                 search engines and the results are
                                                 compiled into a single page.
Multithreaded         Enter your query to metasearch the
search engines                                   major search engines and guides,
                                                 or select one of the specialized
                                                 metasearch or metashop categories.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type          Site Address                   Comments
OAS to iAS     A quick tour of migration process.
Migration          doc/iAS/ias_gen_doc_102/
OAS to iAS     A collection of valuable articles
Migration          technical.htm                  available as PDF files for downloading.
OAS to iAS          White paper on iAS.
Migration          iAS%20with%20FStone%20
Oracle9i           http://www              Overview of Oracle9i from a DBA’s
for DBAs  perspective.
Oracle    Explains how to get Oracle Application
Application        ows-doc/books/inst_nt/         Server started and how to connect to
Server/Node        post.htm                       the Node Manager and Administration
Manager                                           Utilities listeners.
Oracle          A complete presentation on Oracle’s
Application        oas.htm                        Web Server and its features.
Oracle         The Unofficial Oracle Web Server site.
Application        SiliconValley/Peaks/9111/
Oracle Events
Oracle HTTP     Manuals for Oracle HTTP Server
Server                                            Components.
Oracle in General     This interactive online seminar,
                  iccdocs/seminarDesc.shtml       “Extending the Oracle Enterprise to
                                                  Mobile Users with Oracle8i,” describes
                                                  how to build and deploy low-TCO
                                                  mobile applications to mobile users on
                                                  Windows 95/NT, Windows CE, and
                                                  Palm OS platforms. To register, visit the
                                                  Web site.
                                                                              Good Sites

Site Type          Site Address                  Comments
Oracle in General
Oracle in General   An excellent resource for Oracle topics.
Oracle in General Expert Advice provides an opportunity
                  expert_advice_                for developers to get answers to
                  marketplace.html              questions beyond Oracle Technology.
                                                Where OTN discussion forums provide
                                                instant access to Oracle-specific
                                                technology experts, Expert Advice
                                                provides instant access to experts who
                                                have knowledge beyond Oracle-like
                                                operating systems, languages,
                                                networking, hardware, graphics,
                                                application software, and Web
                                                development software.
Oracle in General http://searchdatabase          Covers Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and
                       other database vendors. Covers
                                                 database basics, database
                                                 administration, programming, and so
                                                 forth. This is an excellent site.
Oracle in General      ORACLE on NT CONTENT zone. Learn
                                                 the technical details of the best
                                                 development and deployment platform
                                                 on Windows NT and download the
                                                 Oracle Application Wizard for
                                                 Microsoft Visual InterDev (Beta),
                                                 Oracle AppWizard for Microsoft Visual
                                                 C++, the Oracle8i COM Automation
                                                 feature, and Oracle Objects for OLE.
Oracle in General      Oracle support site.
Oracle in General     Support section of
Oracle in General     An excellent site for information
                                                 on Oracle by TUSC database guru
                                                 Kevin Loney.
Oracle in General
Oracle in General         Oracle Corporation’s home page.
Oracle in General    Comprehensive Oracle site.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                  Comments
Oracle in General        This excellent site for Oracle
                  faq.htm                       information has a wide variety of
                                                excellent information.
Oracle in General http://www                    This is an excellent site with a large
                  .pinnaclepublishing           number of informative articles related
                  .com/OP/OPmag.nsf/            to a variety of Oracle topics.
Oracle in General     Solve problems as you apply time-
                                                saving insights on over 7,200 technical
                                                topics. Fast and intuitive, our products
                                                reliably answer the vast majority of
                                                your daily technical questions, saving
                                                you time and effort every day.
Oracle in General         South Eastern Oracle Users
                  presentations.htm             Conference. Contains some excellent
                                                articles on Web development and
                                                Oracle in general.
Oracle in General         Numerous Oracle links.
Oracle in General   An excellent starting point for Oracle
                  bin/webring?ring=             research. Has a number of links to
                  oracleweb;list                various Oracle topics.
Oracle in General    Undocumented Oracle.
Oracle in General        Oracle publishing online.
Oracle migrations      Making Oracle migrations safe.
Oracle Portal      An article describing Oracle Portal.
Oracle Portal      “Let Oracle Host Your Portal So You
                                                Can Get Back to Business.”
Oracle Portal Oracle9iAS Portal community.
                                                                               Good Sites

Site Type       Site Address                    Comments
Oracle Portal       Covers Oracle9iAS Portal.
Oracle Tuning
Oracle User             International Oracle Users
Groups                                          Group—your link to all the regional
                                                Oracle Users Groups. Excellent
                                                repository of information.
OWA_SEC   The PL/SQL Web Toolkit Reference
                psqlwtlk.htm                    online.
Palm OS      Development for Palm OS.
PDF files           Free reader 5.0 now available. Many
                prodindex/acrobat/              new features make this the best PDF
                readstep.html                   reader ever.
PDF files           Support database.
PDF files           Files for downloading.
PDF files           Technical guides.
PDF files          An excellent source for PDF tips, tools,
                                                and techniques.
PERL   Perl archive.
PERL               A comprehensive site for material on
                                                Perl. Highly recommended!
PERL sources          Directory /pub/perl/scr/5.0.
PERL sources      Active Perl 5.6 available for Windows
PERL sources       Dcom 1.3 available for Windows 95.
                com/dcom/dcom95/                This is necessary to run Active Perl 5.15.
PERL sources        Rex Swain’s HTMLified Perl 5
                perl5.html                      Reference Guide.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type            Site Address                   Comments
Persistent Server- This document presents PS3I, the
Side Scheme          VideoC/ps3i.html                Persistent Server-Side Scheme
Interpreter                                          Interpreter. PS3I is a nearly R4RS-
                                                     compliant Scheme implementation,
                                                     written in Java, multi-users,
                                                     multithreaded, and aimed to run on
                                                     (Web-)servers (as servlets). PS3I
                                                     (pronounced psssssee) was written by
                                                     Christian Queinnec, and is available
                                                     under Gnu General Public License.
PHP         Over 800 PHP-related resources in 190
PHP             An excellent site for PHP developers.
PL/SQL Cartridge    TUSC offers a poster showing the
                     download/posters.html          PL/SQL language for a nominal fee.
                                                    Highly recommended for both beginner
                                                    and advanced PL/SQL programmers.
PL/SQL Cartridge    Article on PL/SQL cartridge that looks
                     database/articles/owas_        at one of the most popular methods of
                     plsqlcart/                     building applications with Oracle’s
                                                    Application Server: the PL/SQL
Popular search       The Galaxy directory links to thousands
engines                                             of sites around the Internet. Galaxy
                                                    makes it possible to search these sites
                                                    in various ways to help you find the
                                                    information you’re looking for.
Popular search        Infoseek search engine. This is an
engines                                             excellent search engine with filtering
                                                    capabilities. Especially recommended
                                                    for younger users.
Popular search    Magellan Internet Guide search engine.
Popular search         Webcrawler search engine.
Popular search      AltaVista search engine.
                                                                            Good Sites

Site Type        Site Address                  Comments
Popular search        Excite search engine.
Popular search        Google search engine. Uses a
engines                                        complicated mathematical analysis,
                                               calculated on more than a billion
                                               hyperlinks on the Web, to return high-
                                               quality search results, so you needn ‘t
                                               sift through junk.
Popular search      Excellent search engine that searches
engines                                        through group discussions.
Popular search        Hotbot search engine.
Popular search     Looksmart search engine. Looksmart
engines                                        live is similar to Ask Jeeves, except you
                                               receive an e-mail with an answer to
                                               your question.
Popular search         Lycos search engine.
Popular search search engine; aka
Popular search Northern Light search engine.
Popular search Thunderstone is an independent R&D
engines                                       company that has been providing state-
                                              of-the-art solutions to intelligent
                                              information retrieval and management
                                              problems for over 18 years.
Popular search         Yahoo! search engine, a directory
engines                                        search engine that breaks Web sites
                                               into 25,000 categories.
Search engines   http://browserwatch           Leading site for information on
                        browsers and plug-ins.
Search engines       RankThis! is a free online tool to help
                                               you determine your “ranking” on
                                               different keyword sets in ten of the
                                               major search engines.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                  Comments
Simple Object    SOAP is a lightweight and simple XML-
Access Protocol   soap/                         based protocol designed to exchange
(SOAP)                                          structured and typed information on the
                                                Web. The purpose of SOAP is to enable
                                                rich and automated Web services
                                                based on a shared and open Web
                                                infrastructure. SOAP can be used in
                                                combination with a variety of existing
                                                Internet protocols and formats including
                                                HTTP, SMTP, and MIME, and can
                                                support a wide range of applications
                                                from messaging systems to RPC.
Simple Object     http://www.alphaworks         IBM-SOAP is a Java reference
Access Protocol          implementation of the SOAP v1.1
(SOAP)                                          specification.
Simple Object       SOAP is an XML/HTTP-based protocol
Access Protocol   soap/                         for accessing services, objects, and
(SOAP)                                          servers in a platform-independent
                                                manner. DevelopMentor is currently
                                                implementing the SOAP protocol for
                                                Perl, Java, and C[++]/COM.
Simple Object      Excellent site. Offers links to numerous
Access Protocol   directory/4/implementations   implementations of SOAP including,
(SOAP)                                          but not limited to, IBM, Apache, AXIS,
                                                TRLSOAP, Web Services Toolkit,
                                                WASP, IdooXoap for Java, and
                                                numerous others.
Simple Object      The purpose of this site is to offer
Access Protocol   webservices/default.asp       members of the SOAP development
(SOAP)                                          community a centralized location to
                                                share news, links, and resources
                                                relating to SOAP and Web service
                                                development on any platform capable
                                                of hosting XML application
                                                                              Good Sites

Site Type          Site Address                  Comments
Simple Object    SOAP is a lightweight protocol
Access Protocol                                  for exchange of information in a
(SOAP)                                           decentralized, distributed environment.
                                                 It is an XML-based protocol that
                                                 consists of three parts: an envelope that
                                                 defines a framework for describing
                                                 what is in a message and how to
                                                 process it, a set of encoding rules for
                                                 expressing instances of application-
                                                 defined datatypes, and a convention for
                                                 representing remote procedure calls
                                                 and responses. SOAP can potentially
                                                 be used in combination with a variety
                                                 of other protocols. The only bindings
                                                 defined in this document, however,
                                                 describe how to use SOAP in
                                                 combination with HTTP and HTTP
                                                 Extension Framework.
Simple Object   Apache SOAP is an implementation of
Access Protocol                                  the SOAP submission to W3C. It is
(SOAP)                                           based on, and supersedes, the IBM
                                                 SOAP4J implementation.
Skij               http://www.alphaworks         (Application Development, Java
                  [Michael Travers])
                                                 Machine Translation is a technology on
                                                 An interactive scripting language that
                                                 allows rapid prototyping in the Java
Software Testing   http://www.softwareqatest
SQL*Plus Plus        SQL++ is a tool to manipulate and
                   sqlpp/sqlpp.htm               execute SQL commands and PL/SQL
                                                 programs. It is designed to be
                                                 compatible with Oracle’s SQL*Plus and
                                                 encompasses most of its features, in
                                                 addition to a number of enhancements.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                  Comments
Thin client      An excellent article on thin client.
Thin client     Article: “First CE-based thin client
                Item/0,4,26041,00.html        ships.”
Thin client          Article: “What exactly is a thin client?”
Thin client          Wyse thin client information.
Thin client         Article about how tricky measuring thin
                pcweek/reviews/0330/          client savings can be.
TOAD            http://www.alphaworks         A review of TOAD.
TOAD     Information about TOAD directly from
                                              the owners of the product.
TOAD        The original TOAD site.
TUSC            Free downloads of scripts, PowerPoint
                                              presentations, tips and techniques, and
                                              more. Contains items of interest for
                                              DBAs, developers, and so forth.
UTL_FILE      The following procedure exports
                techtalk/art1017.html         package body, specification, and
                                              procedures to a given directory (idir).
                                              The objects like the supplied
                                              iLikeObject string are exported. The
                                              directory specified must be added to
                                              the ora[instance] parameter file. If this
                                              isn’t done, a file access error results.
                                              The files are written to the database
                                              servers directory structure.
Visual Café         Article: “Visual Cafe for Java: Have It
                pcweek/stories/news/          Your Way.”
Web cache        An excellent overview of Web caching
                sicupapers/webcache.htm       techniques.
Web cache    An in-depth survey on Web caching.
                                                                       Good Sites

Site Type   Site Address                   Comments
Web cache    The sharing of caches among Web
            28258.html                     proxies is an important technique to
                                           reduce Web traffic and alleviate
                                           network bottlenecks. Nevertheless, it
                                           isn’t widely deployed due to the
                                           overhead of existing protocols. In this
                                           paper, we demonstrate the benefits of
                                           cache sharing, measure the overhead of
                                           the existing protocols, and propose a
                                           new protocol called “Summary Cache.”
Web cache       A survey of Web-caching schemes for
            .sg:8000/~liuhf/web_cache/     the Internet.
Web cache   The vast majority of current Internet
            SoftCaching/mmsp97.html        traffic is generated by Web-browsing
                                           applications. Proxy caching, which
                                           allows some of the most popular Web
                                           objects to be cached at intermediate
                                           nodes within the network, has been
                                           shown to provide substantial
                                           performance improvements. In this
                                           paper, we argue that image-specific
                                           caching strategies are desirable and
                                           will result in improved performance
                                           over approaches treating all objects
                                           alike. We propose that soft caching,
                                           where an image can be cached at one
                                           of a set of levels of resolutions, can
                                           benefit the overall performance. This is
                                           especially true when combined with
                                           cache management strategies that
                                           estimate, for each object, both the
                                           bandwidth to the server where the
                                           object is stored and the appropriate
                                           resolution level demanded by the user.

                                           We formalize the cache management
                                           problem under these conditions and
                                           describe an experimental system to test
                                           these techniques.
Web cache     An overview of Oracle9i and Web
            products/ias/htdocs/           caching.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                   Comments
Web cache       http://vancouver-              The Cache Now! campaign is designed
               to increase the awareness and use of
                                               proxy cache on the Web. This page is
                                               now available as an Internet Draft
                                               Web cache offers a win/win situation
                                               for both content providers and users,
                                               yet is little used in North America. The
                                               concept is simple: when a Web page is
                                               requested, it’s saved to disk. If it’s
                                               required again, the disk copy is used.
                                               This technique is used in all modern
                                               browsers, such as Netscape Navigator
                                               and Internet Explorer.
Web cache    CRISP caches are structured as a
                cisi/crisp/                    collection of autonomous proxy servers
                                               that share their cache contents through
                                               a mapping service. The first paper
                                               (HOTOS-VI), which follows, describes
                                               this in high level and describes our
                                               first implementation. The second
                                               paper explores several possible
                                               implementations of a mapping service
                                               and describes Crispy Squid. The third
                                               paper (WISP98) describes Crispy Squid,
                                               our most current implementation of the
                                               CRISP Web cache architecture.
Web cache   The sharing of caches among Web
                papers/summarycache.html       proxies is an important technique
                                               to reduce Web traffic and alleviate
                                               network bottlenecks. Nevertheless,
                                               it’s not widely deployed due to the
                                               overhead of existing protocols. In this
                                               paper, we demonstrate the benefits of
                                               cache sharing, measure the overhead of
                                               the existing protocols, and propose a
                                               new protocol called ‘Summary Cache’.
                                               In this new protocol, each proxy keeps
                                               a summary of the cache directory of
                                               each participating proxy and checks
                                               these summaries for potential hits
                                               before sending any queries.
Web cache         A tutorial on Web caching for
                cache/docs/web_cache.html      developers.
                                                                       Good Sites

Site Type   Site Address                   Comments
Web cache   The bandwidth demands of the World
            ~vino/web/usenix.196/          Wide Web continue to grow at a
                                           hyper-exponential rate. Given this
                                           rocketing growth, caching of Web
                                           objects as a means to reduce network
                                           bandwidth consumption is likely
                                           to be a necessity in the near future.
                                           Unfortunately, many Web caches
                                           don’t satisfactorily maintain cache
                                           consistency. This paper presents
                                           a survey of contemporary cache
                                           consistency mechanisms in use on the
                                           Internet today and examines recent
                                           research in Web cache consistency.
Web cache     This site is dedicated to providing a
            ~jamjoom/ACADEMIA/             comprehensive guide to the resources
            RESEARCH/Web_Cache/web_        about, and in support of, caching on
            cache.html                     the World Wide Web.
Web cache        These pages describe the operational
                                           IRCache system, consisting of
                                           approximately ten caching proxies
                                           located throughout the United States.
Web cache      Deploying the Secure Firewall, Proxy,
            technet/isa/isaswp.asp         and Web Cache at Microsoft.
Web cache   http://www.nstarsolutions      Have you ever wondered what your
            .com/wci.htm                   spouse, kids, coworkers, employees,
                                           and boss do online? Would you like to
                                           know what Web sites they’re visiting
                                           when nobody is around? The Web
                                           Cache Illuminator (WCI) enables you
                                           to browse the contents of any Web
                                           browser’s cached files (the files
                                           stored on the local hard drive of the
                                           computer). The cache files reveal
                                           exactly what Web pages were viewed
                                           during someone’s Web surfing
Web cache    Squid is a full-featured Web proxy
                                           cache designed to run on Unix systems
                                           free, open-source software is the result
                                           of many contributions by unpaid (and
                                           paid) volunteers.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                  Comments
Web cache     Link collection organized by
                                                subcategories including products and
                                                services, projects, and documentation.
Web cache         http://www.webtechniques      With the continued growth in Net use,
                  .com/archives/2000/03/        Web caching is becoming increasingly
                  davison/                      important. In this article, I discuss Web
                                                caching and its importance in site
                                                design to minimize costs, and
                                                maximize scalability and compatibility.
Web cache
Web Definitions
Web development        Stroud’s Consummate Internet
in general                                      Apps List.
Web development http://browserwatch.internet    Downloads BrowserWatch—
in general      .com/plug-in.html               Plug-In Plaza.
Web development         An excellent, comprehensive site
in general                                      dealing with a wide variety of subjects
                                                pertaining to Web development. Highly
Web development        Files to download.
in general
Web development—The way to find
in general                                      shareware on the Internet.
Web development—Your home for
in general      real.html                       JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on
                                                the Web.
Web development A complete list of Web tools.
in general      webtools/
Web development        Of particular interest for Windows
in general                                      development.
Web development       Matt’s Script Archive. Tons of good
in general      scripts/                        information.
Web development      Checks your code for you.
in general
Web development http://www.computerjobs         Contract Professional universe—Pay
in general      .com/salary2000                 rates for computer professionals.
                                                                                Good Sites

Site Type         Site Address                   Comments
Web development          A Webmaster’s resource from
in general                                       Scott Crevier.
Web development         The Danworld Network.
in general
Web development      Checks your code for you.
in general      wpbcv.html
Web development Ask the professional Web developers
in general                                   related questions. This is an excellent
                                             source of information on Java, Java
                                             Beans, C++, Visual Basic, XML,
                                             DHTML, and so forth.
Web development        Files to download.
in general      PC/Result/TitleList/0,2,0-d-37-
Web development             Internet consulting Web site
in general                                       development and design.
Web development          Web developers’ channel.
in general
Web development          The URL to subscribe to the regular e-
in general      Comp/2378/UnixInsider            mail newsletter (about three times a
                -or-                             month) is
Web development            The JUMBO! Download Network.
in general
Web development      Project Cool Developer Zone: tutorials
in general      developer/                       and reference on HTML, design,
                                                 Acrobat, and more.
Web development       Developer tools.
in general      Software/Tools.html
Web development              Web developers’ virtual library. This is
in general                                       an excellent resource for developers.
Web development http://www.webdeveloper          Complete resources and technical
in general      .com                             information on Web development.
                                        home page.
Web development Comprehensive information about the
in general                                  Web and Web development.
Web development         As for styles, you can run your site
in general                                       through—
                                                 they’ll analyze your site (backward
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type         Site Address                 Comments
Web development       A comprehensive site offering free code
in general                                     and discussions of almost every subject
                                               pertaining to Web development. This is
                                               a highly recommended site for both
                                               beginner and advanced Web
Web development     An EarthWeb site offering
in general                                     comprehensive treatment of HTML.
                                               Includes free code, tutorials, how-tos,
                                               and much more. Highly recommended!
Web development An excellent starting place for Web
in general                                  development. Contains information on
                                            HTML, Java, and so forth.
Web development        Stroud’s CWS Apps is an excellent
in general                                     resource for developers. Contains
                                               information for various browsers,
                                               languages, and operating systems.
Web development        This is a comprehensive site. Covers
in general                                     Active X, Perl, CGI, Java, Java Script,
                                               VRML, etc. Highly Recommended!
Web development     Web site development links.
in general      links.html                     Comprehensive and highly
                                               recommended. Has Java scripts,
                                               graphics, HTML, Java applets, GIFS,
                                               and so forth.
Web development   Cast software.
in general      home.html
Web development          Free add-ons for your Web page.
in general
Web development             The World Wide Web Consortium
in general                                     (W3C) develops interoperable
                                               technologies (specifications, guidelines,
                                               software, and tools) to lead the Web to
                                               its full potential as a forum for
                                               information, commerce,
                                               communication, and collective
Web development Internet marketing resource.
in general
Web development http://www.webtechniques       Comprehensive site for Web
in general      .com                           development.
                                                                              Good Sites

Site Type          Site Address                  Comments
Web development
Newsletters     newsite/newsletter/index.html
Web graphics        Clip art for your Web site and more.
Web graphics    Fonts, icons, clip art, animations,
                                                 backgrounds, bullets, bars, arrows,
                                                 sounds, and more.
Web graphics       http://www.graphxkingdom      The graphics kingdom.
Web graphics     A large collection of graphics for your
                                                 Web page.
Web graphics   Screen-saver bitmaps.
Web graphics      Webplaces Internet search guide.
Web graphics     Custom design and cool graphics, plus
Web security         Web security and Internet commerce.
Web: selected    BroadVision, Inc. develops, markets,
company profiles                                 and supports fully integrated
                                                 application software solutions. The
                                                 company’s solutions manage one-to-
                                                 one relationships for the extended
                                                 enterprise. BroadVision’s software is
                                                 used by financial services, retail,
                                                 distribution, high technology,
                                                 telecommunications, and travel
Web: selected      http://www.netperceptions     Net Perceptions, Inc. provides real-time
company profiles   .com                          relationship marketing solutions that
                                                 enable Internet retailers to market to
                                                 customers on a personalized, one-to-
                                                 one basis. The company’s customers
                                                 include inc;
                                                 CDnow, Inc.;, Inc.;
                                                 Preview Travel, Inc.; Ticketmaster
                                                 Online-CitySearch, Inc.; and Value
                                                 America, Inc.
Wireless       Wireless Application Protocol
Application                                      specifications.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                   Comments
WML            wml-tools is a suite of small programs
                                               designed to help in the construction of
                                               WAP WML decks. The suite currently

                                               wmlc—a WML bytecode compiler
                                               wmld—a WML bytecode decompiler
                                               wmlv—a simple, text-based WML
                                               deck viewer
                                               wbmp2xpm—a WBMP to XPM
                                               wmlhtml—a simple WML deck to
                                               HTML converter
                                               rdfwml—an RDF channel to WML
                                               deck converter
WML       “WML is the Unix toolkit for getting
                sw/wml/                        your Web designer’s HTML job done.”
                                               It finally happens, WML 2.0 is out!
                                               WML is a free and extensible Web
                                               designer’s offline, HTML generation
                                               toolkit for Unix, distributed under the
                                               GNU General Public License (GPL v2).
                                               It is written in ANSI C and Perl 5, built
                                               via a GNU Autoconf-based source tree
                                               and runs out-of-the-box on all major
                                               Unix derivates. It can be used free of
                                               charge both in educational and
                                               commercial environments.
XML    XML and Oracle8i case study. Learn
                xml/info/indus/iEMPAC.htm       how Indus International, an Oracle
                                                partner company, rearchitected its
                                                application for the Internet using
                                                Oracle8i and XML.
XML             http://www.informationweek     Links to a .pdf file with some helps
                .com/725/xml.htm               for xml.
XML        Includes a test suite, some software,
                                               and so forth.
                                                                     Good Sites

Site Type   Site Address                 Comments
XML   This SGML/XML Web page is a
            cover/                       comprehensive online database
                                         containing reference information and
                                         software pertaining to the Standard
                                         Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
                                         and its subset, the Extensible Markup
                                         Language (XML). The database features
                                         an SGML/XML news column, “What’s
                                         New?” and a cumulative annotated
                                         bibliography with over 2,000 entries.
                                         The collection contains over 2,500
                                         documents explaining and illustrating
                                         the application of the SGML/XML
                                         family of standards, including HyTime,
                                         DSSSL, XSL, XLL, XLink, XPointer,
                                         SPDL, CGM, ISO-HTML, and several
                                         others. These documents are accessible
                                         from a condensed topical overview or
                                         from the fully expanded contents listing
                                         (Site Index) in a separate document. An
                                         extended introduction to the Web site
                                         is provided in the site description. The
                                         SGML/XML Web page is currently
                                         sponsored by OASIS (Organization
                                         for the Advancement of Structured
                                         Information Standards) and four
                                         OASIS Members: GCA (Graphic
                                         Communications Association), ISOGEN
                                         International Corp, Inso Corporation,
                                         and Sun Microsystems.
XML   Learn how your business can benefit
                                         from an XML-enabled infrastructure.
XML       SCHEMA.NET, along with sister sites
                                         XMLINFO (
                                         and XMLSOFTWARE (http://
                               , aim to
                                         provide well-organized information
                                         and resources on the Extensible
                                         Markup Language (XML), one of the
                                         most significant developments on the
                                         World Wide Web and in electronic
                                         publishing and electronic commerce.
Oracle9i Web Development

Site Type       Site Address                 Comments
XML      XML and the Second-Generation Web.
                0599issue/0599bosak.html     The combination of hypertext and a
                                             global Internet started a revolution. A
                                             new ingredient, XML, is poised to finish
                                             the job. By Jon Bosak and Tim Bray for
                                             Scientific American.
XML      This archive contains the latest
                8879rev/                     revisions of the key documents
                                             considered to govern the project
                                             editor’s review of ISO 8879.
XML       An excellent article on XML linking
                ~sjd/xlinkintro.html         edited by Steve DeRose.
XML          W3C’s official XML page. This is a
                                             comprehensive site for XML.
XML      This two-part tutorial demonstrates how
                                             XML can be used to improve how
                                             search engines work. It shows how to
                                             automate retrieval of search results and
                                             when those results are available in
                                             XML, instead of HTML, how much
                                             more easily they can be organized and
                                             displayed for users. This demo requires
                                             IE 5 because the XML processing is
                                             done on the client side.

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