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									Burnley Space Bus
Annual Review
How we have made a difference to
over 6000 young peoples lives ...
                            of Approval
    All Aboard - Royal Seal
          Our year ended with a special visit from His
           Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, who openly talked
             of his admiration for the work SPACE has done in
               supporting Burnley’s young people.
                   This review aims to tell our story of how we achieved our Royal
                   Seal of Approval, how we have made a huge difference to so 3500
                  young lives across the borough and how we hope to progress in
                  partnership with agencies and most importantly, with young people.


Bus Stop One – First stop
          The need for the SPACE bus was highlighted in a major survey of almost a 1000
          youths in the Burnley area carried out by The Participation Works and funded
          through Burnley Council’s Elevate funding.
          Young people said they wanted somewhere to chat with friends in
          a safe environment, somewhere in which they can take pride and
          feel a sense of ownership, and somewhere they have actually set
          up and developed.
          73% said that if they were shown respect and given responsibility, they would
          change their behaviour and 86% said they wanted a facility with internet access.

                      ives our bus
Bus Stop Two – What dr
          Our bus is driven by an identified need to reduce one of the major types of crime
          in Burnley, criminal damage. SPACE aims to reduce overall crime and disorder,
          anti-social behaviour and nuisance associated with young people in partnership
          with young people.
          Through working in partnership with young people, barriers are broken, trust is
          established and young people can confidently talk about issues affecting them,
          which in turn allows agencies to give support or take action.
          But it’s not just about the individual, it’s about looking at an issue like drug or
          alcohol abuse and focussing both on the individual and on the impact of their
          behaviour on the local community to reduce the fear of crime, improve the local
          environment and resident’s quality of life.

                                       ing the correct bus fare
Bus Stop Three – Ac

           Funding for the SPACE bus totalled around £140,000 and came
           from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, European Regional
       Aim Development Fund, Government Office North West, and the
           Community Safety Partnership. Match funding was also provided by
           Burnley & Pendle buses, PC World and Safer Travel unit at Lancashire
           County Council.
           This has allowed the purchase of a double-decker bus, it’s complete refurbishment
           and installation of six laptop computers with internet access, two Xbox game
           consoles, two Playstation 3 consoles, a flat screen television with DVD player and
           music system as well as facilities including a chill out area, information zone and
           confidential ‘big brother’ style diary room.
           The funding also allowed Burnley Council’s Sports Development to purchase a
           trailer full of sports equipment to accompany the bus to it’s various locations, so if
           the bus is full, activities can take place outside.
           Young people were asked to name the bus and decided upon a logo
           of their choice and so the bus came to be called S.P.A.C.E (Social
           Place for Activities, Chilling out and Enjoyment).

                                      d and round
  s Stop Four – How the wheels go roun
           SPACE bus was launched on 16th May 2007.
       Aim by qualified youth workers from The Participation Sports Development and
         agencies ranging from Teenage Pregnancy/Sexual Health,
                                                                Works, as well as partner

           volunteers, SPACE journeys out six nights a week, from Tuesday to Sunday between
           4.30pm and 9.30pm (10.30pm Friday & Saturday).
           Burnley’s Multi Agency Problem Solving (MAPS) team identify ‘Hotspot’ locations
           for SPACE to travel to, based on information and intelligence from partner
           agencies, including the Police National Intelligence Model daily briefings, and
           information is stored on young people visiting.
           These figures show just what a huge impact SPACE has had in its first year:

           Total no of attendees over 10,000!
           1st time attendees                     7000+
           Referrals to partner agencies           150+
           ICT support to attendees               1000+
           Young people Signposted to other agencies
           e.g. drugs services, sexual health    900
           Community Cohesion events attended        22

                                 t direction
Bus Stop Five – Going in the righ
        SPACE has allowed staff agencies to visit ‘hot spot’ areas and engage with hard to
        reach individuals in their own back yard, providing them with IT leisure facilities
        and a wide range of advice and support and it is working.

        The numbers of young people using the facility averages
        45-50 each night with up to 100 at weekends.
        As a result of this, the levels of criminal damage and
        anti-social behaviour have been considerably REDUCED
        by a staggering total of 885 incidents!
        Overall this has resulted in far fewer people being victimised and over 1000 less
        deployments for Police Officers.
        In one area, Burnley Wood, there was a 39% decrease in criminal
        damage and an 18% decrease in ASB over the ten-week period
        SPACE was deployed.
        Local residents and previous complainants unanimously support SPACE and have
        stated that there is less crime, disorder and nuisance when the bus is present. A
        resident wrote a letter to local newspaper, the Burnley Express, stated that during
        two-week visit by the SPACE bus, ‘yobbish and anti-social behaviour has stopped’’,
        that ‘this has brought some peace to the area’ and expressed ‘a big thank you to
        everyone concerned’.

                      colours –
Bus passes with flyingt
Anecdotes of Achievem
         • Young people queue and wait for SPACE to arrive in some locations and young
           people travel to access the bus
         • Two groups of youths, of differing ethnicity, resolved disputes and now share
           the bus and play football together
         • A number of youths have been able to utilise IT facilities which they state
           they do not have access to at their home addresses
         • A youth stated confidentially to one of the youth workers that he had ‘not
           been stealing for two days’ because of having something to do on SPACE
         • A local youth centre has had to provide an additional nights activities each
           week as a result of the numbers of young people attending after being
           signposted there by the youth bus staff
         • Youths having asked for and subsequently receiving careers information
           about the construction industry from Vedas Recruitment and being offered
           possible placements
         • Workers aboard SPACE identified a possible ‘at risk’ child and that family is
           now working with a Parenting Support Worker
         • The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) have showcased SPACE in
           Brussels as an example of good practice and effective use of their funding
           and they are keen to send a delegation to visit the bus in the next few
         • The Home Office invited project workers to showcase the SPACE bus as a
           good practice case study at a recent ‘Celebrating Success Conference’ and
           have included the project in the new National Crime Strategy, ‘Cutting Crime
           - A new partnership 2008-11’.

         Changing lives and attitudes
         As a result of engagement with the Space Bus here are two examples of how
         the lives of two young people involved have been turned around:
           A young girl had some traumatic events in her life and being involved with
           the project has resulted in her becoming a Police Cadet, volunteer on
           the bus and has persuaded her to take an academic route with a view to
           attending university.
           A young man who was truanting from school and stole a youth workers
           handbag from the bus has engaged in the Restorative Justice Process and as
           a result is now back in full time education and volunteering on the bus in his
           own and other areas.

                           nd, Royal Trip
Bus Stop Six – A Right, Rou
         Our journey started through talking about our Royal Seal of
         Approval and now we are back again to explain just how His Royal
         Highness, Prince Charles, came to find himself on the SPACE bus on
         21st February 2008.
         Prince Charles has a long-standing affiliation with Burnley calling it a ‘remarkably
         special town’ so when His Royal Highness announced a visit to see the borough’s
         regeneration, work of his many charities and wider youth engagement work, the
         SPACE bus was identified as a great example.
         The Prince spoke to the people who developed the idea, youth workers and, most
         importantly, the young people who access it and whose lives SPACE has improved
         in many ways.
         His Royal Highness was so impressed by SPACE that after the visit we received the
         following letter of future support:

         The Prince Of Wales has asked me to write and thank you most
         warmly for showing him your remarkable Burnley Youth Bus. His
         Royal Highness was hugely impressed by all that you have achieved
         and the bus is clearly making the whole difference to young people
         in Burnley. The Prince Of Wales only hopes that the continuing
         involvement of his charities in Burnley will enable you to expand
         the existing service you provide.
         Elizabeth Buchanan – Personal Private Secretary HRH
         As a result of the visit, Business in the Community, one of the Prince’s charities
         has pledged support for the existing bus and the provision of a second youth bus. A
         further pledge has been made to improve other youth facilities across the borough
         over the next few years.

                              ep turning
Bus Stop Seven – The wheels ke
        So it may have been a round trip, beginning and ending with His Royal Highness,
        but our next journey promises to be bigger and better than before with more
        locations for more young people to take part in more structured activities and use
        more services.
        Already, SPACE has attracted interest from the Lancashire Global Education
        Centre who will run an Arts project, One of the Prince’s charities, “Business in the
        Community”, has made a commitment to part fund the future running of the bus
        and are hopeful that they can provide a second bus in the very near future, the
        Working Neighbourhood Fund has committed funding too and The Football League
        are looking into the possibility of each of their football clubs buying and running
        their own bus in their local areas.
        It is anticipated that in the future community volunteers will come
        onto the bus and engage with young people who live in their area
        enhancing community cohesion and providing young people with
        role models, training opportunities and realistic ambitions for their
        SPACE turned from research to reality, from an idea to an active tool to prevent
        crime and anti-social behaviour, and the most pleasing aspect of it all, is that it

        Thanks to all those who support the SPACE bus and to all the young
        people who have helped make it a success.

                       ssive success, youth
SPACE Bus has been a ma
                      yone’s wildest dreams
engagement beyond an

There has been a noticeable reduction in incidents
of Criminal Damage and Anti-Social Behaviour in the
areas where the bus has been located

Very impressed, one of the highlights of the day was
seeing the work going on with young people via the
SPACE bus. HRH the Prince of Wales

It is anticipated that in the future
community volunteers will assist with
the project and engage with young
people living in their area. This will
enhance community cohesion and
provide young people with role models,
training opportunities and realistic
ambitions for their futures.

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