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									Texts and Guides
Author                 Title
                       A Leader's Guid to Services and Prayers
‐                      of Healing

Addington‐Hall, J.M.
& Higginson, I.J.    Palliative Care for Non‐Cancer Patients
Ames                   A Handbook for Widowers
Anon.                  Talking to Children About Death
Aries, P.              The Hour of Our Death
Armstrong‐Dailey, A.
& S. Zarbock           Hospice Care for Children 2nd. Ed.
Ball, A.               Caring for an Aging Parent
BCPEP                  Controlando A Sua Dor
                       Grief and the Healing Arts: Creativity as
Bertman, S.L. (ed)     Therapy

Berzoff J. & P. R.     Living with Dying: A Handbook for End‐
Silverman (eds)        of‐Life Healthcare Practitioners
Boulden, J & J         The Caregivers Handbook
Byock, I.              Dying Well
Capossela &
Warnock                Share the Care
Clunis, D. et al       Lives of Lesbian Elders
Cox, C (ed)            Dementia and Social Work Practice

David&Pelly (eds)      Caring for Aging Holocaust Survivors
Davidson, G.           Understanding Mourning

DeSpelder, L.A. and    The Last Dance: Encountering Death
Strickland, A.L.       and Dying
Doka, K.J. (ed)        Living With Grief After Sudden Loss
Dougy Center           Helping the Grieving Student
Feldman & Lasher       The End‐of‐Life Handbook
Fitzgerald             The Grieving Teen
Fitzgerald, H.         The Mourning Handbook
Graham, J.             In the Compony of Others

Greenhaven Press       Death & Dying: Opposing Viewpoints
Greenleaf              Healing the Hurt Spirit
Grollman & Johnson     A Complete Book About Death for Kids
Grollman & Johnson     Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers
Grollman, E. A.        Living When a Loven One Has Died
Grollman, E.A.        Talking About Death
Grollman, E.A. & K.S. The Caregiver's Journey: When
Kosik                 Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's

Irish, D. et al         Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death & Grief
Johnston, N. & A.
Scholler‐Jaquish        Meaning in Suffering: Caring Practices
(eds)                   in the Health Professions
                        Symptom Control in Hospice & Palliative
Kaye, P.                Care
Kiernan, S.             Last Rights
                        Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender
Kimmel, D. et al        Aging
Kubler‐Ross, E.         Death: The Final Stage of Growth
Kubler‐Ross, E.         On Death and Dying
Kuehn                   After Suicide
Laurenhue, K.           Alzheimer's Basic Caregiving

Leone, B. (ed)          Death & Dying: Opposing Viewpoints
Lynn, MD, J.            Handbook for Mortals
Manning, D.             Thoughts for the Holidays
Matlins, S. & Magida,
A.                      How to Be a Perfect Stranger
                        Infection Control And Blood Borne
Medifecta               Pathogens
Merck                   Merck Manual of Health and Aging
Miller & Golden         When a Man Faces Grief
Miller, J.E. & S.C.
Cutshall          The Art of Being a Healing Presence
Moorhouse         Hospice Design Manual
                  Death and Bereavement Around the
Morgan & Laungani World
NHO               Los Hospicios Bajo Medicare
NHO               Sobre Hospicios
                  Complementary Therapies in End‐Of‐
NHPC              Life Care
O'Toole           Helping Children Grieve & Grow

Parkes, Laungani    Death and Bereavement Across Cultures
Pincus, L.          Death and the Family
Portnow, J.         Home Care for the Elderly
Puchalski, C.       A Time for Listening and Caring
                    Raising an Emotionally Health Child
Rauch, MD, Paula K. When a Parent is Sick
Requarth             After a Parent's Suicide

Rosenfeld, B.        Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die
Sanders, M.A.        Nearing Death Awareness
Sankar, A.           Dying at Home
Schacht, M.          A Caregiver's Challenge
Sherman, M.          The Leukemic Child
Sife, W.             After Stroke
Silverman, P.R.      Never Too Young to Know
                     The Complete Book of Counseling The
Smith, D.C.          Dying And The Grieving
                     Recognizing Spiritual Needs in People
Stanworth, R.        Who are Dying
Stroebe, M. et al
eds.                 Handbook of Bereavement Research
Twin Cities Jewish   Jewish Spiritual Companion for Medical
Healing Program      Treatments

Twycross et al       Hospice & Palliative Care Formulary USA
Various              Choosing Hospice

Various              Death and Dying: Opposing Viewpoints
Various              Grief Management Library
Walter, C.A.         The Loss of a Life Partner
Wolfelt, A.          A Child's View of Grief
Wolfelt, A.          Helping Children Cope with Grief
Wright, L.M.         Spirituality, Suffering and Illness

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