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					  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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                                                                               Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                             q    Brief History of Lee College
                                                   q    Payroll Information
Employee Handbook
                                                   q    Payroll Check Distribution Dates
Employment & Procedures Manual                     q    Human Resources Office Requirements
Sexual Harassment                                  q    Policy and Procedures for Hiring Part-time Instructors
                                                   q    Responsibilities and Procedures
Part Time Faculty Handbook
                                                           r  Absences
                                                           r  Division Chairs and Secretaries Contact Information
Organization Chart    (.pdf)
                                                           r  Attendance Records
                                                           r  Explained Student Absences
                                                           r  Division Meetings and Functions
                                                           r  Neighborhood College Policies
                                                           r  Dress
                                                           r  Emergency Procedures
                                                           r  Evaluation Procedures
                                                           r  Faculty Responsibilities
                                                           r  Field Trip Procedures
                                                           r  Grades
                                                           r  Purchasing Procedures
                                                           r  Student Access
                                                           r  Supervision
                                                           r  Syllabus and Course Outlines
                                                           r  Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP)
                                                           r  Lee College Placement Tests
                                                           r  Mandatory Placement in Developmental Courses
                                                           r  Withdrawal From All Classes
                                                           r  Textbooks and Supplies
                                                           r  Workload
                                                   q    Services Available
                                                           r  Lee College Bookstore – 281/425-6360
                                                           r  Human Resources Office – 281/425-6875
                                                           r  Counseling Center – 281/425-6384
                                                           r  Academic Advising
                                                           r  Job Placement – 281/425-6383
                                                           r  New Student Orientation (required for first time students)
                                                           r  Non-Traditional Student Support
                                                           r  Special Services for Students with Disabilities
                                                           r  Testing
                                                           r  Tutoring
                                                           r  Instructional Media Services
                                                           r  Keys / Key Pad Code
                                                           r  Library – 281/425-6378
                                                           r  Mail
                                                           r  Parking (1 of 2)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                            Print Shop

                                                            Reserving Rooms

                                                         r  Secretarial Support
                                                         r  Snack Bar - The Rebel Roost – 281/425-6402
                                                         r  Student Records
                                                 q    Official College Policies
                                                         r  Academic Responsibilities
                                                         r  Code of Professional Ethics
                                                         r  Drug Policy
                                                         r  Drug-Free Schools and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements
                                                         r  Campus Property Policy
                                                         r  Student Complaint Procedure
                                                         r  Smoking Policy
                                                 q    Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
                                                         r  Legal Authority
                                                         r  Definition
                                                         r  Examples of Prohibited Behavior
                                                         r  Application and Responsibility
                                                         r  No Retaliation
                                                         r  Malicious, False Accusations
                                                         r  Consensual Relations Within the College Community
                                                         r  Procedures
                                                         r  Informal Complaints
                                                         r  Mediation
                                                         r  Formal Complaints
                                                         r  Complaints Against Students
                                                         r  Appeals
                                                         r  Sexual Harassment Coordinators
                                                         r  Sexual Harassment Committee
                                                         r  Confidentiality
                                                         r  Resource Persons

                                           Appendix A—Part Time Faculty Pay Rates

                                           Appendix B—Pay Dates

                                           Appendix C—iCampus Instructions and College Forms (2 of 2)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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                                                                              Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                                                              College Forms
Employee Handbook
                                             ADD/DROP CARD
Employment & Procedures Manual               Obtained by students from the Admissions & Records Office. Students are responsible for
                                             filling them out, taking them to the instructor for a signature, and returning them to
Sexual Harassment
                                             Admissions & Records. Through the official withdrawal date (published in catalog),
Part Time Faculty Handbook                   instructors must sign drop cards for students who request withdrawal. After that date,
                                             students may be allowed to withdraw with instructor’s permission. Instructors much fill in
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                 the “last date attended” column. Students are allowed to add classes through the twelfth
                                             class day in long terms if space is available in the section and according to division policy.

                                             Students are responsible for taking this form to the Admissions & Records Office
                                             themselves. Please make them aware of this at the time of completion.

                                             NON-ATTENDANCE DROP CARD
                                             Completion of this form is left to the discretion of the instructor. Students may be dropped
                                             when they have missed at least three (3) hours of class, missed three class meetings, or
                                             failed to meet the requirements of the class. The instructor should send the forms to the
                                             Admissions and Records Office. (1 of 3)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                           CHANGE OF GRADE
                                           Instructors must fill out this form to have a student’s grade changed. The form may be
                                           obtained from the division secretary or the Admissions & Records Office. Upon request, the
                                           division secretary will mail a Change of Grade form to instructors who only teach off campus.

                                           INCOMPLETE GRADE CONTRACT
                                           It is extremely important that this form is completed for students to whom you have given
                                           the opportunity to complete their grade. (2 of 3)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                           Special Notes:
                                           If criteria are NOT completed by the designated date, the “I” will be changed to an “F”.
                                           Be sure to give the YELLOW copy of the signed contract to the division secretary. (3 of 3)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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                                                                           Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                       Brief History of Lee College

Employee Handbook
                                             Lee College was founded in 1934 as a part of the Goose Creek Independent School District.
Employment & Procedures Manual               The main campus at the corner of Lee Drive and Gulf Street in Baytown was first used in
                                             1951. Today it is a 37-acre campus with 31 buildings containing 81 classrooms, 43
Sexual Harassment
                                             laboratories, a gymnasium, a library, and a building devoted to student services that
Part Time Faculty Handbook                   includes a snack bar and game room.

Organization Chart    (.pdf)                 The College separated from the school district in 1965 and now has its own President and
                                             Board of Regents. In 1966 the College began the first program in Texas to award associate
                                             degrees to prison inmates. That program is now centered at the Lee College/Huntsville
                                             Center and is the largest in Texas, serving more than 1,200 inmates annually. Other off-
                                             campus education programs are located at the San Jacinto Mall and in Anahuac, Liberty,
                                             Crosby, Hardin, Huffman, Dayton, Hull-Daisetta, and Mont Belvieu, as well as through the
                                             Internet and television.

                                             With an enrollment of approximately 11,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) credit students per
                                             year, Lee College is a comprehensive community college. Besides taking credit courses, over
                                             13,000 students enroll in continuing education courses every year.

                                             Payroll Information

                                             Part-time faculty will receive paychecks on the 15th or last working day prior to the 15th of
                                             the month and the last working day of the month, unless otherwise specified by the
                                             president of the college.

                                             All part-time instructors who wish can arrange for direct deposit of their paychecks. Forms
                                             are available on the Lee College web site at or in the
                                             Payroll Office in Rundell Hall. Part-time pay rates are $34.38 per hour for lecture hours
                                             taught and $22.92 per hour for lab hours taught. A schedule of part-time pay per credit
                                             hours taught follows.

                                             Part-time faculty must provide official transcripts to the Human Resources Office within
                                             45 days of employment. Lee College reserves the right to pay minimum wage until the
                                             employment file is complete. When the file is complete, they will receive the current part-
                                             time faculty rate, including any necessary retroactive adjustments. Files must be complete
                                             before the end of the semester in order for adjustments to be made.

                                             Payroll Check Distribution Dates

                                             For the 2002 -2003 fiscal year, payroll checks will be distributed as listed in Appendix B. If
                                             you are paid on time sheet, dates of time sheets being used for calculation are listed across
                                             from the pay date.

                                             REMEMBER - If you are not on Direct Deposit, checks must be picked up at the cashier
                                             window before 2:00 pm each payday, with the exception of Friday paydays when checks
                                             must be picked up by 12:00 noon. To pick up your check, you must have a picture ID and
                                             only the employee can pick up a paycheck. Consider Direct Deposit to a savings account or (1 of 2)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                           your personal checking account. See Appendix B for timesheet submission and pay date

                                           Human Resources Office Requirements

                                           During the first semester of their employment, and as necessary after that, part-time
                                           faculty members must provide employment information required by the College and by the
                                           Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Human Resources Employment
                                           packets are available in the Human Resources Office and should be completed and returned
                                           to that office. Below are the forms necessary for each new employee:

                                                 q    Part-time Application (full-time employment requires a new application).
                                                 q    I-9 Form with attached copies of appropriate documents (filled out once during
                                                      employment, unless there is a name change.) The employee must fill this form out
                                                      before their first day of work. Acceptable documentation is on back of Form I-9.
                                                 q    Confidentiality Agreement (filled out once during employment)
                                                 q    CBM 008 Report Form (filled out once unless there have been more than 3 years
                                                      between employment periods.)
                                                 q    W4 Form (filled out once unless employee wants to make a change in withholding)
                                                 q    Personal Data Sheet (filled out periodically and when information changes)
                                                 q    Verification of 3 - 5 Years Work Experience (Applied Science faculty only, once during
                                                 q    Official Transcripts (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools requires official
                                                      transcripts, not copies. Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution
                                                      to the Lee College Human Resources Office.) If official transcripts, sealed in an
                                                      envelope, are not included with the packet, transcript request forms must be
                                                      completed and a copy filed with the Human Resources Office. If any costs are
                                                      associated with the request for the transcript, the applicant/employee will be
                                                      responsible for paying the cost.
                                                 q    OBRA Retirement Plan Form
                                                 q    OBRA Designation of Beneficiary Form (filled out once during employment unless
                                                      employee wants to change beneficiary). If this form is not received in a timely
                                                      manner, the beneficiary will default to "Estate."
                                                 q    New Hire Report Form
                                                 q    Direct Deposit Form (a voided or photocopied check must be attached.)
                                                 q    Network Access Form
                                                 q    Background Release Authorization Forms
                                                 q    Applicant Statistical Data Form (Voluntary)

                                           Policy and Procedures for Hiring Part-time Instructors

                                               1. If a sufficient applicant pool of appropriately qualified part-time instructors exists,
                                                  these positions do not have to be advertised.
                                               2. The Human Resource Office will conduct a criminal history and education background
                                                  check on all part-time faculty members.

                                               3. The division chair is responsible for verification of work experience and/or contacting
                                                  professional references.

                                               4. The appropriate instructional dean, based on the recommendation of the division chair,
                                                  hires part-time instructors.

                                               5. Part-time instructors must meet the same credential requirements as full-time
                                                  instructors. These credential requirements vary according to course taught.

                                               6. Part-time instructors who apply for full-time positions will compete with all other
                                                  candidates for those positions. (2 of 2)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                    HR Home | Employment Opportunities | Employee Resources | Forms

                                                                                      Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                       Responsibilities and Procedures

Employee Handbook
Employment & Procedures Manual

Sexual Harassment

Part Time Faculty Handbook
                                                        Money is not provided for substitutes for part-time faculty; therefore, it is
                                                        important for instructors to meet each class. However, if an absence is
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                            unavoidable, the instructor should make arrangements with the division chair for
                                                        anticipated absences. If a sudden illness or emergency arises, faculty must notify
                                                        the lead instructor, division chair, and/or the division secretary as early as
                                                        possible prior to the absence so that students can be notified. If unable to reach
                                                        the lead instructor, division chair or divisio secretary, instructors should call the
                                                        appropriate instructional dean: Academic, 281/425-6445, Applied Science
                                                        281/425-6442, Huntsville 936/291-0452. Part time instructors do not have the
                                                        benefits of accrued/paid leave and therefore will not be paid for absences.

                                             Division Chairs and Secretaries Contact Information

                                             Table 1: Academic Division Contact

                                              English Communication
                                              Chair               Dale Adams              (281) 425-6426
                                              Secretary           Susan Keith             (281) 425-6503
                                              Math, Engineering, Biological & Physical Science, and Education
                                              Chair               Carolyn Foster          (281) 425-6333
                                              Secretary           Janice Martin           (281) 425-6332
                                              Physical Education/Kinesiology/Athletics/Wellness
                                              Chair               Karen Guthmiller        (281) 425-6403
                                              Secretary           Brenda Gentry           (281) 425-6487
                                              Social and Behavioral Science
                                              Chair               Steve Showalter         (281) 425-6366
                                              Secretary           Marian Stein            (281) 425-6371
                                              Visual and Performing Arts
                                              Chair               Paul Lucke              (281) 425-6350
                                              Secretary           Christy Thompson        (281) 425-6821

                                             Table 2: Applied Science Division Contacts

                                              Allied Health
                                              Chair               Judy Etzel              (281) 425-6449
                                              Secretary           Sharon Gillum           (281) 425-6229
                                              Business Technology
                                              Chair               David Jaroszewski       (281) 425-6527
                                              Secretary           Beverly Bush            (281) 425-5111
                                              Computer Technology
                                              Chair               Shirley Dixon           (281) 425-6292 (1 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                            Secretary           Mercy Franco     (281) 425-6477
                                            Technical Studies
                                            Chair               Jimmy Lockett    (281) 425-6450
                                            Secretary           Phoebe Meguess   (281) 425-6466

                                           Attendance Records

                                                      Faculty members are required by the state to certify attendance in their classes.

                                                      1. Census Day Class Roles

                                                      State funding is based on student enrollment on the institutional twelfth class
                                                      day/census day (or its equivalent in less than 16-week semesters); therefore, all
                                                      faculty members are required to certify that the class list in the computer
                                                      actually represents students who are in attendance. Instructors should receive
                                                      these forms before the end of the fourth week of the semester. They must be
                                                      signed and returned to the Admissions and Records Office.

                                                      2. Attendance Records

                                                      Instructors are no longer required to keep and submit daily attendance records.
                                                      However for a variety of reasons, instructors are encouraged to keep some
                                                      record of individual student attendance activity each term.

                                                      Grading and withdrawal policies vary by program. Depending on the division
                                                      policy, students who have been absent from class for three hours or three
                                                      sessions may be dropped by the instructor for non-attendance with grades of "F"
                                                      or "W2" (instructor-initiated) drop.

                                                      Developmental classes have special attendance requirements. Instructors should
                                                      check with their division chairs. To report excessive absences of students in
                                                      developmental classes, instructors may call the Hotline at ext. 6222 (425-6222)
                                                      and leave a message. Non-attendance drop cards are available in the Admissions
                                                      and Records Office in Moler Hall or from the division secretary.

                                           Explained Student Absences

                                                      At least one week prior to an activity, students representing Lee College and/or
                                                      participating in Lee College-sponsored activities are to provide their instructors
                                                      with a written explanation and dates for the absence, signed by the appropriate
                                                      sponsors. Sponsored activities include trips or events officially funded by the

                                                      Students are responsible for all assignments and material during the absence, as
                                                      well as exams and assignments immediately following the absence.

                                           Division Meetings and Functions

                                                      Part-time faculty are invited to attend division meetings and other functions, but
                                                      attendance is not required and there is no monetary compensation for attending.
                                                      All new part-time instructors, however, are required to attend one orientation
                                                      session their first semester. All other part time instructors are required to attend
                                                      one orientation session annually. New and returning part time instructors will be
                                                      notified of the time and place by their division chairs.

                                           Neighborhood College Policies (2 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      Your efforts in working with our service area students are vital to the success of
                                                      Lee College programs. Each of you fills a significant position in the overall
                                                      mission of the College

                                                          1. If you are teaching a dual enrollment class at Table 3: High School Contacts
                                                             a high school during regular school hours,        School               Number
                                                             you must notify the high school itself, as        Anahuac HS           409/267-6491
                                                             well as your division if you cannot meet          Barbers Hill HS      281/576-2221
                                                             your class. Contact numbers are listed below. Crosby HS                281/328-9237
                                                             This helps the high school to schedule a          Dayton HS            936/258-2510
                                                             substitute for your class; you might provide      Hargrave HS          281/324-1845
                                                             some suggestions on work that students            Liberty HS           936/336-6483
                                                             could do in your absence.
                                                          2. Since there is no supervisor on-site for evening and weekend classes, you must
                                                             notify your division or the dean’s office if you are unable to meet your class. If
                                                             there is time, we will try to contact your students to preclude their driving a long
                                                             way to encounter an empty classroom. See above listing for appropriate phone
                                                          3. Leave everything in your classroom undisturbed. Anything you or your students
                                                             move should be returned to its place.
                                                          4. See that any trash is placed in proper receptacles and rooms left in order for the
                                                             next morning.
                                                          5. Respect local policies. For instance, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the
                                                             building or on the entire grounds at Liberty High School. Those who teach at
                                                             other sites should know and follow the local smoking policy. Likewise, these
                                                             locations may have parking policies for evening students. These policies should
                                                             be followed by instructors and announced to students.
                                                          6. The teachers’ lounge may or may not be open for your use during class breaks.
                                                             If you use the lounge, again, leave it as you found it.
                                                          7. Large printing orders may be taken to the Lee College Print Shop. This requires
                                                             advance planning, but the Print Shop is generally fast, dependable and
                                                             inexpensive. Your division secretary will help you with a Press Work Order. If you
                                                             have not allowed enough time to use the Print Shop, there is a copier in the
                                                             main campus library. Check at the front desk for a copier card available for off-
                                                             campus teachers.
                                                          8. Some media equipment is available on site. To request or reserve media
                                                             equipment, call 281/425-6337. Note the equipment you need, location, the date,
                                                             and your room number. We will arrange to have it set up for you. Please provide
                                                             at least two days’ notice.

                                                                If there are problems with the equipment, you may ask whether a teacher in a
                                                                nearby room can share with you whatever is available.

                                                           Please inform us of any malfunctioning equipment or any other difficulty you
                                                           encounter at your off-campus site. The deans’ office is your most direct line of
                                                           communication/assistance. After office hours, you can leave a voice mail
                                                           message at 281/425-6444. Include your telephone number. Problems can only
                                                           be corrected if we know about them.
                                                        9. If you are teaching dual enrollment, keep in mind that you will submit grades
                                                           both to Lee College and to the high school. During a semester, there will
                                                           typically be three marking periods, for which the high school must have grades.
                                                           Keep in touch with the high school’s counseling office regarding grade reporting,
                                                           textbook policies (some districts provide and reuse them) and special events
                                                           (pep rallies, TAAS testing, etc.), which might affect your class time.
                                                       10. Keys for off-campus sites should be returned promptly after semester’s end.
                                                           Keys belonging to the high school should be returned to the high school.

                                                      We appreciate your serving at our “away” campuses and hope you enjoy the
                                                      students you teach there.

                                           Dress (3 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      Part-time faculty are expected to dress appropriately to the profession for which
                                                      they are preparing students.

                                           Emergency Procedures

                                                      The handling of all emergency situations is covered in detail in the Lee College
                                                      Emergency Procedures Handbook included in the part-time faculty packet. If
                                                      available, red emergency phones inside College buildings can be used to contact
                                                      Security directly. The following covers only the most common emergency

                                                      In the event of car trouble or locked car doors, both instructors and students
                                                      should call ext. 6475 or 6888 during regular business hours and Security will

                                                      In the event an employee or student has a medical problem or injury, the
                                                      instructor should try to determine the extent of the problem. If an ambulance is
                                                      needed, the instructor should call 9-911 from a regular phone and report the
                                                      situation and location immediately. Instructors should not transport students to
                                                      the hospital or medical facilities. Students are required to pay for their
                                                      ambulance fees.

                                                      Should someone request/insist on seeing/locating a student at Lee College by
                                                      coming on campus, the instructor should refer that person to the office of the
                                                      Dean of Student Development. Spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-spouses, etc
                                                      should not disrupt classes. At night, use the red security telephones, located
                                                      prominently in each building, to contact Security.

                                                      If an altercation develops on campus between students or students/non-
                                                      students, instructors should immediately contact Security at extension 6888, or
                                                      pick up a red phone in the hallway of the building. They should not put
                                                      themselves in jeopardy.

                                                      If students or instructors feel threatened, Security will escort them to their
                                                      vehicle upon request.

                                                      In the event of delayed openings or early campus closure, call your immediate
                                                      supervisor and/or listen to one of the following radio or television stations:

                                                             q   KSHN 99.9 FM
                                                             q   KPRC TV Channel 2
                                                             q   KWWJ 1360 AM
                                                             q   KTRK TV Channel 13
                                                             q   KTRH 740 AM
                                                             q   KHOU TV Channel 11
                                                             q   KPRC 950 AM
                                                             q   KRIV TV Channel 26
                                                             q   WNZH 1610 AM

                                           Evaluation Procedures

                                                      The purpose of faculty evaluation is to improve instruction. For part-time faculty,
                                                      the following procedures will be followed:

                                                          1. Part-time faculty members will be formally evaluated at least once a year.
                                                          2. Their division chair, lead instructor, and/or the appropriate instructional
                                                             dean evaluate part-time faculty.
                                                          3. There can be several parts to the evaluation process: (4 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                          4.    Student evaluation of instruction
                                                          5.    Part-time Faculty Responsibility Appraisal Form (See Appendix D)
                                                          6.    Optional classroom visitation
                                                          7.    When the Part-time Faculty Responsibility Appraisal Forms are filled out
                                                                and signed, they will be placed in the faculty member's personnel file.
                                                                Signing the forms, however, does not preclude additional evaluation
                                                                throughout the term.

                                           Faculty Responsibilities

                                           Part-time instructors have the following responsibilities to Lee College and to their students.
                                           These are the criteria on which they will be evaluated:

                                                 q    Meet classes on time and hold for specified time
                                                 q    When unable to meet class, notify either the lead instructor, division chair, division
                                                      secretary, or dean in a timely manner
                                                 q    Maintain accurate student accounting records in compliance with College requirements
                                                 q    Make all required student reports to the Admissions and Records Office according to
                                                 q    Direct and evaluate the learning experience of the students in accordance with
                                                      adopted curricula and approved procedures
                                                 q    Teach assigned classes in keeping with approved syllabi, outlines, and instructional
                                                 q    Counsel/provide guidance to students when there is a need
                                                 q    Report students' problems needing special consideration to the chair and/or the
                                                      appropriate dean
                                                 q    Within the first week, provide to students, lead instructors, and division chairs a
                                                      course outline for each course taught, unless already provided, and a schedule of
                                                      office hours or hours available outside of class
                                                 q    Administer the classroom and its program of organization and management in
                                                      accordance with adopted procedures
                                                 q    Be available to students outside of class.
                                                 q    Perform other duties assigned in their area of responsibility
                                                 q    Attend orientation meetings as scheduled

                                           Field Trip Procedures

                                                      Information and forms must be secured from division chairs and instructional
                                                      deans and returned to division chairs. Student information forms are required
                                                      from each student prior to the field trip. The division chair must sign vehicle
                                                      requests forms and Purchase Requests. It is preferable to have forms to division
                                                      chairs at least 10 days prior to the planned trip.


                                                      Please see the current Lee College Catalog for student grade information.

                                           Purchasing Procedures

                                                      See the division secretary for assistance. Prior approval is required for
                                                      purchases. Also, the Financial Services Procedures Manual includes a section
                                                      detailing purchasing procedures.

                                           Student Access

                                                      All faculty members, including part-time instructors, have a responsibility to
                                                      ensure that their students have adequate access to them. Because part-time
                                                      faculty members are typically on campus for only short periods of time, they
                                                      have some special responsibilities:

                                                      Students must be provided with a telephone number(s) and times when a (5 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      message may be left for the instructor. Division secretaries can take messages
                                                      and explain procedures. E-mail addresses may also be used.

                                                      Part-time instructors must be available outside of class time for at least 30
                                                      minutes for each class they teach. Instructors should check with division
                                                      secretaries about available space, or space can be reserved in the library for
                                                      student conferences by calling ext. 6379.

                                                      Part-time instructors should encourage students to make appointments at
                                                      reasonable times outside of class and must be available for any appointments
                                                      that they schedule.


                                                      The division chair in their subject area and the appropriate instructional dean
                                                      supervises part-time faculty. In addition, several divisions assign full-time faculty
                                                      mentors to part-time faculty.

                                           Syllabus and Course Outlines

                                                      Every course at Lee College has a master syllabus. Part-time instructors should
                                                      have a copy of the syllabus for each course they teach and must design their
                                                      course in accordance with that syllabus. In addition to the syllabus, each
                                                      instructor must prepare a course outline that contains at least the following

                                                             q   Name and office telephone numbers for instructor, division chair, lead
                                                                 instructor, and division secretary
                                                             q   Office location and office hours
                                                             q   Course description and objectives
                                                             q   Textbooks and other materials needed
                                                             q   Outline of course structure, organized by weeks
                                                             q   Grading criteria
                                                             q   Other course requirements
                                                             q   Goals based on course syllabus
                                                             q   Absence Policy
                                                             q   Statement for students with special needs.

                                                      The course outline should be distributed to all students during the first week of

                                           Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP)

                                                      Since its inception in 1989, TASP has evolved into a complex set of rules that
                                                      continue to change as colleges and state agencies apply the policy to individual
                                                      cases. To help instructors answer students' questions regarding TASP, an
                                                      overview of the current rules is available in the current College catalog. Any
                                                      questions that are not answered there should be referred to the Counseling
                                                      Center, 281/425-6384.

                                           Lee College Placement Tests

                                                      The Accuplacer test offered by Lee College is an approved alternate for the TASP
                                                      test and also the placement test used by the College. Accuplacer, like the TASP
                                                      test and other approved alternatives, includes testing in Reading, English
                                                      Composition, and Mathematics. The Reading, Mathematics, and a part of the
                                                      English Composition portions of Accuplacer are computerized and the scores are
                                                      available shortly after the tests are completed. The composition portion of the
                                                      test requires from three to five days to score. (6 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      Additional information on placement tests may be found in the college catalog
                                                      and/or the course schedule.

                                           Mandatory Placement in Developmental Courses

                                                      Students who demonstrate deficiencies on the TASP will be required to enroll in
                                                      developmental courses if they are taking more than five semester credit hours.
                                                      Since the Reading, Mathematics, and English composition standards vary across
                                                      programs, students with the same placement test scores but different majors
                                                      may be considered to have different "deficiencies." Students whose placement
                                                      test scores and choice of majors cause them to be placed in developmental
                                                      classes must enroll in these classes each semester until their deficiency has been

                                                      At Lee College, mandatory placement in developmental courses does not prevent
                                                      students from taking classes, which apply to their degrees, providing that they
                                                      meet all course prerequisites and enroll in appropriate developmental courses at
                                                      the same time.

                                           Withdrawal From All Classes

                                                      Students who take developmental courses and do not meet attendance
                                                      requirements will be withdrawn from all classes at the end of the term.

                                           Textbooks and Supplies

                                                      Some divisions have copies of textbooks and other supplies for faculty available
                                                      within the division area. In other divisions, they are available through the Lee
                                                      College Bookstore. Part-time faculty should check with their division secretary for
                                                      specific procedures.

                                                      According to Board Policy, during the term of employment, an instructor shall not
                                                      act as an agent or attorney for any textbook publishing company selling
                                                      textbooks in Texas. Acceptance of such agency or attorneyship shall by operation
                                                      of law forfeit the person's position with the College.


                                                      Part-time faculty assignments will be no more than 10 lecture hours after
                                                      conversion of lab and clinical hours to lecture hours (or 67% of a full teaching
                                                      load) during fall and spring terms or the equivalent during summer term(s). The
                                                      President must approve additional hours. Lecture and lab hours are paid at their
                                                      respective rates. Practicum courses are paid at the lecture hour rate based on
                                                      the number of students. Private music lessons (applied music) are paid at the lab
                                                      hour rate.

                                                      Only the President has the authority to offer a temporary full-time appointment.
                                                      Letters-of-appointment are assigned only to those faculty who are on grant
                                                      monies, employed at the Huntsville Center or other off-campus locations, or for
                                                      temporary semester assignments. (7 of 7)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                    HR Home | Employment Opportunities | Employee Resources | Forms

                                                                                Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                       Services Available

Employee Handbook
                                             Lee College Bookstore - 281/425-6360
Employment & Procedures Manual

Sexual Harassment
                                                        Bookstore Hours during long semesters:
                                                          7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
Part Time Faculty Handbook                                7:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon Friday
                                                        Bookstore Hours during summer semesters:
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                             7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                         Closed Friday
                                                        When classes are not in session, the hours that the Bookstore is open vary
                                                        according to time of year, registration, holidays, etc. Students may order books
                                                        on-line at

                                             Human Resources Office - 281/425-6875

                                                        Office Hours
                                                         7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                         7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday

                                             Counseling Center - 281/425-6384

                                             Academic Advising

                                                        Many students are referred to College faculty mentors. Counselors assist
                                                        undecided students, refer students to an appropriate faculty advisor, and provide
                                                        assistance during registration. All first-time-to-Lee-College students are required
                                                        to visit with a counselor prior to their initial registration.

                                             Job Placement – 281/425-6383

                                                        The Job Placement Office functions as an equal opportunity referral service for
                                                        both students and alumni. Some of the services include listing on-campus and
                                                        off-campus, part-time and full-time job opportunities, assistance with completing
                                                        applications, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and coordinating on-
                                                        campus interviews.

                                             New Student Orientation (required for first time students)

                                                        Lee College strongly encourages new and returning students to participate in
                                                        programs that will help them succeed by making them familiar with services,
                                                        policies, and procedures. Throughout the campus, posters will announce these

                                             Non-Traditional Student Support

                                                        The number of students over the age of 25 enrolled at Lee College continues to (1 of 5)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      increase, and the College is sensitive and responsive to the personal and
                                                      educational needs of students with family and job obligations. The College’s Non-
                                                      traditional Student Service Office located in the Kelly and Tim Bell Suite beside
                                                      the patio of Moler Hall provides special support.

                                           Special Services for Students with Disabilities

                                                      Special assistance is arranged individually with the Counselor for Students with
                                                      Disabilities who provides such services as sign language interpreters, note
                                                      takers, readers, tutors, mobility assistance, special testing, orientation, and
                                                      special registration.


                                                      In addition to placement testing, the Counseling Center offers a variety of testing
                                                      services including GED testing for those desiring a high school equivalency
                                                      certification, TASP, proctoring for correspondence course testing, and make-up
                                                      testing for instructors.

                                                      Instructors who want the Counseling Center to give make-up tests must take the
                                                      test to the Counseling Center in Moler Hall in person to preserve confidentiality.
                                                      The student makes an appointment any time during Counseling Center hours,
                                                      and the instructor will be notified when the test has been taken.


                                                      Any student who needs assistance in a course can request tutoring through the
                                                      Counseling Center. Peer tutoring is available at no cost in most subject areas.

                                           Instructional Media Services

                                                      The Marketing & Public Relations Office located in the Social Science Building,
                                                      room 129, provides instructional media services. Instructional media services
                                                      provide audio/visual materials and equipment for instructional support. (Some
                                                      divisions have TV/VCRs available and in classes. Check with your division
                                                      secretary for availability.)

                                                      Graphic services include signs, posters, banners, laminating, dry mounting, full
                                                      color and black and white copies and transparencies. Request for graphic
                                                      services or audiovisual equipment delivery to the classroom should be made at
                                                      least 24 hours in advance and with the approval of the division chair. Instructors
                                                      should call 281/425-6337 for audiovisual assistance or ext. 6353 for graphic

                                           Keys / Key Pad Code

                                                      Individuals desiring keys need to fill out a Key Request Form, which can be
                                                      obtained from the Human Resources Office. Signatures for approval include
                                                      director/division chair and instructional dean. The form needs to be returned to
                                                      the Human Resources Office for approval and issuance of keys/key pad code
                                                      desired. Keys must be turned in between semesters and/or when employment is
                                                      not required for a semester. Employees of the college are responsible for
                                                      replacement costs of lost or stolen keys.

                                           Library - 281/425-6378


                                                                Library resource request cards and forms are available at the
                                                                Circulation Desk. Part-time faculty should fill out the card or form as (2 of 5)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                                fully as possible and send to the division chair to be forwarded to the

                                                      Assignment Alert

                                                                If instructors let the reference librarian know their assignments in
                                                                advance, the library staff will be better able to help students who
                                                                come to the library.

                                                      Audio-Visual Materials

                                                                The library has a collection of 16mm, videocassettes, multi-media,
                                                                etc. Instructors can bring their classes to the library and use one of
                                                                two viewing rooms or show the film in their own classroom. They
                                                                should call 281/425-6379 in advance to reserve library facilities.

                                                                The Edythe Old Studio is a specially equipped multimedia audio-visual
                                                                room in the library available for classes by reservation. Instructors
                                                                should call 281/425-6588 or 281/425-6379 for availability.

                                                      Computers and Printers

                                                                Part-time faculty may use the computers in the Lee College Learning
                                                                Resource Center. These computers can access the Internet.
                                                                Computers and printers for word processing are also available at this
                                                                location. Software not licensed by Lee College cannot be installed on
                                                                Lee College computers. Some divisions have additional computers
                                                                available in their areas.

                                                      Facilities Use

                                                                For reservations for the Edythe Old Studio, AV room, or study rooms,
                                                                call 281/425-6379.


                                                                The library FAX machine is for library business only.


                                                                7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                                7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Friday
                                                                10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday

                                                      Interlibrary Loan

                                                                Through interlibrary loans (ILL), the library will attempt to secure any
                                                                book, magazine, article, etc., that is not a part of the Lee College
                                                                collection. ILL forms are available from the circulation, periodicals,
                                                                and reference desks.

                                                                Instructors can request additional information from the library by
                                                                calling 281/425-6377 or 281/425-6380. Those teaching at extension
                                                                sites can get library information by calling 1-800-261-9556.

                                                      Library Tours

                                                                A general library tour or specialized tours will be given at faculty
                                                                request. Faculty are also welcome to conduct their own library
                                                                orientation tour for their students. Instructors should call 281/425- (3 of 5)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                                 6497 for appointments for tours.

                                                      Materials Return

                                                                 The loan period for faculty for library materials is one semester.
                                                                 Faculty members may be asked to return a borrowed item should
                                                                 someone else request it. At the end of each semester, all materials
                                                                 must be returned.


                                                                 Faculty members may make photocopies by using the photocopy card
                                                                 available at the Circulation Desk. Copies will be charged to the
                                                                 division. Personal copy cards may also be purchased at the circulation

                                                      Request for Additional Information

                                                                 Call 281/425-6377 or 281/425-6588. FAX 281-425-6557.

                                                      Reserve Materials

                                                                 Students can place library books and other materials, or personal
                                                                 books, etc. on reserve for use. Instructors should call the Circulation
                                                                 Desk, 281/425-6588, for additional information.


                                                      The central mailroom is located at the southwest corner of the Social Science
                                                      building with the Print Shop. Mailboxes are available for part-time faculty who
                                                      request them through their division chairs. Instructors should collect their mail

                                                      Divisions also have mailboxes available for part-time faculty. Instructors should
                                                      check with the division secretary for information. In addition, some information
                                                      may be mailed to home addresses.


                                                      Instructors may pick up parking permits from the Human Resources Office,
                                                      Room 118 in Rundell Hall. The Human Resources Office is open from 7:30 a.m.
                                                      to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday.

                                           Print Shop

                                                      Faculty are encouraged to use the Print Shop (located at the southwest corner of
                                                      the Social Science building near the mail boxes) to reproduce any materials they
                                                      use in class. The division secretaries will fill out print shop order forms. The Print
                                                      Shop has a fast turn around time, typically one day for small orders.

                                           Reserving Rooms

                                                      Rooms are available throughout the College for special activities and events.
                                                      They must be reserved in advance by calling the numbers below:

                                                             q   Cobb Auditorium - Visual & Performing Arts Secretary (ext. 6821)
                                                             q   Game room - Student Activities Coordinator (ext. 6861)
                                                             q   Phyllis Davis Reception Room - President's Office (ext. 6300)
                                                             q   Rundell Hall Auditorium - Purchasing Office (ext. 6320)
                                                             q   Testing Center - Counseling Center (ext. 6384) (4 of 5)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                             q   Technical/Vocational Building 1-Room 115, 117, or 119 - Continuing
                                                                 Education (Ext. 6311)
                                                             q   Tucker Hall - Purchasing Office (ext. 6320)
                                                             q   Gazebo - Secretary of Administrative Services (ext. 6347)
                                                             q   Edythe Old Studio - Library Circulation Desk (ext. 6588)
                                                             q   Moody Center Conference Room - President's Office (ext. 6300)

                                                      The above list is not comprehensive. Division secretaries can also schedule
                                                      rooms in their areas for classroom needs.

                                           Secretarial Support

                                                      Secretarial services are available only for activities directly related to the official
                                                      functions of the College. See the division chair for particular regulations on
                                                      accessing secretarial services.

                                           Snack Bar - The Rebel Roost - 281/425-6402

                                                      Snack Bar hours during long semesters:

                                                                 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                                 (Grill closes at 6:30 p.m.)
                                                                 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday

                                                      Snack Bar hours during summer semesters:

                                                                 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                                 (Grill closes at 6:30 p.m.)
                                                                 Closed Friday

                                                      When classes are not in session, the hours that the Snack Bar is open vary
                                                      according to time of year, registration, holidays, etc.

                                           Student Records

                                                      Student records are housed in the Admissions and Records Office in Moler Hall.
                                                      Students' records must be protected. Students' right to privacy is assured in part
                                                      by federal law. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and
                                                      its amendments specify the types of student information, which can be released
                                                      to the public, including parents and spouses, without the student's expressed
                                                      consent. In general, one of the stipulations of this right to privacy is that
                                                      instructors do NOT post grades or release grades to anyone other than the
                                                      student. Instructors should check with division chairs before releasing or
                                                      publishing any information about students. (5 of 5)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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                                                                                      Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                       Official College Policies

Employee Handbook
                                             Academic Responsibilities
Employment & Procedures Manual

Sexual Harassment
                                                        Academic Integrity, Freedom, and Responsibility

Part Time Faculty Handbook
                                                                  The following statements were produced by the Texas Junior College
                                                                  Teachers Association (TJCTA) Professional Development Committee
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                                      [now Texas Community College Teachers’ Association (TCCTA)],
                                                                  unanimously adopted by that committee, endorsed by the TJCTA
                                                                  Executive Committee also unanimously, and, finally, approved by the
                                                                  general membership in the association's conventions in 1981, 1982,
                                                                  1983, and 1986. The statements thus became formal expressions of
                                                                  the organization's membership on the vital topics they address.

                                                        Academic Integrity

                                                                  The principles enumerated below have been among the cornerstones
                                                                  of academic integrity for years. We reaffirm them here to provide a
                                                                  fuller view of our beliefs and our expectations for the future.

                                                                      1. We fully accept the responsibility of college teachers to establish
                                                                         and maintain standards of excellence in the courses they teach.
                                                                      2. We recognize the need for consistency and fairness in the
                                                                         evaluation of student performance.
                                                                      3. We fully recognize the need to maintain public confidence in the
                                                                         academic integrity of our colleges.
                                                                      4. We know that inflated grades have cheapened value, and
                                                                         therefore we strongly affirm the need to strengthen and
                                                                         preserve credible measures for evaluating student performance.

                                                        Academic Freedom

                                                                  Texas community/junior colleges, like all other institutions of higher
                                                                  education, serve the common-good, which depends upon an uninhibited
                                                                  search for truth and its open expression. The points enumerated below
                                                                  constitute our position on academic freedom:

                                                                      a. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges are appointed
                                                                         to impart to their students and their communities the truth as they
                                                                         see it in their respective disciplines. The teacher's right to teach
                                                                         preserves the student's right to learn.
                                                                      b. The mastery of a subject makes a faculty member a qualified
                                                                         authority in that discipline and competent to choose how to present
                                                                         its information and conclusions to students. The following are among
                                                                         the freedoms and responsibilities which should reside primarily with
                                                                         the faculty: planning and revising curricula, selecting textbooks and
                                                                         readings, selecting classroom films and other teaching materials, (1 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                                       choosing instructional methodologies, assigning grades, and
                                                                       maintaining classroom discipline.
                                                                    c. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges are citizens
                                                                       and, therefore, possess the rights of citizens. These rights include,
                                                                       among others, the right as private citizens to speak freely outside the
                                                                       classroom on matters of public concern and to participate in lawful
                                                                       political activities.
                                                                    d. Prior restraint or sanctions should not be imposed upon faculty
                                                                       members of Texas community/junior colleges in the exercise of their
                                                                       rights as citizens or duties as teachers. Nor should faculty members
                                                                       fear reprisals for exercising their civic rights and academic freedom.
                                                                    e. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges have a right to
                                                                       expect their governing boards and administrators to uphold
                                                                       vigorously the principles of academic freedom and to protect their
                                                                       faculties from harassment, censorship, or interference from outside
                                                                       groups and individuals.

                                                      Academic Responsibility

                                                                The academic freedom of Texas community/junior college’s faculty
                                                                members is accompanied by equally compelling obligations and
                                                                responsibilities to their profession, their students, their institutions,
                                                                and their communities. Faculty members must defend the rights of
                                                                academic freedom while accepting willingly the responsibilities

                                                                    a. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges should be
                                                                       judicious in the introduction of material in the classroom
                                                                       without forfeiting the instructional benefits controversy.
                                                                    b. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges are
                                                                       entitled to all rights and privileges of academic freedom in the
                                                                       classroom while discussing the subjects they teach. No faculty
                                                                       member, however, should attempt to force on his or her
                                                                       students a personal viewpoint intolerant of the rights of others
                                                                       to hold or express diverse opinions.
                                                                    c. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges recognize
                                                                       their responsibility to maintain competence in their disciplines
                                                                       through continued professional development and to
                                                                       demonstrate that competence through consistently adequate
                                                                       preparation and performance.
                                                                    d. Faculty members of Texas community/junior colleges recognize
                                                                       that the public will judge their institution and their profession by
                                                                       their public conduct. Therefore, faculty members should always
                                                                       make clear that the views they express are their own and
                                                                       should avoid creating the impression that they speak or act in
                                                                       behalf of their employing institutions or of their profession.

                                           Code of Professional Ethics1

                                                      Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA)

                                                      Professional Educators affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all persons and
                                                      the right of all persons to learn. Learning best occurs in an environment devoted
                                                      to the pursuit of truth, excellence, and liberty. These flourish where both
                                                      freedom and responsibility are esteemed.

                                                      In order to express more adequately the affirmation of our professional
                                                      responsibilities, we, the members of the Texas Community College Teachers
                                                      Association, do adopt, and hold us and each other subject to, the following
                                                      Professional Ethics: (2 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                        1. The Professional Educator shall treat all persons with respect, dignity, and
                                                           justice, discriminating against no one on any arbitrary basis such as
                                                           ethnicity, creed, gender, disability, or age.
                                                        2. The Professional Educator shall strive to help each student realize his or
                                                           her full potential as a learner and as a human being.
                                                        3. The Professional Educator shall by example and action encourage and
                                                           defend the unfettered pursuit of truth by both colleagues* and students,
                                                           supporting the free exchange of ideas, observing the highest standards of
                                                           academic honesty and integrity, and seeking always an attitude of scholarly
                                                           objectivity and tolerance of other viewpoints.
                                                        4. The Professional Educator shall work to enhance cooperation and
                                                           collegiality among students, faculty, administrators, and other Human
                                                        5. The Professional Educator shall recognize and preserve the confidential
                                                           nature of professional relationships, neither disclosing nor encouraging the
                                                           disclosure of information or rumor, which might damage or embarrass or
                                                           violate the privacy of any other person.
                                                        6. The Professional Educator shall maintain competence through continued
                                                           professional development, shall demonstrate that competence through
                                                           consistent adequate preparation and performance, and shall seek to
                                                           enhance that competence by accepting and appropriating constructive
                                                           criticism and evaluation.
                                                        7. The Professional Educator shall make the most judicious and effective use
                                                           of the college's time and resources.
                                                        8. The Professional Educator shall fulfill the employment both in spirit and in
                                                           fact, shall give reasonable notice upon resignation, and shall neither accept
                                                           tasks for which he or she is not qualified nor assign tasks to unqualified
                                                        9. The Professional Educator shall support the goals and ideals of the college
                                                           and shall act in public and private affairs in such a manner as to bring
                                                           credit to the college.
                                                       10. The Professional Educator shall not engage in sexual harassment of
                                                           students or colleagues and shall adhere to the college's policy of sexual
                                                       11. The Professional Educator shall observe the stated policies and procedures
                                                           of the college, reserving the right to seek revision in a judicious and
                                                           appropriate manner.
                                                       12. The Professional Educator shall participate in the governance of the college
                                                           by accepting a fair share of committee and institutional responsibilities.
                                                       13. The Professional Educator shall support the right of all colleagues to
                                                           academic freedom and due process and defend and assist a professional
                                                           colleague accused of wrongdoing, incompetence, or other serious offense
                                                           so long as the colleague's innocence may reasonably be maintained.
                                                       14. The Professional Educator shall not support a colleague whose persistently
                                                           unethical conduct or professional incompetence has been demonstrated
                                                           through due process.
                                                       15. The Professional Educator shall accept all rights and responsibilities of
                                                           citizenship, always avoiding use of the privileges of his or her public
                                                           position for private or partisan advantage.

                                                      *In this Code the term "colleague" refers to all persons employed by colleges in
                                                      the educational enterprise.

                                           Drug Policy2

                                                      Employees shall not unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess, use,
                                                      or be under the influence of any of the following substances during working
                                                      hours while at the College or at College-related activities during or outside of
                                                      usual working hours:

                                                      Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by law, including but not (3 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      limited to marijuana, any narcotic drug, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant,
                                                      amphetamine, or barbiturate.

                                                      Alcohol or any alcoholic beverage.

                                                      Any abusable glue, aerosol paint, or any other chemical substance for inhalation.

                                                      Any other intoxicant, or mood-changing, mind-altering, or behavior-altering

                                                      An employee who uses a drug authorized by a licensed physician through a
                                                      prescription specifically for that employee's use should not be considered to have
                                                      violated this policy.

                                                      In addition to a copy of this policy, each employee shall be given a copy of the
                                                      District's statement regarding drug-free workplace and drug-free schools, a
                                                      description of the applicable legal sanctions under local, state, or federal law,
                                                      and a description of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and
                                                      the abuse of alcohol.

                                           Drug-Free Schools and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements

                                                      The District prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation,
                                                      possession, or use of a controlled substance, illicit drug, and alcohol, as those
                                                      terms are defined in state and federal law, in the workplace, on school premises,
                                                      or as part of any of the District's activities.

                                                      Employees who violate this prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions.
                                                      Such sanctions may include referral to drug and alcohol counseling or
                                                      rehabilitation programs or employee assistance programs, termination from
                                                      employment with the District, and referral to appropriate law enforcement
                                                      officials for prosecution.

                                                      Compliance with these requirements and prohibitions is mandatory and is a
                                                      condition of employment. As a further condition of employment, an employee
                                                      shall notify the District of any criminal drug statute conviction the employee
                                                      incurs for a violation in the workplace no later than five days after such

                                                      Within 30 calendar days of receiving notice from any source of a conviction for
                                                      any drug statute violation occurring in the workplace, the District shall either (1)
                                                      take appropriate Human Resources action against the employee, up to and
                                                      including termination of employment or referral for prosecution or (2) require the
                                                      employee to participate satisfactorily in a drug and alcohol abuse assistance or
                                                      rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a federal, state, or local
                                                      health agency, law enforcement agency, or other appropriate agency.

                                                      (This notice complies with notice requirements imposed by the federal Drug-Free
                                                      Workplace Act [20 U.S.C. 3471, 1221e-3(a) (1) and 34 CFR 85.630] and notice
                                                      requirements imposed by the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
                                                      Amendments of 1989 [20 U.S.C. 3224a and 34 CFR 86.201])3

                                           Campus Property Policy

                                                      College property is not intended for personal use and, therefore, is not to be
                                                      taken from the campus for use at home, in business places, or in the community.

                                                      If it is necessary to move College property to a non-campus location for
                                                      instructional purposes when an employee is directly representing the College, the
                                                      employee must secure written approval from the Dean of Administrative Services. (4 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      When the property is returned to campus, the employee must verify with the
                                                      Dean of Administrative Services that the property has been returned.

                                           Student Complaint Procedure4

                                                      DISCIPLINE. The College has inherent authority to maintain order and discipline
                                                      students. It may discipline students for failing to abide by its standards of
                                                      conduct. Students attending the College are subject to reasonable rules and
                                                      regulations of the Board. Students who cause disorders and disrupt the school's
                                                      educational environment may be disciplined.

                                                      The College may define offenses for which suspension (for the rest of the
                                                      semester or for a longer period of time) may be imposed and determine whether
                                                      the offense has been committed. Students shall be given a fair opportunity to
                                                      demonstrate innocence in a hearing before school officials. Students are entitled
                                                      to due process in disciplinary hearings, including being given adequate notice of
                                                      the hearing and definite charges in advance. (See Board Policy FMA [Local])

                                                      DISCRIMINATION. All student complaints including those alleging discrimination
                                                      on the basis of age, race, religion, color, gender, national origin, veteran status,
                                                      or disabilities will be afforded prompt and equitable resolution beginning at the
                                                      first possible level.

                                                      The student may be represented at any level of the complaint.

                                                      An instructor or College employee who is the subject of a student complaint may
                                                      be present and/or represented at any level of the complaint process.

                                                      If the complaint involves a problem with an instructor, the student shall discuss
                                                      the matter with the instructor before requesting a conference with the division
                                                      chair at Level One.

                                                      Decisions may not be reversed when to do so would violate Board policy, local,
                                                      state, or federal laws and regulations.

                                                      LEVEL 1 - Students with complaints or concerns about their instructors should
                                                      discuss the matter with the instructor before requesting a conference with the
                                                      division chair.

                                                      LEVEL 2 - Students with complaints or grievances regarding an instructional
                                                      issue must request a conference with the division chair. If the complaint is not
                                                      resolved to the student’s satisfaction, he/she may proceed to Level 3.

                                                      LEVEL 3 - If the outcome at Level 2 does not satisfy the student, he/she may,
                                                      within 15 days, request a conference with the appropriate instructional dean,
                                                      either the Dean of Academic Studies or the Dean of Applied Sciences and
                                                      Community Education.

                                                      Prior to or at the conference, the student shall submit a written complaint that
                                                      includes a statement of the complaint and any evidence in its support, the
                                                      solution sought, the student’s signature, and the date of the meeting with the
                                                      division chair.

                                                      LEVEL 4 - If the outcome of at Level 3 does not satisfy the student, he/she may,
                                                      within five working days, notify the Dean of Student Development and
                                                      Institutional Planning of his/her desire to appeal the instructional dean’s decision
                                                      to the Academic Appeals Committee.

                                                      The Academic Appeals Committee shall consist of two faculty members and two (5 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      students. The Dean of Student Development and institutional Planning shall
                                                      preside over the meeting but have no vote except in the case of a tie. Prior to or
                                                      at the conference, the student shall submit the written statements required at
                                                      Level 2 and the date of the conference with the instructional dean.

                                                      The decision of the Academic Appeals Committee is final; it cannot be appealed
                                                      within the College. However, a student who is not satisfied with the outcome of
                                                      this procedure may write a letter explaining his/her position and have it
                                                      appended to his/her academic record.

                                           Smoking Policy

                                                      Smoking is not allowed inside any facilities. Smoking is permitted 15 feet from
                                                      building entrance and at designated outdoor locations.

                                           [1]    Board       Policy   DH Local Issued 02/05/96 and Exhibit issued 03/06/98
                                           [2]    Board       Policy   DH Local, issued 02/05/96
                                           [3]    Board       Policy   DO Local, Exhibit A and B Issued 12/18/2000
                                           [4]    Board       Policy   FLD Local, Issued 02/03/97 (6 of 6)1/24/06 11:12 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                    HR Home | Employment Opportunities | Employee Resources | Forms

                                                                                Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                       Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures5

Employee Handbook
                                             Lee College is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which its members can
Employment & Procedures Manual               freely work together, both in and out of the classroom, to further education. Every member
Sexual Harassment
                                             of the college community must recognize that sexual harassment compromises the integrity
                                             of the college, its tradition of academic freedom, and the trust placed in its members. It is,
Part Time Faculty Handbook                   therefore, the policy of the college to take all necessary actions to prevent, correct, and,
                                             where indicated, discipline perpetrators of sexual harassment. Disciplinary actions for sexual
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                 harassment committed by employees include, but are not limited to, written warning,
                                             demotion, transfer, suspension, or dismissal. Disciplinary actions for sexual harassment
                                             committed by students include, but are not limited to, written warning, removal from class,
                                             or expulsion.

                                             Legal Authority

                                                        Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, which is prohibited by Title
                                                        VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by Title IX of the Education Amendments of
                                                        1972, and by the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act.

                                                        Sexual harassment by a public servant is a criminal offense under Section 39.03
                                                        of the Texas Penal Code. Sexual harassment may also be indecent exposure,
                                                        public lewdness, assault, or sexual assault under Chapters 21 and 22 of the
                                                        Texas Penal Code.


                                                        Sexual harassment may involve the behavior of a person of either sex against a
                                                        person of the opposite or same sex, and occurs when such behavior constitutes
                                                        unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors, and other
                                                        unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature where:

                                                        Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or
                                                        condition of a person's employment and/or academic advancement;

                                                        Submission to or rejection of such conduct by a person is used as the basis for
                                                        decisions affecting a person's employment and/or academic standing;

                                                        Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with a
                                                        person's work and/or academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile,
                                                        or offensive work, learning, or social environment.

                                             Examples of Prohibited Behavior

                                                        Prohibited acts that constitute sexual harassment may take a variety of forms.
                                                        Sometimes sexual harassment involves a single serious incident whereas at
                                                        other times, multiple incidents are required to meet the standards of the
                                                        definition of sexual harassment. Examples of the kinds of conduct that may
                                                        constitute sexual harassment under the definition above include, but are not (1 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      limited to:

                                                      Threats or insinuations that a person's employment, wages, academic grade,
                                                      promotional opportunities, classroom or work assignments or other conditions of
                                                      employment and/or academic life may be adversely affected by not submitting to
                                                      sexual advances.

                                                      Unwelcome verbal expressions, sexual innuendoes and comments, including
                                                      comments on a person's body, dress, appearance, or sexual activities; humor or
                                                      jokes about sex or females/males in general; pestering a person for dates,
                                                      whether in person or indirectly by mail, telephone, or other telecommunication
                                                      devices on or off campus.

                                                      Unwelcome sexually suggestive sounds or gestures, including, but not limited to,
                                                      throwing kisses or whistling.

                                                      Sexually suggestive objects, pictures, videotapes, electronic mail, audio
                                                      recordings or literature unrelated to educational purposes, placed in the work or
                                                      study area that may embarrass or offend individuals.

                                                      Unwelcome or inappropriate touching, patting, or pinching including giving
                                                      unrequested neck or shoulder massages.

                                                      Consensual sexual relationships where such relationships lead to favoritism of a
                                                      student or subordinate employee with whom the teacher or supervisor is
                                                      sexually involved and where such favoritism adversely affects other students and/
                                                      or employees.

                                           Application and Responsibility

                                                      This policy applies to all members of the College community whether the incident
                                                      (s) of sexual harassment under consideration takes place on-campus, at a
                                                      college-related activity, or off campus if it is in combination with on-campus
                                                      action or a college-related activity or function when that conduct interferes with
                                                      a person's work or academic environment.

                                                      Individuals who are aware of or have experienced an incident of sexual
                                                      harassment covered by this policy should promptly report the matter to a sexual
                                                      harassment coordinator or other College employee. Any written record that the
                                                      complainant has maintained may be helpful during the investigation of a
                                                      complaint. Anyone may seek advice, information or counseling on matters
                                                      related to sexual harassment without having to lodge a formal complaint.
                                                      Personnel who feel they are being harassed, or are uncertain as to whether what
                                                      they are experiencing is sexual harassment, are encouraged to talk with
                                                      whomever they feel comfortable. The following people, however, have received
                                                      special training in dealing with sexual harassment issues: deans, division chairs,
                                                      department heads, the counseling center staff, the Human Resources officer, and
                                                      the sexual harassment coordinators, Dennis Topper and Rosemary Coffman.

                                                      The college has a legal responsibility to investigate any complaint to its
                                                      satisfaction. Those who report incidents that College officials determine
                                                      constitute sexual harassment under this policy should understand that their
                                                      allegations may be investigated on behalf of all College students and employees
                                                      whether or not they personally choose to pursue the complaint.

                                           No Retaliation

                                                      No person may be subject to restraint, interference, coercion, or reprisal for
                                                      action taken in good faith that seeks advice concerning sexual harassment,
                                                      which files a sexual harassment complaint, which serves as a witness or a panel
                                                      member in the investigation of a sexual harassment complaint. Disciplinary (2 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      action may be taken against any person retaliating in violation of this policy, and
                                                      such intimidation or interference should be reported immediately to a sexual
                                                      harassment coordinator.

                                           Malicious, False Accusations

                                                      A complainant whose allegations are found to be both false and brought with
                                                      malicious intent will be subject to disciplinary action which, for employees, may
                                                      include, but is not limited to, written warning, demotion, transfer, suspension, or
                                                      dismissal. Disciplinary actions for students making malicious false accusations
                                                      include, but are not limited to, written warning, removal from class, or expulsion.

                                           Consensual Relations Within the College Community

                                                      Because the College is entrusted with guiding students, judging their work,
                                                      giving grades for courses and making recommendations for students, instructors
                                                      and other College employees are in a delicate relationship of trust and power.
                                                      This relationship must not be jeopardized by possible doubts of intent, fairness of
                                                      professional judgment, or the appearance to other students of favoritism.

                                                      It is unwise and inappropriate; therefore, for College employees who have
                                                      romantic relationships with students to teach such students in a class, supervise
                                                      them as student assistants, or recommend them for awards or employment. It is
                                                      equally unwise and inappropriate for employees to form such relationships with
                                                      students in their classes or under their supervision. Prudence and the best
                                                      interest of the students dictate that in such circumstances of romantic
                                                      involvement, the students should be aided to find other instructional or
                                                      supervisory arrangements. Employees are warned that initial consent to a
                                                      romantic relationship does not preclude a charge of sexual harassment in the

                                                      Likewise, supervisors can jeopardize the trust of those whom they supervise by
                                                      raising doubts of intent, fairness of professional judgment, or by creating an
                                                      appearance to other employees of favoritism if they form or maintain a romantic
                                                      relationship with an employee that they supervise. Such an involvement is
                                                      unwise and inappropriate, and supervisors are urged to avoid such relationships.
                                                      Supervisors are also warned that initial consent to a romantic relationship does
                                                      not preclude a charge of sexual harassment in the future.


                                                      The College provides several channels of communication and both informal and
                                                      formal complaint resolution procedures to address sexual harassment
                                                      complaints. It prefers to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. When
                                                      advising procedures or informal procedures are followed, however, they do not
                                                      preempt other channels available within the College or to outside agencies or
                                                      courts. The College recommends that any faculty, staff, or student who feels that
                                                      he or she is being sexual harassed tell or otherwise immediately inform the
                                                      harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and must stop. However, such action is
                                                      not required, and in some circumstances it may not be feasible, may be
                                                      unsuccessful, or the individual may be uncomfortable dealing with the matter in
                                                      the manner. Therefore, the College has developed procedures and trained sexual
                                                      harassment coordinators and others to help ensure a harassment-free
                                                      environment. Advising

                                                      Any person seeking information and advice will be counseled as to the options
                                                      for action available under this policy. To the extent consistent with the College's
                                                      responsibility under the law and this policy, information disclosed through this
                                                      advising process will be held in confidence, unless and until the initiating
                                                      individual agrees that additional people must be informed in order to facilitate a
                                                      solution. (3 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                           Informal Complaints

                                                      After being advised, a student or employee may want to seek informal complaint
                                                      resolution, including mediation. The aim of informal complaint resolution is not to
                                                      determine whether there was intent to harass but to ensure that the alleged
                                                      offending behavior ceases and that the matter be resolved promptly at the
                                                      lowest possible level.

                                                      In all cases, an incident report will be filed with a sexual harassment coordinator.
                                                      If the College president or designee determines that disciplinary actions against
                                                      the accused are appropriate, the Formal Complaint procedures in this policy will
                                                      go into effect.


                                                      One of the possibilities for informal complaint resolution is mediation. The
                                                      complainant or the accused may ask for a mediated resolution between himself/
                                                      herself and the accused. The goal of the mediation procedure is to provide a
                                                      forum where the complainant and the accused can, with the aid of a third party,
                                                      come to a mutually agreed upon resolution. Consequently, mediation will occur
                                                      only if both the complainant and the accused are willing to participate in the
                                                      process and can agree on a mediator. A sexual harassment coordinator may
                                                      serve as mediator or suggest a third party such as a member of the Sexual
                                                      Harassment Committee to act as mediator. The results of the mediation will be
                                                      filed with the incident report.

                                           Formal Complaints

                                                      Formal complaints, reduced to writing, should be filed as soon as possible. Those
                                                      complaints will be handled in a timely manner.

                                                      Formal complaints of sexual harassment against an employee are filed with a
                                                      Sexual Harassment Coordinator. If the sexual harassment coordinators and the
                                                      appropriate dean(s), president, or Board of Regents determines that the initial
                                                      allegations are serious enough to necessitate the immediate removal or
                                                      reassignment of an employee during an investigation, an immediate meeting of a
                                                      Sexual Harassment Panel will be called, the case presented, and a majority vote
                                                      of those present will make recommendations on temporary moves or
                                                      suspensions to the president of the College. Nothing in this provision would
                                                      prohibit the College president or designee from immediately removing or
                                                      reassigning a student or employee.

                                                      The sexual harassment coordinators will conduct an investigation. The
                                                      coordinators will prepare a written report that makes findings of fact and
                                                      conclusions. Prior to issuing a report on the investigation, a coordinator will give
                                                      the accused a written copy of the complaint, allowing sufficient time for response
                                                      in writing. The accused will be specifically warned to avoid contact with the
                                                      complainant or witnesses and not to retaliate against the complainant in any
                                                      way. If the complaint is disputed, the sexual harassment coordinator(s) will
                                                      notify the Sexual Harassment Committee chair of the need for a panel from the
                                                      Sexual Harassment Committee.

                                                      The Sexual Harassment Committee chair, in consultation with the College
                                                      president, will appoint a panel of three persons from the committee, always
                                                      including at least one male and one female, whose task it is to review the results
                                                      of the investigation, make findings of fact and conclusions, and make
                                                      recommendations to the College president, or to the Dean of Student
                                                      Development and Institutional Research in the case of students. Except in the
                                                      case of students, no member of the panel should come from the same College
                                                      department as either the complainant or the accused. Students will serve on all (4 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                      panels when students are involved.

                                                      The panel may find that the charges are false and malicious; dismiss the
                                                      complaint for lack of merit; find that the facts are inconclusive; find a
                                                      preponderance of the evidence indicates that the accused violated the College's
                                                      policy on sexual harassment and make recommendations to the president about
                                                      disciplinary action; or allow the parties to sign a written statement of agreement
                                                      resolving the differences between them. Further action by the College against
                                                      either party is not precluded by an agreement between the parties. The
                                                      recommendations of the panel will be rendered in writing to both parties and to
                                                      the College president. The president will accept, reject, or modify the panel's
                                                      recommendations and will take appropriate action.

                                           Complaints Against Students

                                                      Students who feel they have been subjected to sexual harassment by other
                                                      students should discuss their complaints with counselors, faculty members,
                                                      College administrators, or others whom they trust. The Counseling Center is
                                                      considered the central contact for sexual harassment complaints filed against
                                                      students. Counselors may attempt to resolve the complaint through informal
                                                      means or suggest mediation. All complaints, formal and informal, will be
                                                      forwarded to the sexual harassment coordinator(s). Counselors may also
                                                      accompany and advise students throughout formal or informal processes if
                                                      requested to do so by the students.

                                                      If a formal complaint is filed, it will be handled in the same manner as the formal
                                                      complaints described in the previous section. Cases involving a student who is
                                                      accused of sexual harassment will be handled in the same manner as complaints
                                                      against employees except the receipt of recommendations for the panel,
                                                      determination as to whether there has been a violation of policy, and the
                                                      application of appropriate disciplinary action will be handled by the Dean of
                                                      Student Development and Institutional Planning.


                                                      Employees or students may appeal the decision of the Dean of Student
                                                      Development and Institutional Planning or the College president by following
                                                      applicable College employment policies or student grievance procedures.

                                           Sexual Harassment Coordinators

                                                      The sexual harassment coordinators are a team of, one male and one female,
                                                      college employees appointed by the president on the recommendation of the
                                                      sexual harassment committee to two-year renewable terms. The chair of the
                                                      Sexual Harassment Committee and a vice-chair of the opposite sex, will serve as
                                                      alternate sexual harassment coordinators to insure that there is always a male
                                                      and female investigating any claim of sexual harassment. All four must undergo

                                                      They shall have the following primary responsibilities:

                                                          1. Promote among members of the College community an awareness of and a
                                                             sensitivity to the issue of sexual harassment,
                                                          2. Receive inquiries and complaints relating to sexual harassment and
                                                             maintain confidential records of all complaints,
                                                          3. Provide advice and assistance concerning the application of this policy and
                                                             procedure to complainants and accused,
                                                          4. Sit on the Sexual Harassment Committee without a vote,
                                                          5. Investigate all formal complaints of sexual harassment, present findings to
                                                             a panel of the Sexual Harassment Committee,
                                                          6. Keep all parties informed regularly and in writing of the status of any (5 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                             proceedings under this policy,
                                                          7. Advise the panel on its disciplinary recommendations, and
                                                          8. Prepare an annual report on the goals of the College program on sexual
                                                             harassment complaints at the College, and the successful implementation
                                                             of goals during the year.

                                           Sexual Harassment Committee

                                                      The Sexual Harassment Committee should be widely representative of the entire
                                                      College. It shall consist of five faculty members (including at least one counselor)
                                                      appointed by the President for staggered three-year terms (with the possibility of
                                                      reappointment), five members of the non-instructional staff (including at least
                                                      one representative each from administrators, administrative support, Human
                                                      Resources, and classified staff) appointed by the President for staggered three-
                                                      year terms (with the possibility of reappointment), and three student members
                                                      appointed by the president for one-year renewable terms. Student members will
                                                      not participate in discussions or panels involving only employees but will always
                                                      participate in discussions involving students. Committee members will receive
                                                      ongoing training in dealing with sexual harassment complaints.

                                                      In addition to composing panels to make recommendations on sexual
                                                      harassment complaints, the Sexual Harassment Committee will review policy and
                                                      procedures relating to sexual harassment; will make recommendations to the
                                                      President on changing those policies as necessary; will review an annual report
                                                      on the incidence of sexual harassment in the College as required by the Office of
                                                      Civil Rights; and will review and propose educational and prevention activities on
                                                      sexual harassment.


                                                      Any formal complaint or informal discussion or mediation and all documents
                                                      relating to them will be kept strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law,
                                                      except that the appropriate administrative officers will be kept informed of
                                                      formal complaints. When each complaint is concluded, all documentation will be
                                                      sent to the sexual harassment coordinators to be retained as a sealed file in a
                                                      secure facility in the President's Office. Access will be limited to the Sexual
                                                      Harassment Coordinators, appropriate deans, and the president. However, all
                                                      findings of violations of the Sexual Harassment Policy and all sanctions imposed
                                                      shall also be added to the Human Resources file and may also be added to the
                                                      student file of any person found to be in violation of this policy.

                                           Resource Persons

                                                      Sexual Harassment Coordinators: Dr. Dennis Topper, 281/425-6348 e-mail:
                                             and Dr. Rosemary Coffman, 281/425-6384 e-mail:

                                           [5] Board Policy DHA Local, Issued 11/08/99 (6 of 6)1/24/06 11:13 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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    Employee Resources                       Appendix A - Part Time Faculty Pay Rates
                                              SPRING AND FALL SEMESTERS                                      SUMMER 12 WEEK COURSES
Employee Handbook
                                              Lecture Hours                                                  Lecture Hours
Employment & Procedures Manual
                                              No. Of Rate             Semester No. Of    Pay Per             No. Of   Rate      Semester No. Of    Pay Per
Sexual Harassment                             Hours                   Pay      Pay       Check               Hours              Pay      Pay       Check
                                                                               Periods                                                   Periods
Part Time Faculty Handbook                    1          550.08       550.08   8         68.76               1        550.08    550.08   6         91.68
                                              2          550.08       1100.16 8          137.52              2        550.08    1100.16 6          183.36
Organization Chart    (.pdf)                  3          550.08       1650.24 8          206.28              3        550.08    1650.24 6          275.04
                                              4          550.08       2200.32 8          275.04              4        550.08    2200.32 6          366.72
                                              5          550.08       2750.40 8          343.80              5        550.08    2750.40 6          458.40
                                              6          550.08       3300.48 8          412.56              6        550.08    3300.48 6          550.08
                                              7          550.08       3850.56 8          481.32              7        550.08    3850.56 6          641.76
                                              8          550.08       4400.64 8          550.08              8        550.08    4400.64 6          733.44
                                              9          550.08 4950.72 8                618.84              9        550.08    4950.72 6          825.12

                                              Lab Hours                                                      Lab Hours
                                              1      366.72           366.72    8        45.84               1         366.72   366.72    6        61.12
                                              2      366.72           733.44    8        91.68               2         366.72   733.44    6        122.24
                                              3      366.72           1100.16   8        137.52              3         366.72   1100.16   6        183.36
                                              4      366.72           1466.88   8        183.36              4         366.72   1466.88   6        244.48
                                              5      366.72           1833.60   8        229.20              5         366.72   1833.60   6        305.60
                                              6      366.72           2200.32   8        275.04              6         366.72   2200.32   6        366.72
                                              7      366.72           2567.04   8        320.88              7         366.72   2567.04   6        427.84
                                              8      366.72           2933.76   8        366.72              8         366.72   2933.76   6        488.96
                                              9      366.72           3300.48   8        412.56              9         366.72   3300.48   6        550.08
                                              10     366.72           3667.20   8        458.40              10        366.72   3667.20   6        611.20

                                                                                        SUMMER 6 WEEK COURSES
                                                                                Lecture Hours
                                                                                No. Of Rate    Semester No. Of        Pay per
                                                                                Hours          Pay      Pay           Check
                                                                                1       550.08 550.08   3             183.36
                                                                                2       550.08 1100.16 3              366.72
                                                                                3       550.08 1650.24 3              550.08
                                                                                4       550.08 2200.32 3              733.44
                                                                                5       550.08 2750.40 3              916.80
                                                                                6       550.08 3300.48 3              1100.16
                                                                                7       550.08 3850.56 3              1283.52
                                                                                8       550.08 4400.64 3              1466.88
                                                                                9       550.08 4950.72 3              1650.24

                                                                                Lab Hours
                                                                                1      366.72      366.72    3        122.24
                                                                                2      366.72      733.44    3        244.48
                                                                                3      366.72      1100.16   3        366.72
                                                                                4      366.72      1466.88   3        488.96
                                                                                5      366.72      1833.60   3        611.20
                                                                                6      366.72      2200.32   3        733.44
                                                                                7      366.72      2567.04   3        855.68
                                                                                8      366.72      2933.76   3        977.92
                                                                                9      366.72      3300.48   3        1100.16 (1 of 2)1/24/06 11:13 AM
Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

                                                                    10      366.72   3667.20 3    1222.40

                                           Appendix B - Pay Dates
                                           For Time Sheets Ending   Pay Date

                                           Aug.           22        Sept.      15     Monday

                                           Sept.          05        Sept.      30     Tuesday

                                           Sept.          19        Oct.       15     Wednesday

                                           Oct.           03        Oct.       31     Friday

                                           Oct.           17        Nov.       14     Friday

                                           Oct.           31        Nov.       26     Wednesday

                                           Nov.           14        Dec.       15     Monday

                                           Nov. 28 & Dec. 12        Dec.       23     Tuesday

                                           Dec.           26        Jan.       15     Thursday

                                           Jan.           9         Jan.       30     Friday

                                           Jan.           23        Feb.       13     Friday

                                           Feb.           06        Feb.       27     Friday

                                           Feb.           20        Mar.       15     Monday

                                           Mar.           05        Mar.       31     Wednesday

                                           Mar.           19        Apr.       15     Thursday

                                           Apr.           02        Apr.       30     Friday

                                           Apr.           16        May        14     Friday

                                           Apr.           30        May        28     Friday

                                           May            14 & 28   June       15     Tuesday

                                           June           11        June       30     Wednesday

                                           June           25        July       15     Thursday

                                           July           9         July       30     Friday

                                           July           23        Aug.       13     Friday

                                           Aug.           06        Aug.       31     Tuesday

                                           Aug.           20        Sept.      15     Wednesday

                                           Sept.          03        Sept.      30     Thursday

                                           ***REMINDER*** ALL TIME SHEETS END ON FRIDAY. THEY ARE DUE IN THE PAYROLL
                                           OFFICE BY NOON THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY. (2 of 2)1/24/06 11:13 AM
  Part Time Faculty Handbook - Human Resources - Lee College

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                                                                          Part Time Faculty Handbook

    Employee Resources                      Appendix C - iCampus Instructions and College Forms

Employee Handbook
                                                  q   How to use the Class Roster
Employment & Procedures Manual                    q   How to use the Grade Roster
Sexual Harassment
                                                  q   Forms
                                                        r Add/Drop Card
Part Time Faculty Handbook
                                                        r Non-Attendance Drop Card
                                                        r Change of Grade
Organization Chart   (.pdf)
                                                        r Incopmplete Grade Contract 11:13 AM

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