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									                      Bulk Digital TV and Internet
                    Purchase and Installation Process

Make'M Wireless
481 Great Rd, Suite 17
Acton, MA 01720

Phone: 978-635-9009
Web site:
        Make'M Wireless installs and operates independent cable TV systems for
community living complexes. These independent cable systems provide more variety of
programming and prevent the collection of small satellite dishes on your property while
also providing lower costs for digital cable TV programming than your local cable
company provides.
        Make'M Wireless also installs and operates wireless network systems for
community living complexes, supporting a variety of services, including internet access,
community intranets, and facilities monitoring.
        The purpose of this document is to explain how the purchasing process works,
and following the purchase, how the installation generally proceeds. For an explanation
of the services, please refer to the Bulk TV Service Description or Internet Service

Purchase Process
        The purchase process may vary for condominium, apartment, and resort
complexes, depending on the approvals required. In this section we will outline a
generalized approval process for services we offer, where the complex is purchasing the
basic digital TV programming and/or wireless internet on behalf of its residents, and
therefore able to purchase the services for about 40% of the retail cost. Individual
residents may then purchase upgrade options, such as HBO, etc. from DirecTV, or
increased bandwidth from MMW, and they are billed separately for the upgrades. In this
way, the complex is dealing with one fixed price for the basic service, and all variations
due to service options are billed directly to the residents themselves.

        We price these services as one fixed monthly fee that does not change from month
to month. The cost to install and operate the network and TV system can vary
considerably depending on the layout of the complex and on the number of units in the
complex. Guidelines for the pricing of the various packages are outlined below under TV
and Internet Options. These are only guidelines, as pricing may vary according to the
number of buildings, number of units, and options selected for the service. Final pricing
can only be determined after the “site survey” and the options are all determined. All
installation fees and equipment costs can be included in the monthly fees. For additional
services such as observation cameras, the pricing depends entirely on what your needs are
and can be discussed.

Determination of Interest
         If the complex is interested in purchasing any of our services, the first step is to
contact Make’M Wireless. This contact should be made by a property manager, condo
board member, or another person authorized to look into such services. We can
immediately give you a rough estimate based on number of buildings and number of
units. If the complex is still interested, we will set up a date for a “site survey” which
will allow us to determine a fixed price quote. The site survey requires a deposit because
it is expensive to perform. We will then return to present the quote to the property
manager, condo board or other decision making body for the complex.
        When we present the quote, first we will present an explanation of the service,
and help the property manager determine what options would best fit with the property.
At the conclusion of that meeting, if the property manager is still interested, we will
present a formal proposal to proceed forward. The site survey deposit will then be put
towards the installation cost.

Accepting the Service Proposal
        In apartment or resort complexes, the process from here is straight forward. Upon
acceptance of the proposal, we will proceed to final contract, and then to installation,
discussed below.

        For condominium associations that require approval by the full association, the
process is more involved. We would work with the Board to develop a crisp message to
send to the association describing the service along with the date of an association
meeting called for the purposes of approving this service. Before the meeting, we will
attempt to address all phone or email inquiries from owners. At the meeting, we will
present the service, along with a projected installation schedule, as well as answering
questions raised during the meeting. Upon approval by the association, we would then
proceed with final contract and installation of the service.

       The typical contract is for five years, with automatic renewal. The contract
includes support for all the equipment, including repair and replacement for failing
components. All installation and equipment is included and Help Desk support is

        Installation of the overall system is scheduled as part of signing the contract.
Installation for both TV and internet is generally concluded within 45 days, with that
being shorter or longer depending on the scope of what is required.
        Interruption of any current cable TV service is limited to one day, as the TV
system is installed and tested before the switch over occurs. Installation of the digital
receivers in each unit is also included, and training on how to use the receivers is
typically at the time of the resident’s installation
        Installation of the internet system does not require any resident installs. Anyone
can sign up for the service at any time through their browser.

Installation of additional services
        The complex may have additional services added to the network at any time,
although after the initial network installation, there is often an installation fee associated
with additional services. These additional services include cameras and facilities
monitoring equipment.

Resident Installations
      Residents can sign up for the service after the infrastructure install through their
browser or by calling Make’M Wireless. They will need to have a functional wireless
access card for the wireless internet network. Internet accounts can be created instantly
online and TV receivers can be ordered online as well.

Installation of optional programming (non-HDTV)
         Residents may signup for optional services as soon as the contract is signed. The
optional services are ordered by the resident through the DirecTV web site, or by calling
DirecTV. These services will be operating on the date of the overall system installation if
they signed up at least three days before the overall system installation. Billing for these
optional services will come directly to the resident from DirecTV. The effective date of
the billing will be the date the services are turned on.

Installation of HDTV programming
        If the association has elected to install the HDTV option, residents may order and
receive the HDTV services from DirecTV. Installation of HDTV service requires an
HDTV receiver, which can be ordered from Make’M Wireless at the time they order the

Basic packages

                                           TV and Internet Options

 Package for              DirecTV                                                  DirecTV         Make'M
                                           Internet           Comcast
      Property              Option                                                 Retail (TV     Wireless
                                          Bandwidth        (TV+Internet)1
       Owner             (#channels)                                                only)2      (TV+internet)3
                          FamilyTM                        $62.10+$24.95
        Basic                             1 M/user                                  $29.99         $29.99
                            (45+)                            = $87.05
                          ChoiceTM                        $76.05+$42.95
        Select                            2 M/user                                  $55.99         $49.99
                            (150+)                           = $119.00
                      ChoiceTM with                      $101.55+$52.95
      Preferred                           5 M/user                                  $65.99         $62.99
                         HD (150+)                           = $154.50

                                    Individual Make'M Wireless TV Installs

                 Receiver                    Cost                    Install Fee                Total
                   SD                         $0                        $25                      $25
                 SD DVR*                     $100                       $25                     $125
                   HD*                       $100                       $25                     $125
                 HD DVR*                     $200                       $25                     $225

     retail prices from for comparable services (channel listings vary).
     retail prices from for equivalent TV packages.
    bulk prices for complexes with 100 units.
 individual upgrades equivalent to channel listings on
*first advanced receiver has a $75 instant rebate.

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