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					                                    EVIDENCE OF INVESTOR EQUITY (07.02)

DATE: _____________________

To Whom It May Concern:

We wish to confirm to you that ___________________________________ has the financial capability to commit
______________________ to __________________________________________________________________
in ________________________________ and that such commitment will not in any way interfere with its present
obligations or financial transactions. As evidence of our current capability to fulfill our obligation to invest the
agreed upon amount of cash equity in the manufacturing facility, you will find attached a copy of our most recent
audited financial statement which shows cash available in an amount equal to the agreed upon amount. OR,
Attached is a copy of the most recent bank statement documenting availability of the required cash.

You will also find enclosed as additional evidence documenting our intention to proceed with the above referenced
project a corporate resolution authorizing my expenditure of the agreed upon amounts on behalf of ABC Industries.

Very truly yours,


Signed before and attested to by me
on this___________________________________.


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